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iGc M, 







Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2014 

/ have had printed at my Private Press 
One hundred copies of "Fragmenta Genealogica," 
Vol. XII. This copy is No. 

"Grove Park Press," 

270 Walworth Road, London. 







DEEDS. ^35502 


Abstracts from the Newdegate Muniments . . . . i - 37 

Gretna Green Marriage Certificate, 1775 . . . . .138 


Ablitt and Summersett . 


Anwyl . ... 

Ashmore and Perry 


Atherton .... 


Bailey .... 


Barnes .... 


Barnsley .... 


Bassett .... 


Bonar .... 


Broaded .... 


Brown .... 


Browne .... 

Burridge .... 


Bushell .... 


Butler .... 


Catchmay and Wright 


Coats and Snelling 


Collings and Sherman 


Conder .... 


Cooper, Hawkins and Ketcher . 


Dalby .... 


Davies .... 


Davison .... 


Daw .... 






Edwards .... 




Field .... 


Fullilove .... 


Furber .... 


Gibson .... 


Giles .... 


Gill and Iveson . 


Girling .... 


Glading . ' 


Gravely .... 


Harfield .... 


Harriot .... 




Higs .... 


Hill .... 




Howard .... 


Hubbard .... 


Jackson .... 


Jenkins and Morris 


Jotham .... 


Keene . 


Kidgell .... 


Kirk .... 


Laverack .... 


Lawton .... 


Lee .... 


Marshall . 
Meades and Tait 

Morgan and Higginson 
Moris and Jones 
Morley . 
Onebye . 
Patching . 
Pentyre . 

Percival and Garnham 

Popham . 

Rain and Jarvis 

Spight, Chesterton and Bee 
Steward . 
Stiffe and Mitchell 

Taylor and Cragg 
Thomas . 
Varndell . 
Viccars . 

Walker, Armistead, Brook and 
Webb . 
Welberry, Gildart, Jackson and 






103, 104 
49, 72 


ue 94 



65. 107 


Fac-simile of a Miniature of Ann Botting to face page 38 

Fac-simile of a Mug with the Arms of the Joiners' Company, and the name 

" William Frisbe 1646 " (three plates) . . . to face page 124 


Edgar and Heckford Families 
Wilshire Family 




Clench, Almott, 1669 . . 130 

Clenche, Almott, 1686 . . 130 

Clench, Edward, 1660 . . 127 

Clenche, George, 1619/20 . 125 

Clench, Isaac, 1 67 1 • • 130 

Clenche, John, 1628 . . 126 

Clenche, John, 1662 . . 129 

Clench, Robert, 1633 . . 127 

Clench, Sir Robert, 1662 . 128 

Clenche, Thomas, 1607 . . 125 

Clench, Thomas, 1625 . . 126 
Clench, alias Blomefield, Margaret, 

1642 . . . 130 

Clinch, Almott, 1656 . . 130 
Clinch, alias Morley, Catherine, 1678 130 

Rose, Edward, 1734 



Elisabeth, 1702 
Elizabeth, 1699 
Harding, 1 720/ 1 
Jane, 1727 
Jarvis, 1723 
John, 1692 
John, 1722 
John, 1 73 1 
John, 1749 
John, 1 8 19 
John, 1839 
Margaret, 1728 
Mary, 1723 
Samuel, 1766 
William, 1 757 
William, 1769 





JFragmenta <£enealoaua- 

Vol. XII. 


Notes from the Newdegate Chartulary. Newdegate 

MS. A. 108. 

Fol. 14. M d that John Newdegate son & here to John Newdegate & 
Amfelice his wiffe was borne at London in the White Freres in Flete 
Strete the iiij th day of January the v yere of the reign of king Henry 
the vii th aboute vij of the clocke in the moryng A° Dhi m 1 cccc iiii xx ix 
the godfaders John Thorneburgh & Thomas Canceler and at the 
c5firmacon Thom a s Englisshe godmoder Anne Nevytt grandmoder 
to the seide John the yonger. 

M d that Charles Newdegate son of the foreseide John and 
Amphelyce was borne the x th day of July a rrs h vii octavo aboute 
xii of the clocke. Godfaders of the same Charles Wirhn Galle & 
Nicholas Nynne at y e fonte. Godfader at the c5firmacon Thomas 
Bonde, godmoder, Anne Nevill grandmoder to y e same Charles. 

M d that Wiftm Newdegate son of the foreseide John & Amfelice 
was borne at the White Freres in Fletestrete of London the iij d day 
of February a rrs h. vii. x godfaders of the same Wiitm, at the 
Fonte Wittm Meryng knight & John Brognton Escjer. Godfader at 
the confirmacon Hillary Warner Berebrewer godmoder dua Joha 

M d that Jane Newdegate dought of John Newdegate & Amphelice 
his wyffe was borne at herfelde in the Countie of Midd the xviii day 
of Auguste the xi yere of the reign of kyng Henry the vii to about vii 
at the clocke at nyght. Godmoders to the seide Jane was Jane 
Brudenell & Jane Durdaunt godfader was Thomas Danyell and at 
the cofermyng Sibell Bynchestre (and deceased at Lowayn in Brabant 
the year 1568). 

M d that Marie Newdegate dought to the seide John & Amphelice 
was borne at Herfelde the xxi day of Septemb r the xiii yere of the 
reign of King Henry the vii 1 ' aboute viii of the clocke at nyghte, the 
godmoders Ellisabeth Peckeham, Sibell Bynchestre. Godfader s' 
Thom a s Coto vicar of Rikmsworth at the cofirmacon [Agnes Keeste 
erased] Alis Emereson. 


M d that Barbara dought of the seide John & Amfelice was borne 
at the White Freres in Flete stret the iiij day of Noveber the xiiii yere 
of the reign of king Henr the vii" the godmoders were Margerie 
Broughton & Margarette Englisshe at the cofermyng Agnet. Reeste. 

M d that Sebestyan Newdegate son of the forseide John & Amfelice 
was borne at Herfeld in the countie of Midd the vii day of Septembre 
a° rrs h. vii. xvi on our Lady Eve the half aft xii of the clocke at nyght 
the godfaders Wittm Bynchestre & George OsBne & J . . ne Weddon 
godmoder and after became a delicatt courtier a zeelouse carthusian 
w ch he seeled w* his blood [the words in italics erased]. 
Foli 14a. M d that Anthonie Newdegate son of John Newdegate & Amfelice 
his wiff was borne at Herfelde in the Countie of Midd the xvii day 
of Novembre a rrs H vii xviii the godfaders John Moreton Esquyer 
and Wittm Bynchestre, the godmoder Rose Assheby. 

M d that Silvestr Newdegate son of the seide John & Amfelice 
his wif was borne at Herfeld the xvi day of January a° Rrs 
Henr vii° xix° the godfaders Thom a s Awedon and George Osfcne at 
the C'stennyng & Sybell Bynchestre godmoder and at the cofermyng 
S r Rafe of Woxbrige. 

M d that Dorothe dought to the foreseide John and Amfelice was 
borne at Herfeld the xx day of June a Rrs. h. vii. xx° aboute x of 
the clocke in the mornynge the Godmoders Jane Moreton' and Rose 
Assheby the Godfader s r Rob' Malber Clerke. 

M d that George Newdegate son' of the seide John and Amfelice 
was borne at Herfeld the xxvi day of Ap'ill at iii at clocke in the 
mornyng the xxii yere of the reign of Kyng Henr the vii th the 
Godfaders James Preste and John Anthony Godmoder Sibell 
Prynchestre (sic) Godfader at the Cofermyng Rob' Antony. 

M d that Sybell Newdegate dought of the forseide John and 
Amfelice was borne at Herfeld on Sent Thomas eve at midsum the 
first yere of Kyng Henr the eight the Godfader S r Rob' Malber 
clerke, Godmoders Sibell Bynchestre and Isabell Antony and at the 
Bisshope Anne Emery. 

M d that Dunstone Newdegate was borne at Herfeld on Sent 
Dunstones day a° ii° h. viii on Whitsond day in the mornyng the 
Godfaders Thomas Wedon Rob' Anthony and Sybell Bynchestre 
Godmoder and at the Bisshope John Bynchestre. Boneaventur' 
Newdegate was borne the same day and year. 

Etates filiorum et filiarum Jonis Newdegate armigeri et Marthe 
uxoris sue unarum filiarum et heredum Anthonii Cave de 
Chycheley in Comitatu Buckingham Armigeri. 

1. Memorand that Elyzabeth Dowghter of the sayd Jofiis and 
Martha was borne at Herfeld the Sonday about ix of the clock at nyglit 
time the x fyth day of February a dui mccccc & xviii° whose 
Godmothers at the chrystenynge were Elyzabeth Weston her 
Grandmother and Joyce the wyffe of John Cheyney of chessenm boyes 
Esqyer, and her Godfather John Gardyii of Grove Place Esqyer. 


2. Also John the sonne and heyre of the seyd John and 
Martha was borne at Herfeld the Tuysday aboute fowre of the 
clock in the mornynge being the fyveth day of Marche a° Dni 1570 
his Godfathers were Richard Weston one of the Justyces of the 
comon pleas and S r Thomas wrothe Knight the Godmother was the 
hye and right noble Prynces Anne duches of Somerset and wyfe unto 
Francys Newdegate esquyer. 

3. Also Grysett Newdegate was borne at Herefeld on S' Peters 
eve beinge Fryday aboute xii of the clocke at nyghte a° dni 157 1 
Her Godmothers M rs Margarett wyff of Henry Knowles Esquyer and 
Anne Hampden wyff of Gryffyth Hampden Esquyer the Godfather 
Francys Newdegate her Uncle. 

4. Allso Frauncys Newdegate sonne of John and Martha was borne 
at Herfeld the xvi th day of July aboute iii of the clocke in the morninge 
a Dni 1573 the Godfathers were Lord Russel sonne and heyre to the 
Ryght Honorable the Erie of Beddford and Rob 1 Drewry Esquyer the 
Godmother the Lady Mary Seam r . 

5. Mary Newdegate was borne at Herfeld the vi th day of October 
abowte xi of the clocke at nighte A°JDni 1574 the Godmothers the 
Lady Peckham and Elyzybeth the wyffe of Rowland Hynde of Hedsor 
esquyer and the Godfather Edward Bolstrode of Temple Bolstrode in 
the pyshe of Rvpton Esqyer. 

By Wynefryd his seconde wyfe : 

6. Henry Newdegate was born at Herfeld the xiiii day of October 
1576 aboute x of the clocke at nyght the Godfathers at the 
christennynge was M r Barnard Birkas of Swaleclyves and M r John 
Smythe of Rysselyppe Esquyers and the Godmother was M rs Dorothy 
Edmondes wyffe to M r Chrystefer Edmondes of Lewkemore in the 
county of Oxford Esquyre. 

7. Roberte Newdegate was borne at Herfelde the xxii d of Maye 
1578 aboute three of the cloke in the morninge beinge Thursedeay 
the Godfathers att the Chrystninge Myles Saunds of Latimer Esqu' 
clarke of the Crowne and Edward Chonne esqur of Awledenham the 
Godmother M rs Munsonne wyfe to Robarte Munson Esq r Justese 
of the Commen Plase y s was in the Thurseday in the whytsonweke. 

8. Charles Newdegate was borne at Herfeld the xxix th day of 
December aboute half an houre past seven a clocke in the 
Forenoone a Dni 1579 the day beinge Tuysday the Godfathers 
S r Rychard Knyghtley knyght of Fowseley in the countye of Northampt 
and Charles Moryson Esquyer the hyghe sheriff of the countye of 
Hertf: that yere and the Godmother Anne Gyffard wyffe of John 
Gyfford of Hooton Paynell In the countye of Yorke Esquyer. 

9. Carewe Newdegate was borne at Herfeld the same day and 
yere the Godfathers were Frauncys Newdegate esquyer and Andrewe 
Rogers Esquyer sonne and heyr of Sir Rychard Rogers in the coun: 
of Dorcett Knyght the Godmother the Lady Carewe wyffe of S r Peter 
Carewe Knyght. 

10. Wyttm Newdegate was borne at Herfeld the Sondaye in the 
heck weeke beyng the xiiii of Apryll in the xxiii th yere of the reigne 
of Queen Elizabethe the Godfathers at the Crystning Wyttm Ree 
esquyer \blank in orig.] Harbye Esquier The Godmother Marye wiffe 
of Frauncs Cheyne. Fol. 78-79. 


Etates filiof & filiar Jofcis Newdegate de Brakenburges ar & Anne uxis 
ejus in simul matimonio copulat apud eccliam Dni Andree in 
London iux a fres driicales anno Rrs Henr Septimi xxiiii t0 die mte. 

1. Georgius Newdegate fuit natus die mcur viz v t0 die. 

Martii Anno R Rs Henr viii scdo 

compatr Jofies Newdegate 
Georgius Assheby 
Elisabetha Woode 
Witto Newdegate. 

2. Amphelis' Newdegate fuit nat xxiii t0 die Februar & Anno Rrs 

Henr octavi Ptio 

Amphelis' Newdegate 
Helena Naylynghurste. 

3. Johes Newdegate fuit natus ix die Octobr & 

Anno rrs Henr viii° vi to 

Johannes Antonye 
Thomas A Wedon 
compatr Rosa Bone 

Nichus Hide. 

4. Antonis Newdegate fuit nat xxiiii 10 die maii & anno rrs Henr 

viii viii us 

'Joties Newdegate 


Henfs Holgwyrr 
P'son Brenne 
Jane Dormer. 

Thomas Newdegate fuit nat xiii die Novembf Anno rfi Henr 
viii vi ix mo 

r Thomas Comes Derbi e 


Johes Miklowe 
RotStus Dormer 
k Amphelis Newdegate. 

Amphelis Newdegate nata erat xxvii mo die Novembr anno rri 
Henr viii vi x mo 

(Amphelis Newdegate 
Anna Lover! 
Kontus Antony 
Barbara Brugge. 

Francisc s Newdegate natus fuit xxv tc die octobr Anno rrs Henr 
viii vi xi mo 

[plank in ori^.] Waren 
Henric s [blank in orig.] 
Jacobus Preest. 

(qui nupsit nobili Ducisse de Soniersett & obiit xxvi Januarii 
anno dni 1581) 

8. Nicfius Newdegate Natus fuit vi t0 die Decemb? Anno rfs Hen? 

viii vi xii m0 

Jofres Brugge 
Leon'dus chamb r layne 
Anna Loverr. 

9. Anna Newdegate nat fuit 8 t0 die Junii Anno xv mo Rs Hen? viii° 

Anna Lovell 
[plank in orig.] Antoney 
Thomas Burbage 
[blank in orig.] Lacye. 

10. Jorla Newdegate nat fuit xxv t0 die Aprilis 8 Anno R?s Hen? 

viii vi xvii m0 [no godparents named.] 

11. Robt Newdegate natus fuit xiiii mo die Septemb? Anno R?s 

Hen? viii vi xx mo 

Robtus Dormer 
Jories Brugge 
Margaret Bulstrode. 

12. Rosa Newdegate nata fuit apud Herefeld in com Midd xxv die 

octob? Anno regni Rs Hen? octav post Conqm Angl & xiii 

& obiit immediate p l partum. P q j g (j_y Q 

Newdegate MS. A. 321. 

The works of the learned and pious Author of the whole Duty of man. 
Oxford 1704. 

M rs Stead married y e 23 d of June 1748 at Muggington. 

Francis Newdigate Esq r Married M 1S Stead October 29 th 1751. 

(Sir Richard Newdigate of Arbury and Harfeld married December 
21 st 1665 Mary d r of Sir E. Bagot of Blithfield [Francis the 8 th son 
was born 1684 married Millisent Pole & had issue Oct: 15, 1709]). 

Francis Newdegate was born between ten and elleven o'clock Sunday 
morii 19 th of April 17 13 christned y e 23 d April 17 13 Sir Richard 
Newdigate Bar 1 and Sam 1 Pole Esq were Godfathers and 
M rs Stephens of Barton in the Isle of Wight Godmother. 

John Newdegate born about a quart r before nine o'clock in ye morn on 
friday 23 d July and christened 3 d Aug: 17 14 his Godfathers were 
Tho Newdigate Esq of Newark and Fra Mundy Esq sen of 
Osbaston and M rs Pole of Radburne Godmother. 

Millicent Newdigate born half an hour after one in morn on Thursday 
the 7 Mar: i7y|- and christened the Wednesday following Godfather 
(sic) were S r Charles Sedley Bar' and Godmothers M rs Clavering 
(now Fenwick) and M rs Frances Pole her aunt. 

Charles Newdigate born a little after six in the morn on the 2 apr : 
Wednesday 17 18 and christned [blank in orig.] Godfathers were 
Sir Charles Sedley Bar 1 German Pole his Uncle and M rs Lisle 
widow of Isle of Wight. 


Charles Newdigate dyed on Wednesday y e 24 of September 1722. 

Buried y e 28 th In Manchester. 
Francis Newdegate Esq re departed this life July y e 26, 1762 at half an 

hour past 3 o'clock in the afternoon and was buried at Hallam 

August y e first. 

Francis Newdigate Esq r dyed 28 th of August 1723 aged 39 y e day before 
he dyed and buryed y e 2 d of Sept: at Harfeld in Middx in y e 
vault belonging to y e family. 

Capt n John Newdigate dyed I st of July 1738 at S [ Christophers in y e 
West Indias. 

Millisent Newdegate married to W m Parker Esq r of Salford in 

Warwickshire y e 19 of Dec br 1738. 
Millesent Parker born on tuesday 3 d April 1744 half an hour after six at 

night baptized 4 th April 1744 Godfather Captain Cornewall of 

Warwick Godmothers M rs Frances Pole, M rs Newdigate, birthday 

the 14 of April N: S. 
Mary Parker born on Thursday morning half an hour after four o'clock 

the 9 th of Jan'T 1745-6 baptized JaiVy 10 th 1745-6 Godfather 

Francis Newdigate esq re Godmothers M rs Clarke and Miss Mills 

birthday 20 th N: S. 
William Parker born y e 23 of June 1747 Babtised y e same day 

S r Roger Newdigate ; y e Rev. M r John Mills and Lady Burdett 


William Parker died y e 11 th of March 1747-8 buried at Muggington 
y e 14 th . 

Robert Parker born y e 23 d of May about a quarter of an hour after 
two in ye morning 1748 baptized y e same day Godfathers Colonel 
Pole M r Charles Pole and M rs Cornewall Godmother. 

Frances Philippa Parker born the 5 th of Oct b 1750 about a quarter 
of an hour before seven in the morning, baptized the 19 th of 
October Godfather M 1 ' Charles Newdigate Godmothers M rs Philippa 
Pole and M rs (W m ) Mills Birthday 16 th N: S. 

Francis Parker born the 29 th of November 1 75 1 about a quarter of 
an hour before seven in the morning baptized the same day 
Godfathers The Rev d M r Samuel Pole M r W m Mills 
Godmother M rs Fettyplace Birthday 10 th of December N: S. 

William Charles Parker born 12 th day of August 1704 a quarter of 
an hour after 7 at night, Christened the next day Godfathers M r 
W m Pole and M r John Dewes M rs Newdigate Jun : Godmother. 

Millisent relict of Frances Newdegate Esq: departed this life 
October 2 d 1760 In the seventy fifth year of her age and 
buryed at Muggington the 7th of the same month by her sister 
Frances Pole. 

M rs Parker departed this life September y e 30, 1763 and was buryed 
at Salford in Warwickshire October y e 7 aged 47. 


Newdegate MS. A. 108. 

Robert Rokesle.= 

Ideyne Rokesle.=j=Wirrm Leyr. 

Thomas de Leyr. 



Will Swanland.=j=Johane Leyr. 

Margaret Swanland.=John Newdegate. Fol. 127. 

Galfridus Bachesworth. 

I J 
Rogerus Bachesworth. Ricus Bachesworth. 

Jofina Bachesworth. Florencia Bachesworth Orasor Bache. 

= Ric Willughby un' dus. 

Jories Moryce. Fol. 62d. 

Margia Knolles. 

Elisabeth Knolles ux John Newdegate. 


I I 
Thomas Yong Justic. Willms Newdegate. Thomas Newdegate. 

Elizabetha Yong.=ux=John Newdegate. 

John Newdegate s'erg' ad legs. 


Robert Warner dns 
de Cowley Petche. 

Elisabetha Warner nupt. Waltere Grene. 

John Cley Miles. 

Cecilia Clay filia.=Nupta ad Robtum Grene | 

John Grene. 


mil dihim de Thebands Thomas Grene. Jori Grene. 
alias diet Thougham com 


Edward Grene. 

I I.. 
Edwardus Grene. Cecilia Grene.=f=nupta Will' Burbage. 


Thome' Burbage habuerunt exit.=nupt Anne Moncaster. Fol. 83d. 

Walterus Mollesworth 
Miles huit exitim. 

Margarete nupt 
Robt. Gryme Mil 
et huer exit. 

Matilda nupt 
R Baions Milit. 


Katina G. 

Senchea nupt.=j=Jofci Salisburye. 

Johem Salisburye. 

Jolies Newdegate S'viens ad 
lege & Amphelisia uxor ejus 
huer exit. 

Johem N Nupt 
Anne Hylton. 

I I 

Rycum Salysburye. Elisabeth nupt Nicho.=Jor!es Wood de Fulborn 
Hylton 2 d viro. scdus vir diet Eliz. 

Anne nupt.=Jofii Newdegate Sup 
& diet & huer exit. 

Fol. 90a. 


Pedegre Jofcis Troutebek. 

Johes Troutbek Miles ux Marfia. 

Will a m Troutbek. 

Will a m Troutbek. 

Jofcis Troutbek. iste obiit sine exit 
& Relax cu Warantia 
Ranulph Bollington 

tot suu etc. 


Ad a m Troutbek. 

Will a m Troutbek. Margaret Troutbek. 

ux Johis Talbote. 

Fol. 1 1 6. 

John Cony ux Margareta. 

John Holgrave.=j=Johan Cony. 

vir ps 

John Anmer.=Mawde Holgrave.=Ricus Vaunton. 

Fol. 115. 

Pedegre Thome Samford. 
Thom a s Samford.=f=Avic ux. 


Thom a s Saford Elie Samford Isabella Samford 
sine exit. sine exit. Jofies Bybury. 

Wat Samford Johan Samford. 
sine exit. 

Fol. 47. 

Henries Frowik. 

Ric: Frowik. 

Mary Frowik.=f=Jofies Barnet at diet Somdry poste 
nupt Jofei Bornes doctor in medicinis 
postea Johi Moreton. 

Ric: Barnet. 

Ric : Barnet 
Joha ux ejus. 

Thorri Barnet 
obiit sine exit. 


Ineta ii. ux Thomas Virlegh=j=ux p ra Margaret Gau§. 
at Guyrdeler. 

Margareta Virlegh. Jofles Virlegh 

Willms Sampitt ux Geretrudis Virlegh. 

Jofies Virlegh 
obiit sine exit. 


Islond Nevill. 

John Nevill. 

Andrewe Nevill chr. 

William Nevill. 

John Nevill fre Jones nupt 
f e Iswold filie Rolleston. 

I ' " 
Thom a s Nevill fre Cesilia 
fil Blakemeson quod S' de 
Insula de Sulley. 

Wittm Nevill. 

Wirrm Babyngton. Rob 1 Nevill nupt Alic' Longford. 

John Babyngton. Elisabeth Babigton=Thom a s Nevill. 
nupt T: Nevill. 

Nich Griffith, Mil. 

William Nevill. John Nevill 
Anne Darter 
of Abetchvoir. 

Isabell Griffith nupt.=Thomas Nevill. 

Amfelice Nevill nupt 
JoR Newdygate. 

John Newdegate. 
Mary Newdegate. 
Dorothe Newdegate. 
George Newdegate. 

William Newdegate. 
Barbara Newdegate. 
Sibell Newdegate. 
Sebastian Newdegate. 

I I I 

Dunstan Newdegate. 
Silvester Newdegate. 
Jane Newdegate. 

Fol. 6 5 d. 

1 1 


Newdegate MS. A. 108. 

Nicfius Malemayne. 


Katerina Malemayne nupt 
Henrico Newdegate Mil. 
& huer exit. 

Jofiam que cep 4 in viru Jories^ 
Allfray de est Grenested in 
com. Suff. 


=Rol5tum Newde- 

gate q 1 

cep 1 in 

Wirrm Newdegate Nupt Amicie 
Echyngham fili s hered Joins Echyngham 
Milit huer exit int eos. 

Jorlem Newdegate qui cep 1 in ufem [plank in on'g.] 
Swanlond fili s her Willi Swanlond & huer exit int eos. 

Jorlem Newdegate q' cep 1 in uxorem Elisabetha Knolls 
fili s & Her \blank in on'g.] Knolls fili s & her 
W. Knolls & M'gerie fus Rob 1 Knolls mit sepult 
in carmet London. 

Thom a s Newdegate. Ricum Newdegate fs Katerina Chaber filia her Rogeri Agneta ux 
Chaumber scda ux diet Johis Newdegate & huer Rici Marlett. 
exit int eos. 

Henricu Newdegate. Margaretam nupta [blank in on'g.'] 
Castellman &: huer exit int eos. 




Petronilla Malemayne nupt 
S. Hoo & huer exit int eos. 

Thomas Hoo. Alicia Hoo. 

Thomas Hoo. 

Anna Hoo 
nupta Rogero 

Anne Hoo nupt Galfro 
Boleyn & huer exit 
int eos. 

Rogeru Copley. Wirrm Boleyn. 

Elianora Hoo nupt Jacobo 
Carew Mit & huer exit 
int eos. 

Richardu Carew. 

Elizabetha Hoo nupt 
JoRem Devenysshe & huer 
exit int eos. 

Ricum Devenysshe. 

Thoma. Boleyn 
comit Wilts. 


Wirrm Newdegate q' cep* in ux'em Editha Bowett & huer 
exit int eos. 

Jofiem Newdegate q' cept in ufem Elizabetha fitus 
Thome Yong un s justic Dhi R s ad plita & huer exit. 

Jofiem Newdegate q' cep 1 in ux^em Amphelissa Nevyll 

fit & her Johis Nevyll de Com Notyngh. Fol. 68d. 


Newdegate Papers B. 836. 

[On the cover.] 

1620. Liber Gilberti Sheldon 
1623. Dono F. N. 

et Nunc R. N. 

Ex dono G. S. 

Et Nunc Ri Newdegate 

Ex dono Patris I. N. 1701. 

Register of the Chappie of Arbury. 

John Newdegate first son of 1666. 

Richard and Mary was born at dead 

Ardbury in Warwickshire decern. 

io{ after 7 at night and 

was christened on S l Thomas Day, Dec. 21. 

Godfathers Gilbert A. B. of Canterb. 

and Sergeant Richard Newdegate 

the childs godfather with Juliana 

his wife Godmother He died the 

2 d March next after 3 in morn. 

Richard Newdigate 2 d son 1668. 
of Richard & Mary his wife was 
borne Apr. 29, about 10 of y e clock 
in morn, at Ardbury and Xned 
May 14 next. S r Edward Bagot 
& George Parker of Willington 
Godfathers & his Grandmother New- 
degate, Godmother. 

Amphelis Newdigate eldest 1669. 
daughter of Richard & Mary his 
wife was born May 24 about 
3 in the afternoone at Ardbury 
& was christned Jun. 2. Thomas Chet- 
wind of Ingstry godfather M rs Eliza- 
beth Skrimsher & Anne Chetvvind 
her aunts godmothers. 

1670. Francis 3 d Son of Richard & 

Mary Newdegate his wife was born 
May 14 1670 about 12 at noone 

Dead, at Ardbury, baptized 28 th , Ld Den- 
by & Ld Leigh godfathers & the 
Countess of Southampton Godmother. 


1 67 1. Walter Newdigate 4 th Son 

of Richard & Mary his wife was born 
Aug 10/71, \ hour after 8 noon 
at Ardbury, Christned Aug 22 
dead. S r Walter Bagott & M r Walter 

Chetwind the child's uncles Godfathers 
& M rs Anne Pole his Aunt Godmo- 

1672. John Newdigate 5 th son of 
Richard & Mary his wife was born 
at Ardbury Sept. 10/72 in y e mor- 
ning, & was christned 17 th Godfa- 
thers S r Clem' Fisher, Bar" & 
German Pole Esq r , his Godmother was 
the Lady Bagott his Grandmother. 

167I. Gilbert Newdigate 6 th son of Ri- 
chard & Mary his wife was 
borne at Ardbury March 21 167^ 
between 9 and 10 at night and 
was christened Apr. 14. Godfather 
Gilbert A. B. of Cant, and W m Bi- 
shop of Lincoln, and his Godmother 
the Lady Fisher. 

1675. Mary Newdigate was born 

at Ardbury Decemb. 16/75 between 
1 1 and 1 2 at noon, & was christened 
the 30 th following, her Godfather Tho- 
mas Ld Leigh, her Godmothers Ma- 
ry Countess of Denbigh & her Grand- 
mother the Lady Bagott. 

1677. Frances Newdigate 3 d daughter 

of Richard Newdigate & Margaret 
borne at Ardbury Apr 30 about 
5 in the afternoon. Christned May 15 
her Godfather, Charles Skrymsher 
Esq r her Godmothers Lady Dixy & 
M rs Broughton of Broughton. 

dead. Charles Newdigate 7 th son of 

Richard & Mary was born at Ard- 
bury Sept. 9 at 8 in evening {erased) night 
and christened the 12 th his Godfa- 
thers S r Willoughby Aston Bar" 
S r W m Bromly Kn' of the Bath, 
and her Godmother Madame Offly. 


1679- Anne Newdigate 4 th daughter 

of Richard and Mary was born at Ard- 
bury Octob 31 about 7 in Evening 
was christned Nov. 12, her God- 
father was the Ld Viscount Massereen 
& her Godmothers Lady Bromly and 
Lady Hales. 

i68y- Jane Newdegate 5 th daugh- 
ter of Richard and Mary was born 
Feb. 4 between 1 and 2 in the mor- 
ning and was christned Feb 26 
her godfather was W m Bagott of 
Betton Esq. and her godmothers 
the Lady Bagott the younger and 
M re Mary Parker of Jevington. 

1682. Elizabeth Newdigate 6 daugh- 
ter of S r Rich. N & Mary was 
borne Apr. 3, 82 at night be- 
tween one & two of the clock and 
made a christian Apr 29/82 

in Ardbury chappell her God- 
father was the Earle of Macles- 
field, and the Godmothers were 
the Countesse Dowager of North- 
umberland, and the Lady Leigh 
of Stonely in Warwickshire. 

1683. Juliana Newdegate seventh daugh- 
ter of S r Rich. Newdegate & Mary was 
borne July 15 th 1683 at one of the 
clock in the morning. Baptized July 
28 and the Godmothers were her 
Aunt Parker & the Lady Parker and 
her Uncle M r Lambert Bagot. 

1684. Francis Newdegate eigth 

son of S r Rich d Newdigate & Mary 
his Lady was borne August 
27 1684, about 8 at night 
and baptized Sept. 1 2, the god- 
fathers were John Earle of 
Bridgewater for whom stood 
the Ld Digby the other god- 
father was William Earle of 
Denbigh & Desmond and the 
Lady Brookes was his godmo- 
ther. Married M rs Millicent Pole 
1 May 1712. Died 28 Aug 1723 at 


Richard Newdigate first son 
of Rich d & Elizabeth (y e daughter 
of S r Roger Twisden of Brad- 
burn in Kent Bart) was born in 
Leicester Fields in y e Parish of S' 
Martins in y e Fields on Saturday 
the 14 aprill: half an hour past 
4 in the morning, and was christ- 
ned on Munday 16 Apr: godfathers 
S r Ri: Newdigate & S r Tho. Twisden 
godmother M rs Ann Pole of Brad- 
burn for whom stood John Newdigate buried at Har 
Esq & W m Twisden Esq & M rs Ann field 
Venables Died 18 March 1705-6 ab* 
4 i'th afternoon 1 1 months 4 days old. 

1706. Elizabeth eldest daughter of Rich d 
& Eliz : Newdigate was born in Lei- 
cester f ds on Friday 14 June 3 Qu es 
past one a clock i'th morning & was 
christned the same day i'th after- 
noon Lady Styles for whom stood 
M rs Jane Twisden, M rs Mary 
Parker for whom stood y e L d ^ Sedley 

& Tho : Newdigate Esq for whom stood 
Ri : Newdigate Esq his son Gossips. 

1707. John 2 d son of Ri : & Eliz 
Newdigate was born at Harfeild 
Com : Mid" on Wensday 1 1 July half 

an hour past 3 i'th afternoon & was christ- 
ned on Sunday 15 July i'th evening by M r 
Nich. Farmborrow. Roger Twisden Esq 
for whom stood Fra Newdigate Esq W m 
Stephens Esq for whom stood Frances 
Ashby Esq M rs Eliz. Dalyson for whom 
stood M rs Juliana Newdigate Gossips 
Died at Richmond 7 Dec. 1709 
2 y rs 5 months & 26 days old 
& was buried at Harfield. 

Mary the 2 daughter of 
Rich d & Eliz : Newdigate was 
born at M rs Cooks house in Leices- 
ter fields on 6 Aprill 1709 ab' 
half an hour past 1 1 at night S r 
Tho : Styles for whom stood W m 
Twisden Esq & Ld^ Twisden for 
whom stood M rs Sceaudemore 
& M rs Meur. 


3. Jane the 3 daughter of Rich d 16 July 17 10. 

& Eliz : Newdigate was born 
at Harfield ab' J before 8 
i'th morn : christned 17 th S r 
Charles Sedley for whom stood 
Fra : Newdigate Esq M rs Jul- 
iana Newdigate & M rs Cook 
Died 1 Aprill 1724 ab' 6 at night. 

Juliana the 4 daughter of 
Rich d & Eliz : Newdigate was 
born at Harfield 4 Sep. 1 7 1 1 
christned 11 S r Edw d Bagott for 
whom stood Edw d Jennings 
Esq r M rs Juliana Bowyer & M rs 
Eliz Skrymsker for whom stood 
M rs Juliana Newdigate. 

3. Thomas the 3 d son of Rich d 
& Eliz : Newdigate was born 
at Arbury ab' 2 i'th afternoon 

1 Oct : 1 7 12 & christned 9 th S r 
Nathan Wrighte, Charles 
Bagott Esq & the Lady Twysden 
S r W ms Widdow for whom stood 
her daughter M rs Fra: Twysden 

Died 4 Jan 17 13 betw 12 & 3 i'th morning 

2 yrs 3m s 4 days old 

Edward the 4 son of Rich d 

& Eliz: Newdigate was born 

at Arbury ab' half an \blank in or/g.] Past 6 

at night 7 May 1 7 1 5 & christned 

17. Edw d Lord Leigh W m Bromley 

Esq for whom stood M r Charles 

Palmer & M rs Mary Palmer. 

5. Rich d the 5 th son of Rich d 
& Eliz: Newdigate was 
born at Harfield on 16 July 

1 7 16 ab' 3 quarters past four 
in the afternoon & christned 
22. S r Tho: Frankly n Rob' 
Vyner Esq & M rs Jane Boys 
for whom stood y e Lady Styles 

6. Charles 6 Aprill 17 18 

he was born at Arbury ab' 
10 minutes past 1 i'th morn: 
christned 15. W m Palmer Esq 
for whom stood his son Charles 
M rs Fra: Twysden for whom 
stood M" Mary Palmer & Fra 
Newdigate Esq for whom stood 
R: N: died 27 March 1724 
in the 5 th year of his age. 


7. Roger 7 son of Ri: & Eliz: 
Newdigate was born at Arbu- 
ry ab 4 10 minutes before 2 i'th 
morning, christned 23 Coll: 
Boys for whom stood M rs Dudley 
Ryder, George Newdigate Esq 
for whom stood M r Gilbert 
Adderly Esq & (blank in orig.) 
for whom stood M rs M. Palmer. 

Newdegate Papers B. 825. 

Mary Leigh the daughter of M r Frauncis, the 4 th christened the 1 8 th day 

of September 1600. 
M r Robertus Leigh baptized the 22 th of June 1599 borne the 8 th . 
M r Francis Leigh baptized the 11 th of May borne the 28 th of Aprill. 
M rs Alice Leigh baptized the 8 th of January 1601 borne the 28 th of 

Dec r p e c d . 

Newdegate Papers B. 828. 

Richard Newdegate 2 d sonne of S r John Newdegate of Arbury in the 
county of Warwick K nt married Julian Leigh 3 d daughter of 
S r Francis Leigh of Newnham Regis in y e sd county K nt of y e 
Bath y e 2 d day of Feb. 1631 by D'ctor Westfield at Great 
S' Bartholomew in Smithfield & had issue between them: 

Anne Newdegate y e eldest daughter who was born upon Wenesday 
morning y e 18 th of Jan. 1632 at Fetter lane about 6 of y e clock. 
M r Rob' Leigh. M rs Sus a Newdegate & M rs Prudence Crew. 

Mary 2 d daughter, who was born upon fryday morning about 4 of the 
clock the last of Jan 1633 at Leaden porch in Holborn, who 
dyed upon Mayday 1634. M r George Allestry M rs Preine, Anne 
Lucas. She was christned in hast. 

Mary 3 daughter was born upon Munday y e 17 th day of Aug' half an 
hour after 9 of y e clock at the Leaden porch in Holborn & 
christened [plank in orig.] of Sept The Ea. of Bridgewater. 
Mary C. of Dorset. The Lady Let. Paget. 

John eldest sonne was born upon Sunday y e 8 th day of Jan: at 6 of y e 
clock at night at Istleworth in y e County of Middle" & christned 
y e 18 th of Jan: 1636. Geo. Ld Goringe. S r W m Slingsby. The 
Lady Dunsmore. 

Lettice Newdegate 4 th daughter was born y e 29 th of July at 7 of y e 
clock in y e morning at Lead porch Court in Holborn & Christned 
y e i st day of Aug- 1638 & dyed upon thursday y e 27 th day of May 
1641. M r Tho Marsh". The Lady Anne Brereton. The Lady 

Katharine was born upon thursday y e 22 th day of oct: at 5 y e clock at 
Led: porch in Holborn & christned y e 30 th day of oct 1639 
& dyed 9 Dec. 1650. Sir Ed. Fitton The Lady Cat. Curteen 
& the Lady Leech. 

J 9 

John Newdegate 2 d sonne was born upon Saturday y e 29 th day of Jan: 
1 64 1 at night at Leaden porch Court in Holborn & christned 
[blank in orig.~\ Jo. Newdegate. RoB- Leigh. M rs Eliz: Leigh. 

Richard 3 d Sonne was born at 3 of y e clock in the afternoon y e 5 th day 
of May being Sunday & was christned y e 13 th 1644. M r Rob 1 
Leigh. Rich: Blower. The Lady Cic: Brereton. 

Francis 4 th Sonne was born in Leaden Porch Court y e 20 th day of 
Aprill 1646 at 6 of y e Clock in y e Euenning & was christned 
ye 2 yth (} a y Q f Ap r on Sunday & dyed y e 14th of May 1647. 
[no sponsors]. 

Rob' 5 th Sonne was born in Lead: porch Court y e 16 day of Feb. 1647 
at one of y e clock in y e morning & christned y e 2 2 d day of Feb: 
being Tuesday M r Rob : Leigh. M r R : Blower. Y e Lady Leech. 

Thomas y e 6 th Sonne was born in Lead porch Court on y e 9 th of May: 
1650 about 2 of y e clock i'th morning & was christned upon 
Monday y e 19 th . Tho: Ld Leigh. S r Edw: Leech. The Countess 
of Exeter. 

Endorsed: "Account of M r Serg* Newdegate' s children, i6ji." 

Newdegate Papers B. 832. 

George Newdigate was borne the xij th daie of Maie. 
John Newdigate was borne the xxiiij th of Maye a dni 1600. 
Richard Newdigate was borne the xvij th of September 1602. 
Lettice Newdigate was borne the iij of Novemb r 1604. 
Anne Newdigate was borne upon Frydaye at vii of the clocke at night 
the xvi th of Octob r 1607. 

theye were all borne at 
Arberye in Warwick: 


The Lady Newdigate daughter to Sir Edw: Fytton knight and mother 

to these forenamed children was 37 Yeares Olde the 27 th day of 

Octob r A Dni: 161 1. [In her own writing]. 
29 Ap: 1668 Richard Newdigate second sonne of Ri Newdegate and 

Mary his wife was borne about 10 of the clocke at Arbury and 

christened 14 th May after. 

[ S r Ed Bagott 

-! George Baker 

(M vs Julian Newdegate 


This Leaf was torn out of an old Family Bible out of the other end of 
which the last part was copied by me. R.N. 

Newdegate Papers B. 834. 

14 Jan y e year 1 701 
My Brother Twisden was Married y e 17 th of July of a Monday at 
Putney Church by Doctor Fuller & we came down to Bradbom y e 
Friday following. 

My Father went to live att his House att y e Cross August y e 4 th of a 


My Dear Brother Jackey dyed y e 18 th of November 1701 being a 
Friday att a quarter past one a cloack in y e morning & was burried 
y e friday following in 18 th year of his age. 

Cozen Roger Styles dyed a fortnight after att Westminster. 

In y e year 1702. 

My dear grandmother dyed y e 24 th of September one a thursday at 
10 minnets past three a cloack in y e afternoon at Bradborn & was 
buryed y e Friday sevenight following in y e 92 year of her age. 

S r Thomas Styles dyed y e [plank in orig.~\ of November one a Thursday 
at Watringbury in 1702 in y e 78 year of His age. His son S r Oliver 
Styles dyed y e 12 th of Feb r y at Watringbury on a Friday in 17 of. 

1705 III 

My dear Father dyed y e 28 th of February being one a Sunday between 
3 & 4 a cloack in y e afternone in Cecill-street in London & was 
brought doun & Burrid y e Friday Following in 63 year of his age. 

S r Robert Marshom dyed y e 25 of July one a Sunday at 5 a cloack in 
ye affter noon att Hailing & was burrid y e friday following thear in 
53 year of his age 1703. 

1704 IV 

My Nephew Thomas Twisden was born Jan r y y e 22 th 170I one a 
saterday at ten minets past seveen a cloack in y e morning & was 
cristened y e same day by y e Minester of S' James's Brother 
Roger M r Masters & M rs Poder stood for him he was born in 
Arllington street at M rs King's Hoose in S £ James. 

My sister Newdigate was Married June y e 17 th 1704 one a Saturday by 
M r Barrow at East Mailing church & left Bradborn July y e 31 st one 
a Monday. 

1705 V 

My Nephew Roger Twisden was born at Bradborn Aprill y e 4 th being a 
Wensday at three a cloack in y e afternoon was cristined y e same 
day by M r Hill in East Mailing Church Brother Newdigate, 
M r Munday Mosters and Lady Ratclyf stood for him. 

My Nephew Richard Newdigate was bom at Leycester fields Aprill 
y e 14 th 1705 being Saterday near seven a cloack in y e morning was 
cristined y e Monday following by y e rector of S* James S r Richard 
Newdigat Brother Twisden & M rs Rolle stood for him. he dyed 
on Monday March y e 18 th 17 of- at London & was burid att 
Harfield y e Monday fowleing. 


My Nephew William Twisden was born March y e 31 st one a Sunday at 
abought [plank in orig.] a cloack in y e morning at Bradborn & was 
cristined y e sam day by M r Hill. S r Thomas Styles, Bro William 
Twisden & Sister Twisden of Mailing were gossops. 

My neice Elizabeth Newdidate was born Jan y e 14 th one a Friday 
abawght a quarter past one a cloack in y e morning in Leicester 
fields was cristined by a Rector of S l James y e same day Lady 
Styles M rs Parker of Sussex, M r Thomas Newidat were gossops. 

2 1 

Newd. Papers B. 872. Sketch Twisden ped. 

Adam de Twisden, John de Twisden.= 

ob. Coelebs 21 Ed 1. j 

Roger Steward of the= dau & h. of Tho s 
abbey of S' Augustines Chelmington of Chel- 
Temp. R. II. mington in Great 

Chart co. Kent. 

Roger de Twisden=j=Anne dau. & Coh of John 

Temp. Hen. VI. 

Baker of Oldham in Kent. 

Thomas de Twisden.= 

Roger=j= 1 William 

Christopher. 1 William=Elizabeth d. & 3 Thomas 
! coh of Thomas 
a Roydon of Est 

Roger, High= 
Sheriff of Kent 
41 Eliz. 

Sir Tho s Heneag Trea. of y e Chamber 
Vic Chanc. of y e Household Chancellor of y e 
Duchy of Lancaster and of y e Privy Council 
of Q E. 

=Anne d. of Sir Moyle=Countess of Whinchelsea 
ThomasWyat Finch. Creat. by K James I in 
K*. Memory of her fathers 


Sir William Twisden=j=Anne dau of S r From this descend y e Earls 

K< & Bart. set. 63 Jan 
8 1627-8. 

Moyles Finch of of Whinchelsea Nottingham 
Estwell co Kent. & Aylesford. 

Anne m. 
Sir Charles 

ob. Ccelebs. 

S r Thomas L d 
Justice of y e 
Kings Bench 
Created Bart 
by K C. 

Sir Roger eldest 
s. d June 2 
1672, aged 74 
Mar Isabella d 
& coh of S r 

II. seated at NicolasSaunders 
Bradborn. of Surrey, K'. 

m Sir Hugh 


Newdegate Papers C. 1008. 

Copy of Coton Church Register 1538 chief Rents to the 
Manor of S l John's. Printops Case &c. 

A later hand has added Miscellaneys, 

Church Register booke of Cooton beareth date the x th day of November 

Ann. dni 1538, Henrici octavi xxx°. 
Wittm Blount Maried Johana Beighton 19 Julii Hen. 8° 31 . 
Tho Moreton' duxit ux Emotam Blount 20 Octobi Hen. 8° 34 . 
W m Bighton dyed viii Martii Anno hujus liB 2°. 
John Underwood obiit xxviij februarii A° hujus life vi t0 . 
Eliza Blount obiit xij° Novemb' A° hujus life viij t0 . 
Hugh Blowunt obiit 28 Junii in the same yeare. 
W m Keldgen obiit 1 7 Octob r 4 Ed. sixt. 

Jane Und r wood filia Edward Underwood bap. 13 Aprilis hujus 
life A x°. 

John Underwood filius of [sic] Ed. Underwood bap d xv° Octofe 
An° huis lib xi°. 

Edward Underwood fil Edwardi Underwood of Griffe bap. Martii 
29: Ed: 6: 

Thorn's filius of W m Underwood bapt d xij Feb huis life 7 . 
F. Mort filius of Thorn 6 Moreton bap: 2 Maii 8° hujus life. 
Anthony Smythe filius Wiffimi Smythe bapt 4 Maii 7 E: 6. 
Rofetus the sonne of Ed : Underwood bap : 19 Novemb r 7 Edi 6. 
Ed: Lucas the sonne of Roger Lucas of Griffe bap. io° Januii 1 Ma regine 

Anno Dni 1555 Maria Regina. 
W m Moreton filius Thorn Moreton bap. 3 Novemfe Maria 2 . 
John [blank in orig.] vicarius de chilv' coton obiit 8° feb. 1558. 
Edward Underwood obiit xxviij martii 1558. 
W m Pryntopp maried Mary Underwood xv° Septemb Eliz 6°. 
Henr. Printopp fillius Johis Printopp bap : 14 Julii Eliz 7 . 
Tho. Printopp obiit 14 Decemb Eliz 7 . 
Ed : Undwood duxit Johana Broughton 14 Julie Eliz. 8°. 
W m Pryntopp obiit 31 Martii Eliz: 8. 

S . . ell Und r wood filia Ed. Und r wood bapt xvi° Maii Eliz. 9 . 
Izabell Und r wood obiit 24 Martii Eliz. ix°. 
Tho. Whitby filius Fraunce Whitby bap : 14 Aug. Eliz. x°. 
John Printopp obiit xvi° Martii Eliz decimo. 

Edmund Scaruninge filius Edmundi Scaruning bap : 4 Sep: Eliz: xi°. 

W m Pryntopp filius Jofii Pryntopp bap 25 Novemb r Eliz xii°. 

Elizabeth Blowunt uxor William Blowunt xvi° Martii Eliz xii°. 

Ed. Whytby filius Frauncs Whytby bap : 30 Junii Eliz. xiii . 

Anthony Robinson filius Ricus Robinson bap : fritii Eliz. xiii°. 

W m Blowunt duxit Eliz : Robins 2° Martii Eliz : xiii . 

J. Wightma duxit Ann Moreton xj Aprilis Eliz. xiiij°. 

John Blownt filius Wittm Blownt bap : 26 Decemb. Eliz x°. 

John Pryntopp de Gryff obiit 30 Januii Eliz. xiiij° 1573. 

Nicholas Und r wood obiit 17 Feb: Eliz xiiij . 

Peeter Dagle (?) fil Rofeti Daglin (?) bap 9 Martii Eliz xvi° 1575. 

W m Blowunt obiit ix aprilis 1575 Eliz. xvi°. 

Eliz Blowunt uxor W m Blowunt obiit 16 Martii Eliz. 2 ut supra. 


Barbara Blowunt filia W m Blowunt bap xx rcltii Eliz xviij°. 
Anthony filius Fraunc's Whitby bap: xxi° April 1577. 
Acres Temple filius Petrus Temple bap. xxv° Decemb 1577. 
Fraunc's Whytby obiit 28 Aug. 1577. 
Barbara filia Edwardi Pryntopp bap: 20 Sep. 1579. 
Mary filia Edwardi Pryntopp bap 28 octob 1581 died 30 July 1581. 
John filius Edwardi Pryntopp \stet above] 28 Septemb r [Feb. 1582 
erased] of September 1582. 

[on the dorse] 

John Pryntopp filius Edwardi bap: 28 decemb r 1582. 

Roger Smythe obiit 9 Augusti 1583. 

Thorns filius Join" Moreton vi° Martii 1584. 

George Wrightman duxit ux* Margret Enser prim° Aug: 1585. 

George Russhell duxit ux 1 Margret Harbert 9 Novemb r 1585. 

Thomas filius Georgii Wrightman bap 9 Sep. 1586. 

Henry Bighton duxit ux* Joahine Hirone (?) 8 Aug. 1586. 

Agnes Pryntopp obiit xv° Janii 1587. 

RoBti Smythe duxit ux Ann Harbut 17 Januii 1588. 

Barbara Pryntopp obiit 7 feb. 1588. 

Tho. Moreton obiit 2 Martii 1588. 

W m Smythe obiit xii° Septemb 1 " 1593. 

Thorns Bighton duxit Aliciam Tayler 22 Oct: 1593. 

John Smith obiit 19 Januaii 1593. 

Tho. Moreton obiit 2 die Maii 1588 [erased]. 

Thomas the sonne of W m Wod (?) bap: 4 th August 1593. 

Henry Bighton filius Tho. Beighton bap. 8° die Sep. 1594. 

Sampson Henshawe duxit ux 1 Elinor Grimsby ix° Aug. 1555. 

John Knott obiit xv° die Octobris 1555. 

Wiltam Und r wood obiit i° die Junii 1568. 

Jane Printopp obiit xv° Martii 1569. 

Tho. Morton fillius Johi Morton bap. xv Junii 157 1. 

John filius Edwardi Printopp bap 28 Decemb 1582. 

Richard Newdegate bap. 8 th of October 1602. 

Rev d Patricke searched at Meredon for 
Gryffen Pryntopp's Age, he was bap: 
the 20th of June 1593 

John Printopp the sonne of Edward Printopp 
dyed at high . . . Gyfford's House in 
Staffordshire & was buried the [blank in orig]. 

[Watermark on the paper a Vase with two handles piled with grapes & 
on the body the date 1528.] 

[The Chilvers Coton registers are lost until 1654. Those of Meriden 
before 1646. This copy was made for use in a law suit re t/te 
advowson of Coton early in tlie lyth century. — J. H. B.] 


Newdegate MS. B. 830, Endorsed 1666, Register from 
old family Bible. 

Leaf torn out of the old Bible. 

1666. John Newdigate first son of Richard and Mary was borne at 
Ardbury in Warwickshire, the tenth of December halfe a 
quarter after seven at night ; and was christ'ned on 
S' Thomas Day next after : His godfathers, Gilbert, 
Archbishop of Canterbury and his grandfather Richard 
Newdigate Sergeant at Law; with Juliana his wife 
Godmother, in the yeare of our Lord 1666. Died the 2 d of 
March 1666 at 3 ith' morning. 

1668. Richard Newdegate 2: cond son of Richard & Mary his wife was 

born y e 29 th of April 1668 about 10 of y e clock in y e morning 
att Ardbury; and y e 14 th of May after christened S r Edward 
Bagott, and George Parker of Willington in y e county of 
Sussex Esq., were godfathers, & M rs Juliana Newdegate his 
grandmother, godmother. 

1669. Amphillis Newdegate eldest daughter of Richard & Mary his 

wife was born y e 24 th of May 1669 about 3 of y e clock in y e 
afternoon at Ardbury & was christ'ned y e 2 cond day of June 
after Thomas Chettwind of Ingestry in y e county of Stafford 
Esq, godfather. M rs Elizabeth Skrimsher & M rs Anne 
Chettwind her aunts godmothers. 

1670. Francis Newdegate 3 d sonne of Richard & Mary his wife born 

y e 14 th of May 1670 about 12 of y e clock att noon att 
Ardbury & christned y e 28 th Basill earle of Denby & y e old 
L d Leigh Baron of Stoneleigh were godfathers & y e Countesse 
of Southampton was godmother w ch Countesse was daughter 
to the Duke of Somerset for there were 3 Countesses of 
Southamton wives to one earl successively. 

1671. Walter Newdegate 4 th sonne of Richard & Mary his wife was 

born y e tenth of August 167 1 half an hour after 8 of y e clock 
in y e morning att Ardbury & christned y e 22 d of August 
M r Walter Bagott & M r Walter Chetwind his Uncles were 
godfathers & M rs Anne Pole his aunt godmother. Died at 
Whinchester 23 Aug. 1686. 

1672. John Newdigate 5 th sonne of Richard and Mary his wife was 

born at Ardbury the 10 th of September 1672 in the morning 
and was christned y e 17 th his godfathers were S r Clement 
Fisher Bar' & German Pole Esq his godmother the Lady 
Bagot his Grandmother Died at Harfield 21 July 1705. 

1673-4. Gilbert Newdigate 6 th sonne of Richard and Mary his wife was 
born at Ardbury the 21 st of March 1673-4 between 9 and 10 
of clock at night, and was christned the 14 day of April 
following. His godfathers were Gilbert, Archbishop of 
Canterbury and William, Bishop of Lincoln and his godmother 
was the Lady Fisher. 

1675. Mary Newdigate was born at Arbury the 16 th of December 
1675 between eleven and 12 at noon and was christned the 
30 th following. Her godfather was Thomas Lord Leigh, and 


her godmothers Mary, Countess of Denbigh, and her 
grandmother the Lady Bagot. Married to W m son of 
S r W m Stephens of Barton in the Isle of Wight 26 Aug. 1696. 

1677. Frances Nevvdegate 3 d daughter of Rich: Newdegate & Mary 

was born at Arbury on y e 30 th day of Aprill about 5 of 
y e clock in y e afternoon & christned y e 15 th of May, her 
godfather was charles Skrymsher Esq & her godmothers were 
y e Lady Dixye & M rs and M r Broughton of Broughton. 
Married Sir Charles Sedley Son of S r Charles Sedley of 
Southfleet in Kent Bar 1 8 July 1695. Died 2 Nov 171 1. 

1678. Charles Newdegate 7 th sonne of Rich. & Mary was -born at 

Arbury on y e 9 th of Septem br at 8 of y e clocke at Night 
& christned y e 12 th his godfathers were S r Willoughby Aston 
Barronet & S r William Bromley K nt of y e Bath & his 
godmother was Madam Offley. 

1679. Anne Newdigate the 4 th daughter of Richard Newdigate and 

Mary was bom at Arbury on the 31 st of October about 7 of 
the clock in the Evening and was christned on the 12th day 
of November her godfather was the Lord Viscount Massareen 
and her godmothers the Lady Bromley & Anne Lady Hales 
Married to John Venables of Woodcot com Southton 2 June 
1698 Died at Chelsey 9 Dec. 1706. 
1680-1. Jane Newdigate the 5 th daughter of Richard Newdigate 
& Mary was born 4 th of February between one &: two of y e 
clock in the morning & was christned the 26 day of February 
Her godfather was William Bagot of Betton Esq. and her 
godmothers Jane the Lady Bagot the younger and M rs Mary 
Parker of Jevington Married to Sam" e Boys of Hawkhurst 
Com. Kent 12 March 1705-6. 

1682. Elizabeth the 6 daughter of Richard Newdigate & Mary was 

born at Arbury (as all the rest were) upon Tuesday the 4 of 
Feb between one & two a Clock in the murning: and was 
christned upon Saturday the 29. Her godfather was the Earl 
of Maclesfield ; and her godmothers, Elizabeth Countesse of 
Northumberland, and the Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh his Lady. 
Married herself to M r Abram Meur 8 April 1708 died 9 July 
1 7 10. 

1683. Juliana 7 th daughter of Richard Newdigate & Mary was born at 

Arbury (all the rest were) on the 15 th of July at 2 a clock i'th 
morning, and was christned on the 28 th Her godfather was 
Lambert Bagot Esq and her godmothers, the Lady Newdigate 
her gran mother and the Lady Parker married herself to 
Rob 1 Glegg of Gayton Com. Chester Esq son of 
S r Rob' Glegg. 

1684. Francis 8 th son of Ri: N & Mary, was born at Arbury on 

the 27 th of August at 7 a clock at night & was christned 
on the 12 th day of September. His godfathers were the 
earl of Bridgewatcr & the Earl of Denbigh & the Lord 
Brookes' Lady. 

1 May 17 12. Married Millicent 3 daughter to Sam" 
Pole of Radborn Esq Com: Derby. 



Genealogia sive sterna senior 
Antiquissime familise de Cave. 

Pater hypotheticus 
sive originalis 
familiae de Cave. 

Wyamar de Cave dedit omnes terras suas in 
North Cave et South Cave in Com Ebor 
Jordano fratri suo. 

Jordanu Cave frater Wyamar. 

Brianus Cave. 

Robertus de Cave. 

Joanna de Cave uxor Nigelli 
dom Fossard de Ellaton. 

Thomas Cave, Jocosa 
uxor ejus filia Willielmi 
S l Quinton dni de 
Braynburton Militis. 

Isabella Cave 
uxor Thomae 
de Rednes de 

Margaretta uxor 
Gerardi Furnivall 
de Swanland. 

Jana nupta 
Joanni de 

Galfridus de Cave et 
Mabillia uxor sua 
filia Roberti de Salso 
Marisco in Com 

Robertus de Cave 
duxit in uxorem 
filiam Roberti de 

Johannis de 
Cave duxit 
in uxorem 
filiam Itosts. 

Christian nupta 
Thomae de 

Saronia uxor 
Willielmi Ayr- 
min de Nuland 
super Ayr. 

Petrus de Cave uxor ejus 
filia et heres Thomas 
Bromflete Militis. 

Alexander de Cave decanus 
Dunelm et Prebendarius de 
Holden ubi sepultus restat. 

Alexander Cave Thomas de Cave duxit Catherina Cave Beatrix Cave Jana Cave nupta 

uxor ejus filia filiam Roberti Cliffe a uxor Johannis Nupta Philippo Johanni Dauny 

Petri de Malo quo Cave de Flinton Riplingham de de Waldeby in de Sisar in Com 

lacu dni de in Holdenesse. Riplingham in Com Ebor. Ebor. 

Mulgrave. Com. Ebor. 

Petrus Cave de Southeam 
in Com. Ebor Anna uxor 
ejus filia Symonis Ward 

Margareta Cave 
nupta Randul- 
pho Andleby de 

Jocosa Cave 
nupta Thomae 
Polington de 
Polington Militi. 

Jana Cave 
uxor Magistri 
Shelton de 

Ursula Cave 
nupta Johanni 
Ella de Kerk 
Ela Militi. 


Alexander Cave Miles filius Elizabeth Cave uxor Johannis Maria Cave, Priorissa 
Petri Amphilicia uxor ejus, filia Midleton de Midleton super le de Watton. 
Galfridi Hotham, Militis. Wold. 

Joannes Cave de South Cave Miles. 
Maria uxor ejus filia et haeres Petri 
Gencll de Southcliffe. 

Peter Genell de Southcliffe in Com Jana Cave 

Eborum pater Marias uxoris Joannis nupta Rogero 

Cave, uxor ejus filia et haeres M ri Kelke Militi. 
Cliffe de South Cliffe. 

I I I I 

Margaret. Jana. Mary. Eliz. 

Alexander Cave Katherina 
uxor ejus filia Rogeri de 
Somervile de Grindall. 

Thomas. John. Peter. 

Anna nupta Mar- 
maducas Grendall 

Maria Cave nupta 
Petri att Sel. 

Alexander Cave 
Miles filius et heres 
Alexandri duxit in 
uxorem Constan- 
ciam filiam Rogeri 

JohesCave filius 

Grace Monialis 

Katherina Nupta 
Johanni Mark- 
ensfield Militi 
filia 2 da. 

Anna nupta Gil- 
berto Stapleton 
de Barton filia 

Matilda Cave nupta Alexandro 
Lound diio de Lound, et de 
Cave ut infra. 

Petrus Cave filius 
secundus duxit in 
uxorem Annam 
filiam Radulphi 

Petrus Cave duxit in uxorem 
Mariam filiam Burditt de 
Rothwell in Com Northton. 

Joannes Cave 
Abbas de Selby. 


Thomas Cave armiger, qui obiit an dni 1495 
uxor ejus filia Passmere de Com Essexias. 

Richardus Cave de 
Stamford in Com 
Norttiton obiit 20 
Ap 1538 Elizabctha 
uxor prima filia 
Marvin de church 
lawford Com War r . 

Wittm Cave Pater Johannis Johannis Cave Pater Henr Cave duxit 

et Petri. 

Christopher Cave 
\blank in orig.] 
Noble de Stovvford. 


Thomas, Gulielmi, Chris- 
topheri Cave de Stamford, 
Bartholomei Cave et 
Edwardi Cave de Welford. 

in uxorem filiam 
M ri Belgrave de 

Margaret uxor 2 da 
filia Thomas Saxby 
de Com Northton. 

Edward Cave de Warwick duxit 
in uxorem Dorotham filiam et 
cohercdem Nicholai Mallowe de 
Winwicke ar 1 . 

Margaret Cave nupta 
Thomas Saunders de 
Harrington in Com 


[Richardus Cave p. 2 dam uxorem.] 

Anthony Cave de=Elizabetha uxor ejus filia Ambrosius Cave Miles, Cancellarius ducatus 
Chichley in Com 
Buckinghm ar r 
filius 3 US Richardi 
Cave de Stamford. 

Thomae Lovett de Astwell 
in Com Northamp Renupta 
Johanni Newdigate de 
Harefield Ar° Richardus 
Weston unus Justiciar de 
Comun Banco Maritus 3 US 
dictse Eliz. 

Lane duxit in uxorem Margaretam filiam et 
unam heredem Willi Willington. 

Margaret Cave filia et hseres nupta Henrico 
Knollys filio et hseridi Francisci Knollys 
Militis Garterii. 

Ant. Cave p. primam uxorem habuit. 

Elizabeth Nupta 
Hen. Willoughby. 

Alicia Nupta Gulielmo 
Pageti Baronni Pagette 
de Beaudesert. 

Juditha Cave filia 
et una hseredum 
nupta Gulielmo 
Chester fil° et 





Anna filia et 
altera hseredum 
Anti Cave Nupta 
Griffitho Hamp- 
den de Hamden 
in Com Buck. ar. 

Martha filia et 
altera hseredum 
Nupta Johanni 
Newdegate af. 

Maria filia et altera hseredum Anthonii 
Cave nupta Hieronymo Weston 
Militi filio et her di Richardi Weston 
unius Justiciaru de Com Banco ut supf. 

Richardus Weston. 
Comes Portlandi. 

Jo New. Ri. Newdegate. 

Matilda Cave nupta Alexandro Lownds dho de [blank in orig.] 

Jenett nupta Robert Sheffeild. 

Robert Sheffeild Miles Recordator de London duxit in uxorem 
Hellenam filiam et hseredam Jofiis Delves. 

Robertus Sheffeild de Butterwick ar duxit uxorem Margeritam 
filiam Johannis Zouch de Codnor, Militis. 

Edmond Baro de Sheffeild et de Butterwick duxit in 
uxorem Annam filiam Jofcnis de Vere. 

Jofies dnus et Baro Sheffeild de Butterwick 
duxit in uxorem Douglas filiam Willielmi dni 
Howard de Effingham. 

Edward dnus Sheffeild Comitis de Mulg 

Elianor Sheffeild Nupta densello Holies filio 
et hseredi Gulielmi Hollis de Harlaton in 
Com Nottingham Militis. 

Willmus dfis Pagett Baro de Beaudsert duxit in Johannis Hollis Miles Dnus et Baro 
uxorem d'nam Franciscam Rich filiam Henrici Comittis Houghton et Comes De Clare. 



Grant of Hen. le tayleur of Bedworth to Tho s de Southleye of 
Astlee, of the north-croft in Bedworth. Sunday after S' Lukp 131 2. 
Wit. W m de banwelle, Tho s de banwelle of Astlee, John de Halleinge, 
Tho s son of Ralph ... 1 ho s Madeer. Oval green Seal : The 
Holy Mother below a worshipping ecclesiastic. Virgo Mariane 
acriminat s ... C. 100. 

Quitclaim of same. Sunday after SS. Simon and Jude 6 Edw. II. 
Wit. W m Wyot, W m de Banewelle, Tho s de Banewelle, Jno de Hallynge, 
Tho s son of Ralph, Tho s Madur, W m de Northcroft of Eccleshale, 
W m de Rudynge of Cotene. C. 101. 

Grant of same by Christian dau. of John de la Ford of Astley to 
Rob 1 Notekin. Christian was wife of Hen le tayleur. Thursday after 
S. Mary Mag. 13 Edw. II. Wit. Rob 1 Turvile of Bedworth, Jno 
Hallynge, W m Jabot of Merstone, W m son of Guy of Astley, W m de 
Banewell. C. 102. 

Grant by Christian to Rob' her son of le Northcroft in Bedworth 
Wit. W m son of Guy de Estlegh, Tho s de Banewell, W m de Banewell, 
Jno Hallyng, Hen le Tayleur. C. 103. 

Grant temp. Edw. II. of land in Bedworth, Jordan de Flanvile 
to Robert de Craft. Wit. W m de Hailing, Jordan Aleyn, Tho s de 
Fonte, Hugh de Farnecot, Jno de Pailenton, Rob' Hereward, Tho s 
de Monte. C. 104. 

Grant, Sunday in S' Mich 1 2 Edw. II., by Hallinge to Sir W m de 
Charnels, of the customary services of Tho s son of Ralph le clerk. 
Wit. Sir Geo. de Chernelis, K', Sir Rob' de Fitzwyz K', Tho s Boydyn, 
Jno de Coventre, Gordan Aleyn, Hen. de Sothemuhdele. Oval Seal 
a dove, j$i gjtoUic. C. 105. 

Lease of lands in Bedworth by Sir Henry de Charneles to Henry le 
Colevile of Gryve and Petronilla his wife Friday after Pur. B. Ma. 
II. Edw. II. C. 108. 

Grant of land in le Northwode, W m de Turvill to Sir Thomas de 
Astley. Wit. Sir Ernard de Bosco, Sir W m de Hardredshull, Sir Thomas 
de Y'veis, Jno de Wilmecot, Hugh de Lilleburn, W m de Leez, Rob' de 
Basevill, W m de Bodevill, Walt, de Austley, clerk, Rich. Mallori, 
Jno de la Hyde. White Seal, Three chevrons, ^»0. tlv tt s WvXVtlX. 
13th cent. C. 109. 

Fine Hil. 7, 4 Edw. 3. W m de Charnels of Bedworth and Marg' 
his wife complain' and John de Middleton and Hugh his wife defendant 
of lands etc in Bedeworth, Estleye, Syrmesowe, Payllyntow, Shustoke and 
Alderutimhalle and the advowson of the church of Bedworth. C. no. 

Grant of lands in Bedworth by said W m to Geoffrey Veysey 
and Amabel his wife Friday after Nat. S' Jno. Bp. 4 Edw. III. 
Wit. Rob' Turvyle, Jno Hallyng, Jno at Welle, W m Michel of 
Bedworth. C. ill. 

Grant by W m Godlift of Coventry to John Benyngton and Alice 
his wife of four acres in Bedworth in le Northwood between land of 
Tho s son of Ralph and that of Rich de Barre. Wit. W m Charneles, 
Mi Turvill, Jno Turvill, W m Michel, Ralph atte Welle, Jno Mades, 
W m le Taillour, Bedeworth, 10 Apr. 14 Edw. III. Seal a key. 
S r Willm 5 de . . . C. 111. a. 



Edmond Boulton, dec d =p 

I I I I I 

Edmund, son Lettice. Mary, mar. Ambrose John. William, 
and heir. Cammocke. q 

Grant by John Hailing of Bedworth to Sir W m de Charnelis K* of 
a half acre in Bedworth. Feast of S l Mich 1 31 Edw. I. Wit. W m 
Hailing, W m Michel, Hugh de Farnecote, Jno de Fonte, Tho de Monte. 

C. 125. 

Quitclaim of land in Bedworth. Roger de Crafft to Sir W m de 
Charneles. Wit. Sir Simon Prior of Erbury, M r Rob 1 de Croft Rector 
of Bedworth, W m de Turvile, W m de Stoke, W m Mareschall of Estleye, 
Grey of the same, W m de Hailing. C. 126. 

Grant of lands in Bedworth by Edw Wolf of Frollesworth parson of 
the church of Broughton, W m Castelyn Esq. and Jno Hykkes parson 
of the church of Wythybrok, to Tho s White chaplain of the chantry of 
Bedworth. Wit. Sir W m Asteley PC* Lord of Astley, Hugh Onley, 
Roger Cokkus, Simon Braunfeld, W m Olle, Jno Froggemore 26 Sep. 
1 1 Hen. IV. 

Quitclaim of lands in Bedworth. Tho s de Hasterley lord of 
Hasteley to W m son of Hen. Charnels of Bedworth. Easter day 
4 Edw. III. Wit. Rob' Turvill, Oliver Takell, Nic Turvyle, Nic 
Hemery and Jno Muder. C. 128. 

Quitclaim of Marg 1 wife of Sir W m Charnelles of Bedworth to Jno 
her son of her lands in Bedworth. S l Mary Magd. 6 Ric. II. 


Letters of attorney from W m Underwood of Griff to Jno Scheffes 
and Jno Tayleare allowing Tho Stanley g l & Hen. Hope to take seisin 
of a messuage 16 Dec. 11 Hen. VII. C. 129. 

Conveyance of land in Astley 25 May 26 Hen. VIII. From 
W m Astell of Nuneton g' to Sir Rob' Whetley chaplain, W m Whetley 
of Arley and Tho s Whetley of Astley. C. 132. 

Conveyance of land 5 dec. 9 Hen. VIII. by Marg 1 wid w of Nic 
Nobobains to W m Astelle, Rob 1 Whatley and W m Mouldesale. C. 133. 

Conveyance of a Cottage by Rob' Whetley chaplain to Roger 
Plumton and Agnes his wife 4 Nov. 23 Hen. VII. C. 134. 

Fine Morrow of Ascen. 50 Edw. III. W m de Asteleye K l qu. and 
Roger Walters and Marg 1 his wife defendant of a messuage etc in 
Chilverscote and Astley. C. 144. 

Covenant between Tho s son of Saer de Stoke and Tho s de Estleie 
re the wood called Herwardeshay. Easter after the Consecration 
of Archbishop Edmund. Wit. Sir Fulke de Montenery, Philip de 
Stoke Tho s his brother, Ric de Leesinton, W m de Estleie. Seal, a 
fleur de lis. C. 145. 

Grant of land by John Wyot of Asteleye to W m Ingald of two plots 
of land in le Myddelfordweye next le Mere between lands of Tho s de 
Hundeleye and Ric de Sowleye. Wit. Homerie de Asteleye, 
W m Banwelle, Simon le parkere, Simon att Sclade, Jno Sawe of 
Chelverscote. Dated Astley, Sunday after Ann. B. M. 12 Edw. III. 

C. 146. 

Grant by Roger le Spaune of Filingle and Sibille his wife to Alex r 
Soteman of Chelverscoton of a field in Astley. Wit. W m Smyth, 
W m of ye bourne, Ric of le Ruyding, Tho s Fulkes, Rob Ward, 
Chelverscoton Thur in S' Martin 8 Edw. III. C. 147 

Grant by Roger le Spaune of Filingle and Sibille his wife to Alex r 
Soteman of Chelverscoton of le litelprestefeld in Astley and the 
kempecroft. Wit. le Ruydyng, Fulks, W m Smyth and Ric son of 
Alex 1 " in le Hole, and the said Alexander. Chelverscoton, Sunday 
aft S l Ambrose 21 Edw. III. C. 148. 

Grant by Margaret wife of Sir W m de Asteley K' to Reginald de 
Grey Ld of Hastynges etc. of the lands she held by feoffment of Henry 
Gurmundeley and Rob 1 Hardy chaplains. Wit. Sir Jno Cokeyne K l 
Giles de Asteley, Jno Mallore, Jno Astley, Tho s del Temple 
Chelverscoton 14 Dec. 8 Hen. V. C. 149. 

Compotus roll of Christopher Wren Rec r -Gen. of Margaret 
Marchioness of Dorset. Mich: 1532. C. 160. 


Marriage Settlement. 

John Clarke, alive=j=Mary, alive but a wid. 
in 1558 (C. 163). I in 1585 (C. 165). 

Ralph (165). Henry. 

=Sarah, dau. of Rich Smyth of Astley. 
Settlem. 1 July 1587. (170). 

Richard.=Susanna, dau. of Tho. Boddington, 
marr. settlement 24 May 161 7. (173). 

Settlement of The Manor of Astley by Rich Chamberlayne 
17 Dec. 1623. C. 176. 


Marriage Settlement 15 Sep. 1627. 

Rich. Chamberlayne.=j=Jane. 

Richard.=Bridget, dau. of S r Walter 
Pye, Attorney General. 

Seals : A chevron betw. three escallops (2) Qu. 1 and 6 semee 
of molets an escutcheon (2) a chev. betw. three . . . ? (3) demi 
lions 3, 2, 1 (4) Ermine a chief dancey (5) 2 lions passant 6 as 1. 

C. 179. 

Richard. =j=Jane. 

Richard.=Bridgct. Robert [180]. John [181]. Tho s [181]. 

Conveyance of the Manor House and estate of Astley by Rich d 
and Jane Chamberlayne to Rich d their son, 4 Oct. 1653. (184.) 

3 2 

Marriage Settlement 9 Feb. 1657. 

Richard Chamberlayne.=j= 

(2) Richard.=Elizabeth, widow of Windham 
and sister of Thomas and Simon 
Mede of Lofte, co. Essex. 

(196 a), 

Sir Walter Pye. 

Richard Chamberlayne.=Bridget. John Pye.=Rebecca. 

C. 205. 


Charter of Ralph de Chartres granting a Virgate of land in Sireford 
which he had of his father Robert de Chartres, to God and B. Mary of 
orBra, in confirmation of his father's grant, and in free alms, for the 
good estate of Johan his wife, and Richard their son and also five acres 
of land in le greneslede and five more in perpetuity. Wit. Randolf 
Truve, W m his son, Jordan the clerk, Robert de Copston, Hugh son of 
Aylmer, and Rob 1 his brother. 12th C. 

Robert de Chartres.=j= 

Ralph de Chartres.=j=Joane. 

Richard de Chartres. C. 296. 

Covenant between Nicolas prior of Arbuf and the convent of the 
same and Geoffrey son of Robert de Sireford. A quitclaiming to 
Geoffrey a suit of Court in lieu of 4 s rent. Wit. Master John de 
Billisleya, Viello de Sollieshull, Ranulf de Stisighale, Symon Joylyn, 
Rich Morris Clerk of Winchecumb, Hugh de Syreford, W m Clerk of 

Seal oval green. The B. Mary seated with the Infant Christ on her 
right arm . . . (JjvtntV .... 13th c. C. 297. 

Confirmation granted by John son and heir of S r Barth w de Suthleye 
to the prior and Canons of Erdbur' of a rent charge granted them by his 
mother, the Lady Joan de Suthleye out of the Manors of Chelverscote 
and Griva. Wit. W m de Charneles of Bedeworthe, Marster Rob' de 
Crofte, Rector of the church of Bedworth, W m Hailing, Hen de Lees 
of Griva, W m Printot of the same, Geoff Russell of the same, Guy de 
Estley, W m Lotemo of Chelvescot, Adam Rote of same Jno the 
Smith. No. Seal. 13th cent. C. 298. 

Release of a rent charge by the Prior and Convent to Sir Jno de 
Sudleye and his heirs. 

Wit. And. de Estleye, W m de Cherneles, M r Rob' de Croft, 
W m Marescall of Estley, Guy de Estley, Hen de Lees, W m Pintot. 

C. 299. 


Covenant between Lady Joan de Sudleya Lady of le Grive 
and Sir John her son and heir with the Prior and Convent of 
Erdbury re a plot in the wood of Chelverscot. Wit. W m 
Bret of Austeleye, Rob 1 Jabot, Hen le Lees, W m Prentot, 
Geoff Russell. C. 300. 

Confirmation of a rent charge by Will Lotemon of Chelverscot to 
God and the B Mary of Erdbury out of the tenement W m de Smerecot 
held of him. Wit. Hen de Lees of Griva, Prentot, Marescall, Guy 
de Estley, W m Coco, Jno the Smith, Geoffrey le Gardener. C. 301. 

Confirmation of an acre of meadow in Sullyncfen by Geoffrey son 
of Geoff Russell of Greva for the safety of his soul and for the souls 
of his ancestors to God and the fabric of the church of B. Mary of 
Erdbur. The said lands lying between those of the Prior and Hen. 
Poscoli. Wit. Printot, Lees, Geoff de Lutemon, Cocus, Jno Ace, 
Tho s Hereward of Merston, Jno Clerk of Hyde. C. 302. 

Grant of 18 s rent from Tho s son of Hereward de Merstona in pure 
alms to the church of the B. Mary of Erdbury and the canons there 
serving God, viz the rent due from the tenement of William the Miller of 
Greva together with his homage, suits, reliefs and all other escheats. 
Wit. W m de Seez, Hugh de Lilleburn, W m de Hailing, W m le 
Mareschall, John son of Ace, clerk of Cotesford, John de la Hyde, 
Tho s Printot of la Greva, Geoffrey Russel, W m son of Geoffrey, Geoff. 
Suteman. 13th cent. C. 303. 

Indulgence of Godfrey Bishop of Worcester for 15 canonical days 
remission to all faithful journeying to the church of the B. Mary of 
Erdbury and there praying for the Soul of Master John de Attleberg, 
Canon of Lichfield there buried, dated Lichfield 7 Ides of Dec. 1271. 

Seal in white wax, oval, the Bishop standing in act of Benediction 
. . ^FfitlV . t ygflni. Counterseal, three Saints in tabernacles, below 
the Bishop in prayer. C. 304. 

Indulgence by Walter, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield granting 
40 days remission to all faithful praying to God almighty, the glorious 
Virgin Mary, the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul and S' Cedd and 
for the soul of Lady Joane de Suley buried in the conventual church 
of Arbury. Sybbuston 14 May 1320. C. 305. 

Similar indulgence granted by Robert, Bishop of Gloucester dated 
Suley, Sunday in Epyph. 1321. Seal oval green. The Bishop in 
act of benediction. C. 306. 

Petition by W m Cokesey " domicello " and general attorney of 
S r Tho s Botyler Ld of Suydeley K', absent across the seas lineal 
representative of the founder of the church of the B. Mary of Erbury, 
desiring that the vacant priory may be granted to John Hynkley in 
the room of brother W m Holes, last prior, deceased. Erbury under 
the chapter seal 29 May 1391. C. 307. 

Charter wherein W m Calton the prior with the consent of the canon9 
covenants to provide two canons to offer mass daily for the Souls of 
Sir Ralph Butteler Ld of Sudley the founder and his parents. Given 
in the Chapter House 15 Jan. 28 Hen. VI. With an oval red seal. 
The Holy Mother and child, seated and crowned, between shields 
of arms. 

In an arched compartment beneath a canon praying j^igiU' ton\ 

(immc) rouvfttt $catc Slavic tic (grdbury. C. 308. 


Lease of the Woddanfeldes in Arbury by W m Underwode of Griffe 
to Tho s Haye prior of Erdebury with consent of the Chapter at a rose 
rent payable on the Nat of S' John Bp. 10 Feb. 20 Edw. IV. C. 309, 

Bond whereby Tho s Haye prior of Erdebury is bound to John 
Weston prior general of S' John of Jerusalem to fulfil the covenant, 
leasing to him and Sir Edw d Grey Lord Lisle, the site of the Manor 
of Chilvers Coton and divers lands there 8 May 21 Edw. IV. To 
which is sewn the grant therein named with a fragment of a seal in 
green wax, circular, S' John the baptist's head in a charger . . * 

Ijtar . . . in §Mt0 ... C. 310, 

Charter of Henry VI. granting leave to the Prior of Erdebury 
to acquire lands, notwithstanding the statute of Mortmain 10 
July 1443. C. 307 bs 

Grant of Hewets Close in Erdebury by Edward Lord Lisle to John 
Smyth of Coventre gent, Ric Haye of Haleswyn, and W m Underwode 
of Griffe. Wit. Sir Jno Waryner Canon of Asteley, Sir Ric Suwondey 
Rector of Bedeworth, Jno Lake of Nuneton, W ra Bonde of the same, 
W m Rydynge of Cutta Mausynd, John Shepey of Coton, John 
Cowper, Tho Prentoft of Greffe, Ralph Robynson. Erdebury 10 March 
21 Edw. IV. Seal a lion. C. 31 1. 

Lease of the site of the Manor of Chilvers Coton by Thomas 
Docwra Prior of the order of S' Jno in England. 

Alienation of the Priory Estates by John Carsey and others to 
Sir Edmund Anderson. 11 Feb. 9 Eliz. C. 323. 

Sale of same by Anderson and Magdalen his wife to John 
Nevvdegate Esq. 2 March 28 Eliz. ' C. 330. 

Marriage Settlement of John Newdegate to Ann daughter of 
Sir Edw : Fitton 27 March 29 Eliz. C. 328. 



Grant by John de Sudley Lord of Grive to the Prior and 
Convent of the B. Mary of Erdbuf of a plot of land in Grive next 
le Redyng. Wit. W m Jabet of Stockyngforde, W m de la Ruydyng, 
Ric. Falke, Ric le Smith, W m de Celarid, and Geoff Russel all of 
Chilverescote. Red seal, on a diapered field two bends, ji' UolMttttijS 
de JfoMrye. C. 410. 

Release of rights of common in Griff by W m son of Geoff to the 
Canons of Erthbury. Wit. W m de Leys, Tho de Flanvile, Geoff de 
Willeruylle, Luke de Calwedon, John de Ace, Tho Prentot, Geoff 
Lotemon. C. 411. 

Release by Agnes widow of W m Prentoft of la Greve to Hugh 
Selymon of her claim in a messuage of which her son John had 
enfeoffed him. Wit. Jno Neel, Tho Prentoft, Geoff Russel, Ad Rote, 
and Philip Hervey of Chilverscote. 13th cent. C. 412. 


Release by Hugh son of Roger-in-le-Fen to the Prior and Convent 
of Erdbury of three acres which Tho s Greve chaplain held. 
Wit. W m Neel of Colleshull, Tho Boydyn of Stratton, Tho de 
Sutham, Giles de Kyrkeby, Guy le Breton, Rob 1 de Warwyke, 
Robert de Herdeburgh. Brown seal, a hawk. j§>t ^Oufl. <4f. ^.vO0. 
At ^eye. C. 413. 

Grant to Ralph de Sudley by Hugh prior of Erdbur' and the 
convent of that place, of a licence to have a chaplain to offer divine 
service in his chapel of Grive with the proviso that he worship at 
Chilvers Coton Church on the chief feasts. Wit. Rich d treasurer of 
Lichfield Marster Roger de Cleidun, official of the dean of Coventre, 
Sir Wido son of Robert, Sir Robert now of Chelverscot, Sir Geoffrey 
de Sudeley, Hen. Bardulf, Hen de Sudley, Ace the clerk, Sir Nich 
parson of ... . Seal. The Blessed Mary seated holding 
the infant Saviovr. ^t0. i&mvtVdV (§t £.) Pat'(tt) At (&lhvtit. 
2 nd Seal : A seeded fleur de lis. $ igilUtltt $UtMf At gmWtin. C. 414. 

Copy of the letters patent granting to John de Suthleye assize of 
bread and ale, infangenthef, tumbrell, pillory and free warren in his 
manor of Greve and of a market, fair, and rabbit warren by Charter of 
Hen III. The inspeximus is dated 10 Edw. III. C. 415. 

Grant of lands in Griff by John Heyre of Sherstoke and Julian 
his wife to Tho s son of John de Merynton 29 June 41 Edw. III. 
Wit. W m Walderene, Lawr. Hunt, Jno Whyte Webbe, Tho 5 de 
Ruyton. C. 416. 

Lease for life of lands in Griffe by John Warde to Agnes dau of 
Tho 5 Spark. Wit. Tho s de la Temple, Nic Prentote, Jno Hewet^ 
W m Uuderwode. Gryve 20 Sep 7 Hen. IV. 417. 

Grant of lands in Gryve by John Huchyns of that place to Hen^ 
Warde of Eton. Wit. Roger Milward of Eton, Jno. Hudd of the same, 
W m Prentot of Gryve, W m Ruydyng, Rob 1 Beterych. Gryve 12 Jan. 
23 Hen. VI. C. 418. 

Lease of lands in Griff by Rich. Norcroft to Ralphe Underwode 
12 Jan. 30 Hen. VI. Wit. Ric. Boys Maior of Coventre, Tho Prentoft 
W m Underwode, John Vuben of Sowe. C. 419. 

Grant of land in Griff called Burchenfylde and Newland to the 
Prior of Erdebury 20 Feb. 7 Edw. IV. Wit. Tho 5 Waldyff of 
Husley, Jno. Shepey of Chilverscoton, W m Ruydyng of Lutmansynd, 
W m Underwode of Griff and Tho 5 Prentoft. C. 420 a. 

Grant by S r Ralph Butteler K l Ld of Sudeley to Hen Butteler of 
20/- rent out of the Manor of Gryff. 20 Nov. 9 Edw. IV. C. 421 

Grant of eight acres of pasture in Griff by John Smyth and Rich 
Haye to Thomae prior of Erdebury and the Convent. 1 Aug. 
21 Edw. IV Wit. John Abbot of Kelingworth, Hen. Botler, Tho a 
Warde of Kelingeworth, W m Underewode and W m Ruydyng. C. 422 

Letter of attorney by Tho 5 Prior of Erdebury attorning Thomas 
Myryng to take seisin. Given in the Chapter House 1 Aug. 
21 Edw. IV. Fragment of the second seal of the Priory showing the 
arms on the right to be those of Sudley. C. 423 

Permission by Sir John Norbury and W m Belknap Esq., to Tho s 
Prentoft of Griff to enable him to alienate land to Thomas prior of 
Erdebury and also granting to the said prior an additional acre. 
28 Nov. 21 Edw. IV. C. 424 


Letter of attorney from Tho s Prentoft attorning W m Underwode to 
to give seisin 10 Dec. 21 Edw. IV. C. 425. 

Grant of a toft called Hillezard and 27 selions of land in Griffe 
by Tho s ' Prentoft to Tho s Haye prior of Erdebury, 10 Dec. 
21 Edw. IV. C. 426. 

Lease of lands by Tho s Printote and W m his son to Ric. Dycon 
Ann B. Mary 2 Hen. VII. C. 427. 

Conveyance of lands in Griff by Alice widow of W m Underewod 
daughter and heir of W m Derwen dec d and W m Suffolk and Agnes his 
wife another daughter and heir confirming to W m Fermer vicar of 
Coton and his co-feoffees possession. 24 April 3 Hen. VIII. C. 428. 

Lease of Griff Water Mill and a Wind Mill called Griff Milnes by 
Rob 4 Findon to John Milner 12 May 27 Hen. VIII. C. 428 a. 

Grant of land by Symon Sharwin son of Hen. Sharwyn of Nuneton 
dec d and Alice Underwode daughter of W m Sharwyn dec d enfeoffing 
Hugh Blount, Tho s Prentoft and others. 17 Jan. 14 Hen. VIII. To 
use the profits for the foundation of a chantry service of dirge and 
mass in the church of Chilvers Coton. C. 429. 

General release by Tho s Printoft to the Prior of Arbury 
10 Dec. 1523. C. 430. 

Lease of the tithe hay of Griffe by the Prior (Tho 9 Daggle) to 
W m Beigleton and Joane his wife. 16 May 27 Hen. VIII. C. 432. 

A rental of Tho s Lyfield Esq. and Frances his wife 3 Eliz. C. 433. 

Newdegate MS. B. 836. 

" My childrens ages." 

Jannetta Hester Parker born Dec br 11 th 1786. 
Sophia Elizabeth born June 14 th 1789. 
Mary born Nov br 30 th 1790. 
C. N. born June 8, 1793. 
Louisa Millisant Jan^ 5 th 1795. 

Col Newdigate born April 1774. B, 8366. 

The foregoing extracts from documents in the possession 
of Francis Alexander Newdigate-Newdegate, were 
kindly sent me by the Rev. James Harvey Bloom, 
Rector of Whitchurch, co. Warwick. — F. A. C. 


Fac-simile of a Miniature ( in my possession ) of 
Ann, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Holcomb, D.D., 
Rector of St. Benet, Gracechurch Street, London, and 
Prebendary of Canterbury, by Frances his wife, 
daughter of Geoffrey Hetherington of London, gent. 
She was married at Canterbury Cathedral 2J July 
IJ2J to Richard Botting of St. Margaret 's, Canterbury. 
She died a widow 20 April ij6g, leaving in her will, 
dated ig December 1767 and proved (P.C.C., 142 
Bogg) 2 May 1769, several Memorial Rings, one 
of which, inscribed " Ann Botting ob : 20 April 
1769," is in my possession. An abstract of her will is 
given on page 129 of my "Memorial Rings." — F. A. C. 



Gravely Family. 

Elizabeth Hugh's her Book February the 19 th 1708-9. 

Mary Truby was Borne December The 26, 17 13 about A Quarter 

before Two In The morning And Baptised Jan The 10 th 17 13. 
Tho s Gravely wase Born at Midhurst yn Sussex 9 th Novb r 1722. 
Sarah Milton Born at Greenwich yn Kent January 12 at Night. 

Married Feb: 26: 1745 at S' Micael Crooked Lane. 
Tho s Gravely Born at Battersea yn Surry ^ past 8 Tuesday night 

December 3 th 1745. 
Milton Gravely Born at Battersea yn Surry at 8 Friday Night 15 th 

Jan? 1746. 

Milton Gravely Born at the Tower 10 th Friday Night July 26 th 1751. 
Hetty Gravely Born at the Tower feb 1 ? 20, 1753. 

From a Bible, "London Printed by John Bill 
and Christopher Barker Printers to y e 
Kings most excellent Majestie An" Dom t 
Cum { 1663 } Privilegio ; " in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Higs Family. 

Samuell Higs Borne June 14 th 1734 Old Stile att Donkester in 

Elizebeth Higs Borne August 24 th 1739. Married Feby the 6: 1759 

att S" Lenard Shoreditch. 
Mary Harriott Higs borne Nov br 22: 1759 In the Parrish of S' Lenard 

Shoreditch. Bom att 12 oclok at Night. 
Samuell Higs Borne Dem br 7: 1761 in the Parish of S l Luks Old 

Street. Born Qurter after 7 in the Evenyin. 
Henry Gorge Higs Borne August 18 th 1763 In the Parish of St. 

Dunstans Stepney. Born 10 minits after 7 in Eving. 
Richard Higs Borne May 14 th 1768 in the same Parish Baptized 

June 12 Born 3 minits after 10 att Night. 
Elizebeth Higs Born September 22: 1770 Baptiz Oc tr 18 S l Dunstan 

Stepny. Born 10 Minits after 6 in the Evening. 
Ann Harriott Higs Born Decmber the 27: 1774 And Baptise at 

S' Gilles Camberwell in Surry. She was the 6 Child and was 

Baptised 6 weeks after her Birth which was one the 6 Day of 

february 1775 being the Weding Day of her Farther & mother 

and the 16 year of Their Marry'g. 
Mary Harriott Higs marryed to Richerd Blackford Oc b 13: 1779 att 

S' Mary Newington in the County of Surry. 
Harriott Elizebeth Blackford Daughter of the Above Richerd & Mary 

Blackford Born July 23, 1780 Nine oClock in the Evening 

Baptised in the Parish of St. Mary Newington in the County of Surry. 
Ann Harriott Higs married to John Hyde Octobr 12, 1804 att 

Padington Church. 
John Hyde son to ye above Born January 23, 1806. 

From "An Elustration of the New Testament" &rc., 
London : Printed for R. Goadby, in Sherborne, 
M.DCC.LLX ;" in my possession.— F. A. C. 


Davies Family. 

This Bible was given by M r Thomas Perkins, born 1723, to his 

Nephew, Timothy Davies in the Summer of 1765. 
Thomas Perkins His Book Born in the Year 1723. 
Timothy Davies His Book Born in the year 1752 the 27 th of Feb^ 

on Thursday Between the Hours of 12 and 1 oClock Old Style. 

And according to the New Style March 10 th . Married at S* Mary 

Aldermary's Watling Street. 
Richard the Son of Timothy & Hannah Davies born on Sunday the 

3 d of March 177 1 \ of an hour past 10 °Clock at Night died 

Thursday Forenoon 4 March 1830 at n °Clock at M rs Upton's, 


Harriet the Daughter of Tim? & Hannah Davies born May the 
16 th 1779 being \ past 6 oClock Sunday morning died on Saturday 
morns 3 °Clock October 14 th 1780 buried at Paddington. 

Caroline the Daughter of Timothy & Hannah Davies born on Monday 
Morns 1 before 6 Clock Sept 1 10 th 1781. X nd Oct° 7 th 1781 
died on Sunday 16 th Aug st 1789 at 7 oClock in the Evens. 
Interred at Paddington. 

Timothy Davies the Son of Timothy & Hannah Davies born on 
Saturday Nov r 16 th 1782 \ past One oClock in the Morning. 
X'tened Jan? i st 1783 S' James's and Registered there. 

. , [Hannah Davies Mother of the above Children died on Thursday 
° jNov r 28 th 1782 at 2 Clock in the Afternoon. Buried Tuesday 
" [dec 3 d 1782 in the vault at Paddington w th Harriet. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer and Bible, " London : Printed by Thomas 
Baskett, Printer to the King's most Excellent 
Majesty ; and by the Assigns of Robert Baskett. 
I J 46. Cum Privilegio ;" in my possession. — F.A. C. 

Henshaw Family. 

John Henshaw Born Oct 1 " 24 th 1738 at y e Ancoats Hall near 
Manchester belong . . to S r Oswald Mosley . . & Bar 1 & Lord of 
y e Man . . 

John Henshaw Son to John Henshaw was born Oct r 24 th 1738 at 
S r Oswald Mosley's Kn' & Bar' at y e Ancoats Hall near Manches . . 
& Lord of the Manor. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Drummond Family. 

Robert Drummond Born In London December the 27, 1779. 

Margaret O.Conner Wife to the Above Born In the Year 1784. 
Married at S l Clements Dane Church Strand London May the 26, 
1808. Departed this Life April 10 th 1851 Burried at Christ 
Church Newgate Street. 

Children of the Above. 

Margaret Drummond Born in London February the 21, 1810. 

Enouclated with the Cow pox. Emigrated to Hobard town 

New South Wales in the Ship Sarah On the Day the Houses of 

parliment was Burnt Down the 16 of October 1834. 
Georgiana Emeley Drummond Born at Chigwell Essex June the 2, t8n. 

Enoculated with the Cow pox. 
Augusta Matilda Drummond Born at Chigwell, Essex January th 2, 1813. 

Enoculated with the Cow pox. Married to George Knight 1846. 
Emeley Clementina Drummond Born at Chigwell Essex April 27, 1815. 

Enoculated with the Cow pox. Married 29 of October 1838 to 

George Field. 

Robert William Drummond Born at Chigwell Essex July the 19, 18 16. 

Enoculated with the Cow pox, Engineer in Royal Steam Navey. 
Aurther Augustas Drummond Born at Chigwell Essex January the 19 

18 1 9, Enoculated with Cow pox. Enterd in Sea Service the Day 

the Parliment Houses was Burnt the 16 of October 1834. 
Frederick Leopold Drummond Born September [plank in orig.] 1820 

Chigwell, Essex. Enterd the Royal Navey and was Droun d of 

Valparasio South America. 
James Drummond Born June the 5 th 1822 Chigwell, Essex. Died at 

the same place in 1823 and was Buried at Chigwell. 
Roseline Lucinda Drummond Born 24 of April 1824 Chigwell. Died 

in London 1836 Buried at S f Martin 5 Ludgate City. 

147 City of London Lying-in Hospital. 

April y e 2 d 1788. 

Robert the Son of William & Ann Drummond was born in this 
p oor Hospital (as appears by the register) on the Twenty second day 
of December, One Thousand Seven Hundred & Seventy Nine, 
and baptised the twenty Sixth of the said Month & Year. 

George Cayley 


Marriages Solemnized in the Parish of St. Clement Danes. 
Page 253. 
The Year 1808. 

N° 3. Robert Drummond of this Parish in the County of Middlesex 
Bachelor and Margaret O.Connor of the Parish of S l George 
Hanover Square in the same County Spinster were married in this 


Church by Licence this twenty sixth Day of May in the Year 
One Thousand eight hundred and eight 

By me A. Murray, Minister, 
m.. .., , 11. f Rob 1 Drummond. 

I his Marriage was solemnized between us ^ Margaret O Connor 

j . i , f M rs Harris. 

In the presence of { o- • A t-> j 

r I Mary Harris. Ann Drummond. 

Extracted from the Register of the Parish of Saint Clement Danes, 

in the County of Middlesex, this twentieth Day of March 1844. 

Witness my hand Arthur Savile, A.M. 

Assistant Curate of S' Clement Danes. 

The above R. Drummond died June 15 -/6S at Greenwich Hospital. 

This is to Certify that Rob' Drummond Served as my Steward on board 
His Majesty's Ship Concorde under my Command from the 23 rd 
June 1802 until the I st Nov r 1802 during which time he conducted 
himself much to my satisfaction. 

Given on board the Concorde in Cawsand Bay I st Nov r 1802. 

J. Wood, Captain. 

These are to Certify, That Robert Drummond has served as Landsman 
on Board of His Majesty's Ship Amphion under my Command, 
from the 7 th Day of June One Thousand 8 Hundred and Two, 
to the 5 th Day of August One Thousand Eight Hundred and three 
Dated the 5 th Day of Aug' One Thousand Eight Hundred and 
Three and is entitled to a share for all Prizes taken during the 
above period. 

T. M. Hardy, Captain. 
By Virtue of the Act of the Thirty-second of George the Third. 

No. 16 Retinue List. 
These are to Certify, That Robert Drummond has served as Able 
Seaman on Board of His Majesty's Ship Victory under my 
Command, from the 31 st Day of July One Thousand Eight 
Hundred & Three to the 22 nd Day of December One Thousand 
Eight Hundred and Five Dated the 2 2 d Day of December One 
Thousand Eight Hundred and Five And is entitled to Share prize 
Money for all Captures made during that time. 

By Virtue of the Act of the Thirty-second of George the Third. 
In the Battle of Trafalgar. 


These are to Certify the Principal Officers and Commissioners of His 
Majesty's Navy that Rob' Drummond served as Steward to Rear 
Admiral Harvey on board His Majesty's Ship S l George under my 
Command from the 29 th June 1808 to the 2 nd March 1809 and 
from 27 th Ap 1 to the date hereof as Supernumerary, when he was 
discharged as being part of the said Rear Admirals Retinue. 

Given under my hand on board the said Ship in the Downs this 
2 nd day of May 1809. J. W. Hillyar, Captain. 

His Majesty's Ship Triumph. 
Downs April 8 th 1808. 
These are to certify whom it may concern that Robert Drummond has 
served as my Servant more than Six Years and as Steward thease 
last Twelve Months and I beg to recommend him as a most 
faithful Clean attentive good Servant. 

T. M. Hardy. 

From a large folio Bible with Apocrypha, '■'■Printed 
and Published by C. Brightly 6° T. Kinnersley, 
Bungay Suffolk Jan. 26 th 181 3 ; " in my possession. 
On a fly-leaf is written: "Robert Drummond, 
i8i5."—¥. A. C. 

Furber Family. 

Will m Furber & Olivia Alsina Lyne, Married at S l James London 

Sep r 4 th 1803. 
Jn° Furber born July 21 th 1804 died Aug st 5 th 1804. 
Jonathan Furber born Oct r 31 th 1805. Christen'd at S l Jame's. 
Eliza Furber born July 14 th 1807. Christen'd at S l James. 
Olivia Alsina Furber born Dec r 9 th 1808. Chris d at S l Jame's. 
Eliza Furber died May 26 th 1809. Buried at Paddington S' 


Will m Furber born Oct r 21 st 1810. Christen'd at S' Mary le bone. 
Sarah Furber born Sep r 20 th 1812. Christen'd at S l Mary le bone. 
Harriett Furber born May 25 th 18 14. Christen'd at S' Mary-le-bone. 
Emma Furber born Jany 13 th 1816. Christen'd at S' Mary le bone. 
Emma Furber Died Ap. 2 d 1817. Buried at Edgware. 
Olivia Alsina Furber Died Mar 10 th Aged 9 Y rs & 3 M ths . Buried at 

Cha s Furber born Mar 16 th 18 18. Christen'd at S 1 Mary le bone. 
Olivia Emma Furber born Dec r 15 th 18 19. Christen'd at Mary-le-bone. 
Fanny Furber Born January 28 th 1822. Chisten at Mary-le-bone. 
Fanny Furber Died June 1823. Buried at Edgware. 
Harriet Died May 27 th 1830. Buried at Edgware June 2 d . 

From a folio Bible with Apocrypha, " London : Printed 
for J. Cooke, N° 17, in Pater-Noster-Row. 
MDCCLXXV. ;" in my possession.— F. A. C. 


Piersy Family. 

My Son James Piersy was born, the 12 th day of October, at One O'Clock 

in the Morning, in the Year of our Lord, One thousand seven 

hundred and Seventy Eight, 1778. 
My Son Thomas Piersy was born, the 8 th day of May at 8 O'Clock in 

the Morning, in the Year of our Lord, One thousand seven 

hundred and Eighty, 1780. 
My Daughter Elizabeth Piersy was born the 8 th day of April at 2 O'Clock 

in the Morning, in the Year of our Lord, One thousand seven 

hundred and Eighty One, 1 781. 
My Daughter Mehetable Piersy was born the 14 th day of June \ before 

9 O'Clock in the Morning, in the Year of our Lord, One thousand 

seven hundred and Eighty two, 1782. 
My Son Jeffr Piersy was born the 6 th day of June at 6 O'Clock in the 

Morning, in the Year of our Lord, One thousand Seven hund d and 

Eighty three, 1783. 
My Son Richard Piersy was born the 7 th day of August at 1 1 O'Clock 

Evens in the Year of our Lord, One thousand Seven hundred and 

Eighty Seven, 1787. 
My Daughter Mary Piersy was born the 16 th day of November at 

\ after 7 O'Clock in the Morns, in the Year of our Lord, One 

thousand seven hundred and Eighty nine, 1789. 

From the back of a loose title-page of the New 
Testament, "Printed, Anno Dom. MDCCVII ;" 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Fauntleroy Family. 

Robert Thomas Fauntleroy was born Nov r 17 th twenty minutes before 

eight PM 1828. Baptiz'd on the 6 lh Jany 1829. 
Charles Sidney Fauntleroy was born July 8 th ten minutes before ten AM 

1830. Baptiz'd on the 24 th October 1830. 
Mary Fauntleroy was born the 10 th day of January at half past 8 PM 

18 . . Baptiz'd on the 15 th March 18 . . 
Emily Beatrice Fauntleroy was born the 15 th day of August at twenty 

minutes before ten AM 18 . . Baptiz'd on the 11 th Sep r 18 . . 
These four children were regist d at S' Mary's Newington Surrey. 

From the first volume of a Bible with. Apocrypha, printed 
in London in 1815, in my possession. On a fly-leaf 
in each volume is written : " 754m Sacred Volume 
is presented to M' s C. Fauntleroy by her 
affectionate Uncle William Day February 20 
1S27.—Y. A. C. 

A I 

Welberry, Gildart, Jackson and JVailes 


William and Mary Welberry Married An 1751 March 3 d Old Stile. 
Elizabeth Welberry the Dauther of W m & Mary Welbery Born the 

27 th of Feberry 1752 Old Stile. 
William the Son of William & Mary Welberry Born the 13 th of Aprill 

1753 New Stile. 

Ann the Douther of W m and Mary Welberry Born 13 th of July 1754 
of Thorsday Morning at 5 O'Clock. Departed this life 7 th May 
1 83 1 aged 77 & buried in Saint Marys new Burial Ground. 

William Welberry died 17 th July 1773 aged 66 Years. 

Mary Welberry died 10 October 1787 aged 72 Years buried in the 
Chapel ground at Rawcliff. 

John & Ann Gildart Married at Snaith the 21 st May 1776. 

William the Son of John & Ann Gildart Born at Hull (S l Mary) the 
18 March 1777 Fifty Minutes past Eleven o'Clock evening and 
departed this life the 14 th Nov r 1778 one o'Clock in the Morning, 
Buried the 17 th in the new Burial Gound S c Mary's Hull. 

Mary Ann Gildart the Daughter of D° Born at Hull the 4 th February 
1779. Half an hour past Nine o'Clock Thursday Morning. 

Elizabeth Gildart the Daughter of D° Born at Hull, Saturday the 1 7 th 
June 1780, 20 Minutes past Three o'Clock afternoon Died 
21 April 1849. 

Rachel Maria Gildart the Daughter of D° Born at Hull Wednesday the 

19 th March 1783, exactly Three o'Clock Afternoon and departed 

this life the 11 Nov r 1783, 25 Minutes after 9 o'Clock. 
Mary Ann Gildart Married to Tho* Etheringtun, the 18 th August 1798 

at S l Marys, Hull, by Rev d M r Barker, Witness's J. Gildart & 

Eliz b Spence (of Leeds). 
Tho s Etherington died the 17 Sep 1 " 1799 aged 28 years buried within 

the Church at Driffield near the Altar rails. 
Elizabeth Gildart Married to Will" 1 Jackson the 22 nd May 1806 at Paull 

Church, by the Rev d M r Watson of Bilton died 21 April 1849. 
John Gildart Jackson Son of W m & Eliz. Jackson born the 18 Feb^ 

1807, \ past 4 in the Afternoon. 
William Jackson Sen r born 29 Jan^ 1784 Died June 21, 1869 Intered in 

the vault Marys parish new Burial ground. 
Anne Jackson born 23 rd Oct r 1808 on Sunday at 15 Minutes past 7 in 

the Morng. 

John Gildart departed this Life 9 th Feb r >' 1809 Aged 58 Years. Intered 

in a vault in the new burial Ground S E Mary, Hull 1 2 th Feb r >\ 
Thomas Jackson Son of W m & Eliz Jackson born 4 th Sep r 1809 at 

I past 9 in the Evening. Died 10 April 187 1 Interred at the 

Cemetery by Rev d A. Lane aged 62. 
Mary Ann Etherington married Stephen Dickinson (who Died 7 Octo r 

1838) the 7 th May 1810 Died 8 March 1813. 
W m Jackson the Son of W m & Eliz. Jackson Born Feb r >' 5 th 181 1. 
Mary Ann Dickinson departed this Life 8 th March 1813 Aged 34 Years 

Intered at Driffield Church 13 th March 181 3. 
Rob 1 Jackson Son of \V m & Eliz th Jackson borne July 7 th 18 13. 


Eliz h Jackson Daug r of W m & Eliz h Jackson born 31 Dec r 1816 

died the 1 April 1819. 
Still born Girl 9 Sepf 18 18. 

John Gildart Jackson Married to Charlotte Stork at Trinity Church 
Hull 28 January 1836. Also to Harriet Harrison at Sculcoates 
Church 29 August 1867. 

Charlotte Stork born Oct. 25, 18 10. Died 25 June 1858. 

Gildart Jackson Son of Jn° Gildart & Charlotte Jackson born 20 Feb^ 

Will" 1 John Jackson Son of Jn° Gildart & Charlotte Jackson born 

Nov br 17, 1838. Died March 15 th 1841. 
Charlotte Eliz h Jackson Daugh r of Jn° Gildart & Charlotte Jackson born 

14 July 1840. 

Annie Jackson Daugh r of Jn° Gildart & Charlotte Jackson born 28 April 

1842. Died 3 March 1848. 
Mary Alice Jackson Daugh r of Jn° Gildart & Charlotte Jackson born 

1 1 April 1844. 

Eliza Jackson Daugh r of Jn° Gildart & Charlotte Jackson born 23 June 

Lucy Katharine Jackson Daugh r of Jn° Gildart & Charlotte Jackson 

born 2 DeC 1854. 
Charlotte Wife of J. G. Jackson Died Friday, 25 June 1858. 
Rev d Gildart Jackson Married to Johanna Grieve Clay at Berwick upon 

Tweed 19 th April 1865. 
William Gildart Jackson son of the above born n April 1866. 
Gildart Arthur Jackson son of the above born 9 August 1867. 
Patrick Charles Jackson son of the above born 14 November 1868. 
Mary Alice Jackson Married to Charles Frost at Sculcoates Church 

Friday 8 th June 1866. 
Percival Gildart Frost son of the above born March 24, 1867. 
Tho s Jackson Sen r born suppose DeC 1, 1746 Died 18 April 1809. 
Ann Jackson Sen r born Feb^ 1, 1753 Died 11 May 1812. 
Ann Jackson Daughter of Tho s & Ann Jackson boorn 12 Octo r 1775 

Died 20 Nov. 1835. 
Tho s Jackson Son of Tho s & Ann Jackson born 18 April 1778 Died 13 

Sep. 1818. 

John Jackson Son of Tho 3 & Ann Jackson born r June 1780 Died 
3 Jany 1828. 

Priscilla Jackson Daug r of Tho s & Ann Jackson born 10 July 1781 

Died 29 Octo. 181 1. 
Will" 1 Jackson Son of Tho s & Ann Jackson born 29 January 1784. 
Mary Jackson Daughter of Tho s & Ann Jackson born 1 Feb? 1785 Died 

30 Octo. 1808. 

Sarah Jackson Daughter of Tho s & Ann Jackson born 10 July 1787 Died 

12 May 18 1 9. 

Married to George Cock. 
Jane Jackson Daug r of Tho s & Ann Jackson born 9 May 1790 Died 
jo March 1847. 

Dorothy Jackson Daug r of Tho s & Ann Jackson born 8 March 
1793. Married to Richard Petch 15 Jan* 1833 who Died DeC 28 


Arthur George Wailes born 17 Feb? 1840. Married November 22 nd 
1864 to Mary Alice Johnson at the Parish Church Wensley by 
Rev d M. G. Booty. 

Arthur George Wailes died Oct. n, 1870 aged 30 Interred in Ireland. 

Frances W m son of above Born 1 Nov br 1865. 

Arthur George son of above Born 25 Sep 1 1866. 

Tho s son of above Born 10 Nov. Died 16 Nov. 1867. 

Gertrude Ann Born 28 March 1869. 

From a folio Bible with Apocrypha, '■'■London : Printed 
by Thomas Baskett, Printer to the King's most 
Excellent Majesty ; and by the Assigns of Robert 
Baskett. M.DCC.LL;" in rny possession.— Y.A.C, 

Jackson Family. 

John Jackson second Son of Richard & Elizabeth Jackson ; born at 
Fotheringhay in Northampton Shire, on the fifth day of November, 

Elizabeth Hill, second Daughter of Robert and Mary Hill ; born at 
Hampton in Middlesex on the 20 th of March 1733. 

John Jackson, and Elizabeth Hill, was married at Hampton Church on 
the 17 th of March 1757, in the County of Middlesex. 

William Jackson, son of John & Eliz th Jackson born at Hampton, 
Middlesex, on the 8 th day of Decb r a quarter before 3 °Clock in 
the Morning, 1770. 

John Jackson and Ann Fairhurst, (Widow of John Fairhurst) were 
married at Hampton Church the I st Day of April 1789. 

John Jackson died at Hampton Midd" on Friday the 7 th Day of 
January 18 14 at three Quarters of an Hour after 8 o'Clock in the 
Evening Aged 79 Years 2 Months & 2 Days. Buried at Hampton 
17 Jan^ 1814. (W m Jackson Scrips') 

Ann Jackson (second Wife of John Jackson) late Ann Fairhurst and 
formerly Ann Toye Daughter of Richard & Mary Toye of 
Richmond Surrey, died at Flampton Midd* Monday the 20 th 
October 181 7 at a Quarter past 3 in the Afternoon, Aged 67 Years 
and 23 Days. Born 27 Sepf 1750. 


Elizabeth Jackson Wife of Rich d Jackson at Fotheringhay in 
Northampton Shire, died at Wister near Ramsey in Huntingdon 
shire, and buried at the same place, in the 56 th year of her Age, 
and in the year of our Lord 1768. 

Ann Jackson buried in the same Vault with her Husband John Jackson 
in Hampton Church Yard 27 October 181 7. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, in black letter, 
" Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Prititer 
to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie. 1602 ; " in 
my possession. — F. A. C. 


Browne Family. 

Charlotte Elizabeth, Daughter of the Rev d Michael Browne & 
Charlotte his Wife, was born October i st 1790, baptized 

Oct r 2 2 d . 

John Murray, Son of Michael & Charlotte Browne, was born May 13 th 


Michael Browne died July 28 th 181 1. 

Charlotte Elizabeth Browne married the 15 th of May 18 13 to George 
Phelan Esq re . 

John Murray Browne married the 7 th of September 1815 to Lucy, 

daughter of the Rev d C. J. Smyth. 
Lusitania, Daughter of John and Lucy Browne, was born Sept r 22 nd 


James, Son of John and Lucy born 18 17, died Sep r 181 8 at Thomas. 
[Blank in orig.~\ Son of John & Lucy Browne was born March 17 th 
1820 at [plank in orig.} 

On a fly-leaf occurs the following : 


presented by Mrs. LOWE 

her God-Daughter, 
was placed before 
that most amiable Princess, 

Queen of Great Britain, 
at her Coronation, 
Sep. 22 nd ij6 1. 

T. Alderson script. Noi~wich, 1776. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, "London: Printed by 
Thomas Basket t, Printer to the King's most 
Excellent Majesty ; and by the Assigns of Robert 
Baskett, MDCCL VI; " in my possession. On 
the covers are the Royal Arms, and on the back 
the Monogram G. P., surmounted by a crown, 
six times repeated. — F. A. C. 


Seagrief Family. 

Sarah Goodram Seagrief Born March 27 th 1841 at 25 Minutes Past 

six O Clock in the Morning. 
Willian Wheal Seagrief Born November 8 th 1790. 

From a loose fly-leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Smith Family. 

London 6 November 1744. This day was married, by the Rev d 
M r Agate, at S' Laurance Jewry, Guildhall, John Smith of 
Bucklersbury, Son of the Rev d M r Peter Smith, Rector of Melbury 
Abbas in the County of Dorset, to Miss Hannah Mills, Daughter 
of the late Rev d M r Henry Mills of Croydon, Rector of Merst m 
in the County of Surry. 

J. S. born 7 May 1720, dyed 7 Dec r 1791, buried in S £ Mildred's Vault. 

H. S. ,, 3 d Oct. 1722, died i st May 1789, & buried in S' Mildred's Vault. 

Their Issue, viz' 

I st Son, John Paul, born the 12 th April 1747. his spons rs were, Paul 
Methuen Esq r of Corsham house W ts , Tho s Walker Esq r of the 
Middle Temple, & M rs Smith of Melbury (married in 1780 as 
over Leaf). \Note in pencil : died 1804 buried S l Vedast, Foster 
Lane, London.] 

2 d Son, Peter, born 26 May, 1749. his Sponsors were the Rev d M r 
Peter Smith, Melbury, & the Rev d M r Peter Smith, Sherborne, w th 
M rs Mills, of Croydon (dyed an Infant). 

3 d a Daughter, Katherine Mary, born the 28 th Feb 1 ^ 1 75 1. Her 
Sponsors were, Lovel Stanhope Esq r , M rs Milbourne of Watford, 
& M rs Haygarth of Fulham. married in 1777 to W m Laurence 
of Chester-Castle, & dyed 8 March 1786 at Plymouth-Dock, & was 
buried in Stone-Church, near Plymouth. 

4 th a Son, Reade, born the 27 th August 1752, His Sponsors were 
Jacob Selfe Esq r of Bradford Wilts, John Reade Esq r and 
M rs Thresher of Bradford Wilts (dy'd an Infant). 

5 th Child, a Daughter, Joanna Maria born the 15 Sepf 1755. Pier 
Sponsors were John Nodes Esq r of Sheephallbury, Herts, Sister 
Mary Smith of Sherborne, & Sister Charlote Mills, married June 
1787 to Rev d Joseph Lodington of South wick, near Oundle. 

6 th Child, a Son, Thomas Jenyns, born the 2 2 d August 1758, babtized 
at the Poultry Church the 15 Sep 1 " 1758. His Sponsors, were 
M r Thomas Cockram of Bucknowle, near Corfe Castle, Dorsett, 
John Harvey Jenyns Esq r of Cambridge, & Miss Dyonisia Thresher 
of Hartham House in Wilts. 

7 th Child, a Son, William Edward, born the 25 Oct r 1759, baptized at 
Poultry Church, the 23 d Nov. 1759. His Sponsors, were William 
Roos Esq r & M r Edw d York of Cambridge Goldsmith, with 
M rs rCimber of Windsor, Berks. married 19 April 1788 to 
Miss Mary Saffory, of Stoke Newington. [Note in pencil : married 
again 1820 to Henrietta Herbert, Turn ham Green.] 


Feb 1- }' 19 th 1780. John Paul Smith of Bucklersbury London, was 
married at Beccles in Suffolk, by the Rev d Peter Routh, to Miss 
Grace Lodington (set. 25) second Daughter of the Rev d John 
Lodington, Rector of Toft and Hadisco, in Norfolk. 

Their Issue. 

1 Grace-Milbourne, born 17 th July 1781 (baptis'd at S £ Stephens' 
Walbrook 17 th Aug 1 1781). 

(Rev d Jn° Loddington, Beccles. 
M rs Smith, 1 Bucklersbury. 
M rs Milbourne, Watford. 
NB. had the natural Small pox in 1784, & the Measles in 1789, 
and the Whooping Cough 1790. 

1805 Married to John Baddely Cap n 2 2 d Light Dragoons & 
Inspector General of Barracks in London. 

2 Anna-Maria born 18 th Oct. 1782 (baptis'd at home by Rev d 
T. Jenyns Smith, 13 Dec: 1782). 

[ M r Jn° Smith, Bucklersbury. 
Sponsors < M rs Lodington, Beccles. 

[ M rs Robley, King Street. 
NB. had the natural Small pox in 1784, & the Measles in 1789, 
and the whooping-Cough 1790. [JVoie in pencil : died at Ipswich.] 
3 d Charlotte-Frances, born 28 th March 1784 (baptis'd at S l Stephen's, 
Walbrook 2 2 d April). 

(Rev d Joseph Lodington of Southwick. 
Miss Frances Weir, Morpeth. 
Miss Eleanor Elmy, Beccles. 
NB. was inoculated at Wantage in 1786, had the Measles in 1789, 
& the whooping Cough 1790. 1809 Married to John Bell Esq r 
Gorleston Norfolk, died 23 d Dec r 1865 at Gorleston. 
4 th Paul-Kneller born 21 st July 1785 (baptis'd at S l Stephen's, 
Walbrook 14 th Sepf). 

(John Kneller Esq. Donhead-Hall, Wilts. 
Henry Good Jun r Wimbourn, Dorset. 
M re Kimber, Windsor. 
NB. had the whooping Cough in 1786 1 the Measles in 1789, the 
the small pox (by inoculation) in Jan'>' 1792. 181 7 Married to 
Charlotte Matilda Cock of Messing Essex. 
5 th Harriott- Eliza, born 4 th JanuT (baptis'd at S' Stephens', Walbrook, 
25 May 1789. 

Rev d Tho s Jenyns Smith, of Dulwich. 
Miss Grace Wier, Bloomsbury-Square. 
M rs Eliza" 1 Laurents, Brompton. 
Miss Mary Thresher, Bath. 
NB. had the whooping-Cough in 1790, the small pox (by 
Inoculation) in Jan r >' 1792, the Measles Jan>' 1795. Died in 

London 18 16. 
2 i_ 

6 th Mary-Emily born 20 th June 1791, baptis'd at S' Vedast, Foster 
Lane 6 Nov. 1 792. 


I Lieut' Jn° Lodington, of Lowestoft. 
Sponsors - M rs Jos. Lodington of Southwick. 
[ M' s W. Smith (Brother's Wife). 


NB. had the Measles in April 1792, the whooping Cough April 
1802, the small-pox (by inoculation) April 1794. 1815 Married 
to Robert Knipe Cobbold of Eye Suffolk, died Satuy 1 am. 
10 March i860. 

7 th Caroline Lucy born 7 th Octo. 1792, baptis'd at S l Vedast, Foster 
Lane, 6 Nov. 1792. 

{ John Robley (Jun r ). 
Sponsors \ M rs Ayton of Upper-Clapton. 

( Miss Lucy Lawrence, of Plymouth. 
NB. had the small-pox (by inoculation) April 1794, Measles Jan. 

John Paul Smith Father of the above Children Died in London 
Janv 9 th 1804. 

Grace Smith his Widow [Note in pencil : died 1 Oct'' 1835.] 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, " Oxford: Printed by 
Thomas Baskett, Printer to the University, 
MDCCLII. ;" in my possession. On a fly-leaf 
is written : "John Paul Smith, the Gift of his 
Godfather Paul Methuen Esq. 1748." — F. A. C. 

Harfield Family. 

Tho s Harfield Born September y e 8 th 1677. Died July y e 31 st 1734. 

Buried att S £ Giles hill near Winchester. Aged 57 Years. 
Mary Harfield Born August 1687. Died July y e 19 th 1740. Buried att 

S l Giles hill near Winchester. Aged 53 Years. 
Tho s Harfield Born May y e 13 th 17 12 aboute a 11 a'Clock a Tuesday. 
Elizabeth Harfield Born Sep r y e 3 d 17 13. 

Tho s Harfield Born April y e 12 th 1736 a boute 3 Clock a Munday 
Morning Died August y e 6 th 1739 Buried att S l Giles hill near 
Winchester Aged 3: Year 3 Months 3 We. 

Mary Harfield Born April y e 17 th 1740 about 2 a Clock a Thursday 

Eliz: Harfield born Sep r y e 21 st 1743 a boute 9 a Clock a Wensday 

Knight. Died April y e 17 th 1750. Buried at S l Giles Hill nere 

Winchester. Aged 6 Years 7 Months. 
Tho s Harfield Dyed Jan^ 30 th 1761 and Buried on S< Giles Hill 

Feb r y 3 d aged 49 Neer Winchester. 
My Beloved Wife Mary Harfield Departed this Life the 9 of July 

1768 and Interd in a Vault at S £ Giles Hill on the north Side 

of her fathers Toomb. John Crabb. 

From a Bible, "Imprinted at London by the 
Deputies of Christopher Barker, Printer to the 
Queenes most Excellent Majestie. 1599;" in my 
possession. On a fly-leaf is written : " Thomas 
Harfield his Book Reite by Jo" Gurr." — F. A. C. 

5 1 

Moorhouse Family. 

The Children of Christopher and Elizabeth Moorhouse (Sidebotham). 
Christopher born 5 th June 1806 died October 1808 and buried at 

Elizabeth born 20 th July 1814 at half past twelve at Noon christened 
at Astbury. Miss Bowers & M rs Browning, Godmothers. M r 
Browning, Godfather, has had the Cow Pox, Measles, Chicken 
Pox, Hooping Cough. 

Susannah born 2 d December 1815 died on Good Friday 1817 and 
buried at Congleton April 7 th 181 7. 

(2 d ) Susannah born 20 th February 1818 died on Easter Monday 181 8 
and buried at Congleton April 28: 18 18. 

Anne born 12 th June 1819 at half past eleven at Night christened at 
Congleton on the 13 th November 181 9. M rs Greatrix & Eliz h 
Moorhouse, Godmothers. M r William Starkey (of London) 
Godfather. has had the Cow Pox, Chicken Pox, Hooping 

1847 : Jany 24: Died at the house of M r J. C. Washington in Congleton 
and buried at Congleton, on the 27 th January. 

(2 d ) Christopher born 10 th October 1820 at half past four in the 
Morning christened at Congleton on the i st February 1821. 
Miss Norbury, Godmother. The Rev d Sam 1 Williamson and 
M r Charles Norbury, Godfathers, has had the Cow Pox, Hooping 
Cough, he died on the 26 th of May 1826 at 7 in the Evening 
Buried at Congleton May 29 th . 

Mary Annette born 17 th February 1822 at [plank in orig.] christened at 
Congleton on the 27 th January 1824. M rs Cox. and Miss 
Thornicroft (Astbury) Godmothers. M r Cox, Godfather, has had 
the Cow Pox, Hooping Cough. 

Henry born 17 th May 1823 at a Quarter before eleven at Night 
christened at Congleton on the 27 th January 1824. M rs Bowers 
Godmother. M r William Merrill and Christopher Moorhouse (the 
Father) Godfathers, has had the natural small Pox (March 1824) 
Hooping Cough. 

(3 d ) Susannah born (S' George) 23 d April 1825 at half past two in 

the Morning died on the 31 st July 1825 at 6 in the Morning 

Buried at Congleton 2 nd Aug: 1825. 
Elizabeth Moorhouse the Mother died in Childbed on the 24 th April 

1825 at one in the Morning aged 37 (on [blank in orig.] May next). 
The Children of Christopher and Martha Moorhouse (Hamond) 

married at Stockport Parish Church 26 th February 1827. 
Christopher born 5 th July 1828 at five Minutes before three in the 

Morning Christened at Congleton on the 9 th October 1828. 

Miss Swain (of Stockport) Godmother. M r David Moseley and 

myself Godfathers, has had the Hooping Cough, the Measles. 
Sarah Jane born 7 th December 1829 at a quarter before seven o'clock 

in the Evening Christened at Congleton on the T9 th April 1830. 

Miss Norbury and Miss Wood, Godmothers. M r Charles Norbury, 

Godfather, has had the Hooping Cough, the Measles. 
Stephen born 14 th September 1831 at a quarter past seven in the 

Morning christened at Congleton on the 30 th Sept 1 " 1831. His 

5 2 

sister Anne was Proxy for M rs Cox his Godmother. M r Thomas 

Adams, Surgeon, and myself Godfathers, has had the Hooping 

Cough, the Measles. 
Margaret born 25 th April 1833 at a quarter past two in the Afternoon 

christened at Congleton on the 26 th June following, has had the 

Measles the Hooping cough. 
Helen born 12 th November 1834 at a quarter past ten in the Morning 

baptized on the 22 d December following, has had the Hooping 

Cough and the Measles. 
Frances Hamond born 28 th November 1837 at [blank in orig.] baptized 

on the 2 2 d February following, has had the Hooping Cough and 

the Measles. 

Christopher Moorhouse, the father of the above named children, died 
at Congleton on the 6 th day of June 1842, at 6 o'clock in the 
afternoon, aged 59 years ; & having been for 28 Years Town Clerk 
of the Borough of Congleton. 

From loose leaves in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Yarrow Family. 

The Children of John and Mary. 
Dorothy Yarrow Born March, 22 th : 1766. 

William Smith Yarrow Born May : 26 th : 1767. Died 17 Oct r 1828. 
John Wakerell Yarrow Born July : 6 th : 1776. 

The Above Named William Smith Yarrow was Born at Eaton Soten 
Bedfordshire. Died 17 Oct"" 1828. he Married Susannah Hailes 
who was Born about November 1761 at Longhope Gloucestershire. 
Died 24 June 1845. They Had 

William their first Born January 5 th 1790. Died June 19 th 1864. 

Thomas {Wakerell in pencil) 2 nd December 29 th 179 1. DiedSep tr 4, 1795. 

Eliz th Mary Wakerell 3 rd July 8 th 1793. Died NoV 22, 1795. 

John 4 th April 20 th 1795. 

Charles Tho s 5 th June 1 I th 1797. Died July 14, 1850. 

Elizabeth 6 th May 28 th 1799. 

George 7 th February 22 th 1802. Died Feb r y 7, 1858. 

Sarah Susannah 8 th January 3 rd 1805. Died April 3, 1852. 

William was Born at Kingsland in the parish of S< John 5 Hackney Midd x . 
The other Seven in the Parish of S' Leonard s Shoreditch Midd x . 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, '■'■Oxford, Printed by 
T. Wright and W. Gill, Printers to the University. 
1768. ; " in my possession. On a fly-leaf is 
written: " This Book the Gift of W m Smith 
Yarrow, to his Father 6° Mother, John (John Died 
1814 Age 84) 6° Mary Yarrow, January, 1802, 
Subject to the Condition of being Returned at their 
Decease to some one of the Children of the Above 
W" S. Yarrow."— F. A. C. 


V arndell Family. 

Anne my Mother Born 4 th of August 1769. Departed this Life March 

the 20 th 1850. Aged 80 Years. 
Jn° (Born May 27, 1798) & Anne Varndell was Married on the 18 th 

Day of Sep tr Anno Domini 1822. First Born Jn° came into this 

World on the 27th Day of July 1823. 
My Dear Wife Died of Stricture of the Bowells May 29 th 1869. 
Jn° Andrews Varndell was Baptis'd by the Rev rd Austen at Farnham 

church on the 27 th of August 1823. Jn° Andrews Sen r & Jn° 

& Anne Varndell, Sponsors. Died of Consumption Oct. 9th 1857. 
Emily the Daughter of John & Anne Varndell was Born A.D. the 

4 th Day of December 1824. Baptis'd the 31 st at Farnham Church. 

Jane Andrews, John & Anne Varndell, Sponsors. 
Anne Andrews Varndell our Second Daughter was born the 

4th of Oct r 1826 & was Babtis'd at Farnham Church Ye 

i 5t of Nov r 1826. 

Kezia Andrews & Jn° & Anne Varndell, Sponsors. Died of 
Consumption of the Lungs November 15th 1848. Aged 22 Years. 
Richard Varndell was born on the 2 nd Day of May 1828 & was Baptis'd 
the 30th May F. C. (Rich d , John & Anne Varndell) Sponsors. 
Died Feby 13, 1847 (Shipwreck'd & drownd in the Gulph of 
Mexico), he was on board the R.M.S.P. Tweed Ship, Commander 
G. Parsons, R.N. run on the Alcrane Rocks & sunk the Vessell, 
with a loss of 73 Lives 19 Y rs old, in Gulph of Mexico Feb. 13/ 

Samuel Andrews Varndell was Born Dec 1 " 22 nd 1829 & was Baptis'd ye 

5th of April 1832. Richard, John & Jane Varndell, Sponsors. 

(Rev d C. Hume) Minister. 
Alfred Varndell was Born ye 6th of March 1832 & was Baptis'd ye 

5 th of April 1832 at Farnham Church, Rev d C. Hume, Minister. 

Rich d , Jn° & Jane Varndell, Sponsors. 
Jane Andrews Varndell Born 25 July 1833. Baptis'd at F. Church. 

J. & A. Varndell, Miss H. Falkner, Sponsors. Died of Consumption 

of the Lungs Feb. 17th 1854 Aged 20 Years. 
Harriet Varndell Born 29th Nov r 1836. Baptis'd at F. Church. 

Patty Andrews & Jn° & A. Varndell, Sponsors. 
Rupert Varndell Born July 14, 1838. Baptis'd at F. Church. 

R d , Jn° & Anne Varndell, Sponsors. 

From Burkitt's "Notes and Observations on the New 
Testament," "London: Printed for M. IVyatt, and 
P. Robinson, in St. Paul's Church- Yard ; J. and 
B. Sprint, and A. Ward, in Little-Britain ; 
B. Pord, in the Poultry; and L. Jackson. 1729 ;" 
in my possession. On the frontispiece is written : 
"John Varndcll's the Gift of his Mother Aimo 
Domini 1820 ;" and on the title : "Born 4th of 
August 1769. Ann Varndell Anno Domini 1794. 
Written by my Father, J. Varndell 18 JO; " also the 
autograph of G. Woodroffe. — F. A. C. 


Meades and Tait Families. 

Mary Meades wase borne y e 25 th March: 168 . . att 4 Colck Mor. 
Tho s Meades wase borne y e 22 th October 1693 between 10 & 11 Even. 
Witt: Meades wase borne y e 27 th August 1698 pres"y after 3 Mo: 
James Tait was Born November 21th 1767 att 3: oClock in the Morning 

and baptised by the Revrand M r Lawson of the Scotts Meeting 

London wall. 

Elizabeth Tait was Born March 26th 1769 att half past 2 morning And 
baptised by the Revrand M r Lawson of the Scotts Meeting 
London wall. 

John Tait was Born May 22th 1770 Half ane our past 12 in the 

Morning and Baptised by the Revrand M r Lawson of the Scotts 

meeting London wall. 
George Tait was Born Tuesday 23 Aprile 1772 att one oClock In the 

morning and Baptised By the Revrand M r Hunter Menester of 

the Scotts meeting London wall 20 May 1772. 
James Tait was Born the 30 of octobr 1773 att Half past Seven oclock 

in the Evning And Baptised the 11 Novr 1773 By the Revrand 

D r Hunter. 

Lydia Tait was Born 20th august 1775 att Eleven oClock in the fore 
Noon and baptised By the Revrand D r Hunter the 7 Septr 1775. 

William Tait was born Novembr ith 1777 Att five oClock in the 
Morning and baptised The Twenty Sevent instent by the Revrand 
Doctor Hunter. 

Jannet Tait was born awgust 13th 1779 half past five Evning and 
baptised Septr The 28th by the Revrend Doctor Hunter. 

From a large folio Bible with Apocrypha, '■'■London 
Printed by Charles Bill and the Executrix of Thomas 
Newcomb deceas'd Printers to the Kings most 
Excellent Majestie. Cum Privilegio. MDCCI.;" 
in my possession. On a leather label pasted inside 
the front cover are the words : " M rs Eliz th Debatt 
jgij»—F. A. C. 

Wilson Family. 

Lucy Ann Wilson Borne July 6 th 1838. 
Wilberforce Wilson Borne Feb^ 7 th 1836. 
Emily Wilson Borne August 13 th 1837. 
Fanny Wilson Borne May 6 th 1839. 

Mary Louisa Wilson Born Sep 1 " 30, 1841, \ Past 12 noon. 
Ellen Richenda Wilson Born April 7 th 1843. 
Francis Edwin Wilson Born Dec r 7 th 1844. 

From a New Testament, printed at Cambridge 
M.DCCCXXXV., i?i my possession. On the 
inside cover is written: 1 Isabella Anderson 1840. 
Bequeathed by the Will of Joseph Atkins 
Esq\"—Y. A. C. 


Lewis Family. 

John Lewis the Son of Richard Lewis was born desenber y e 25, 1768 

and was burid the 20 day of Janarywar 1770. 
Piter owens was born y e . o day of august 1777. 

Cathrin Lewis was born in the year of our Lord god 1735 August 

y e 17 Day Moonday morning at 4 Clock. 
Richard Lewis was born in the year of our Lord 1738 June y e 3 Day at 

3 Clock. 

John Lewis was born in y e year of our Lord 17 41 June y e 
3 Da y-. 

Elinor Lewis was born in y e year of our 1745 December y e 2 Day. 
David Lewis was born in the year of our Lord 1748 November y e 
3 Day. 

Richard Lewis was born in the year of our Lord 1743 July y e 15 Day. 
Enoch Pugh was born in the Year of our Lord God 1769 agust the 
5 th Day. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer 
and Bible with Apocrypha, in Welsh, " Caer- 
Grawnt : Printiedig gan Joseph Bentham, Printiwr 
i'r Brif-Ysgol. M.DCC.XLVI. ;" in my possession. 
On the inside cover is written : "John Pugh s Book 
March 22 nd 1823 ;" and facing the title: "Lewis 
Pugh s Book 1791." — F. A. C. 

Moore Family. 

My Dear Father Died January 23 rd 1842 at 5 and Twenty Minites 
A Past 2 OClock. 

My Dear Mother Died January 2 nd 187 1, at Quarter to One Oclock in 
the Morning. 

Elizabeth Moore ther Daughter the Second By that Name Was Bom 

May 3 d 1823 at Six oclock in the Morning. 
Mary Ann Moore ther Daughter Was Born Januarey 13 th 1825 at 

6 minuts after 9 oclock in the Evning and Died Dece'' 20 th 1825 

Aged 1 1 Monthes and 7 Days Died in the Small Pox. 
Frances Moore ther son the second By that name Was Born Febuary 

5 th 1827 at 55 minuts past 2 oclock in the morning. 
Caroline Moore ther Daughter Was Born July 20 th 1828 at 58 minuts 

after 2 oclock in the Morning. 
Joseph Moore ther Son Was Born May the 8 th 1830 at Half past 

4 in the morning. 

From a Bible, "London: Printed by George Eyre 
and Andreiv Strahan, Printers to the King's 
Most Excellent Majesty. i8ig :" in my 
possession. — F. A. C. 


Percival and Garnhant Families. 

Henry Ann Garham wear Married May 10, 1803 at Hempson Church 

The Names of the sorts and daughters of Henry and Ann Percival, 
Born Elizabouth Ann Percival 5 day of August 1804 at Twenty 
Five Menats past three in the Moring. 

Born W m Henry Percival 7 July 1806 at Half Past six Eving. 

Born Meria Percival 13 June 1808, half Past three in the After Nowen. 

Born James Garnham Percival, 10 March 18 10 Four Minats Past Four 
After Nowen. 

Born Emma Garnham Percival 31 Oct r 1812 at 15 Minats Past six in 
the Eving. 

Born John Percival 19 March 18 15 at 10 Minats Before three 

Born Jane Percival 11 May 18 17 halpast six Afternoone. 

Born Henry Richerd Palfrey Percival at Ten Minnets Before eight in 

the evening March 18 th 1822. 
feby 25 th 1830 Died James Garnham Percival Aged 20 years all but 

13 days. 

1840 Jinaray 24 died W m Percival Aged 331. 

Agust the 13, 1840 Died Henery percival Aged 67 years. 

Emma Marrid sep r 29, 1833. 

John Percival Appleby Westmoreland Bequeaths this Bible to his Son 
Henry Percival who was born on the 14 th December 1772, and 
requests it may be duly delivered to him after the decease of 
his son : W Percival 7 th July 1804. 

William and Mary Ann Powell was married at the old church Hallifax, 
July 21 st 1806. 

Percival Shuttleworth Powell the Son of William and Mary Ann Powell 
was Born July 21 st 1807, Died Febrey 13 th 1808 and was buried at 
Sowerby Church . . . 

Louisa Sophia Powell was Born January 9 th 1809 Christened at 
Sowerby Bridge Chapel the [blank in orig?\ day of [blank in orig.] 
following. Sponsors, M r Tho s Powell her Uncle, M rs Powell her 
Mother, and M rs Sarah Precious. 

W m Percival Died June 8 th 1812. 

my Mother Died June 4 th 181 2. 

the sons and daughters of James and Ann Garnaham. 

Ann Garnham was born Apral 20 th 1776. 

James Garnham was born Feb^ 5 th 1778. 

W m Garnham was born Apral 9 th 1780. 

Joseph Garnham was born sepf 21, 1782. 

Mary Garnham was born dec r 18 th 1784. 

Elizebeth Garnham was born Feb^ 17 th 1787. 

Amey Garnham was born March 14, 1789. 

John Garnham was born August 26, 1792. 

Mary Garnham Dide Jany 18, 1790 Aaged 5 years. 

W m Garnham Dide June 8, 1793 Aaged 43 years. 

Ann Garnham Dide May 20, 1795 Aaged 42 years. 

James Garnham Dide [blank in orig.] 1806 Aaged 30 years. 

James Garnham Dide 1825 August 6 Aged 72. 


Joseph Garnhan Dide 1827 August 7 Aged 44, io m . 

W m Garnham Dide 1831 Feberay 16 Aged 51. 

James Percival Died Feb? 25 aged 20 years. 

William Percival Died Jan^ 31, 1840 ag d 34. 

Ann Percival Died Nov r 30 th 1846 Aged 70 years. 

M rs Josp h Garnham Died Jany 27, 1848 aged [plank in orig.]. 

M rs Jane Leech Died Feb y 4 th 1857 aged 39. 

John Percival died Nov 29, 1857 ag d 43. 

M rs Sharpe died Nov 30, 1857 ag d 53. 

M rs Borley died Nov 2 nd i860 ag d 71. 

From a large folio Bible with Apocrypha, "Newcastle 
upon Tyne : Printed by M. Brown, at the Bible, 
in the Flesh-Market. M.DCC.LXXXIX. ;" in 
my possession. — F. A. C. 

Harriot Family. 

Sept r 13 th 181 8. 25 Minutes past 12 o Clock in the Morning John 

Thompson Harriot, Son of George & Elizabeth Harriot was born. 

Christened at Trinity Church Anns Street Liverpool. 
Ap 1 6 th 1820. Tho s Harriot Son of D° was born 15 Minutes past 

110 Clock at Night. Christened at Aughton Church. 
Aug 1 4, 182 1. Geo Harriot Son of D° was born 45 Minutes past 

2 o Clock in the Morning. Christened at Aughton Church. 
Aug 1 2 nd 1823. William Harriot Son of D° was born 45 Minutes 

past 5 o Clock in the Evening. Christened at Aughton Church. 
June 16 th 1828. James Moss Harriot Son of D° was born \ past Four 

o Clock of the Morning. 
The Same James Moss Harriot Died on the 4 th Jany 1829 at 40 

Minutes past Three o Clock of Sunday Evening being 6 Months 

and Ninteen Days Old. 
George and Elizabeth Harriot was Married at S l Johns Church 

Liverpool on the fifth day of October in the year of Lord one 

Thousand eight Hundred and Seventeen. 
1830 DeC 6 a } to Eleven o Clock in the forenoon was born a fine 

Boy Named James Moss Harriot. Christened at Ormskirk Church 

Mar 4 th 1831. 

1833 May 20. At Eleven o Clock in the Evening was born a Son, 

Joseph Septimus Harriot Christned at Ormskirk. 
1835 Aug 1 XI - At half past Nine o Clock in the Morning was born 

a Son Francis Richard Harriot Christned at Ormskirk. 
M rs Ann Thompson Mother to Elizabeth Harriot, Died on the 24 th 

November 1823. 

M r Thomas Thompson Father to Elizabeth Harriot Died on the 6 th of 

Oct 1 " 1837, \ pas 3 o Clock in the Morning 
Elizabeth Harriot wife of Georg Harriot Died on the 30 th Day 

September 1847 a g e d 52 years she was 52 on the 28 of June 1847. 

From " The Christian's New and Complete Family 
Bible," by the Rev. Thomas Bankes, in my 
possession. — F. A. C. 


Dingwall Family. 

Mary Dingwall born October i st 1803. Sponsors Cap 1 Curtis 

Miss Ann Stephens & M rs P. Dingwall. 
John Dingwall born 25 th Feby 1805. Sponsors Jno Yates Esq r & 

M r & M rs P. Dingwall. 
Joseph Dingwall born 2 2 d Aug st 1806. Sponsors Cap 1 Yates and M r 

& M rs P. Dingwall. 
Charles Dingwall born 16 th Oct r 1808. Sponsors M r C. Yates and 

M r & M rs Patrick Dingwall. 
George Dingwall born 25 Aug st 181 1. Sponsors M r C. Yates 

M r Patrick Dingwall & Miss Sarah Stephens. Died 10 th Jany 181 2. 
Harriott Dingwall born 15 th Jany 1816. Sponsors M rs Yates 

Miss Sarah Stephens & M r Patrick Dingwall. Died i st May 181 7. 
Sophia Dingwall born May 5 th 1820. Sponsors M rs Yates 

Miss Dingwall & M r Patrick Dingwall. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Moris and Jones Families. 

Elizabeth Moris was born the fourth day of November 1677. 

Jane Moris was born the fourteenth day of September 1679. 

Mary Moris was born the 18 th day of November 1680. 

Jusdina Moris was born the fourteenth day of August 1682. 

Margeret Moris was born the first day of January 1685. 

Richard Moris was born the seaventeenth day of October 1687. 

John Moris was born the tenth day of March i68f. 

John Morice of Carrog departed this Life y e 20 th of July Anno Dom 171 1. 

Richard Morice of Carrog departed this Life y e 24 th of November at one 

y e Morn Anno Dom 1761. 
Henry Jones son of John Jones of Tyglyn & the aboves d Mary was 

born at Kilkennin on monday y e 10 th of Aprill 1721 att 5 a Clock 

in y e Evening & Xtned y e monday following. N.B. 10 th of Aprill 

being Easter monday that year. 
Anne Jones was born on y e 2 d Day of June 1723 ab l 8 a Clock in y e 

Evening it being Whitsunday & Xtned Trinity Sunday. 
The aboves d Anne dyed y e 9 th of October 1724. 

John Jones was born on y e 25 th day of March 1725 ab' 6 a Clock in y e 

morning & Xtned Good friday. 
Mary wife of John Jones dyed 2 8° Junij 1727. 

Anne Parry of Noyadd widdow dyed y e 19 th day of August 1742 ab' 7 of 
y e Clock in y e Morning aged 76 years. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer 
and Bible with Apocrypha, " Cambridge Pritited by 
John Hayes Printer to the Vniversitie ;" in 

my possession. — F. A. C. 


Gill and Iveson Families. 

Hannah Gill was Born October 2 d at 40 Minutes fouer 1769 Afternoon. 
John Gill was Born October 30 th 1770 at 15 Minutes Past 3 Afternoon. 
John was Born at Cockbank & Cristned at Ashton Under line, Lan. 
Hannah Gill was born October 2 d 1769 at 40 Minutes past four in the 

Afternoon Monday (registered at Wakefield). 
John Gill was born October 30 th 1770 at fifteen Minutes past three in 

the Afternoon Monday (Born at Cockbank and register'd at 

Ashton Under line, Lancashire). 
William Gill was born August 22 d 1772 at half an hour past five on 

Saturday Evening (Register'd at Wakefield). 
W m Iveson Sen r Born 25 Feby 1761. 

Will 1 " Horncastle Iveson Born Saturday 26 October 1799 half an hour 

past one Mong. Registered at Wakefield Church. 
George Iveson Born Thursday 23 April 1801, 20 Minutes before Eight 

Oclock in the Morning. Regist d at Wakefield Church. 
Thomas Iveson Born Saturday May 22 th 1802 half past 6 Oclock 

Afternoon. Regist d at Wakef d Church. 
Edward Iveson Born Friday 20 May 1803, 20 Minutes before Twelve 

at Night. Regist d at Wakef d Church. 
Elizabeth Iveson Born Thursday 9 th July 1807 half past 8 Oclock 

Evening. Regist d at Wakef d Church. 
Harriet Iveson Born 7 Nov r 181 . , \ an Hour after 2 in the morning. 

Registered at Salem Chapel, Wakefield. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, "London: Printed by 
Mark Baskett, Printer to the King's most Excellent 
Majesty; and by the Assigns of Robert • Baskett. 
M.DCC.LXVI. ;" in my possession. On the 
inside front cover is pasted a leather label stamped 
in gold, " W. Iveson." — F. A. C. 

Bushell Family. 

M r Edward Busshell wase borne the xvijth day of Julye beinge 

Satter daye Betwene vj and vij of the clocke in the moringe in the 

xxxviijth qunee Elizabeth's Raigne 1596. 
M r Thomas Bushell wase Borne the xviijth day of Aprill beinge 

satterdaye betwene vij and viij th of the clocke in the morninge in 

the xxxx th yere of the Raigne quene Elzabethe. 
M r Bridges Bushell wase borne the xxvij of march beinge fridaye about 

iiij of the clocke in the morninge in the yeere of our soferainge 

Lord James 1607. 

me ts ellnor busshell was borne the nineten day of desember be tvne 
to and three a cloke in the morning in kinge gemesis raine the vi 
nov e won thowsen vi hvnderd and viii. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer and Bible with Apocrypha, in black letter, 
"■Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher 
Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent 
maiestie. 1594 ; " in my possession. On ply-leaves 
are written: "John Allin his booke," and "Dan 1 
Thomas his Book J/6j." — -F. A. C. 


Barnes Family. 

I Bought this Book August y e i s : 1752 Thomas Barnes his Book price 
4 Shillings. 

Thomas Barnes the son of thomas Barnes and Elezebeth his wife was 
born January y e 26: 1735 on a Sunday night at almost or about 
12 a Clock. 

Elezebeth your sister was born August 26: 1737 at almost 7 a Clock in 
y e Afternoon. 

Mary Barns was born on wedensday morning at 4 a Clock December 

Sary was Born August in y e last week 1743 I think either .... 

My Father Died on Satuard July 2, 1763 a bout half an our after five 

a Clock in the morning. 
Mary Barns the Dauter of Tho s and Sarah Barns was Born on thursday 

September 19 a bout :g: a Clock at knight 1762. 
Sarah was born on tusday febuary 7 : 1764 a bout 5 or : 6 in the morning. 
Elisebirth was born on Satarday October the 5: 1766. 
Ann was born on: munday March the 21: 1768. 
Susannah was born on Thursday August 18: 1769. 

Thomas Barns the Sun of Tho s Barns and Sarah Barns was born on 
tuesday April: 6: 1773 the same day i the father was drawing 
for a Milisiman. 

From an '■'■Abstract of the Holy Bible" by C. Brown, 
Gent., "London: printed for the Author. 1751," 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Monnington Family. 

James Monnington Was Born at Wigmore in Hereford Shire April 10 th 

Elizabeth Brown Was Born August 21 st 1772. Wife to the Above. 
John Monnington Son of the Above Was Born in East Street Marelebon 
March 9 th 1794. 

Susanna Pem a Monnington Daughter of the Above Was Bornd June 19 

1795 in Little Barlow S' Marelebone. 
lames Monnington Son of the Above J. E & M Was Born Jeny 19 th 

1798 In King Street Golden Square. 
William Monnington Was Bornd July 29, 1800 in King Street 

Golden Square. 

Tho s Monnington Son of J. E & M Was Born August 13, 1801. 
lames Monnington Son of J. & E. Monnington Was Born Dec"" 21 st 

1803 at N° 40 Bedfordbury. 
Tho s Monnington Son of J & E. Monnington Was Born March y e 12 th 

1806 at N° 40 Bedfordbury Coventgarden. 
Sarah Monnington Born October 10, 1808 Ship Buildings Horse Ferry 


Elizabeth Monnington Born June 19 th 181 1 Ship Buildings Horse Ferry 

From two loose leaves in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Webb Family. 

Janry 26 th 1874 Received of Mess rs Coleman & foster notice of will 
of grandmother Mary Palmer being found. 

Record Keepers of her Majestys Court of Probate. 
Samuel George Webb. 

Sam 1 and Mary Webb Married Tuesday Sep r 20 th 1808. 

Edw d Webb was Born Thursday August 24 th 1809 Ten Minutes Before 

Six O Clock in y e Morning. 
George Webb was Bom Aug st 8 th 181 2 Friday Half Past Four O Clock 

in y e Afternoon. 

Ellen Webb Born Sep r 5 th 1814 Monday Evening 11 O Clock, died 
Sep r 2 nd 181 5. 

Elizabeth Webb was Born June 30 th 181 7 at Half Past Four o Clock in 
the Morning. 

Mary Webb departed this Life Nov r 5 th 181 7 at Half Past Two o Clock 

in the Morning Aged 30 Years. 
Elizabeth Webb departed this Life May 5 th 18 18. 
Edward Webb departed this Life December 19 th 1829. 
Uncle Jn° Palmer Died Sept r 5 th 1835 Aged 52 Years. 
Uncle Jonathan Webb Died Ap 1 12 th 1836. 

George Webb & Hannah his Wife, were Married January 7 th 1836 on 
a Thursday. 

Samuel Son of George & Hannah Webb was Born 1837 July 6 th about 

5 Minutes before three in the Morning. 
Edward Webb was Born Jan^ 22 nd 1839 about six O clock in the Evening. 
Edward Webb died June 21 st 1840 Aged 17 Months. 
George Webb died January 11 th 1841 Aged 28 Years. 
Hannah Webb died Jan^ 29 th 1886, aged 73 Years, her end was Peace. 

From a folio Bible with Apocrypha, " 'Liverpool, Printed by Nuttall, 
Fisher, and Dixon, Duke Street. 1809 ; " in my possession. 
On a fly-leaf is written: '•''George Webb His Book 1836;" 
and on the inside of the front cover is pasted a leather label 
stamped : "Sam: 6° Mary Webb 181 1." — F. A. C. 

Williams Family. 

Elim Williams his Biyibl. 
Elinor Huwgh his Book. 

Elusabeth Williams his beible yn the year 1801. 
18 Elinor tomas Williams. 
Elinor Johnes his Byibl. 

Johon Williams a aned mehefin 17 yn flwuddn 1822. 
William Thomas a aned ebull 22 yn flwuddun 1823. 
Ellinor Jones Her Bible 1810 Aget 18 Years October I s . 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer and 
Bible with Apocrypha, in Welsh, "Rhydychen : Printiedig 
yn Argraphby Clarendon, Gan W. Dawson, T. Bensley, 
a J. Cooke, Prinhvyr i'r Brif-Ysgol. MDCCXCIX.;" 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Hill Family. 

John Hill was married to Ann Alexander at S' Peters Church in 

Shaftsbury the 28 th of January 1796. 
Harriett Hill was Born 11 th March 1797. 
Mary Hill was Bom 18 April 1799. 

John William Hill was Born 2 nd december 1800. Died 9 th March 1801. 
W m Alexander Hill was Born 6 th February 1802. Died 12 th Novem r 1804. 
Sarah Hill was Born 22 nd June 1803. Died 7 th Novem r 1804. 
Ann Hill was Born 28 th April 1806. 

Alfred Hill was Born 20 th June 1808. Died 11 th April 1809. 

Ann Hill their Mother, Died 14 th July 1809, Aged 39 Years whom with 

the Departed Children the Lord receive into his holy keeping 

& protection is the fervent Prayer of 
John Hill her Husband who was Born the 25 th July 1768 & Died 

21 st July 1 8 14 Aged 45 Years 11 Months & 24 Days. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, '■'■Kidderminster: Printed 
and Published by George Gower. 1804;" in my 
possession. On a fly-leaf is written: "Harriot 
Chaplin {late Mill) Her Book To be deliv* 
to her immediately after the decease of Eliz th 
Bead."—?. AC. 

Sowter Family. 

Tho s Jn° Leavens Sowter married to Mary Feame at Almondbury near 

Huddersfield Febv 24 th 1848 by the Rev d T. G. Fearne. 
Gertrude Anne Sowter born 31 st August 1849 at 4 AM. [Written 

later : 124 Albany Boad.] 
Cecil Fearne Sowter born 17 th Sept r 1850 at 7 AM. [Written 

later : 241 Albany Boad Old Kent B d London.] 
Walter Austin Sowter born 25 th day of August 1854 at 11 AM. 

[ Written later : 241 Albany B d .] 
Mary Sowter died Whitsunday June 8 th 1862 at ~ past 12 at Noon and 

was buried on Saturday June 14 th at Highfield Shingle Well near 

Gravesend aged 53 years. [ Written later: 21 Park Place Gravesend.] 
Cecil Fearne Sowter died the 27 th day of February 1872 at 10 AM and 

was buried at Nunhead Cemetry on Tuesday March 5 th 1872 

aged 21 years. (8 Rock Terrace, Talfourd Road, Camberwell.) 
On the 5 th August 1875 at S' Johns Croydon by the Rev d F. Tobin 

Gertrude Anne Sowter to Alfred Fearne Thompson of Hull 


Walter Austin Sowter died the 14 day of August 1875 at i| AM at 
71 Talfourd Road Camberwell in his 21 st year & was buried at 
Nunhead Cemetry on Saturday the 21 st August 1875. 

T. J. L. Sowter died Nov. 7 th 1877 at York House Chelsham Road 
Clapham in his 67 th year buried at Nunhead Cemetry Nov. 11 th . 

From a Bible, printed at Cambridge M.DCCCXXXVIII., 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Law ton Family. 

Ann Lawton Born July 6 th 1842. 

Francis Lawton Born September 20 th , 1844. 

Sarah Jane Lawton Bom November 2 nd 1846. 

Sarah Lawton died August 26, 1849. 

John Lawton died September 22, 1849. 

Froin a Bible, printed at Oxford in 1826, in 
my possession. — F. A. C. 

Field Family. 

In y e name of God Amen. 
I miles Field of Hanwood In y e county of Salop Clerk. 
Margret y e Daughter of Miles Field & Elizabeth his wife was buryed att 

Wellington March 11: 1698. 
Mary y e Daughter of Miles Field clef & Elizabeth his wife was buryed 

in y e chancell at Hanwood Aug: 29 th : 1702: teste deo omnipotente 


Miles y e son of Miles Field cler & Elizabeth his wife was buryed in y e 

chancell at Hanwood October 16, 171 1. 
miles son of m r John Field and m re svsanna his wiefe was baptisd 

december the 8 A D 1674 and died april y e 4, 1727. 
John y e son of miels field and Elizabeth his wife was buryed in y e 

church at hanwod may y e 13 1729. 

At Mountgomery. 

Elizabeth y e Daughter of Miles and Elizabeth Field was Born Decern 1, 24 
& Baptiz: 27 : 1695. 

At Wellington. 

Margrett y e Daughter of Miles & Elizabeth Field was Born April 14 th 
1698 and Baptized y e same Day Anno praedicto. 

At Wellington. 

John y e son of miles & Eliz: Field was Born Decem r 19 th 1699 
& Baptiz: y e 20 th Anno praedicto. 

At Wellington. 

Mary y e Daughter of Miles & Elizab: Field was Born April 30 th 1702 

and Baptiz: may 1 : Anno praedicto. 
Anne y e Daughter of Miles & Elizabeth Field was Born August 17 

& Baptiz: 26: of y e same month Anno Pr . . she was born at 


Andrew y e son of Miles & Elizabeth Field was born Feb: 24: & baptized 

March 4 th 1705: he was born at Hanwood. 
Miles y e son of miles & Elizabeth Field was Born October 21: & 

Baptized 28: 1708. he was Born at Hanwood. 
My Grand Daughter Elizabeth marsdin was born February 28: 1720. 
elizabeth daugh: of adorn right and marther his wife borne april 27 and 

baptized . . . 

From a Bible, " London Printed by Charles Bill and the 
Executrix of Thomas Newcomb deceased Printers to 
the Kings most Excel 1 Majesty. Cum privilegio. 
MDCXCIX. ;" in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Laverack Family. 

March y e 9 th 1729 Robt. Laverack Juner Born a bout Seaven at Night 

and Babtised y e 12 of April in 1730. 
Eliz. Laverack Borne March y e ,1722. 
March the: 6 1722: Lezebuth : Laverack. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer and 
Bible with Apocrypha, " Imprinted at London by Robert 
Barker, Printer to the Kings most excellent Maiestie. 
Anno Dom. 1612 ; " in my possession. — F. A. C. 

IVright Family. 

Edward Wright Anno domini 1726. 

Edwrd Wright His Booke 1725. 

E. libris Ricardi Turnill Morgan. MDCCCLXV. 

Edwerd Wright His Booke 1666. 

Edward son unto Edward Wright and Eliz: his wife was born July 30 th 

at six at night and baptized August 19 th 1707. 
Mary daughter of the same parents was born May 7 th halfe an houre 

after two aclock in the morning and baptized May 24 th 1709. 
William son of the same parents was born September 26 th halfe an hour 

after three a clock in the afternoon and baptized October 17 th 17 11. 
Elizabeth daughter of the same parents was born May 5 th about fiue 

a clock in the morning and baptized May 20 th 17 14. 
Elizabeth Daughter Unto Edward Wright and Elizabeth his Wife was 

born Septm r 13 th and babtized Octo r 10 th 1734. 
Mary Daughter Unto Edward Wright and Elizabeth his Wife was born 

Aug 1 13 th and babtized 10 th Septm r 1735. 
Elizabeth Daughter Unto Edward Wright and Elizabeth his wife was 

born June 14 th 1737. 
Edward Son of the same Parents was born April 6 th about ten of the 

Clock at Night and baptized May 3 rd 1742. 
Edward Right his Booke 1659. 

Thomas Sonn Vnto Edward Wright and Alice his wife baptized y e 13 th 

day of October 1672. 
William Sonn unto Edward Wright and Elizabeth his wife wass born 

September 26 th about halfe a hour after three in the afternoon and 

baptized October 17 th 17 11. 
Edward Wright his Booke 1683. 
Thomas Wright 1683. 

Edward sonn unto Edward Wright and Elizabeth his Wife wass borne 
July 30 th about six att night and baptized August 19 th 1707. 

Mary theire daughter was born May 7 th about halfe an houre after two 
aclocke in the Morning and baptized May 24 th 1709. 

Edward Wright Sonn of Edward Wright was baptized y e 11 th day of 
Septemb r 1676. 

Edward Wright the Sonn of Edward Wright dyed the 8 July . . . 
Ann Daughter Unto Edw rd Wright & Eliz: his Wife was born 23 rd June 
1748 & Babtis d 28 June 1748. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, black letter, 
"Imprinted at Londo?i by Robert Barker, Printer 
to the Kings 'most Excellent Maiestie. Anno 
161 3 ; " in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Conder Family. 

Thomas Conder and Hannah Garwood were married at St. Nicholas 

Church Feb. n th 1808. 
Hannah Conder Sept r 20, 36. 

John Garwood Son of Thomas and Hannah Conder was born Nov r 2 3 d 1 808. 

Thomas was born April 7, 1810. 

Ann was born March 10 th 181 2. 

William was born July 4 th 181 5. 

Hannah Garwood was born March 19, 1820. 

Deborah Barnard was born March 4, 1823. 

Robert Garwood October 16 th 1804. 

John was married at S l Mary Tower Church to Elizabeth Everett 
March 29, 1830. 

Thomas was married to Esther Everett at Wix Church (Essex) October 3 d 
l8 33- 

Ann was married to Samuel Hitchcock (of Mistley) at S' Nicholas 

Church April 12, 1836. 
Hannah was married to Edwin Quadling At S' Nicholas Church Oct. 7, 


Deborah was married to John Sizer of Manningtree November 13 th 

1843, at S' Nicholas Church. 
William died April 3, 1818. 

Ann died Sepf 7, 1841, leaving two Children viz. Ann Conder born 

July 25, /39, & Samuel Conder born April 26, /41. 
Deborah died May 15, 1848, leaving two Daughters viz. Cecelia Annie 
born August 30, 1845 and Deborah Emma born December the 17, 
1847. ~ 

From the first volume of "Brown's Self-Interpreting Bible" 
"London: Printed by T. Bensley. M.DCC.XCI.;" 
in my possession. On a fly-leaf is written : 
"Robert Garwood October 16 th 1804." — F. A. C. 

Kidgell Family. 

Era 5 & Eliz th Kidgell was Married March 15 th 1779. 

Fra s Kidgele Sen r was born Jan^ I st 1755. 

Eliz th Kidgell was born May 11 th 1755. 

Francis Kidgell Sen r died Dec br 31 st 1828 aged 73. 

Elizabeth Kidgell Sen r died Dec r 31 st 1836 Aged 81 Years. 

Francis Kidgell Was Born March 15 th 1780. 

Elizabeth Kidgell Was Born June 4 th 1782. 

Thomas Kidgell Was Born July 27 th 1784. 

John Kidgell Was Born July 20 th 1786. 

Richard Kidgell Was Born July 20" 1 1788. 

Sophia Kidgell Was Born Jan^ 23 rd 1791. 

Mary Ann Kidgell was Born Apr 1 24 th 1793. 

Harriott Kidgell was Born May 6 th 1801. 

Died May 13, 1822, Sophia Daughter of Francis and Elizebeth Kidgell, 
Aged 31. 

From loose leaves in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Bonar Family. 

This Bible gifted by M r John Bonar to M rs Jean Smith his Spouse. 
M r Jo: Bonar was born at Torphishen July 25, 1696. 
M rs Jean Smith born at Clackmannan Dec r 18, 1695. 
Marryed 13 Ocf 1720. She dyed July 6, 1748, \ before 7 at Night at 

/ohn Bonar Born Sat: 4 Nov r 1722 baptised by M r W . . . 

Grissel born July 12, 1724 baptised by M r Hepburn, dyed at Clackm" 

July 5, 1726. buryed the 6 th . 
Grissel 2 d born at Ed r Thur: Aprile 14, 1726 baptised by M r Ja s Walker. 

dyed Dec r 13, 1727. 
William born at Ed r Friday 18 Aug 1 5 at Night baptised by M r W m Broun. 
James born at Ed r Tuesd: Dec 10, 1728, 5 in y e Morning baptised by 

M r W m Broun. 

Jennet born at Tetlar Tuesd. Aprile 28, 1737, 7 in the Morning baptised 
y e same day. 

Jean born at Tetlar Tuesd: Oct r 19, 1735, 5 m the Morning, baptised 

Sabbath 24 th . Dyed of the small pox at Tetlar Oct r 29, 1740. 

buried in the Tomb Nov r . . 
Ebenezer born Saturday Aug' 19, 1746 at 6 in y e Morning baptised y e 

Day & dyed Aug' 20 th . buried in the Church on the East Side 

of the Lacteran. 

Andrew born at Tetlar Tuesday March .... after One in the Morning 

& baptised y e Same Day. 
Thomas born at Tetlar Sat. 7 th June 17 . . 9 Morn, baptised next Day 

died at Clugan Sabb. Morn. 2 Nov r 1735 & buried the 3 d at Night 

N.W. Corner of the Churchyard w'in the Tomb. 
Andrew Bonar and Patience Redman were Maried at Titch field Church 

January the 20 th 1767. 
Ann Bonar born Feb^ 2 d 1769 at i past 9 OClock Morning, Wednesday. 
James Bonar born Wednesday May 15 th 1 7 7 1 at ^ past 3 oClock afternoon. 
Eliz' h Bonar born Monday the 27 th September 1773 at § after Ten 

at Night. Died Jan^ 7 th 1774 Buried Titchfield Churchyard. 
Will m Bonar born Wednesday March 2 2 d 1775 at f after Seven OClock 

afternoon. Died at Edinburgh on 31 st March & buried in 

Canongate Church Yard* on Tuesday 5 April 1831. 

* Burial Ground belongs jointly to him & myself. J. B. 
Mary Thomson Bonar born Wenesday September 9 th 1778 at \ past 

Nine at Night, Died at Gosport 23 d of September 1778. 
Thomson Bonar, born Saturday July 27 th 1782 at \ after 4 OClock 

Morning. Died September 4 th 1782 Buried in Gosport Chaple Yard. 
Patience Redman, died at The Old Manse, West Kirk, Edinburgh, on 

15 th December 1798. Intered in the Burying ground there on the 

18 th of said month. 
Andrew Bonar, died at Southampton Hants on I st August 1803. 

He married, a Second Wife, . . . . ; but, she predeceased him. 

From a Bible, "Edinburgh, Printed by John Mosman and 
William Brown, Printers to the King's Most Excellent 
Majesty, M.DCC. XXVII. ;" in my possession. On 
the inside cover is the book-plate of "James Bonar, 
Esq re Excise" and on a fly-leaf is written : "James 
Bonar, 11 Graham Street, Edinburgh." — F. A. C. 


Stiffe and Mitchell Families. 

Richard Stiffe was Married to Mary Child the 24 day of March 1766 in 

the parish Church of Rickmansworth in Hertfordshiere. 
Ann Stiffe daughter of Rich d and Mary Stiffe was Born on the 12 day of 

february 1767 half an Hour after 8 o Clock in the Morning. 
Jn° the Son of Rich d & Mary Stiffe was born on Fryday the 16 th of 

September at half an hour Past 126 Clock in the day in the year 

of Our Lord 1768. 
Jn° Child The Son of Rich d & Mary Stiffe was born on Thursday the 

22 d Day of March 1770, about 10 Minnets after 8 6 Clock in the 


Nath: Mitchell the Son of Nicholas Mitchell was baptized Feb: 14, 1663. 
Nicholas Mitchell his Brother was bapized July 15, 1665. 

The Children of Nicholas Mitchell. 

Nath : the Son of Nicholas Mitchell & Elizabeth his Wife Daughter of 
John Smyth of Ham in the Parish of Berkley, Tanner was born the 
I st Day of July between the Hours of 1 & 2 in y e Afternoon 1693. 

John the Son of the aforesaid Nic: Mitchell & Eliz: his Wife was born 
on Wednesday the 20 of March about 3 of y e Clock in y e Afternoon 

i6 9t- . \ 

Nich: the Son of the said Nicholas & Eliz: his Wife was born the 14 of 

Feb: about 3 of the Clock in the Morning i6q|-. 
Nich: the 2 d Son of the said Nic: & Eliz: his wife was born the 17 of 

June between the Hours of 2 & 3 in the Morrning 1698. 
John the 2 d Son of the aforesaid Nic: & Eliz: his Wife was born 

Wednesday the 16 of April between 2 & 3 in y e Morning 1701. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, "Imprinted at London by 
Robert Barker, Printer to the Kinges most excellent 
Maiestie. 1611 ; " in ??iy possession. — F. A. C. 

McCormick Family. 

Manchester March 3 rd 1857. 
John M c Cormick born at Dublin. 

Mary Ireland his wife born in Latchford Warrington March 16 th 1835. 

James M c Cormick Son of Mary & John born 3 rd of March 1857 
at No. 60 Granby Row. 

Mary M c Cormick daughter of Mary & John born 19 th of July 1859 at 
No. 60 Granby Row. Mary Died January 20 th 1862 at No. 5 
Balloon Street And was cnterred at St. Georges Church on Janry 
23 rd 1862 at the age of z\ years. May she rest in Peace. Amen. 

Gane M c Cormick daughter of Mary & John born 13 th of December 
1 86 1 at No. 5 Balloon Street. 

Entries written on l/ie inside cover of a work entitled : 
"Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick," drc, by 
James S. Buckingham. — F. A. C. 


Morgan and Higginson Families. 

Mary the Daughter of John morgan Born November: 9 th : 1755. 

Edward the Son of John morgan Born April 2 d : 1758. 

Elizabeth y e Daughter of John morgan Born October: 17: 1759. 

John the Son of John morgon Bom December 20 4: 1762. 

Martha the Daughter of John morgan Born December the 3, 1764. 

John the Son of John morgan Born December 20 4: 1762. 

Martha the Daughter of John morgan Born December the 3: 1764. 

Anne the Daughter of John Morgan Born Novembem the 17: 1767. 

Martha Higginson Born Jan. 22 nd 1822. 

Ann Higginson Born May 31, 1824. 

Mary Higginson Born Ap. 15, 1826. 

Elizabeth Higginson Born Dec r 12 th 1828. 

John Higginson Born Dec r 17, 1830. 

Ritchard Higginson Born March the 8 th 1833. 

Ann Higginson Born March 10 th 1834. 

Ann Higginson died on feb r 3 rd 1829. 

Ritc hrd Higginson Died on Ap 1 the 5 th 1833. 

Mary the Dotaghter of John Morgan Born November the 9, 1755. 

Edward the Son of John Morgan Born April the 2, 1758. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer 
and Bible with Apocrypha, 11 Imprinted At London 
by Bonham Norton and John Bill, Printers to the 
Kings most Excellent Maiestie. M.DC.XXII.;" 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Jot ham Family. 

William Jotham Born [blank in orig.] 

Catherine Jotham Born December 16 th 1800. Married June 6 th 1824. 
Eliza Jotham Born July 17 th 1825. Daughter of the above William & 

Catherine Jotham. 
Harriet Jotham Born January 4 th 1827. Daughter of the above William 

& Catherine Jotham. 
Amelia Jotham Born June 15 th 183 1. Daughter of the above William 

& Catherine Jotham. 
William Jotham Born December 15 th 1835. Son of the above William 

& Catherine Jotham. 
Amelia Jotham Died August 20 th 1840. 
William Jotham Died May 9 th 1835. 

Eliza Pollard Grandaughter of the above Died January 30 th 1851. 

From a folio Bible with Apocrypha, "Liverpool, Printed 
by J. Nuttall, No. 21, Duke Street. 1804;" in 
my possession. On a leather label pasted on the 
inside front cover is stamped : "A. 6° C. Bishop, 
1808."— F. A. C. 


Ablitt and Summersett Families. 

James Boreham Ablitt Born Dec r I st 1812 two Oclock More. 
William Brackett Ablitt Born July 21 st 18 14, 8 Oclock Eves. 
Elizabeth Mary Ablitt Born Nov r 29, 181 5, 4 Oclock Mors. 
George Alexander Ablitt Born Feb^ 17, \ past 7 More 181 7. 
Benjamin Ayariah Ablitt Born . . y 19, 1819 between 4 and 5 Oclock 

. . ily A . . Ablitt Born . . r 27 182 . Died Dec r 4, 1822. 
Henry John Ablitt Born October 28, 1822. Died Nov r 1822. 
Charles John Ablitt Born Dec r 15, 1823, 9 Oclock Eve . . 
Edward Joseph Ablitt Born July ... 6 one Oclock Mors. 
.... Ablitt Born ... 10 Oclock Night. 

.... Baptised at S' Peters Sudbury except Emily she was Baptised at 
S l Gregory. 

The Above are the Children of James & Elizabeth Ablitt, who were 

Married [plank in orig.] 
James Ablitt died suddenly Oct. 23, 1845, Aged 5 . . 
Sudbury S' Peter in y e County of Suffolk October y e 31, .. 39 Joseph 

Son of Joseph & Sarah Summersett was . . rn October y e 31 

between y e hours of 3 & 4 of y e Clock in y e . orning of y e town & 

County above-said was baptized . n y e 2 nd Day of November in y e 

year of our Lord . . 39. 
Simon Son of Joseph Summersett & Sarah . . wife was born September 

y e 29, 1 741 : between y e . ours of ten & Eleven of y e Clock at night 

& baptized y e 2 nd of . ctober following. 
John Son of Joseph Summersett . . Sarah his wife was born December 

y e 20, 1745 . . baptized y e 22 Day. 
Sarah Summersett Daughter of Joseph Summersett & Sarah his wife was 

bom November y e 9 th 1748 in . . dbury in County of Suffolk & 

was baptized November y e 13 in y e year of our Lord: 1748. 
Thomas lames & Margarett Sturton were maried May 31, 166 . . 
George Ablitt Feb? 17 th 18 18. 

Sudbury S' Peter in the County of Suffolk October y e 31 : 1739. 

I Joseph Son of Joseph and Sarah Summerset was born Oct r 31 

betwent 3 and 4 of the Clock in the Morning of the town 

and County above said was baptised on the 2 d Day of November: 

In the year of our Lord 1739. 
Simon Son of Joseph Summerset & Sarah his Wife was born Sepf 

y e 29, 1 741 between the hours of ten and Eleven of the Clock 

at Night & Baptised the 2 d of Oct r following. 
Joseph Son of John & Eliza. Sommerset of the town and County above 

Said was baptized on the 15 th Day of June in the Year of our 

Lord 17 15. 

December : y e : 22 : 1745 John Summerset y e Son of Joseph and Sarah 

his wife of Sudbury was baptized y e 22 Day. 
Sarah Sommersett July y e n, 1768. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer 
and Bible with Apocrypha, in black letter, 
"London, Printed by Robert Barker, Printer to the 
Kings most excellent Majestic, and by the Assignes 
of John Bill. 1639 > " tn m y possession. — F. A. C. 


Cooper, Hawkins and Ketcher Families. 

Elizabeth Daughter of John & Judith Cooper was Baptizd June 10 
A.D. 1739. 

This is to certify whom it doth or may concern that the above written is 
a true copy of the Register of Bradwell near the Sea in the County 
of Essex. J. Udal, Curate. 

Elizabeth Hawkins Daughter of John & Judith Cooper Died April 
the 18, 1789. 

Febery 2: 1760 John Hawkins Was Born. 

Febery 15: 1763 James Hawkins Was Born. 

November 11: 1764 Sarah Hawkins Was Born. 

July 23: 1766 Judy Hawkins Was Born. 

November 28: 1767 William Hawkins Was Born. 

Desember 9: 1770 Dansey Hawkins Was Born. 

Aprel 8: 1772 Sarah Hawkins Was Born. 

Elizbeth Hawkins Born Sebtemer 19: 1774. 

James Hawkins Born Jenery 9: 1776. 

Willum Hawkins July 25: 1777. 

Mary Ketcher was born Nov r 3: 1795. Died Feb 1 ^ 4: 1796. 
W m Ketcher whs born June 2: 1796. Died Feb 1 ^ 12: 1797. 
W m Henry Ketcher was born Sep r 18, 1797. 
John Hawkins Ketcher was born July 2 nd 1799. 
Eliza Ketcher was born November 12 th 1801. 
Sarah Ann Ketcher was born July 15 th 1803. 

[ Written later : {Sarah Hawkins) Mrs. Ketcher I think died on the 
3 th of November j$i and was buried o?i t/ie fifteenth aged £7.] 

From the first volume of a Bible, " London : Printed 
for H. Woodgate, at the Golden Ball in Pater- 
noster-Row. 1762 ; " in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Bailey Family. 

Rich d Bailey Born July 5, 1758. 

Maria Bailey Born Jan? 6, 1766. Married March 10 th 1788. Maria 
Bailey Died 18 th of Decern 1 " 1838 the day being Tuesday. 

Richard Bayley Died 8 th February 1841 between 6 & 7 o'clock on 
Monday M. interr d 14 th of same. 

John went into Essex 9 th July 1796 From Gnosall. Left Essex Sep r 9 th 
1801. Ret d to us at Woore Octo r 24 th 1801 after being at 
Birmingham 6 Weeks. Went to M r Bode's Stockport on 21 June 
1803. I Signed his Indenture on Septe r Following, left Stockport 
& came home 25 Dec r 1804 then to Hanley Green on 6 th March 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, " Cambridge Printed by 
John Hayes Printer to the Vniversitie. 1677 ;" 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Starn Family. 

August 8 the Chales Starn Was born in the year 1735. 
June 22 nd Chales Starn was born in the year 1761. 
April 11 th Prissilla Starn was born in the year 1739. 
August 11 th Charles Starn was born in the year 1788. 
February 4 th 1804 Eliz. Short Departed this Life 

about four OClock in the fternoon. 
Charles Starn His Book July 23, 1756. 
Henry Bullock Stearn was born May 31 st in the Year 1807. 
Mary Ann Stearn was born August 27 th in the Year 1808. 
Charles Starn was born December 12 th in the Year 1809. 
John Starn was born July 6 th in the Year 181 1. 
M rs Jarman Thorington Departed this life Jan^ 3 rd 1828. 
M r H. Bullock Fress d Departed this lif Nov r 22 nd 1828. Aged 79 Years. 
Charles Stearn late of Brundish departed this life on Saturday 10th of 

Febv 1855. buried on Saturday 17 th 1855 at Brundish Aged 

66 Years. 

From a Book of Common Prayer, "Edinburgh ; Printed 
by Mark and Charles Kerr, His Majesty's Printers. 
MDCCXCII. ;" in my possession. On the back 
of the title is written : "Charles Starn, Sen r 182J. 
Fressingfeld, Suffolk.^ — F. A. C. 

Smith Family. 

Edmund Smith Son to William Smith Baptised July the 21, 1667. 
Edmund Smith and Anne Smith was maryed octobar the fift in the 

year of our lord 1686. 
September 13 th 1702 Received then of John Callis The 

sume of ten pounds in full upon all A Counts what Euer 

for the Euse of Samuell Brand ; I say Recived by me 

Edman Smith. 

Mary Smith doutar to Edmund Smith was baptised septembar the fift 

the year of our lord 1687. 
Martha Smith doutar to Edmund Smith was baptised april the oan and 

twenty the year of our lord 1689. 
Edmund Smith sun of Edmund Smith dececsed was Babtised October 

the third Day 1694. 
Edman ; Smith ; His ; Book ; God Give Him grace one it to Looke and 

when the bell for him doth knowle the lord in heven Receive 

his soule. 1 702. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer and Bible with Apocrypha, in black letter, 
"Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to 
the Kings most Excellent Maiestie, 1608 ; " in my 
possession. On a fly-leaf is written : " W. Oliver 
1866. n — F. A. C. 

Bassett Family. 

1627: p r dtus Anthonius Rolf duxit in uxorem Mariam Dey un 
filiaru Jofeis Dey de Saxthorpe in Com. Norff. gen 
die Lune scllt xiii° die Augusti Anno Dni 1627 Annoq 
dni firis regni Regis Caroli Secundo apud Heydon in 

1630: Maria Rolf filia p r d Antho & Maria? uxoris eius nata 
erat die Lunae in Pascha sclt 29 die Marrtii 1630 
Annoq^ Caroli quinto et batiz erat die mercurii sclt. 7 
die Aprilis. Dicta Maria sepulta fuit decimo quarto die 
Maii Anno Dni 1630 in le Chancell Ecclie pochialis de 

1632: Maria Rolf alia filia Antho et Mariae uxis eius nata erat die 
Mercurii sclt 17 die Octobris Anno dni 1632 Annoc^ Caroli 
septimo ac baptiz erat die Lunae sclt. 29 die eiusd mensis. 
Dicta Maria sepulta fuit primo die Junii 1634 in Ecclie 
pochiali de Saxthorpe. 

1633: Anna Rolf filia Antho. et Mariae uxis eius nata erat die 
Sabbati sclt primo die Martis Anno dni 1633 Annoq 
Caroli octavo ac baptiz erat 2 die sclt die Solis eiusde 

1635: Clemens et Anthonius Rolf filii Antho et Mariae uxis eius nati 
fuerunt die Martis sclt 29 die decembris Anno dni 1635 
Annocjj Carolis decimo ac baptiz erant die Lunae sclt quarto 
die Januarii. Dictus Clemens sepultus fuit vicessimo quarto 
die Decembris Anno dni 1737 in Eccles pochiali de 

1657: Tutyngton. Dictus Anthonius Rolf sepultus fuit tricessimo 
primo die Martii Anno dni 1657 in Eccles pochiali de 
Tuttington Tricessimo primo die Martii 1657. 

1639: Hannah Rolf filia Antho et Maria? uxis eius nata erat die 
Jovis sclt. 1 6° die Januarii Anno dni 1639 Annoq 
Caroli decimo tertio ac baptizat erat die Jovis sclt 23 die 
eiusde mensis. 

1660: p r dta Hannah maritata erat Thomae Leigh Ar de Addington 
in Surry ultimo die Julii sclt. die Martis Anno dni 1660 apud 

1 661: Antho. Rolf fill Clemens et Anne sepult fuit in Ecclesia 

Porochi de Tutington sexto die Januarii 1661. 
1664: Maria Relicta p r dict Anth: marit erat Robto. Doughty de 

Aylsham Tricessimo die Augusti 1664. 
1668: Predict Hannah Leigh ux Thome Leigh miles sepulta fuit in 

Ecclesia Parochiali de Addington Decimo Sexto die Apri. 


1575: Clemens Rolf filius Thome Rolf et Susanne uxoris eius 
natus erat apud Tutyngton in Com Norff die Lune 
xix° die Martii Anno dni 1575 Annoq^ regni R ne 
Elizabethe xviii° ac baptizatus erat die Jovis tunc 
px sequen. Compatres eius fuer Clemes Paston de 
Oxned Ar. et Clemens Hyrne adtunc vnus vie Civitatis 
Norwici: et Commater eius Johanna Brampton uxor Edfi 
Brampton de Brampton Ari. 


1599 : P r dtus Clemens Rolf duxit in uxorem Annam Stutevyle ufi 
filiam Caroli Stutevyle de Hindringham in Com. Norff. gen. 
die M r curii sclt xvij° die Octobris Anno dni 1599 Annoc^ 
regni R ne Elizabeth Quadragesimo primo. 

1600: Anthonius Rolf Alius eofsdem Clementis Rolf et Anne uxis eius 
natus erat apud Tutyngton die Solis nono die Novembris 
Anno dni 1600 annoc^ regni R ne Elizabeth 42 Ac baptizatus 
erat die Solis tunc fix sequen: Compatres eius fuer Antho. 
Browne de Elzing Ar. et Antho. Bell de eodem gen. Et 
Commatres eius fuer. Anna un filiar Edri Coke Ar. Attorn, 
gehall dne R ne Elizabeth et Katerina uxor p r dti Caroli 
Stutevyle de Hindringham p r dto generosi. 

1 601: Maria filia eordem Cle: Rolf et Anne uxor eius nata erat apud 
Tutyngton p r d. die Lune nono die Novembris Anno dni 
1 60 1 Annoc^ R ne Eliz: 43 Ac baptiz: erat die Solis tunc px 
sequen: Commatres eius fuer Maria uxor Will: Cripps de 
Sail gen. et Brigitta Rolf Relicta supranoiat: Thome Rolf 
et Compater eius erat Thomas Thatfeld de Hevingham Ar. 

1603: Anna filia p r d: Cle: Rolf et Anne nata erat ibid die Martis in 
Pascha sclt xxvj° die Aprilis Anno dni 1603 Annoc^ regni nris 
Regis Jacobi primo Ac baptiz: erat die Solis px sclt. primo die 
Maii Comatres eius fuer Helena ux Johis Thirkettle et Susanna 
una filia? p r d Caroli Stutevyle gen: et Compatres eius fuer 
RoBtus Berney de Belaugh gen et Henricus Rolf de London. 

1606: Hannah filia p r d: Cle: Rolf et Anne nata erat iBm die vefiis 
xvj° die Januarii Anno dni 1606: Annocjb regni Regis 
Jacobi Quarto ac baptiz: erat die Solis sclt xxvij Januarii: 
Comatres eius fuer Anna uxor Anthonii Browne de Elzing 
p r d Militis et Anna uxor Edmundi Lambert de Oxned p r d 
Ar: et compater eius fuit Jofres Reppes de Oxned p r d Ar. 

1 61 2: Susanna filia p r d Cle: Rolf et Anne nata fuit iBm die Solis 14 
die Junii Anno dni 161 2: Annoq^ regni Regis Jacobi decimo 
ac baptizata erat die Jovis px sequen: Commatres eius fuer 
Maria scda uxor p r dti Caroli Stutevyle gen: et Elizabetha 
uxor w' Neve Jn de Bannyngham gen et Compater eius 
fuit Erasmus Buck de Owlton genoss. 

161 7: Anna Rolf uxor p r dt: Clementis Rolf moriebatur iBm die Lune 
sclt primo die Septembris Anno dni 161 7 inter primam et 
scdam horam de nocte et sepulta erat die mercurii px 
sequen in le Chancell Ecclie pocchial de Tutyngton p r d. 

1 621: Clemens Rolf p r tus duxit in uxorem Aliciam una filiar Jotiis 
Oxborough defuncti quondam de Bytchamwell in Com. 
Norff gen die mercurii viij° die Augusti A° dni 162 1 
Annoc^ regni Regis Jacobi Anglie etc. decimo nono. Qure 
p r dta Alicia bis antea maritata erat scilt Jotii Bassett qui bis 
fuit Praetor de Lynne Regis in Com. Norff. et postea Rico 
Moundeford de Moundeford in Com. Norff p r d. geh. 

1642: Alicia Rolf uxor p r dct Clementis Rolf sepulta fuit in le Chancell 
de Tutyngton tricesimo die mensis Julii Anno dni 1642. 
Clemens Rolf gen sepult. fuit sexto die Januarii in le 

All the foregoing entries have been carefully crossed through. 


Kinges Lyn: 

1547 : John Bassett the Sonne of Steven Bassett of Kingf Lynne was 

baptized the xxxj th day of October: 1547: 
1596: 1610: The seid John Bassett was twice Mayor of Kingf Lynne 

ffirst in Anno: 1596: Afterward in Anno: 16 10. 
1588: The seid John Bassett married Alice Oxborowgh one of the 

dawghters of John Oxborowgh of Bitchamwell in Norff gen 

In the yere of o r lord god 1588: 
1590': Thomazyne the dawghter of the seid John Bassett & Alice 

his wyfe was borne in Kingf Lynne the xxiiij th of 

Januarie 1590: 

1592: John the Sonne of the seid John Bassett & Alice his 
wyfe was borne the second day of November: In Anno: 

1594: Thomas the Sonne of the seid John & Alice Bassett was borne 

the xxij th day of March: In Anno 1594: 
1597 : Marie the dawghter of the seid John & Alice Bassett was borne 

on Christmas day being Sondaye In Anno 1597: And died 

w'hin ffower yeres after: 
1599: Steven the Sonne of the seid John & Alice Bassett was borne 

the third day of december: 1599: And died w'hin ij yeres 

after : 

1 60 1 : Alice the dawghter of the seid John & Alice Bassett was borne 
the second day of Awgust, In Anno dni 1601 : 

1604: Stephen Bassett the Sonne of y e seid John & Alice Bassett was 
borne the iiij th day of Aprill 1604: And Christned vpon 
Easter day being the viij th of Aprill: 1604: 

1 6 1 1 : The Abovseid John Bassett died in Kingf Lyn vpon 
Thurseday after Michellmas day being the third day of 
October, In Anno 161 1: after he had yelded the sword to 
m r Tho: Some in the first yere and fowrth day of his 
Mayoralltie of Kinges Lynne : 

161 1 : The aboveseid Alice the widdowe of the seid John Bassett was 

1 61 6: married to Richard Mondeford of Mondeford gen in Awgust, 

1621: In Anno dhi 1612: w ch Richard died in Kingf Lyn abowt 
ffower yeres after: And vpon the viij th day of Awgust 1621: 
the seid Alice was married agayne to Clement Rolf of 
Tutyngton in the County of Norff gent: 

1642: The abovesaid Alice died in Norw c h and was buried in the 
Chancell of Tuttington the thirtith day of July in Anno 1642 : 

1642: The abovesaid Clement Rolf died att Tuttington vpon 
Wedensday after New yeare & was buried in Le Chancell 
of Tuttington vpon Twelfe day being the Sixt of January 
In Anno 1642 : 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer 
and Bible with Apocrypha, "Imprinted at 
London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kinges 
most Excellent Maiestie, 161 1. Cum Privilegio ; " 
in my possession. On the title to the Book of 
Common Prayer occurs the autograph of Sam: 
Denton. — F. A. C. 


Pond Family. 

James Pond and Elizabeth Barnes was married the 17 th of may 1807 
By the Rev d D r Mant at the parish of all Saints Church, 
andrews Clerk \ 
Rogers Sexton / 

1 Charlott Daughter of James and Elizabeth Pond was Born Sunday 

April 17 th 1808 about half past 8 oClock in the Morning. 

2 James Son of James and Elizabeth Pond was Bom Sunday Dec r 31' 

1809 about 10 minuts past 10 oClock in the Evening. [Written 
later : Died 7 April 1834 aged 44 years.] 

3 Eliza Daughter of James and Elizabeth Pond was Born Sunday the 

23 d of June 181 1, j before 2 OClock in the Morning. [Written 
later: Died April 24, 1845 aged 33 years.] 

4 Charles Son of James and Elizabeth Pond was Born Sunday 

9 th of august 181 2 about half past 9 OClock in the morning. 
Charles Died 4 th of febuary 1813 aged 6 months. 

Albert Son of James and Elizabeth Pond was Born Saturday Dec 1 " 18 th 

18 13, J Past 6 OClock in the Evening. 
Albert Died 11 th of febuary 18 14. 

Alfred Son of James and Elizabeth Pond was Born Sunday Febuary 19 th 

181 5 about one oClock in the afternoon. [Written later: Died 

30 Dec r 1836, aged 21 years.] 
Henry Pond was borne Monday The 2 2 d day of June 181 8 Son of 

James and Elizabeth Pond. 
Edwin Son of James and Elizabeth Pond was born the 27 March 18 19. 

Died Dec r aged 9 month. 

From the first volume of a Bible, "Bungay: Printed 
and Published by C. Brightly, for Himself and 
T. Kinnersley. 1808;" in my possession. — F. A. C. 

V elvin Family. 

John Velvin Born March 25, 1795 on Wednesday at Christian Malford. 
Anna Carpenter Born July 18, 1794 on Friday at Bradford. [Note 

in pencil: Died Feb v I st 1867.] 
John Velvin & Anna Carpenter were Maried Oct 5, 181 7 By the Rev d 

Howell Jones at Bradford Church. [Note in pencil: Died March 3 rd 


Henry Son of the above John & Anna Velvin Born Aug 1 19 th 18 18 

Wednesday, Baptized Nov 22, 181 8 By the Rev d Dan Fleming 

(Independant Chapel). 
George Son of the above born Nov 16, 1820, Thursday Baptized Ap 8 th 

1821 By the Rev d Dan Fleming at the Independant Chapel 

Died 31 st May 1879. 
Sarah Daughter of the above Born March 28, 1823, Friday 

Died May 6 th 1823 Aged 5 Weeks & 4 days. 
James Son of the Above Born March 15 th 1824 Monday Baptized by 

the Rev d Dan Fleming. Died Jan> 8, 1853. 

Marianne Daughter of the Above Born March 9 th 1827 [written above : 
1826] Thursday Baptized Sep 1827 [written above: 1826] by the 
Rev d Dan Fleming. Died 21 st October 1877 at Croxted Green, 
The Nursery, Hawkhurst, Sussex. 

Sophia Daughter of the above Born September 10 th 1829 [written 
above: 1828] Wednesday Baptised Oct 9 th , 1831 by the Rev d 
W m Gear, Independant Chapel. [Note in pencil: Died May 22 nd 

Maria Daughter of the above Born Feb 12, 1831, Saturday Baptized 
Oct 9 th 1 83 1 by the Rev d W m Gear. [Note in pencil: Died 
July 31 st 1857.] 

John Son of the above Born March 28 th 1833, Thursday Baptized 

February 9 th 1834 by the Rev d W m Gear Indep' Chap 1 . 
Frederic Charles Velvin Son of the above Born Aug i st 1836 Monday, 

Baptized May 14, 1837 by the Rev d W m Gear Independant Chapel. 
Frederic Charles Died April 12 th 1838 Aged 1 Year & 8 Months 

Buried, Bradford Church Yard April 18 th . 
James Buried in the Wesleyan Chapel Walcot, Sunday Jany 16, 1853, 


From the first volume of 11 An Exposition of the Old and 
New Testament in Six Volumes" by Matthew 
Henry, late Minister of the Gospel in Chester, 
"Edinburgh : Printed for Bell and Bradfute, 
J. Dickson, and J. MCliesh, M.DCC.XC.;" in 
my possession. On the title is written : "fa Watts 
his Book."—F. A. C. 

A therton Family. 

My Grandfather, Rob 1 Atherton, Departed this life y e 27 th Day, of 

Nov r 1745, & was Buried y e 29 th . 
My Grand : Mother, Elizabeth Atherton, Departed this life y e 17 th Day, 

of Dec 1756, & was Buried y e 19 th . 
My Mother Ann Atherton, Departed this life 10 th Oct r 1785. 
My Father Hump h Atherton, Departed this life 29 th Nov r 1788. 
Humphrey Atherton of Winstanley maried Anne Atherton of the same 

place 5 September 1737 and had Children as follows. 
James their first, born 19 May 1738. 

Elizabeth their Second, born 18 Mar. 1742 & Died 24 May 1743. 
Elizabeth their Third, born 8 Mar. 1744. 

Margaret their fourth, born 17 Mar. 1746. [Note in pencil: o¥ 1832 
Jan. 02: 85. Married W m Tristram who died 8 Oct. 1813.] 

From a folio volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer and Bible with Apocrypha, "London, 
Printed by John Baskett, Printer to the King's 
most Excellent Majesty, And by the Assigns of 
Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, deceased. 
1723;" in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Dalby Family. 

Thomas Dalby of Kegworth in the County of Leicester Surgeon & 
Apothecary (second Son of the Rev d Jno Dalby A.M. Vicar of 
Castle Donington in the County of Leicester and Rector of 
Rambley, Nottinghamshire & Eliz th his wife. 


Bridget Fosbrooke (youngest Daughter of Leonard FosbrOoke Esq r 
of Shardlow Hall in the County of Derby by Penelope his 
wife, Daughter of Tho s Burgh Esq r of the Middle Temple 
London & of Coventry) were married at the parish Church 
of Weston upon Trent in the County of Derby on y e 7 th December 

1. Thomas Dalby, Son of Tho: & Bridget born y e 4 th of Aug st 17 71 & 

died y e 22 nd of Aug st 1771 & buried at Kegworth. 

2. Thomas Dalby, Son of Tho s & Bridget Born y e 22 nd April 1773 

(See below) died 15 th July 18 19 JEt 46 & buried at Ashby. 

3. jno Dalby, Son of Tho s & B. born 28 th April 1774 died at 

Nottingham y e 20 Dec r 1840. 

4. Isabella Dalby, D r of Tho: & B: born y e 18 th Nov r 1775 & died 

30 Nov r 1775. 

5. Edward Dalby, Son of Tho: & B: born y e 11 th Oct r 1777. 

6. Philip Dalby, Son of Tho: & B: born y e I st Jany 1779. 

7. Isabella Dalby, D r of Tho: & B: born y e 22 nd June 1780. Isabella 

Dalby died Nov r 23 rd 1846. 

8. Elizabeth Dalby, D r of Tho: & B: born y e 12 th Feb: 1782 & died 

y e 2 nd TJ ec r j^2. 

Thomas Dalby (the Father) died y e 15 th March 1787 ^Et: 43 & buried 
at Kegworth. 

Bridget his wife died 29 th January 1807 JEt: [blank in orig.~\ & buried 
at Kegworth. 

Thomas Dalby & Lucy Springthorpe married in the parish Church of 
Ashby-de-la-Zouch on Monday 27 th Aug st 1804. Children born 
as under & baptized where born. 

1. Thomas Son of the above born y e 6 th of June 1805 at Ashby & died 

y e 28 th July 1805 & buried at Ashby. 

2. Matilda born 15 th Dec r 1806 at Ashby. Married to Sam 1 

Gasquoine of Manchester at Ashby, on Thursday 30 th of May 
1833. The Children of Sam 1 & Matilda Gasquoine born 
as follows. 

1. Lucy Jane 5 th March 1834. 

2. Matilda 14 th April 1836. 

3. Charles 21 st March 1838. 

4. William 26 Feb* 1 1840. 

3. Thomas Burgh, Son of Tho s & Lucy Dalby born 29 th March 1808 

at Kegworth & married to Eliz th Tabberer at the parish Church 
of Tutbury on Thursday 15 th Aug st 1839. 

(Charles Allsopp & John Henry (twins) Sons of Tho: &: Lucy Dalby 
born 16 th May 18 10 at Kegworth. Jn° died 20 th Aug st 1810 & 
Charles 14 th Sepf 1810 both were buried at Kegworth. 


6. Charles Allsopp, Son of Tho: & Lucy Dalby born y e 5 th Nov r 181 1 

at Kegworth & Married y" 5 29 th of October 1839 to Sarah only 
Daughter of W m & Eliz th Bartlett at Lymington, Hants. Children 
of Cha s A. & Sarah born as follows. 

William Bartlett, Son of Cha s & Sarah born Dec r 10 th 1840 at 
6 oC: p.m. 

Charles Bartlett, Son of Cha s & Sarah born Sept r 30 th 1842 at 
11 oC: a.m. Charles Bartlett Dalby died May 17 th 1845 
aged two years, 7 months, 2 weeks & 3 days & buried 
at Ashby. 

James Bartlett, Son of Cha s & Sarah born Feb? 16 th 1844 
at 8 oC: p:m: 

7. John, Son of Tho: & Lucy Dalby born ye 9 th January 1814 at Ashby. 

8. Lucy Isabella, born ye 14 th March 18 16 at Ashby, died 24 th May 

1818 & buried at Ashby. 

9. Lucy Isabella D r of Tho: & Lucy Dalby born y e 10 th June 18 18 

at Ashby and married to Edward Dalby of Manchester on y e 28 th 
May 1839 at the parish Church, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. Lucy Isabella 
died at Lymington Oct r 29 th 1847. Edward Dalby died at 
[Blank in orig.] in India. 

Frank, Son of Edw d & Lucy born 12 th March 1840. 

Thomas Dalby Father of the above died y e 15 th July i8i9atioOCin 
the evening & buried at Ashby Aged 46. 

Elizabeth Pitt Bartlett, Born 17 th December 18 16 Died 16 th November 
182 1 Aged 4 years and 11 Months. 

Eliz th Bartlett died at Lymington January 25 th 1847. 

M r John Westbrook died June 9 th 1803 aged 53 years. 

M rs John Westbrook Died Agust 23 rd 181 2 Aged 85 years. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer 
and Bible with Apocrypha, " Oxford, Printed by 
John Baskett, Printer to the University, 
MDCCXXXIX. ;" in my possession. On the 
title to the Book of Common Prayer is the 
autograph of Cha s A. Dalby 184.0 ; and on a 
fly-leaf: "Canon Denton, The Vicarage, Ashby de 
la Zouch. Bought at W" Dalby' s sale Sep 7, 
1808."— -F. A. C. 

Lee Family. 

Lucy Lee was born on Thursday the 30 of Janvary Be Twen 4 & 5 in 
the morng and Baptised march the 3 in the yer 1745 6. 

From a copy of " The Protestant Manual," u London : 
Printed for James Hodges, at the Looking Glass 
over against St. Magnus's- Church, London Bridge. 
I 75° •' " * n m y possession. On a fly-leaf is written : 
"Lucy Lee Har Book October 10, 1750."— ¥. A. C. 


Coats and Snelling Families. 

John and Mary Meader Coats was Married May 19 th 1793. 

Charles Coats son of John and Mary Meader Coats was Born Febv 19 th 

1794- '-flfF.::;--' 
Charlotte Coats Daughter of John and Mary Meader Coats was Born 

August 29, 1795. 

William Hall Coats son of John and Mary Meader Coats was Born 
April 24 th 1798. 

Eliza Coats Daughter of John and Mary Meader Coats was Born 

April 10 th 1803. 
Richard Snelling was Born May 25, 1800. 
James Bartlett and Charlotte Was Maried January 4, 1816. 
Eliza Snelling Her Book. 

Richard and Eliza Snelling was Married October 31 st 1825. 
Harriet Snelling Daughter of Richard and Eliza Snelling was Born 
August 30 th 1826. 

Mary Elizabeth Snelling Daughter of Richard and Eliza Snelling was 

Born March 15 th 1833. 
Mary Elisabeth Snelling the Daughter of Richard and Eliza Snelling was 

Married to Henry Young July 8 th 1856 in her 23 year and Died 

Aperl 10 th 1864 aged 31. 

From loose leaves in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Edwards Family. 

Charles Edwards born Jan 1 ^ 8, 1787. [Note in pencil : Feb ij, 1873.] 
Mary Kersey born March 3, 1797. [Note in pencil: Died at Bridgham 
Feb. 6, 1874.] 

they were Married at Glemham Magna March 24, 181 7. 
their Children. 

Charles Edwards born Jan 1 ^ 19, 18 18. Christened July 29, 18 19. 
George Cordy Edwards born June 19, 1819. Christened July 29, 1819. 

[Note in pencil: Married a second time to Dora Zillah Bacon Feb. 

1882 at S. Michaels psh. Married E. L. Branford died Sep. 1873 

atid had issue 3 Sons and 6 Daughters?^ 
Thomas Kersey Edwards born Sept. 7, 1820. Christened Jan ry 1821. 

[Note in pencil : Married, issue one son two daughters.] 
Edwin Edwards born Jan*^ 6, 1823. [Note in pencil: Married Ruth 

Elz th Escombe, no issue.] 
George Edwards Father of Charles Edwards the above was born 

Sepf 1, 1753 Died Oct 24, 1836. 
Anne Edwards his Wife Died Jan 1 "? 22, 1839 Aged 81. [Note in 

pencil : Born at Worlingworth Born Oct. 1737.] 
Thomas Kersey Father of Mary Kersey the Wife of Charles Edwards 

above, Died July 4 th 1839 Age 82. 

From a Booh of Common Prayer, printed at Oxford 
in 1822, in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Whitehead Family. 

Richard Whitehead Born Oct r 25 th 1747. Altered by Stile Nov r 5 th . 
Ann Bubb Born July 4 th 1754. 

Married at Saint James's Church, Clerkenwell, December -f" 2 5 th 1 773- 

M r Richard Whitehead having been Afflicted for many Years with an Asthma which he 
endured with pious resignation to the Divine Will Died the 24 th of February 1820, 
at Six OClock in the Morning to the great grief of all his Family. 

Sarah Whitehead 

Thursday Oct r 13 th 

Ten minutes before 
Six Oclock Evening 

Nov r 9 th 

Saint Botolph 

Sep r 17 th 






Sophia Ann 

Feby 18 th 
Tuesday, half 
Past 1 1, forenoon 

March 5 th 
Saint Botolph 



Au£ st 2Q th I7 7Q 

Ten Minutes 
After 12 Noon 

Sep r 26 th 
Saint Botolph 

Nov r 18 th 





Friday Jan^ 10 th 

Quarter before 
12 Noon 

Janv 26 th 

Saint Botolph 

Aug st 28 th 




Saturday Aug st 28 
Ten minutes 
After 1 Morn 

Sep r 29 th 
Saint Helen 

Nov' 9 th 



Wednesday May 2 d 

Twenty two minutes 
After 6 Morning 

May 13 th 

Saint Helen 

March 5 th 





Tuesday April 7 th 

Half past 8, 

April 26" 1 

Saint Helen 

Sep r 26 th 




Friday April 27 th 
Ten miuutes 
After 11, Noon 

June 3 d 
Saint Helen 

Feb. 16 
182 [7 

in penal} 

of the Liver 



Sunday the 7 th 
of Dec r 1794 
Six in y e Evening 

Dec r 21 st 

. 1794 
Saint Helen 

Dec i st 

Teeth & 


From the first volume of " The Royal Bible" by Leonard Howard, D.D., Rector 
of St. George's, Southward, and Chaplain to her Royal Highness the 
Princess Dowager of Wales, " London : Printed for L. Pottinger, at the 
Royal Bible, in Pater Nosier Row, MDCCLXL ;" in my possession. 
On the inside front cover is pasted a leather label with the words : 
" Samuel Bubb, Sarah Bubb, 1764." — F. A. C. 


Widdop Family. 

Ja s Widdop Born Wednesday Nov r 28 th 1821 Twenty five Minutes Past 

8 oClock in the Evening. 
Elizabeth Widdop Born Wednesday April 9 th 1823 Thirty five Minutes 

Past 12 oClock at Night (or Twenty five Minets before 1 oClock 

in the Morning). 

Geo Widdop Born Sunday Aug' 29 th 1824 Twenty Minutes Past 

7 oClock in the Evening. 
Thomas Aspinall Widdop Born Saturday April 15 th 1826 Forty Minute 

Past 8 oClock in the Morning. 
Louisa Ann Widdop Born Tuesday Dec r 4 th 1827 Twenty Minutes 

Past 12 oClock at Night (or Forty Minets before 1 oClock in the 


Hannah Maria Widdop Born Sunday Night Nov r 22 nd 1829 a \ before 
12 oClock. 

Alford Widdop Born Wednesday Morning 4 oClock Sep' 26 th 1832. 
Jane Widdop Born Thursday Morning ten Minutes past 2 oClock 
Nov r 20 th 1834. 

George Widdop Sen r Departed this Life on the 20 th of November 1836 
aged 38. 

John Aspinall Widdop Was born March 9 th 1837, 15 Minutes after 

One O. Clock in the Afternoon. 
1837 May 26 Hannah Widdop Died at a quarter past 7 O. clock 

in the Morning aged 36. 
John Aspinall Widdop Died July 23 th 2 O. clock in the Morning. 
Frances Wilson Born Oct r 4 th 1857 ten \ Died Oct r 24 th 1857. 

Minutes to 7 Oclock Morning. / Aged 20 days. 
John Wilson Born Ocf 23 d 1858 five \ Died Nov r 8 th 1858 

Minutes to 1 Oclock P.M. / Aged 15 days. 

Louisa A Widdop Died July 19 th 1862. 

From loose leaves in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Sutton Family. 

James Sutton whas born April 25 th in the year of our Lord 1765. 
James Sutton whes meried Dec r 11 th in 1786. 

Thomas Woollright Sutton whas bornd October 3 th about 2 in the 
moning in 1787. 

John Sutton whas bornd 15 th of Aprill about 3 in the morning in 1789. 
Sarah Sutton whas born 21 th of Janary in the year of our Lord 1791 

about a leven a clock in the Evning. 
Whee came from Tetbury in Glocestershire to Clifton in Lancaster 

Shire in August 1791. 
Sarah Sutton Died Febuary 5 th 1794 about 8 aclock in the morning. 
Sarah Sutton their Mother Died May 13 at 12 aclock in the day in the 

ear of our lord 1800 aged 43 years & 5 Months. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Stokes Family. 

Joseph & Frances Stokes were Married y e 4 th August 1767. A Register 

of Their Children as under. 
[ Written later : Joseph Stokes 6^ Frances Jackson were married in 

S* Peter's Church, Liverpool, by Rob Brereton in the presence of 

Betty Thompson 6° Tho" Place according to Certificate obtained 

by me this 30 Sep : 1850, Thomas Stokes, Aged 43.] 
I st Joseph, born y e 21 st March 1768 a quarter before Nine at Night. 

William, was born 21 st April 1770 at Seven o'Clock in y e Morning. 

Alice, was born 3 July 1772 at half past twelve at Noon. 

John, was born 3 June 1774 at half past Seven in y e Morning. 

Thomas, was born 24 May 1776 at Six O'Clock at Night [written 
later: & baptized 18 th June in S* Nicholas 1 Church as 
appears by Certificate dated this 30 Sept r 1830, 6° obtained 
by me, Thomas Stokes aged 43]. 
Jane, was born 17 May 1777 at halfpast One at Noon. 
Jane died 6 th July 1778 & was buried y e 9 th in y e old Church Yard. 
Frances Stokes departed this Life on Saturday Night about Ten oClock 

y e 3 d of Nov r 1 781 & was Inter'd on Tuesday Morning y e 6 of 

Nov r in y e old Church Yard. 
Joseph Stokes died on the 11 th Dec 1806 Aged 62 and was buried on 

the 13 th in the Old Church yard. 
John Stokes died in the Island of Dominica, West Indies, in May or 

June 1807 Aged 33. 
Joseph Stokes died 2 nd May 1833 at 8 in the evening aged 65 & was 

interred in Walton Church yard on Monday 6 th May 1833. 
William Stokes unmarried died 25 th March at 4 A.M. aged 64, & was 

interred in S 1 Philips Church yard on Saturday 28 th March 1835. 
Alice Lightfoot (formerly Stokes) died 5 th March 185 1 at Hale & was 

buried in Hale Church Yard on the 9 th March. 
Thomas Stokes and Catherine Callow were married on the 25 th Sept r 

1806 at S' John's Church, Liverpool. [Written later: By 

L s Pughe Offz Minister ; in the presence of Mary Callow 6° 

Ro¥ Bispham, according to Certificate obtained by me this 28 th 

September 1850, Thomas Stokes, aged 43.] 
Thomas, their Son, was born 27 th June 1807 and christen'd 25 th Feb^ 

1808 at S' Nicholas's Church. 
The above Thomas Stokes died in the Colony of Berbice, near 

Demarara, West Indies, about April or May 181 1, the exact time 

we could not learn. Aged 35. 
Catherine Stokes formerly Callow died in Liverpool the 18 th October 

1839, and was buried in the Parish Church Yard of Kirk 

Maughold, Isle of Man, on the 22 nd October. Aged 70 Years. 
Mary Callow (unmarried) sister of Catherine Stokes died 19 th September 

1847, aged 83 Years (was born 28 th Dec 1764) and buried in 

S l Michaels Church Yard, Liverpool, 24 th Sep r . 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, "Dublin: Printed by 
and for George Grierson, Printer to the King's 
Most Excellent Majesty, at the King's Arms and 
Two Bibles in Essex-Street, MDCCLII. ;" in 
my possession. — F. A. C. 

Popham Family. 

Letitia the Daughter of George Popham and Dulcibella his wife was 
born on the 14 th day of November 1682 : on a Tuesday about 7 
in the Morneing and Baptized in S l Thomas parrish in Winton. 

1 : John the son of Francis Popham & Letitia his wife was born on 

the 10 th day of October 17 18: about 50 Minuits past 8 of the 
Clock in the morning & Baptized on the 24 th day of the same 

2 George the son of ffrancis Popham & Letitia his wife, was born on 

the first day of January 17 19 : near half an houre past one of the 
Clock in the Afternoone and Baptized on Candlemas day following. 

3 Francis the son of Francis Popham & Letitia his wife was born on 

the 30 th day of May 1723 : about halfe an Hour past Seaven of the 
Clock in the Evening and was Baptized on the 3 d day of July 

4 : Alexander the son of ffrancis Popham & Letitia his wife was born 
on the 11 th day of August 1725 : about three of the Clock in the 
Morneing and was Baptized on the 10 th day of Septem : following. 
Dyed on the 17 th day of May 1729. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer and Bible with Apocrypha, " Cambridge 
Printed by John Field Printer to the Vniversitie 
1668;" in my possession. On a fly-leaf is 
written : "John fforde i6pj."—F. A. C. 

Popham Family. 

Births of the Children of Tho s and Sarah Popham. 
Thomas was Born 23 d July 1739. 
Alexander 24 th July 1743. 
Thomas Edward 25 th March 1745. 
Laetitia 24 th April 1746. 
Charles 20 th May 1748. 

Births of the Children of Alex r Popham & Charlotte Louisa his 2 d Wife 
Youngest Daughter of Samuel Eyre of Newhouse in y e County of 
Wilts Esq r . 

Louisa Charlotte Born 20 th Septem r 1777. 

Alexander 7 th Novem r 1778 died an Infant. 

Francis March 23 th 1780. 

Laetitia Harriet 5 th April 1781 of whom Her Mother died in Child bed 

April 17 th Aged 24 Years. 
Birth of the Child of Francis Popham & Susanna his wife the 

Youngest Daughter of Nicholas Fenwick Esq re of Lemmington in 

Susan born Nov r 3 d 1825. 


Births of the Childern of Tho s & Sarah Popham. 
Thomas was Born 23 of July 1739 died an Infant. 
Alexander July y e 24, 1743. 

Thomas Edward March y e 25, 1745 died 7 Years Old. 
Lsetitia April y* 5 24, 1746. 

Charles May y e 20, 1748 lost in the Aurora Frigate of War in a voyage 

to the East Indies 1769. 
Alexander Married March y e 31, 1772 Frances the Daughter of John 

Sanford of Walford in the County of Somerset, Who died in Child 

Bed March 18 th 1773 aged 21 years. 
Lsetitia Married James Sparrow Esq re of Bourton in the County of 


Birth of the Children of Alexander Popham & Charlotte Louisa his 

second Wife daughter to Sam 1 Eyre Esq r of New house Wilts. 
Louisa Charlotte Born Sep r 20, 1777. 
Alexander Nov r 7 th 1778 died an Infant. 
Francis March 23 th 1780. 
Lsetitia Harriet April 5 th 1781. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer and Bible with Apocrypha, " London, 
Printed by John Baskett, Printer to the Kings 
most Excellent Majesty, And by the Assigns of 
Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, deceased 
MDCCXVI. ;" in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Burridge Family. 

Ann Elizabeth Burridge was Born March 2 nd 1775 between seven and 

Eight Oclock at Night on a Thursday. 
William Burridge was Born November the 29, 1776 between Eight & 

Nine Oclock in the Morning being on a Friday. 
Philip Doble Burridge was Born January 5 th 1778 being on a Monday 

Afternoon between the Hour of twelve and One. 
Francis George Cox Burridge was Born June 17 th 1779 being on a 

Thursday Morning about Three Oclock. 
Mary Burridge was Born October the 30 th 1782 on a Thursday between 

Seven and Eight Oclock at Night. 
Sarah Bryant Burridge was Born June 14 th 1784 between Four and 

five Oclock in the Morning it being on a Thursday. 
John Doble Burridge was Born March 17, 1786 about half after Eleven 

in the Morning on a Friday. 
The above was taken from another Book by Ann Eliza Burridge. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, "Oxford: Printed by 
Thomas Baskett, Printer to the University. 
MDCCLV. ;" in my possession. On the title 
page is written: " Philip Doble Burridge His 
Book 1808."— F. A. C. 


Rush Family. 

William Henry Rush Born October i st 1818 on Thursday afternoon 
Between the hours of four and five Oclock. Son of W m and 
Harorot Rush. 

Joseph Alfred Charles Rush Born Nov 9 th 1820 Between the hours 
of two & three Oclock in the Morning. Son of the above 
W m & H R. 

Harriot Sarah Rush Born Nov r 20 th 1822. Daughter of Will m & 
H Rush. 

Alfred [T W in pencil} Rush Born March 3 rd 1825. Son of Will m 
& H Rush. 

Samuel Ebbage Rush Born August 4 th 1828 Between the hours 
of one and two Oclock in the afternoon. Son of Lydia & 
W m Rush. 

Alfred Tovell Wallis Rush Died of Consumption in London July 6 th 
1858 in the 34 year of his Age and Buried in the Tower Hamlet 
Cemetry Followed by his Brother W. H. R. & his Cousin 
H. Groom of London & his Widdow July 1 i th 1858. J. A. C. R. 

M re Mary Ann Kemp, Cousin of the above Alfred Rush, Died Nov r 
13, 1862, after a lingering Consumption at My House Aged 
32 years & Burried at the Ipswich Cemetry next M re Rush's 
Grave. W. Rush. 

Harriot Sarah Rush Departed this Life 1823, an Infant Daughter of 
W ra & H Rush. 

Harriot Rush Wife of William Rush Departed this Life October 8 th 

1825, in the 28 th year of her Age. 
Sarah Tovell, Sorrell Horse S l Clemt s Ips h , Departed this Life Nov 1 " 6 th 

1824 Aged 64 years. Mother of W m Rush. 
Joseph Rush Son of the above Sarah Tovell Died June 2 nd 1819 in 

the 23 rd year of his Age, he Died Abroad of a Fever. Brother of 

Willm Rush. 

Samuel Ebbage Rush Son of Lydia & William Rush Departed this life 
January i st 1835, he was taken off in 5 days with the Scarlett 
Fever. Aged 6 years & 5 Months. J. A. C. R. 

Lydia Rush Wife of William Rush Departed this Life December the 
n th 1857, aged 59 Years. W. H. R. 

William Henry Son of Harriot and William Rush, departed this life 
July the 21 st 1866, in the 48 th Year of his Age. 

William Rush father of the Above departed this life May 29 th 1874, 
in the 83 rd Year of his Age. 

From the first volume 0/ "A New Family Bible with 
Notes" 6°<r., by the Rev. E. Blomfield, u Bungay: 
Printed and Published by C. Brightly 6° Co., 
1 811 ; " in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Pentyre Family. 

Registry of Births and Baptismes of Seuerall Relacons in the parrish of 
Ennidor in the County of Cornewall. 

1579 Elizabeth our Grandmother daughter of Richard Corde and 
afterwards wife of Pollydor Pentyre our Grandfather was 
baptized the 2° Octobris 1579 and dyed in Plym 21 Aprill 

1600 Margery Pentyre thir daughter our Mother was baptized 30 
Nouembr 1600 and dyed in Plymouth 07 DecemBr 1662. 

1602 Christabell Pentyre thir daughter 14 January 1602 andyed in 

1604 Richard Pentyre ther sonn baptized 8° Septemfcr 1604. 
1608 John Pentyre thir sonn baptized io° Aprill 1608. 
1 610 Jane Pentyre ther daughter baptiz : io° Auguste 1610 and dyed 
in Plymouth. 

16 1 3 Zachery Pentyre ther son baptz : 19 Aprell 1613 and dyed 
in Plymouth. 

161 5 Joane Pentyre thir daughter baptz 12 Decemftr 161 5 and 

dyed in Plym° wife of Nathaniel Pentyre. 
16 1 7 Phillipp Pentyre ther son baptized 22 March 16 17 and dyed 

in Plymouth. 

1620 Ennidor Pentyre sonne of the said Pollydor Pentyre and 
Elizabeth his wife was baptized in the parrish church of 
Ennidor in Cornewall the 18 March 1620. And hee dyed in 
Ireland beinge Lieutoont or Cap' ; of a ffoote Company vnder 
S r Hardras Waller att the then reducing of Ireland An . 

From a volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer and Bible with Apocrypha, "Imprinted 
at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the 
Kings most Excellent Majestie. Anno 1616. 
Cum Priuilegio." On a fly-leaf is written: 
"Samuel Eastlake, i6jj-i6qo, his Booke," and 
"Sarah Eastlake her Bible."— F. A. C. 

Giles Family. 

The names of the Children of James & Margarett Letitia Giles married 

Feby 4 th 1808. 
Letitia Margarett Giles born May 2 d 1815. 
James Giles born Feb y 24 th 1817. 
Elizabeth Erskine Giles born March 31 st 1819. 

From a Bible, "London, Printed by Charles Bill, 
and the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb deceased, 
Printers to the King's most Excellent Majesty. 
A" Dom. ijoo ;" in my possession. On a 
fly-leaf is the autograph of fames Giles. — F. A. C. 


Kirk Family. 

William Kirk & Susannah Carter Married at Old Bethenal Green 

Church The 29 th day of December 1829. 
M rs Ann Carter Died Sep r 30 th 1839 Buried at St. Lukes Old Street 


William Kirk Son of William & Susannah Kirk Bom September 11 th 

1830 Cristened at Bethenal Green. 
Susannah Kirk Born January 18 th 1833. Baptised at Bethnal Green. 
Jane Kirk Born April 7 th 1837. Baptised at Bethnal Green. 
Edward Kirk Born October 11 th 1839. Baptised at Stepney. 
Ann Kirk Born Febuary 9 th 1842. Baptised at Stepney. 
John Kirk Born Febuary 17 th 1846. Baptised at Stepney. 
M rs Susannah Carter Died December 30 th 1846 and was Buried On 

Wednesday January 6 th /47 At Saint Lukes Old Street Road 

Aged 63. 

William Kirk Son of William & Susannah Kirk Died February 5 th 
1848 and was Buried on the 9 th at Victoria Park Simertarey 
Aged 17 Years. 

M r John Carter Died November 10 th 1852 and was Buried Wednesday 

17 th at S l Lukes Old Street Road Aged 75 Years. 
William Palmer & Susannah Kirk Married November 3 rd 1857 at Old 

Bethnal Green Church. 
Susannah Palmer Daughter of William & Susannah Palmer Born 

21 st January 1859. Baptised at Old Bethenal Green Church. 
William Palmer Son of William & Susannah Palmer Born August 7 th 

i860 Baptised at All Saints Church Spicer Street Mile End 

New Town. 

Jane Palmer Daughter of William & Susannah Palmer Born 16 th 

November 1862. Baptised at Old Bethenal Green Church. 
Alfred Francis Robinson & Ann Kirk married at Trinity Church, 

Stepney, on Thursday, July i6 th /63. 
Alfred Kirk Robinson born June 9/64. Baptised at S. Philip's 

Church, Stepney, on Saturday Aug. /64. 
Edward John Palmer Son of William & Susannah Palmer Born 17 th 

February 1865. Baptised at Old Bethenal Green Church. 
Edward Kirk & Sarah Palmer Married at Trinity Church, Stepney, 

On Monday December 25 th 1865. 
Samuel Palmer Son of William & Susannah Palmer Born 3 rd March 

1867. Baptised at Old Bethenal Green Church. 
Edward William Kirk Born 19 th August 1867. Baptized at Christ 

Church, Spitalfields. On Sunday 15 th September 1867, Son of 

Edward & Sarah Kirk. 
William Kirk Robinson born Aug. 10 th /68. Baptized at St. Philip's, 


John Kirk & Louisa Sophia Taylor married Sept. 22 nd /68 at Trinity 

Church, Stepney, by the Rev. Simcox Lea. 
Sarah Kirk daughter of Edward & Sarah Kirk born October 20 th /68. 

Baptized at Ch. Ch. Spitalfields. 
Louisa Jane Kirk daughter of John & Louisa Kirk born Aug. I st /6g. 

Baptized at All Saints', Mile End New Town. 


John William Kirk son of John & Louisa Kirk, born July 31 st /70. 

Baptized at All Saints', Mile End New Town. 
Annie Kirk Robinson born Sept. 3 rd 1870. Baptized at St. Philip's 

Church, Stepney. 

Thomas Lemon Palmer born May 23 rd /71. Baptized at Homerton 
Parish Church. 

Henry Kirk Son of Edward & Sarah Kirk Born 18 th April [no year given.'] 
John William Kirk, son of John & Louisa Kirk died Nov. 18/71. 

Interred at Ilford Cemetery. 
George Carter Died 12 June 187 1. Interred at Ilford Cemetery 

19 June /7 1. Son of John & Susannah Carter. Adged 65. 
Edward Carter Died August 11 th 1876 In the 58 th Year of his Age 

and was Interred at Barnes Cemetary August 16 th 1876. Son of 

John & Susannah Carter. 
Sarah Palmer Born March 10 th 1874. Daughter of William & 

Susannah Palmer. 

Harriett Elizabeth Kirk Born 16 th August 1876. Christned at All 

Saints 3 Sepf 1876. Daughter of John & Louisa Kirk. 
Harriett Elizabeth Kirk, daughter of John & Louisa Kirk died Dec. 

16 th 1 '76 ; Buried at Bow Cemetery, Dec. 21 th l"]6. 
Susannah, wife of William Kirk died Feb. 24 th /78, aged 69 years. 

Interred March 4 th /78, at Bow Cemetery. 
Susannah Palmer, wife of William Palmer and daughter of William & 

Susannah Kirk, died Dec. 24/78, Aged 45 years, Interred at Bow 


William Kirk died October 21 st /83, aged 75 years, Interred at Bow 
Cemetery Oct. 29/83. 

From a large folio Bible with Apocrypha, "Londofi: 
Printed for Tho* Kelly, Paternoster Row, 18 14 ; " 
in my possession. On the back is stamped in 
gold: "William Kirk." — F. A. C. 

Anwyl Family. 

Elizabeth Anwyl her Book. 
Mary Anwyl her Book. 
Watkin Anwyl his Book. 
Evan Anwyl His Book. 

Cath: Anwyl y e Daughter of E. Anwyl by Elliz: His wife was Born 

7 th mar. 1733 morning. 
W m Anwyl y e Son of E. Anwyl by Elliz: his wife was Born y e 

12 December 1735. 
Watkin Anwyl y e Son of E. Anwyl by Elliz: His wife was Born f 
19 fefry 1738. 

Elliz: Anwyl y e Daughter of E. Anwyl by Elliz: his wife was Born y e 
8 th July 1 74 1. 

Jane Anwyl y e Daughter of E. Anwyl by Elliz: his wife was Born 

ye jyth of may 1743 morning 12. 
Elliz: Anwyl y e Daughter of E. Anwyl by Elliz: his wife was Born y e 

30 th of aug st 1747 E. 11. 


mary Anwyl y e Daughter of E. Anvvyl by Elliz: his wife was Born 
ye ^ th mar: 1 75 1. 

James Anwyl son of Ellizabeth Anwyl was born 7 December 1 OClock 


Watkin Anwyl son of James Anwyl by Catherne his wife was born 

25 Octb r at 2 OClock in the after noon 1822. 
Watkin son of the above names was born 24 Day Octb r 5 OClock in 

the Morning 1824. 
Evan Anwyl was born 15 feb^ n OClock Morning 1826. 
Elliz th Anwyl was born i st Aug' 3 OClock M n s 1827. 
James Anwyl was born 14 May 1 OClock M. 1829. 
Cathrine Anwyl was born 12 th June 7 M. 1833. 
William Anwyl was born March 10 th 7 oclock M. 1832. 
William Anwyl was born July 24, 3 OClock af n 1837. 
William Anwyl lost his life on board schooner Mary Ann on the 

16 Jan r >" 1867 out of Kentis rock English Channel. 
Cathrin the dughter of W m Anwyl by Cathrin was born 20 th October 

i pas 12 oclock in the Morning 1863. 
James Anwyl is Book 1806. 
Watkin Anwyl. 
James Anwyl is book 1821. 

Watkin Anwyl the Son of J. Anwyl by Catherine his Wife was Born 

Feb r y 24 th Afternoon 5 Clock 1821. 
Watkin Anwyl 12.7.34 is the true owner of this Book witnes by me 

John Richard i76§. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, " London, printed by John 
Bill, Christopher Barker, Thomas Newcomb, and 
Henry Hills, Printers to the Kings Most Excellent 
Majesty, 1678;" in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Keene Family. 

Mary the daughter of thomas Keene and of Mary his wife wass born 

march the 8, 1.6.90. 
and died nouember the 30, 1.7.26 being in the 36 year of her age. 
Sarah the daughter of thomas Keene and of mary his wife wass born 

March the 10, 1.6. 91. 
Margaret the daughter of thomas Keene and of mary his wife wass 

born March the 15, 1.6.92. 
thomas the son of thomas Keene and of mary his wife wass born 

April the 29, 1.7.6. 
Robert the son of John hudson and of Alice his wife wass born 

January the 10, 1.7.8. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, black letter, " London, 
Printed by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings 
most excellent Majestie, and by the Assignes of John 
Bill, 16 jp. Cum Priuilegio ;" in my possession. On 
the inside back cover is written "M r IV'" Chapman, 
Norwich." — F. A. C. 


Fullilove Family. 

Jonathan & Elizabeth Fullilove was Married the 27 of June 18 15, by 

D r Ireland in the Parish Church of Croydon. 
These are the Sons and Daughters of Jonathan and Elizabethe Fullilove. 
Joseph Fullilove was born the 9 Day of January 181 7. 
Jonathan Fullilove was born the 4 th Day of January 182 1. 
Elizabeth Fullilove was born the 6 of July 1824, and 
Samuel Fullilove was born November 9, 1826. 
Ann Fullilove was born the 6 Day of June 1828. 
Sarah Ann was born the 10 of March 1830. 
Benjamin Fullilove was born November 8, 1832. 
Elizabeth Fullilove was born May 18th 1836. 
Joseph Fullilove Died April 31 (sic), 1855 Buried 5 th May. 

These are the sons and Daughters of Jonathan & Ann Fulliloue. 
Hannah Fullilove was Born y e 18 of August at 9 of y e Clock in 1701. 
Mary Fullilove was Born the 21 of May a bout 6 of Clock at Night 

in 1703. 

John ffullilove was Born y e 17 day of November betwixt 10 and 11 
at night 1705. 

Mary Fullilove was Born y e 4 of November about 4 of y e Clock in 

mornning in 1708. 
Jonathan ffullilove, Saner who died Januery 16, 170A. 
Ann Fullilove Died Sep' 21, 1729. 

Sam Fullilove & Elizabeth his Second Wife maried the 30 of Sep r 

Joseph Fullilove their Son was born July 26 th 1783 at Fifteen Minutes 

after Eleven in the Morning. 
Sarah Fullilove the Daughter of Jonathan Fullilove Was Born y e 4 of 

Fabruay at 12 in Night in y e year of our Lord God in 1695. 
Jonathan ffullilove was Born y e 28 of Desember at 9 of y e Clock at 

Night T697. 

Ann ffullilove was Born y e 26 of November at 10 of y e Clock at Night 


John Fullilove was Born y e 3 of Desember at 4 in afternoon in 1709. 
Henary Fullilove was Born y e 9 of Aprl at 5 In the morning 1713. 

the Children of Sam 1 & Elizabeth Fullilove. 
Sarah Ann Born April 1761. 

Elizabeth Was Born Fabruary 23 d 1762 at 6 at Night. 

Samuel Was Born Sept 30 at one oth Clock in y e Morning 1763. 

Sarah Was Born July 9 th 1765 at one oth Clock in y e Day. 

Jonathan was Born Decmb r 21, 1766 at Eleven o'th Clock at Night. 

Sarah an Died in her Infacy. 

Elizabeth Died March 23, 1769. 

Elizabeth the Wife of Sam Fullilove Died Octob 14, 1780. Let not 
your heart be troubled, her funeral text by y e Reverend M r Tho s 
Ladson of Needingworth. 

June 12 : Sara fulliloue was borne 1668. 

March 2 mary fulliloue was borne 1669 be twixt twellf and one in the 

agust 26 Jonathan and elisebeth was borne 1673 be twixt twellf and 
one in the nit. 


march 10 Jonathan the second was born at twellf in the day 1674. 

Jonathan Fullilove Sainour Died Nov r 9, 1736. 

Jonathan fulliloue iuner died febuary 24, 1737. 

Sarah fulliloue was born y e 22 Janawary 1721. 

Samuell fulliloue was born y e 1 ienewary 1724. 

Ann fulliloue was born y e 9 of may 1727. 

Jonathan fulliloue was born y e 24 iuly 1729. 

From a Bible, '■'■Imprinted at London, by the Deputies 
of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes 
most excellent Maiestie. 1599. Cum privilegio ;" 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Morley Family. 

Deborah Daughter of Jos : Morley and Sarah his Wife was borne y e 

26: Day of 4 Mo 11712 being y e 5 th Day of y e Weeke at Gainsbr . 
Hannah y e Second Daughter of Jos : Morley & Sarah his Wife was 

borne the 24: day of y e 4 : Month 17 13 being y e 4 day of y e 

Weeke. Gainsbro : 
The aboue Sd : Hannah died y e 14 th day of y e 5 th Month 17 13. 
Mary Daughter of Jos e Morley & Sarah his Wife was borne y e 7 day of 

y e 6 Month 17 14 being y e 7 day of y e Weeke. Gainsbro: 
The above Sd : Mary died y e 13 th of y e Second M° 1715. 
John son of Jos : Morley & Sarah his wife was borne y e 25 th day Octo : 

171 5 Gains : being y e 3 rd of y e Weeke. 
Sarah Daughter of Jos : Morley & Sarah his wife was borne y e 2 1 day 

Sep* 1717 Gains : being y e 7 th day of y e Weeke. 
Joseph son of Jos : Morley & Sar : his Wife was borne y e 20 th day of 

8 ber 1 7 18 being y e Second Day of y e Weeke at Gainsbro : 
Jane, y e Daughter of Joseph Morley & Sarah his wife was borne ye 

9 th day of the 2 M° 1722 at Gainsbrough being the 2 day of the 

Weeke. The Sd Jane died y e 10 th of the 3 rd M° 1722. 
Edmond Son of Joseph Morley and Sarah his wife was born at 

Gainsbrough y e 8 th of y e 2 cd m° 1725 being y e 5 th day of y e week. 
Thomas, son of Jos: Morley and Sarah his wife was born 1727 y e 

20 th 2 cd m° being 5 th day of y e Week at Gainsbrough. 
Whaley Daughter of Jos : Morley & Sarah his Wife was borne at 

Gainsbrough y e 31 of y e 3 rd m° 1730 being first day of y e Week. 

The above Said Whale Died the 24 of the n m° 1730. 
Joseph son of Joseph Morley and Sarah his Wife Departed this Life y e 

26 : Day of y e 6 th m° 1737 in y e nineteenth Year of his Age. 
Sarah Wife of Joseph Morley of Gainsbrough Departed this Life y e 30 th 

of y e 11 th m° 1742 and buried y e 2 cd of y e 12 th m° at Gainsbro: 

Aged 50 years & goeing of one. 
Sarah my Daughter, wife of JosP: Welch Departed this Life y e 11 th 

6 th M° 1744 Aged 26 years 11 m° all but 10 Dayes. 
Seth Walker Departed this Life y e 20 th day of y e 4 th m° 1738 and 

buried y e 23: of y e Same at Gainsbro : 


Samuel Morley Butcher Son of Jn° Morley of Snaith Depart'd this 
Life y e 4 th of y e 6 M° 1746 & was Buried y e 6 th of y e same at 
Gainsbrough Aged 33 Years 3 Months & 1 Daye. 

Ann, my Son John Wife Departed this Life y e 7 th day of y e 8 th M° 1751 
in y e 54th Year of her Age & buried at Gainsbrough. 

Joseph Morley my Fath r Departed this Life ye 6 day of 3 Month 
1764 in ye 77 Years and 11 Months of his Age and Buried at 
Gainsbrough n of same month, hee Departed about half past 
Twelve at Noon. 

My Brother John Morley Departed this Life the 14 Day of 4 Month 
1764 in the (aged) 48 years and 7 Months and Buried at 
Gainsbrough the 16 Day of Same Month, hee Departed about 
half past five oClock in Evening. 

My Sister Deborah Morley Departed this Life ye 4 Day of 3 Month 
1767 in ye 54 Year of Age & Seven Months and Buried at 
Gainsbrough ye 7 day of same Month. She Departed about half 
hour past Nine oClock night. 

My Brother Edmund Morley Departed this life 3 th of 8 th m° 1770 in the 
45 Year and 2 Months and buryed 5 of the same at Gainsbrough 
hee Departed about half past 4 oClock in the Evening. 

My Cozn Joseph Morley the Son of Tho s Morley & Mary his Wife was 
Born 2 2 cd of the 3 M° 1764 about 7 in the Morns. 

My Cousin Joseph Morley the son of Thomas Morley Depart d this 
Life i th of 7 M° 1771 in ye 7 Year of his age & 7 mounths and 
Buried ye 3 th same Mounth Departed about 11 Oclock in y e 
Morns (who was the Granson of Joseph Morley). 

My Uncle Tho s Morley Departed this Life 30 th of the 9 M° 1787 in 
his 60 & 5 M° Year of his age & Buried of the 10 M° at Gainsbor : 
He Departed about 8 Oclock in the Morns. 

Mary Welch departed this life 4 M° 23, 1792 aged 52 Years Second 
day of the week buried at Gainsborough 26 fift day of week 
Grandaughter of Joseph Morley daughter of Sarah Welch, the last 
of the Family and House at Gainsborough. 

Morley Wharrey of Selby son of Margret Morley daughter of Thomas 
Morley Bro r of old Josep 1 Morley departed the 24 of the 9 M° 
1797, aged 44 years (is Father was Thomas Warrey a Chirch Man). 

Ann Jowitt daughter of Phoebe Morley, departed this life the 12 th of 
4 th mo. 181 5, aged about 70 years, & her remains were interred at 
Leeds, where she was staying on a visit to her friends the 16 th . 

Jane Jowitt, wife of Benj. Jowitt, & granddaughter of Phcebe Morley, 
departed this life the 13th of 2 Mo. 1848, aged fifty eight & a half 
years : her remains were buried at Pontefract on the 18th. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer and Bible with Apocrypha, black letter, 
"Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer 
to the Kings most Excellent Maiesty, and by 
the Assignes of John Bill. M.DC.XXXI. 
Cum Priuilegio ;" in my possession. On fly-leaves 
occurs " Mary Welch Left to Benj n and 
Ann Jozvitt, Gainsborough 4" 10 23 d 1792" 
" Magdalene Holland her booke Annoque domini : 
1648 John Holland wrate this" and "John 
Brumby of Srotton Book 16Q5." — F. A. C. 


Marshall Family. 

This Book Belongs to David Marshall & Isobal Marshall- 
David Marshall & Isobel Boyd his spouse was married in Stoneheaven 
4 th June 1769. 

Jean Marshall was born 13 aprile 1770 at 4^ a clock morning. 
John Marshall was Born 2 2 d Janry 1772 on wedensday at 11 aclock 

Isobal Marshall was Born 10 June 1776 at 5 aclock aftrnoon on Saberth. 
David Marshall was born on 8 June 1777 at 12 a clock at night. 
Bettis Marshall was born on 1 agust 1779 3 aclock morning. 
Margret Marshall was born 11 th Janiry 1784 Sunday morning 1 aclock. 
James Marshall was born 28 Aprile 1786 on thirsday a 2 aclock 

. . , Marshall was born 17 th july 1788 . . Dundee. 
Isaac Maidment was born 1820 November 20 at 3 Clock in afnoon 

James Marshall was born 5 December 1830 satday 7 Clock in the eving. 
\_Note in pencil : Wm Buchan N 8720 Dundee, isek Meidmint Boren 
in the year . . 20 at J a klok in the after noun.] 

From a Book of Common Prayer, "Edinburgh: Printed 
by Alexander Kincaid His Majesty's Printer, 
MDCCLXI. ;" in my possession. — F. A. C. 

IValker, Armistead, Brook and Hague 

John Armistead Son of W m & Eleanor Armistead born 12 th Mo. 1720. 

Old Style. Died 3 of 12 Mo. 1794 aged 74 Years. 
Joseph Brook son of Epparass & Martha Brook born 2© of 5 Mo. 1720. 

Died 21 of 12 Mo. 1790 & buried at Hogstyend Leighton Buzzard, 


Rachel Brook Daughter of Eppafras & Martha Brook born 29 of 3 Mo. 
1722. Died. 

Sarah Hague daughter of Tho s & Martha Hague born i st of 5 Mo. 

1727. Died the 16 of 6 th Mo. 1799 Aged 72 Years 1 Mo. 15 Days. 
Tho s Hague son of Tho s & Martha Hague born 6 Mo. 25, 1727. Died. 
Martha Hague daughter of Tho s & Martha Hague born 9 of 7 Mo. 

1729. Died. 

John, son of Tho s & Martha Hague born 9 of 7 Mo. 1735. 

W m Armistead son of John & Sarah Armistead born 24 of 5 Mo. 1752. 

Died 23 of 4 Mo. 1752. 
John son of John & Sarah Armistead born 1 of 7 Mo. 1754. Died 

2 Mo. 1805. 

Sarah Daughter of John & Sarah Armistead born 7 of 10 Mo. 1756. 
Robert Walker Son of Joseph & Sarah Walker was born on 7 th of 6 mo 

Robert Died the 23 of 6 mo 1785 Aged 16 Days. 

Sarah Walker Daughter of Joseph &r Sarah Walker was born the 14 th 
of 7 mo 1786. 

Sarah Died the 27 of 2 mo 1788 Aged ab' 1 Year & 8 Months. 


Hannah Walker Daughter of Joseph & Sarah Walker was born the 9 of 
3 mo 1788. 

Mary Walker Daughter of Joseph & Sarah Walker was born the 10 
of 10 mo 1789. 

John Walker Son of Joseph & Sarah Walker was born the 21 st of 10 mo 

Thomas Walker Son of Joseph & Sarah Walker was borne the 21 of 

9 mo Caled September 1793. 
Robert Walker son of Joseph & Sarah Walker was born the 3 of 5 mo. 


Joseph Walker son of Joseph & Sarah Walker was born 26 of 3 mo. 

From the first volume of " An Illustration of the 
Holy Scriptures" &c, "London: Printed for 
R. Goadby, in Sherborne. M,DCC,LIX. ;" in my 
possession. — F. A. C. 

Jenkins and Morris Families. 

Elizabeth Harrys the Daughter of John Harrys Was born y e 16 th Day 
of Desember about one Clock in the morning In y e year of our 
Lord 1754. 

Margaret Jenkins the Daughter of David Jenkins was born the 23 th 

Day Desembr In year of our Lord 1746. 
Elizabeth Jenkins was born the 8 th Day of Augest In year of our 

Lord 1748. 

Henry Jenkins was born the 17 th Day of Aprell In year of our Lord 

i75°- •' \ , ■ 

John Harrys y e Son of John Harrys was born y e [blank in orig.~\ 
Elinor Morris y e Daughter of William Morris was born the 16 th Day 

of October In y e year of our Lord 1722. 
Thomas Morris y e son of William Morris was born the 20 th day of Feb 

about 2 a clock In y e morning being on Saterday In y e year of 

our Lord 1725. 

John Morris y e son of William Morris was born y e 15 th Day of 7 ber 

In y e year of our Lord 1727. 
Rachel Morris y e Dughter of William Morris was born y e 3 th day of 

September In y e year of our Lord 1733. 
Elinor Williams the Daughter of John Williams was Born on thursday 

the 14 th of October att Six a Clock in the morning in the year 

1773. Died may the 8, 1774. 
On Sunday Night a Bout 12 a Clock. 

And rachel was mared last May the 9 th day of the month 17.6. 

From a Bible, " Oxford : Printed by John Baskett, 
Printer to the University, MDCCXXXIX ;" in 
my possession. On a fly-leaf is written : " Mary 

Jones was born 1811 at 10 in the morning" 
and on another, "Mary Jones's Book 1822," and 
on the outside fro?it cover is stamped " Mary 

Jones, 1 8 18." — F. A. C. 


Catchmay and IVright Families. 

1658. Francis Catchmay and mary benet of S c Margerets in 

Westminster were maried the 24 th of feb : 1659. 
1660. Frances the daughter of Francis and Mary abouesaid was 

born the 18 th day of may at 8 a clock in the afternoon: 1660. 
1670. Samuell Catchmay the Son of ffrancis & Anne Catchmay was 

Borne October the 8 th 1670 in White Hart Court in the 

p sh of Martins in the ffeilds. 
Samuell was borne vpon a saterday twixt 8 & 9 in the 


1674. Samuell Catchmay departed this life vpon the 21 of October 
1674 he lived someat more then 4 yeers much lamented by 
his father & mother he died of the small pox & was buried 
in the buringe place of Mary White Chapell. 

1673. Sarah Catchmay the daughter of ffrancis & Anne his wife 
was borne vpon December the 2 nd 1673 in Church Ally 
in White Chapell on a Tuesday twixt 7 & 8 in the eveninge 
her father named her and the Lord continue his mearcy 
to her. 

1679. Samuell Catchmay the Son of ffrancis & Anne Catchmay was 
borne Vpon a Sunday beinge May the 25 th 1679 twixt 
3 & 4 in the afternoone in Church Ally in the pish of 
Mary White chappell his father named him & the Lord 
make him his faithfull servant. 

1679. Samuell Catchmay departed this life on the 7 th of June 1679 
saterday about 9 in the evenge lived not a fortnight he was 
buried in the buryinge place of Mary White Chapell just 
by his Brother Samuell. 

Year 17 16. July: 5. Thomas Wright & Olliue Atwood ware bouth 
marryed on y e fift of July in y e year 17 16 att Croydon 
Church, woom Aged 22 : Years y e man 26: years. 

Year 170^. Y e son of Thom s & Oliue wright was Borne on y e 28 of 
December 1707 of Innocentes day at Six a clock in y e 

Year 170^. John Wright y e son of Thom s & Oliue wright was 

Baptisesd on y e 22 day of Jan 1 ^. 
Year 1709. a Dather borne y e 26 day of July in y e year 17 . . att nine 

a Clock in y e morning. Oliue Wright y e Dather of Thomas 

& Oliue wight Baptised y e 16 day of Aug' 1709. 
Year 17 10. Oliuea Wright y e Dather of Thom s & oliuea Wright 

Deyed 29 day of Noumber 17 10. 
Thomas the Son of John & Elizabeth Wright was born July 2 d 1737 

at 2 Afternoon & Baptized the 30 th of the same Month. 
Olave the Daughter of Jn° & Eliz a Wright was born the 28 th of October 

1738 at 5 Clock in the morning & Baptized the 16 th of 

the same month. 

From a Bible, " Imprinted at London by Robert 
Barker, Printer to tfie Kings most Excellent 
Males tie, 16 10. Cum Priuilegio ;" in my possession. 
On t/ie back of the title is the autograph of 
Thomas Wright.— ¥. A. C. 

Mudie Family. 

John Mudie. 

December the 17 th about six at night my sone James was born and 
Dyed the twenty fyfth of the sd moneth . . . and one years. 

My sone John was born the Tenth of March 1703 years about three 
after Noon. 

My Daughter Anna was born the 19 th Aprill 1709 about nyne at night. 
My sone David was born the first day of Aprill 1706 between seven 

and eight in the morning. 
My Daughter Margaret was born upon the seventeen day of August 

1707 betwixt Twelve at night and one in the Morneing. 
My sone George was Born the Eleventh November 1708 Betwixt six 

and seven in the morneing and Dyed the sixteen of March 1709 

about six at night. 

My daughter Eliz: was Borri the sevententh day Nover 1709 about 

siven at night and was baptized the Eighteen. 
My Daughter Agnes was born the 1 9th March 1 7 1 1 betwixt 1 1 and 1 2 

in the fornoon and Baptized upon the Twenty of the sd Moneth. 
My wife was brought to bed of a sone Upon the 10 th Junij 1713 

betwixt 10 and 11 at night and he was baptoized Robert the 

Eleventh of the sd Moneth. 
My sone Thomas was born upon Tewsday the 5 th of October betwixt 

four and five acloak in the after noon and was Baptized the day 

after 17 14. 

My daughter Mag: was born the 5 th May 17 16 about Eight att night 

and was Bapceized upon the day after. 
My daur Cathrin was born the 18 th Aprill 17 18 about one in the 

morneing and was baptized upon the 21 st of the sd moneth. 
My Daughter Anna was born the 29 th Jary 1720 about six in the 

morning and Baptized the day after. 
29 th Dece r 1724 The sd day my Daur Magdalen was Born about six 

att night and Baptized the 30 th of s d Moneth. 

From a Book of Common Prayer, "London, 
Printed by Charles Bill, and the Executrix of 
Thomas Newcomb, Deceased, Printers to the 
King and Queens most Excellent Majesties. 
M.DC.XCIII. Cum Privilegio ;" in my 
possession. — F. A. C. 

Spradbor rough Family. 

Katherine Handson spinster gaue y e place Called Common Acre in 

Andouer in y e County of southton for y e recreation of young 

people in y e 13 of Queen Elizabeth Anno : 1570. 
The Twentyeth of July: 1647 : hapned a great fire in Andouer which 

burnt most part of the East side of the high streett Backlane &c. 
Mary Riuers Daughter of John and Joan Riuers and wife of Nathan 

Spradborrough was Baptized the 25 of August: 1661. 
Na: Spradborrough and Mary Riuers married on Easter Monday 1685. 


The Eleuenth of August 1705 about seuen A Clock in y e Morning 

Andouer Steeple being ffourty four yards high blown down by 

A great storm of wind being South west, 
a bout seuen a Clock in the morning on friday y e 23 of January Anno : 

170I Matthew Noyes of Neither Wallop Cutt his owne throat and 

p r sently Died thereof. 
Nathan Spradborrough Born on thursday June y e Eleventh 1657 

between Eleuen and Twelue a Clock at noon. 
Elizabeth Daughter of Nathan Spradborrough Born 20 th of January 

Being Wednesday about fiue a Clock in y e afternoon i68f. 
Mary Daughter of Na : Spradborrough was Born on Wednesday y e 

seuenth of March about three a Clock in y e morning i68|-. 
Nouember y e 27 th 1692 my Mother Abigail Spradborrough (alias Smith) 

Died about ten a Clock att night. 
Edward son of Nathan Spradborrough was Born about y 6 Latter end of 

January Annoc^ Dom : 169!. 
May y e 31 1705 Elizabeth Daughter to Na : Spradborrough and Mary 

Spradborrough ; Married to Henry Clark : att ffoxcutt Chappell. 
Elizabeth Daughter to Henry and Elizabeth Clark : Born on saterday 

Aprill y e 13 about two A Clock in y e morning Annoc^ Dom : 1706. 
Spradborrough Clark Daughter of Henry Clark and Elizabeth Clark 

born on thursday the 27 th of May 1708 betwixt 10 and Eleven 

a Clock att night. 

March the 28, 1714 Elizabeth Clarke was born dafter to henery Clarke. 
Elizabeth Saro dafter to Henery Clarke was born the 27 day Aprill 

17 1 7 about on in the morning. 
Mary y e dafter of Edw : and martha Reuell was Baptized y e 1 2 day of 

October 1684. 

Joh frances Son of tho and [blank in orig.~\ was marid to mary daftor to 

Edw : and mary Spradborrough Octob : y e 18 : 1744. 
tho frances Son of John and Mary Frances was born July y e 15 being 

tursday about Six a Clok in y e Euning 1745. 
Jenney frances daftor to John and mary frances was Born deem : 

y e 15 betwen 10 and a n a Clok in y e foorenoon in 1747 being 


Elezabeth Spradborrough Daughter to Edward and Mary Spradborrough 

was born one march y e 11 a bout nine a Clock in the fornoon in 

y e year of our Lord god 17 16-17 17. 
mary daughter to Edw : and mary Spradburrough was born one 

sonday night a bout Eluen a Clock at night one y e 19 day of 

Janury 1723-24. 
father died feb : y e 7 in the morning 1722-23. 

mother died march y° 6 a bout 5 a Clock in the morning in 1725-26. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common 
Prayer, and Bible with Apocrypha, black letter, 
" Imprinted at London by the Deputies of 
Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes most 
excellent Maiestie, Cum gratia 6* 

priuilegio ; " in my possession. On a leaf is 
written : " Thomas iVorris is Booke," on another 
the autograph of M. Pepper, and on both outside 
covers are stamped the initials, S N M. — F. A. C. 


Potts Family. 

Elizabeth Potts (Mrs. Jones) was born Feb: 11 th 173!- Ob: oct. 14 th 

1 80 1, at Greenwich, Kent. 
Michael Potts was born Sept r 29 th 1739. Ob. July 1759 at Berwick, 

JE. 20. 

Jane Potts was born Nov r 23 d 1742. 

Cuthbert Potts was born Monday, Aug st 27 th 1744. 

Margaret Potts was born Aug st 19 th 1746. Ob. 1748, at Berwick. 

Alice Potts of Knayton near Thirsk, Co. York, ob. about the Age of 
83 (or 84), 1800. She was the youngest sister of my Father, and 
posthumous — as her father died before she was born, and about 
1 7 16. 

Laurence Holker Potts was born 18 th April 1789, h. vj A.M. in Pall 

Mall & Baptized at Bexley in Kent. 
Cuthberta Ethelinda Potts was born 16 th June 1790 v A A.M. Baptized 

as above. 

Michael Lefleming Potts was born 17 th Oct. 1791. Hor. vj A A.M. 

& Bapt d as Above. 
Cuthb 1 Potts, Sen: Ob. 1769, JE. 67 \ Buried in the Chyard 
Jane Potts his Wife 1772 70 / Berwick upon Tweed. 

Note. — I believe, but I am not quite certain, that my son Laur ce 
was born 20 years, to a Day, after my Hon d Father died. — C. P. 

From a volume containing " The Book of Common 
Prayer, Oxford: Printed by John Baskett, 
Printer to the University. MDCCXXVIII." 
and "A Brief Concordance or Table to the Bible, 
by Mr. John Downame, B.D., London : Printed 
by D. Leach, for R. Ware, at the Bible and 
Sun in Amen Corner, the E?id Pater-Noster-Row. 
MDCCXXVI ;" in the possession of Benjamin 
Langford Forster Potts of Holmbury St. Mary, 
co. Surrey. — F. A. C. 

Hodgeson Family. 

James Hodgeson was borne the 3 daye of december being thursdaye. 
And James Hodgeson the Sone of Miles Hodgeson was Christned sixt 

daye of Desember anno dominni 1602. 
James Hodgeson the sone of Miles Hodgeson was borne the 3 daye of 

december being thursdaye. Being the 22 daye of the Mone. 

And hee was baptised the 6 daye of desember Anno dominni 

(161 2). 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Steward Family. 

E. Warner Sen r of pangbourne Was Born Ocf 20 th 1734 and Died y e 

20 th of Jan 1 ^ 1812 Buried on Monday y e 27 th of Jan^ 1812. 
Monday 24 th Nov r 1806 Died Mary y e Wife of T. Steward, Junior. 
Sunday 30 th of Aug st Died Tho s Steward Senior 1807. 
Feby 3, 1830 his Birthday Died Tho s Steward Age d 70 Years. 
1797 On Thursday y e 6 th of July Was Married Tho s & Sarah Steward. 
Ann Steward was born on Tuesday y e 19 th Sep' 1797 at 15 Minutes 

past Eleven OClock in y e Evining. 
On Sunday y e 26 th of July was Born Tho s Steward son of Tho s & Sarah 

Steward At Half past seven OClock in y e Evening 1801. 
Harriott Steward Was Born on Sunday Morning Half past Eight 

OClock 18 th of March 1804. 
And Died Friday 18 of Nov r 1808, Buried on thursday the 24. 

From a copy of u The New Whole Duty of Man" &>c, 
"London: By Assignment from the Executors of 
the late Mr. Wicksteed, printed only for John 
Hinton, in Pater-Noster-Row. MDCCLXX VII. ;" 
in my possession. On a fly-leaf is written : 
"Thomas Steward Jun r Englefield 1783." — F. A. C. 

Gibson Family. 

Jaunery y e 19, 1736 was Born Mary Gibson. 
Nouember the 3, 1737 was Bornd Elix th Gibson. 
September the 12, 1739 wase bornd Elin Gibson. 
Nouember y e 3, 1741 was bornd An Gibson, 
feberery y" 23, 1743 wase born Sarah Gibson. 
August 18, 1746 Thomas Gibson bornd Juner. 
September the 27, 1748 was Borned John Gibson. 
I Thomas Gibson wase born in Feb^ the 1, 17 10. 

Elinor Gibson El d was born September y e 12 : in the Year of our Lord 
Christ 1704. 

December y e 13, 1768 Died Elenor Gibson the wife of Thomas Gibson 
sen r at teen A Clock mornin. 

From a copy of " The Whole Duty of Man" Grc, 
" London, Printed by John Basket t, Printer to 
the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 1728, " in 
my possession. On a fly-leaf is written : " When 
I am dead and layd in grave my daughter Mary 
this book shall have" and " Thomas Slezuard's 
Book Gave him By his Mother Mary Steward 
of Englefeild 1783." — F. A. C. 

1 00 

Broaded Family. 

Sarah y e Dafter of W m Broaded and Ann his wife was borne y e 23 
day of septemb r about 2 : aclock in y e morning In y e yeare of 
our lord 1690. 

Gidion y e son of William Broa . . and Ann his wife was borne y e 2 3 

day of Nouemb r between 8: or 9: of y e Clock in y e morning 

being wensday In y e yeare of our Lord 1692. 
Mary y e Daughter of William Broaded and Ann his Wife was born 

15 day of Sepetember obought 12 a Cocke at the Night in the 

ear of our Lord 1703. 
William y e son of William Broaded and Ann his Wife was born the 

21 day of December about 8 of the clock in the morning being 

mondy in the year of our Lord God 1696. 

From a Bible with Apocrypha, black letter, "London : 
Printed by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings 
most excellent Majestie, and by the Assignes of 
John Bill, 1634. Cum Priuilegio ; " in my 
possession. On a leaf is written : " William 
Broaded His Book 6° writing," and on 
two others, Gideon Broaded and Mary 
Julian. — F. A. C. 

Roe Family. 

Eliza beth Sansum Her Book giuen her by E Sinnott March y e 25 th 

1746. ' ^';'''J' ' 

May 29 : 1748 Sarah Roe Born a bout a quarter after Seven O Clock 
in the Morning. 

September 19 : 1749 Thomas Roe Born a bout half an owr after Eight 

o Clock at night. Died June 4 : 1753 
April 28 : 1751 Eliz. Roe Born. She Died 9 th June. 
March 19 : 1752 William Roe Born. 
May 10 : 1754 Thomas Roe Born. 
Ann Roe Born February 3 : 1758. 
John Roe Born September 10 : 1759. 
Elizabeth Roe, Wife of Tho s Roe Died Feby 24 th 1794. 
1825 Feby 15 Sarah Guise Died in her 77 Year of her age. 

From a copy of "An Exhortation to Worthy 
Communicating" &*c, by John Kettlewell, late 
Vicar of Coles-hill in Warwickshire, " London : 
Printed by W. B. for A. Bosvile, at the Dial 
and Bible against the South-East end of St. 
Dunstan's Church in Fleet-street, IJ06 ;" in my 
possession. On the title is ivrttten : " Rebecca 
Davis." — F. A. C. 


Collings and Sherman Families. 

John Collings of Kingston upon Hull, merchant, married Ann 
Daugter to M r Tho s Sutton of Howden the 6 th day of Jan? 1701. 
To whom were born nine Children. Viz. 

Ann Monday Ap 1 2 1705. m. 

tv* e a t v th ci^ \ mar d W m Sherman 

Mary : on Sunday Janv r 7 th 1706/7 ) Esq; died ^ Much ^ 

John: on Friday, May 12 th 1709. Mort. 
Thomas : on Monday 29 th Decmb r 17 12. Mort. 
Jane : on Monday 1 1 June 1 7 1 1 . Mort. 
William 27 th March 17 15. Mort. 
John 6 May 1717 Ob. 12 th Oct r 1753. 
Thomas 29 th Nov r 17 19. mort. 
Jane 7 th June 1722. mort. 

W m Sherman, Ord c Storekeeper born 8 th Nov r 1700 (died n Aug: 
1786) married Mary Daughter of Alderman John Collings 2$ Feb^ 
1737/8 Who died 15 th March 1742. To whom were born Three 
Children Viz. 

f who married 25 th Sept r 1765 To 
Mary : on Monday 17 th June 1739 \ Rev d W m Mason & died at Bristol 

[ 27 March 1767. 

Thomas: on Friday Nov r 14 th 1740 Who married Margaret Maria 
Munro [plank in orig.] 176 . daugh : of [plank in orig.~\ Munro 
Esq r of Virginia in America To whom were born 3 children 
Vide ut Supra. 

Ann : on Friday, 5 March 1742 died 10 th Apr 1 1742. 

Thomas Sherman Son of W m & Mary d° succeeded his Father William 
as Ordnance Storekeeper at Hull 1782 left Hull for the Same 
Situation in the Isle of Man 1790 died there 6 th Feb^ 1803. 

Marg' Maria Sherman his Wife died 18 th Sepf 1792. Et. sua?. 50. 
To whom were born : 

William : who died in his Infancy. 

John : born 6 th Aug' 1767. 

Thomas : born 20 th Sepf 1775. 

From a small volume containing the Apocrypha only, 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Glading Family. 

Henry Glading Born January the 22, 1816. 

henry William Gladling Born April 25 th 1850. 

the son of henry glooding and the son of agester glading. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Bamsley Family. 

Am Barnsley her Book the gift of her farther and mother Samuell and 

Elizabeth Roffe 21 th of January 1802. 
Samuell Jonathan Barnsley Born the 16 of Feabuary 1803, 7 minutes 

before 1 OClock in the morning. 
Jhon Thomas Barnsley Born the n of October 1804 ten minuets ten 

OClock in the morning. 
Jhon Thomas Barnsley Died 23 rd April 1806 Aged 18 months & 12 


M r Samuell Roffe Died [plank in orig.] 

Elizabeth Barnsley Born 5 th of October 1807, 8 OClock in the riiorning> 
Dianna Barnsley Born 19 of Novem 1809, 9 OClock in the morning; 

From a loose leaf hi my possession. — F. A. C; 

Robinson Family. 

John Robinson of Woodhouse Daughter Boren the 5 of October 1737 

and was Baptised in Nouember the 2 Name Mary Robinson 

October y e 5 and the year 1737. 
John Robinson the son of John Robinson was Boren the 15 of ffebuary 

1740 and was Baptized the 9 of March. 
Isable Robinson the Davghter of John Robinson was Boren the 12 of 

December and was Baptized 11 of January 1745. 

From the back of a title to the New Testament 
"Printed by Thomas and John Buck, printers to 
the Universitie of Cambridge, Anno Dom. 16 JO; " 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 

IValker-Comewall Family. 

Whitehall april y e 11 the Rev Folliott Herbert Walker-Cornewall, Clerk 
Master of Arts the Place and dignity of a Prebendary of his 
Majesty's free Chapel of S l George in the Castle of Windsor void 
by the death of y e Rev. Thomas Hurdir. 

From the back of a title of " The Whole Book of 
Fsalmes," u Frinted by Thomas Buck, and Roger 
Datiiel, printers to the Universitie of Cambridge, 
1638 ; " in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Robinson Family. 

. . fathere beuerleye Robinson . . d dey the 4 daye of aprill 1650 . . . 

wase berede the 6 of aprill 1650. 
. . did bereye my dauttore vsleye Robinson the 21 daye of maye 1651. 
and shee was careye to the grafe by 4 maydenes and layde into 
the graufe by margrett wottleye and margrett Morise. 

Williame Robinson 
hur fathere. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Rain and Jarvis Families. 

John Jarvis His Book: Given him by Thomas Jarvis: October 21 th 

Martha Rain Her Book May th 24 1750. 
John Rain died April th i 1744 aged 55. 

Thomas Jarvis died one Sunday morning one January y e 20 th 1739 

he died in the 81 st year of is Age 1739. 
Elezebeth Jarvis died one wensday night one May the 19 th 1735 

She died in the 51 st year of her age 1735. 
John Rain Tracey his Book Given him by his mother June 24 th 1786. 
Martha Rain Her Book May 24 th 1750. 
John Rain died April i th 1744 aged 55. 

Martha Rain died September y e 21 : 1765 in the 68 year of her age. 

From a volume containing the Book of Common Prayer 
and Bible with Apocrypha, " London, Pri?ited by 
John Bill a?id Christopher Barker Printers to 
the King's most Excellent Majesty 1669. Cum 
Privilegio ;" in my possession. Oti the inside 
front cover occurs the autograph of Hump'' 
Grainger. — F. A. C. 

Hubbard Family. 

October th 10, 1761 Elizabeth Hubbard Daughter of Rot>t Hubbard 

and Eliza Hubbard Born the ye tenth of October old mic 1761. 
Hannah the Daughter of Rob' and Eliz th Hubbard Born 21 Oct. 1763. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Girling Family. 

Jo n Girling son of Rob 1 Girling was born Feb 1 "? 2 d 1744 O.S. 
Dudley Girling Dau r of s d Rob' was born September 18 th 1749. O.S. 
Anne Girling Daughter of Rob 4 and Anne his Wife was born 27 th May 

Herbert Berrys 18 17. 

Dudey Girling hur Book Framlingham. 

From a volume in my possession containing " The Whole 
Duty of Man" "London, Printed for Timothy 
Garthwait at the Sign of the Kings-head in St. 
Pauls Church-yard, 1663;" and "The Gentleman's 
Calling," "London, Printed by R. Norton, for 
Timothy Garthwait at the Sign of the Kings Head 
in S. Pauls Church-yard, MDCLXLI." On a 
fly-leaf is written: "Robert Girling, Ann Girling 
thier Book" on the first page of the preface: 
"Dudley Girling her Book 1761," and on the back 
of the second title " The Gift of Ann Girling to her 
Daughter Dudley Girling 1761." — F. A. C. 

Brown Family. 

Parent's Names. 

Joseph Brown. 
Mary Brown. 

Wm Brown born May 27 th 1836. 
Jane Brown born [blank in orig.]. 

Children's Names. 

Mary Jane Brown born 15 th Feb 1859. 
Kizey Brown Brown April 17 th 186 1. 
Sarah Ann Brown Born Oct 4 th 1865. 
Wm Jas Brown Born Feb 27 th 1864. 
Ann Brown Born Sept 4 th 1867. 
Ada Brown Born April 4 th 1874. 


William Brown & Jane Wassail Married at St Phillips Church 
Dec 25 th 1857. 

[ Written in pencil: Joseph Brown Deid 24 1 Aperell iS6j.] 


Jos Brown Died April [blank in orig.] 
Sarah Ann Brown Died March 7 th /7 I - 
Ann Brown Died Sept 9 th 1867. 
Ada Brown Died August 18 th 1877. 

From a Bible, printed at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
in my possession. — F. A. C. 


Verity Family. 

Henry Verity & Harriet Wood were Married 10 th t)ec r 1812 at 
Lansannor Church Glamorganshire. 

1 Henry Verity son of y e said Henry & Harriet Verity Born 17 th 

October 18 13. 

2 Maria Verity Daughter of Henry & Harriet Verity Born 29 th 

September 181 5. 

3 Julia Verity Daughter of Henry & Harriet Verity Born 7 th June 


4 George Hamilton Verity Son of Henry & Harriet Verity Born 

19 th July 1 81 9. 

5 Sophia Verity Daughter of Henry & Harriet Verity Born 29 th 

June 1821. 

6 Henry & Harriet Verity Twins of Henry & Harriet Verity Born 

December 23 rd 1823. The end. 
George Hamilton Verity of Sarn fawr in the Parish of S' Brides Minor 
in the County of Glamorgan and Elinor Joanna Wilson ffrance 
second surviving Daughter of Thomas Robert Wilson ffrance and 
Mary his Wife of Rawcliffe Hall in the County of Lancaster were 
married at St. John's Church, out Rawcliffe on the 24 th of August 
l8 47- 

1 Sarah Harriette, Daughter of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor his 

Wife was born at Sarn fawr the 2 nd of July 1848 and baptized at 
Newcastle Church Bridgend on the 6 th of August in the same 

2 Mary Greswolde, Daughter of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor 

his Wife was born at Sarn fawr on the 5 th of October 1849 ar) d 
baptized at Newcastle Church on the 12 th of November in the 
same year. 

3 Elinor Joanna, Daughter of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor his 

Wife was born at Sarn fawr on the 2 nd of November 1850 and 
baptized at Newcastle Church on the 8 th of May 185 1. 

4 Robert Lewis, son of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor his Wife 

was born at Sarn fawr on the 16 th of December 185 1 and 
baptized at Newcastle Church on the 31 st of May 1852. 

5 Charlotte Adelaide Daughter of the said G. H. Verity and 

Elinor his Wife was born at Sarn fawr the 16 th of February 
1853 and baptized at Newcastle Church on the 24 th of 
August 1853. 

6 George Wilson son of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor his Wife 

was born at Sarn fawr on the 2 nd of February 1855 and baptized 
at Newcastle Church on the 7 th of December 1855. 

7 Charles Henry, son of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor his 

Wife was born at Sarn fawr on the i8' h of March 1856 and 
baptized at Newcastle Church on the 5 th October in the same year. 

8 Hamilton Wood son of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor his Wife 

was born at Sarn fawr on the 8 th of april 1858 and baptized at 
Newcastle Church on the 24 January 1859. 

9 Herbert William Steele, son of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor 

his Wife was born at Sarn fawr on the 22 nd of September i860 
and baptized at Newcastle Church on the 18 th of October 1861. 


10 Arthur Wilson, son of the said G. H. Verity and Elinor his Wife 

was born at Saru fawr on the 20 th of June 1863 and baptized at 
Newcastle Church on the 20 th of January 1864. 

11 Frederick Gerald Burnard Harmar, son of the said G. H. Verity 

and Elinor his Wife was born at Bath on the 30 th of October 
1867 and baptized at Walcot Parish Church, Bath the 21 st of 
May 1868. 

From a folio copy of " The Christian's New and 
Compleat Family Bible:" with Apocrypha, "by 
the Rev. Thomas Bankes, of St. Mary Hall, 
Oxon, Vicar of Dixton, in Monmouthshire, and 
Assistant Preacher at St. George's, Middlesex," 
" London : Printed for j. Cooke, N" 1/, Pater- 
noster-Row ; " in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Wright Family. 

William the son of W m & Mary Wright was born August 7 th 1806. 

George Wright was born July 10 th 1808. 

Jane Wright was born Oct r I st 1810. 

Susan Wright was born March 9 th 1813. 

Charles Wright was born Feb 1 ^ 23, 181 5. 

Mary Wright was born August 7 th 181 7. 

Hannah Wright was born July 20 th 1820. 

Edward Wright was born January 6 th 1823. 

From a Book of Common Prayer, " Cambridge, 
Printed by J. Archdeacon, Printer to the 
University, Ij6g. Cum Privilegio ;" in my 
possession. — F. A. C. 

Davison Family. 

Mariann Davison, Died 14 July 1781, Aged 3 Years, 7 Months. 
William Davison, Son of M r William Davison of Rochester, in the 

County of Kent, Died 12 November 1756, Aged 18. 
M rs Jane Davison, late Wife of M r John Davison of this Parish, & 

Mother to the above Mariann Davison, Died 23 December 1796, 

Aged 56. 

Mariann Davison, Grand Daughter of the above M rs Jane Davison, 

Died 9 th April, 1799, Aged 2 Years 5 Months. 
M r John Davison, Husband to the above M rs Jane Davison, who died 

on the 17 th of January, 1821. Aged 81. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 

In affectionate remembrance of 
Frances Party, 
the beloved Wife of 
Benjamin Risdon Thomson, 
of 1 6 Upper Hornsey Rise 
Who entered into Rest September 3 rd 1869, 
in her 78 th year. 
Interred at Finchley Cemetery Sept r 10 th 1869. 

i st Class. N° 6129. 

"An example of suffering affliction and patience." 

James 5, 10. 
" For ever with the Lord." 

was United in 

22 nd Septembe 
at the Parish Church o; 


Panaune ^ujsannaa 

Kirfta Paw 

©tarn partha 

(Mara Uuliana 

Date of Birth. 

10 th September 1820. 

23 rd January 1822. 

7 th April 1823. 

12 th August 1824. 

10 th July 1826. 

28 th December 1827. 

4 ,h March 1830. 

4 th January 1834. 

Date of Baptism. 

8 th October 1820. 

17 th February 1822. 

12 th May 1823. 

22 nd September 1824. 

15 th August 1826. 

24 th January 1828. 

30 th March 1830. 

14 th February 1834. 


S' Clement 


To whom. 

M r John Adams 

Newcastle upon Tyne. 

Miss Elizabeth 
White of Bromley 


Mary Jane Turner 

Walthamstow, Essex. 


Henry Francis 

300 Kent Street. 


[arriage to 


Mary Whitechapel. 

.te of Marriage. 





Place of Interment. 

26 th August 

21 st August 


5 th August 


M rs J: A: Lander. 

24 th March 1873. 


N° 9349. Square 32. 
Highgate Cemetery. 
Between 2623 and 8437. 


Frances Sophia. 
Elizabeth Georgiana. 
Clara Martha. 

25 th January 1838. 

3 rd December 1834. 

25 th April 1827. 

14 Years 9 
months and 
a fortnight. 

10 Years 4 
months and 
a fortnight. 

9 months 
and a fortnight. 



New Bunhill Fields 
Church Street S' 
Mary Islington. 

Same Place. 

S' Clement Danes 

From a "New Self-Interpreting Testament" by the Rev. John Platts, "London, Published by 
James Robins and Co., Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row, M.DCCC.XXVII ';" in my possession. 
The foregoing entries are beautifully written on two leaves of parchment bound in front 
of the title. — F. A. C. 


Taylor and Cragg Families. 

Jn° Taylor Borne Oct r n th 1813 Between 6 & 7 oclok Moning. 
Hannah Taylor Born Nov r 2 nd 181 5 Between 12 & 1 Oclok at 

David Taylor Born July 15, 181 7 Between 4 & 5 Oclok after noon. 
Mary ann Born Febr^ 21 st Between 12 & 1 Oclok at Noon in the year 

Edwin Born 10 Minuts pas' Oclock in the Morning on the 10 Nov r 

Elizabeth Born August 4 th 1822, 10 Minuts past 6 in Morning. 
Sarah Born Febr^ 16, 1826, 10 past 12 Oclok Morning. 
Ellen Bom Jany 20, 1829 Between n & 12 Oclok in the Night. 
James Born Nov r 19, 1831 Betwee n & 12 Oclock at Night. 
Edmund Taylor Born March 13, 1839 At 5 Minuts Past 9 Oclok 
at Night. 

Mary Cragg Born April 11 th 1843, 25 Minuts past 8 Oclok in 

Edwin Cragg Born 10 th November 1844 at 14 Minutes Past 2 O Clock 
in Morning. 

David Taylor Born 21 st December 1843 Between 5 & 6 O Clock at 

Night at Cork Ireland. 
John Cragg Born 23 rd November 1846 at five minutes before 1 O Clock 

In Morning. 

William Cragg Born April 4, 1850 at 45 minuts past three in 

Hannah Taylor Born December 24 th 1851 at ten minutes past eleven 

in morning Barns Green. 
Hannah Cragg Born February 5 th 1852 about 10 Oclock A.M. 
Betty Taylor Born Febrawary 19, 1854 At Ten Minuites Pat One 


Mathew Marcroft Born Febray 8, 10 OClock Forenoon. 
William Taylor Born 4 th of June 1846, 4 O Clock in the Morning 

Edwin Taylor Born 14 th of March 1849 Welwyn Hertfordshire. 
Thomas Taylor Born 26 th of April 1855 Shadwell Middelsex 

Frederick Taylor Born 18 th of December 1856 Rochdale 

John Taylor Born July 12, 7 O Clock in Evening 1858. 
Martha Cragg Born Jan 9 Betwen One and 2 in the Mornning 

Thamas Marcroft 14 of Oct Betwen \\ 10 in the Mornning 1857. 

From a copy of "A Complete and Universal Dictionary 
of the English Language," by the Rev. James 
Barclay, "Bungay, Printed and Published by 
Brightly 6° Childs, 1812," in my possession. On 
the inside front cover is pasted a leather label 
stamped in gold "Edmund Taylor." — F. A. C. 

1 10 

Spight, Chesterton and Bee Families. 

Susanah Spight Died January 17 th and was Bureid January 20 th 1782. 
John Chesterton Died November 4 th and was Bureid November 6, 1784. 
Tho s Bee the Son of Tho s & Millicent Bee he Was born September 
26, 1823. 

From the back of a title to a Bible "London, Printed 
by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most 
excellent Majestie, and by the Assignes of 
John Bill, 1640. Cum Priuilegio;" in my 
possession. — F. A. C. 

Myers Family. 

Eliza Myers born May 20, 1780. God Fathers The Rev d Dean Webb. 

God Mothers, M rs Cranmer & M rs Waldo. 
Judith Myers born October 14, 1781. God Father William Myers Esq r . 

God Mothers, M rs Hurtler & M rs Edward Cranmer. 
Frances Myers born November 18, 1783. God Father James Whitaker 

Esq. God Mothers, M rs Whitaker & M rs James Whitaker. 
William Sibthorp Myers born January 18, 1785. God Fathers, Peter 

Waldo Esq r & Doctor Sibthorp. God Mother, Miss Myers. 
James Myers born August 23, 1786. God Fathers, James Hurtler Esq r 

& the Rev d J n Myers. God Mother M rs Hurtler. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Maton Family. 

John Maton Died Oct. 12 th 1787 Aged 48 years. 
Ann Maton Died Sep"" 17 th 1811, Aged 70 years. 
Mary Ann Gonner Died Sep 21 st 1820, aged 37 years. 
John Adee Gonner Died March 14 th 181 2 aged 27 years. 
Zachary Maton Died Jan 21 st 1831 aged 53 years. 

From a copy of " The Whole Duty of Man" 
"Londo?i: Prmted for John Eyres, William 
Mount, and Thomas Page; M.DCC.XLIV. ;" in 
my possession. On the back is stamped: "Stephon 
Maton 1747" and on the inside cover is written : 
"Elizabeth Margaretta Robinson." — F. A. C. 


Butler Family. 

M d that young Launclett Butler was borne the 10 day of Aprill aboute 
10 of the clocke at night in the yeare of oure Lord god 1631. 

M d that Deborah Butler Was borne the 20 8 of March betwene 4 and 
5 of the clocke in the after nwne in the yeare of our Lord god 

M d that Sarah Butler was borne the 30 th of Janeare beetwene 7 and 8 

of the clocke at night in the yeare of our lord god 1636. 
Thomas Goach(?) Aug: 24: 1721. 

From the back of the last leaf of a Bible, black letter, 
" Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer 
Kings most excellent Maiestie, Anno Dom. 1615. 
Cum Priuilegio;" in my possession, — F. A. C. 

Patching Family. 

John Robert Patching born Dec r 24 th 1856 at 56 West Street 

Elizabeth wife of above born Sepf 22 nd 1854 at Charlton N r Woolwich, 

Sons of the above. 
John Patching born Septr. 23 rd 1884 at 56 West Street Faversham. 
William Alfred Patching born DeC 25 th (Xmas Day) 1885- at 5 South 
Road Faversham. 

Tho s Edward Patching born Sepf 12 th 1887 at 5 South Road 

Henry Patching born April i st 1890 at 19 Oban Terrace Cambridge 
R d Faversham. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Thomas Family. 

Degory Thomas Jun r of Holsworthy. 
Edmond Thomas of Jacobflow in ye County of Cornwall. 
Elisabeth Thomas was born the 7 of march 1731. 
mary thomas was born the 7 of febiry 1735. 

Margaret thomas was born the 24 day of Desember in the year 1739. 
Robert Colling his Writting June y e 9 th Day 1765. 

From a copy of " Theoremafa Theological Compiled 
or Collected by Rob. Vilvain, "London, Printed 
by R. Hodgkinsonne (for the Author) and 
are to be sold at his Hous in Thames-street 
neer Bay nards- Castle, A.D. 1654;" in my 
possession. — F. A. C. 

1 1 2 

Strutt Family. 

The Family of Benj n Strutt. 
The Ceremony of Marriage between Benjamin Strutt and Caroline 
Pollett, was performed by the Rev d M. Sandiford at Christ 
Church, London, on Wedensday the 3 d November 1779. 
Had Issue, viz: 

1. Henry Pawlet Strutt Nat. Tuesday 12 Septr. 1780 a 5 h. 15 Min. 

p.m. in the Parish of All Saints, Colchester. Obit. 5 th December 
1780. Buried in All Saints Church Yard. Found dead in his 

2. Edward Hugh Pawlet Strutt Nat. Sunday 9 th Septr. 1781 at 

H. p.m. in the same parish. Baptized there 31 st Octr. 1782. 
Mrs. Clara Reeve of Ipswich his Sponsor. Married November 
i st 1827, Sarah Tunmer, widow of the same place, Colchester. 

3. Caroline Pawlet Strutt Nat. Saturday 5 th October 1782 at 5 p.m. 

in All Saints Parish. Baptized there 31 st October 1782. Sponsors 
M r Crawford of Cheswick Manor House & M rs Pollett, Widow, of 
S' Peters Parish, Colchester. Caroline Pawlet Strutt, deceased. 
Buried in Layer Marney Church, by the side of her Mother. 
Died Unmarried. 

4. Jacob George Strutt Nat. Wedensday 4 th August 1784, at 2 

m. p. 5 in the same parish. Baptized also in the said parish. 
His Sponsor M r Mills of the Bank, Colchester, Essex. Formerly 
Ensign and Surgeon in the North Lincoln Militia, under Captain 
Stephen's Command. 
Jacob George Strutt, Married M rs Elizabeth Biron, Widow of Hull 
in Yorkshire. Has Issue liveing I st Charles Edward Strutt, 
2 nd Arthur Strutt, 3 rd Agnes [Alice written over in pencil ] Strutt, 
3 rd A Daughter [Alice in pencil~\ who Died about July 24 th 1818 
in Childhood. 

5. A Child Born 6 Jan r y 1786. 

6. Rachel Ann Strutt Nat. 4 March 1787 at 5 m. after 12 A.m. in 

the same parish. Baptised there 1789. Deceased lays Interred 
in S' James Church Yard, Colchester, Essex. Died Unmarried. 
Her Sponsor was Mary Rachel Crane, a Daughter of M rs Pollett of 
Colchester, and Wife of Captain Robert Crane who Served under 
Marquis Cornwallis, in the first American War. 

7. Nicholas Strutt Nat. Saturday 23 d May 1789 at 20 m. p. M. in 

the same Parish. N.B. a most tremendious Aurora Borealist 
at 11. Obit in his Infancy 23 d of May. This Child I am told 
was the very Image of my Father, in Features. His Sponsor was 
the Rev d Nicholas Corsellis of Wivenhoe Hall, County of Essex. 
Buried in All Saints Church, Colchester, Essex In May 1789. 
Nicholas died 23 d of May, or 11 th of Septr. 1789. Nicholas Died 
of Convulsions. 

8. Sarah Strutt Nat. Saturday 9 th Augt. 4.10 A.M. in the same 

Parish 1794. Liveing at present at Hammersmith, Hammersmith 
House. Her Sponsor named her after her own Name, Sarah 
Sharpe Strutt. 

f Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis was first seen in England an. 1 7 1 5. 



Note. Miss Sharpe, previous to her Decease left my Sister 100 Pounds 
in her Will, and some Rascal of a Fellow erased the last Cypher, 
whereby she could only enjoy the Interest of 10 Pounds a Year. 
We think it was one of the Pollet Family. Be it who it may, it 
proves what my Father said to be certainly true; "there are people 
in the World who would wade up to their Knees in Blood, for the 
value of a Silver Trinket, I would kick them all to the bottom of 
the Sea before I would betray such a Disposition." 

gduP. 0. Jfot 

Family of Strutt on my Grandfather's Side. 
A Genealogy partly drawn out by me (E. Strutt) in the West of Sussex 

1822, with additions from my M.S. in Essex 1828. 
My Grandfather John Strutt of Codenham, in the County of Suffolk, 

Schoolmaster, married Mary Gibbs, whose Mother was a Daughter 

of D r Byfield of London (hence our Relationship to the Gibbs's). 

They had Issue : 

1. Sarah Charlotte Strutt (now liveing) Spinster. 

2. Sophia Strutt married to William Eastwick Levett, who went in 

the army, and died abroad. Thought to have been Slain in Battle. 
By him she hath Issue, viz : 

1. Sophia Levett, married M r Murphy, by whom she has a Family. 

2. Lucy Levett at present Unmarried. 

3. Charlotte Levett. 

4. Nelson Trafalgar Levett, so Christened in honour of Lord 

Nelson's Victory at Trafalgar. 

3. Susan Strutt. She died in the prime of Youth and Beauty. Much 

lamented by all who had the pleasure of knowing her pleasing 
mental qualifications. 

Tho' born to win the Heart, & charm the Mind 
The lovely Ruin's here is left behind ; 
Yet from the precincts of this mouldering Tomb 
Her Soul ascends to meet a Joyful Doom : 
Her Voice below did move the Heart to love ; 
Now more sublime has join'd the Choir above 
In Regions of Eternal Bliss to share, 
Unfadeing Joys, and see her Saviour there. 

E. Strutt 

Her Picture was drawn by my Father, Benjamin Strutt, but not being 
satisfied with it, he tore it to pieces, and the Face, falling on the 
Ground, my Aunt Sarah Charlotte Strutt, picked it up, and 
preserved it as a precious Relic, the Features she told me was like 
her Sisters ; but after keeping it some time she lost it. The Head 
of Niobe will give such persons, as never saw Susan Strutt, an Idea 
of the regularity & beauty of her Features, which was only equalled 
by the sweetness of her Temper and Voice. 

This Flower of the Female Flock, by imprudently drinking too much 
Milk, makeing it her constant Beverage, contaminated the whole 
Mass of Blood, to the inexpressible Grief of her Parents, Family, 
Relations & Friends. 


On her Picture. 

Forbear, the mimick Skill's employ'd in vairi 
Her Features, unfadeing Colours to retain ; 
Th' Attempt is lost, and Art will not restore 
The happy Spirit which once reach'd the Shore 
Has no desire to visit Earth again ; 
The Vale thats mark'd with Sorrow, Sin, & pain ; 
Her Memory cherish ; let that prove doubly dear 
O'er that, lets drop the sympathetic Tear ; 
Through Christ, behold the Christians splendid prize 
Secur'd for us, in his Imperial Skies. 
E. Strutt, 1828. 
Barrack Street 

Colchester, Essex. 

1. John Strutt. Born Saturday 10 th Feb? 1753, between 7 & 8 O'Clock 

in the Evening at Great Clacton. He kept a School, but left it, 
and went in the Army, into foreign Service. But what became of 
him is very uncertain as accounts differ. 

The following Memorandum is from my Fathers Hand Writeing : 
"The only account I can get of my Brother John, who went to 
India in 1784, is from converseing with a Soldier, lately returned 
from India, who described him by his Stature, Complexion, & 
remarkable Hair. That at Wallahjabad (it was pronounced to me 
as Woollahdabad) being with the Officers at play, at some Game, 
he received a Blow on the Side, under the Effect of which he 
languished 3 Months, and then Expired. He had Built himself a 
House in the Country, and had lived with a Porteguse Woman 
some Months before this happened. Which from hence he left 
her, & paid us a Month. He had no Children." 

He was very Handsome, a fine Florid Complexion, and his Hair of so 
Beautiful an Auburn, that his Beard appeared like Gold Dust ; 
much such looking Hair as King Edward 4 th appeared when his 
Coffin was opened, and of which Hair M rs Elizabeth Strutt, my 
Sister in Law, has a small Lock, formerly in the possession of 
M r Walker, an intimate Friend of my Fathers, deceased. 

2. Benjamin Strutt. Born on Monday Dec r 9 th 1754, bet. 4 & 5 

O'Clock in the Afternoon, at Great Claxton. 
Extract from the Hull Advertiser & Exchange Gazette, Friday, March 9 th 
1827 : "Expired on Saturday the 21 st Ultimo, at his Residence in 
High Street, Benjamin Strutt, Esq r , in whose Death the Town and 
Borough of Colchester have sustained a Loss, not easily to be 
Repaired. As Chamberlain to the Borough in particular he has 
rendered it many important Services, + and as an Antiquarian (or 
Antiquary) he has deeply investegated its History and Rights. 
Whilst his extraordinary Talents, and Multifarious Information, 
commanded the respect of the Rich, his Benevolence secured him 
the Love of the poor, of whom his principles invariably Rendered 
him the general Adviser and Steadfast Friend. 

t Note. Particularly so in restoreing back 16 Shillings to the Free Men, which 
a certain Rascally Lawyer purloined from them, they only receiveing for Years before 
only about 8 d or I0 d from the free Land. 


" Had he Coveted Wealth, or power, the Avenues to both lay 
open before him, for the Grasp of his Mind was capacious enough 
to become one of the most influential public Characters in the 
Country ; but the artificial Distinctions of Society presented no 
Attractions to One already Independant in his own Resources. 
Utility was the sole Aim of his Occupations, and whenever a Duty 
was to be performed to a Friend, or a Service rendered to his 
Townsmen, or to Society at large, then he stood forward, foremost 
and fearlessly, but for the Employment of his more Leisure Hours 
he was contented to be Indebted Solely to his Love of Science, 
and the Fine Arts as cultivated by him in the uninterrupted 
Seclusion of his Study. 

" A long and painful Illness brought into more immediate view 
those precious Attributes of the Mind, which his total Indifference 
to the praise of Men would otherwise have led him to conceal 
rather than display, even from his nearest and dearest Ties, and it 
is now the Consolation of his Sorrowing Family to reflect, that his 
Acute Sufferings were borne with Implicit Resignation to the Will 
of God, in whose Mercies he profest to place a Trust, not to be 
shaken by meerly Bodily Trials, the Sincerity of which profession 
was abundantly proved by the firmness with which he contemplated 
the inevitable Nature of his Disease (Aneurism) & the Tranquility 
with which he rendered back his Existence to him, from whom he 
at all times with pious Gratitude acknowledged it to have been 
received.t As his Life drew near to a Close, he frequently said 
' I am ready to go, when my Master calls me.' Gently was he 
called at last, unrepinely was that Call obeyed. Peace to his Soul, 
Honour to his Memory." 

The above Elogium was from the Heart & Pen of Elizabeth Strutt, 
my Brothers Wife, and doth Credit to her as a Wife, Mother, 
Authoress and Friend. 

My much lamented Father Died at the Age of 72, and lays Buried in a 
Vault in St. James Church, Colchester (By the Side of his Mother). 

" No Epitaph need make the Just Man fam'd 
For he is prais'd when he is only Nam'd." 

3. Samuel Strutt. Lived sometime at Deptford & was in the Victualing 

office till unjustly discarded. He Married the Daughter of 
M r Saunders, an eminent Baker of London. Her Maiden Name 
was Susan Saunders, and an excellent Wife she was. She died of 
a Cancer. He died some time before her, of a decayed Liver. 
He was formerly an Officer in the Prince of Wales's Company 
(now King George 4 th ), and went to the Expedition to Holland, 
& the Island of Walchereen, in the Capacity of a Commissary in 
the Army, in the latter place he caught the Complaint so prevalent 
there ; the effects of which, he probably found, hastened his last 
Moments. She had no Family by him. 

4. Joseph Strutt. Deceased was in the Sea Service. Died a Single 


+ As a proof my Father looked beyond ordinary means, he observed to a Sister of 
mine "It is not because I have Money in my I'ocket, we have a good Dinner here 
to Day." 


Strutt of Dedham 

My Great Grandfather (sic), Brother to my Grandfather, John Strutt, 
married a person of the name of Wiltshire, a very Handsome Lady, 
who lived to be near a Hundred Years of Age. My Aunt, Sarah 
Charlotte Strutt, remembers her carrying her about the Room. 

1 751, Died Leonard Barnard Esqr. near Chinkford in Essex. 

Died in 1753, Lord Barnard in Berkeley Street, Picadilly. 

My Relations on the Polletts Side. 
My Grandfather was Hugh Barnard Pollett, of High Street, Colchester, 
Essex, Surgeon. Deceased Sep r 3, 1772. Barnard Hugh Pollett 
was Buried 3 d Sep tr 1772, in St. Runwald Church, Colchester. 
He married Ann Allein, who Succeeded her Husband in the 
Buisiness, in paternshp with Mary Rachel Pollett, one of her 
Daughters. She had Issue by M r Pollett, Three Daughters 
(I think there was another Ann Tolady Pollett) namely : 

1. [Blank in orig.~\ Pollett, Deceased. Married to John Prentice, Esq r 

of Ipswich in Suffolk. She Died without Issue. Lays Buried in 
Ipswich. She Died suddenly in the Night, oweing it is thought 
to takeing a wrong Medicine given her by mistake. Early in the 
Morning my Uncle found her a Corpse. " In the midst of Life 
we are in Death." M r Prentice now resides in the City of Bath. 
\_Note in pencil : Deceased anno 18 JO at Bath?[ 

2. Mary Rachel Pollett, Deceased. She Married to Captain Robert 

Crane, who Served in the First American War Under Marquis 
Cornwallis. Both Husband & Wife now Deceased. Buried at 
Peters, High Street, Colchester. Left a Son, Robert Prentice Crane. 

3. Caroline Pollett. Married to Benjamin Strutt of Colchester, had 

Issue (see the Pedigree). 
My Grandmother, M rs Pollett had Three Sisters, but if now liveing I 
know not, namely : 

1. M rs Elizabeth Allan. Concerning M rs Allan, my Aunt knows 

some secret History, but I cannot make her divulge it 
to me. E. Strutt. 

2. Lady Peshall, the Wife of Sir John Peshall. Sir John Peshall, 

Baronet, so created by King James i st May 22 nd 161 1. 

3. Ann Pollett, a Maiden Lady, who suddenly disappeared Years 


My Uncle & Aunt Crane's Son, Robert Prentice Crane, went to Buenos 
Ayres, as Chaplain to a Regiment. Married a Daughter of 
- Gee, Esq r , by whom I think she has a Family. 

My Aunt Crane had another Son, who Died in Infancy, named Alfred 
Crane. And my Uncle Crane's Brother, John Crane, had a 
Daughter who married a person of the Name of Yeates. A most 
agreeable & worthy Lady, now Deceased. I received a Letter 
from her, in answer to one I sent, which shewed at once her 
Piety & Goodsense. The particulars of her Dissolution hath not 
Reached Mine Ears. 1 f~\ j% ^ 

Colchester, Barrack gjfaj (/>. JWffl/ 

Street, 1828. 

M rs Jiggon, Relict of W m Jiggon. Esq r , of Kelvedon, Sister of my Uncle 

Crane, Deceased. No Family left. 
M rs Fanny Crane, A Maiden Lady, formerly of Kelvedon, Deceased. 

Sister also to my Uncle Crane (see note over leaf). . 


Family of M r & M re Pollett of Colchester. 

1. Ann Pollett, Born Old Stile Apl : 25 th 1749. Obit 12 th June 9 P.M. 

1789 at Ipswich. Buried in Eccles Saint Helen. 
In a Book once belonging to Ann Pollett, 
" Long wish'd for come at last, 
I think nought of the present, but what is past." 

2. Rachel Toladay Pollett, Born Apl: 15 th 1753. Deceased. 

3. Mary Rachel Pollett, Bom Octr: ye i st 1754. Deceased. 

4. Caroline Pollett, Born Octr: 6 th 1757. Deceased. 

Pollett Family or Pawlet. 
Hugh Pollet, Rector of Bardfield, & [blank i7i orig.] Pollett his Brother, 

an Officer in the Army in the Low Countries. 
H. Pollett. 

H. Pollett. 

B. H. Pollett. 

Hugh Pawlet, Rector of Bardfield. 
Hugh Pawlet of Finchingfield. 
Hugh Pawlet of Thaxted, a Draper. 

Barnard Hugh Pollett of High Street, Colchester, Essex, Surgeon. 
Yesterday M r Paulet, a Surgeon General of the Army, was Seized in 
this House at Albermarle Street with a Fit of the Palsy, & lays 
dangerously 111. 

From the Ipswich paper, Feby: 27 th 1747/8. No. 472. 

Benj n Strutts note. 
1800. House of Commons, for the Borough of Aylesbury, Scrope 
Barnard, Esq r , 3 d Son of the late Sir Francis Barnard, Baronet. 
Anno 1800. 

N.B. Jeremiah Crane, Esq 1 ". If Jeremiah Crane, Esq r , dies without 
an Heir (or Heiress) his Estate descends to the only Son of 
Captain Robert Crane, of Colchester, Essex, namely Robert 
Prentice Crane, now at Buenos Ayres, 1828. 

M r Crane, Brother to Capt" Robert Crane, lives Abroad. 

Died in 1740, Christopher Barnard, Esq r , the Day he was to have been 
Sworn in Mayor of Yarmouth. 

Crane, an name of some eminence. 

Nicholas Crane. Sheriff of London in the Reign of King Edward 3 d . 
Vide De Laune's present State of London, page 232. Published in 

I. Sir Robert Crane, Baronet, So Created by King Charles I. 

2. Sir Richard Crane, Baronet, also created by King Chas: I. He was 

in the Service of the King against the Parliament. Slain in Battle. 

3. A Popish Priest. A priest, by Name James Crane, was taken up on 

Suspicion in the Scotch Rebellion of 1746. 

4. Edward Crane, LL. D., obtained a Grant from his Majesty of Canon 

or Prebendary of the Cathedral Church of S' Pter, Westminster, 
void by the Resignation of D r John Hume, Apl: i st 1748. 

5. M rs Mary Crane, one of the Women of the Bed Chamber to the 

Princess of Wales. 

6. 1 761. M r Crane an eminent Surgeon of London. 

The above is written on nine leaves in my 
possession, apparently torn from a 
small narrow account book. — F. A. C. 


Onebye Fajnily. 

Robert Onebye the sonne of John Onebye of Barwell in the County of 
Leic Gent and Ellen his wife was borne at Signett in the parish 
of Llanvair neere Ruthin in the County of Denbigh on Wednesday 
the Seaventh day of September Anno dni 1665 and I pray God to 
blesse him and to make him his true faithfull and obedient servant 
vnto his lifes end. 

Robert Oneby y e son of Rob' Oneby of Barwell in the County of 
Leicester Esq r and Susan his Wife, was borne in Southampton 
buildings in the parish of S' Andrews Holborne in the County of 
Midlx on Sonday the Ninth day of Aprill being Easter Day Anno 
D'ini 1 7 10 at a Quarter and two Minutes after Twelve of the Clock 
at noon: and I pray God to bless him and to make him his true 
faithfull and Obedient Servant unto his life's end. 

From a loose leaf in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Viccars Family. 

Frances Jane Viccars Born Dec br 30 th 1827 at half past three on 
Sunday Morning Baptised at the Chapel Royal Brighton Feb r y I st 

From the back of a title to " The Whole Booke of 
Psalmes" " London Printed for the Company 
of Stationers, i6ig;" in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Ashmore and Perry Families. 

Joseph Ashmore Son of Peter & Mary ashmore: born 17 th May 

1772 in the Parish of S' Sepulchre Within. 
Sarah Perry Daughter of Jn° & Sarah Perry: born 14 April 1781: 

in the Parish of Shoreditch, Midx. 
Jos h ashmore & Sarah Perry married 8 th August 1801 at the Parish 

Church of S' Sepulchre Within. 
Mary Ashmore Daughter of the above Jos h & Sarah Ashmore Born 

9 th August 1802: in the Parish of Christ Church within. 

Christen u at y e said Parish Church y e 27 th Sep r following. 
Ellen Ashmore 2 d Daughter of Joseph & Sarah Ashmore Born 15 th 

May 1804 in the Parish of Christ church within, and Christen'd 

at y e said Parish Church 7 th June following. 
Sarah Ashmore 3 d Daughter of Joseph & Sarah ashmore Born 8 th 

March 1806 in the Parish of Christ Church within. Christen'd 

at y e said Parish Church 4 th April following. 
Joseph Ashmore Son of Joseph & Sarah Ashmore Born July 30 th 1808 

in the Parish of Christ Church within. Christen'd at y e said Parish 

Church Sep r 5 th following. 
Sarah Ashmore, the much beloved Wife of Joseph Ashmore & Daughter 

of Jn° & Sarah Perry Died August 5 th 1808, Aged 27 years 3 mo: & 

3 weeks. Buried 11 th Aug 1 in Bunhill fields (she lives in Heaven). 


Joseph Ashmore Son of Joseph & Sarah Ashmore Died 8 th September 
1808, Aged 5 Weeks 5 Days. Buried Bunhill fields. 

M* Joseph Ashmore, husband of the above Sarah Ashmore, died 
Jany 9 th 18 10, buried in Bunhill fields. 

Family Register of 
John Perry of Providence Row. 
John Perry born 12 th of October 1740. 
Sarah Cooper born 27 th of January 1742. 

John Perry & Sarah Cooper were married the 7 th day of October 

Their children. 
Samuel Perry born 3 d of May 1772. 
Margaret Mary born i st of December 1773. 
John Perry born 11 th of August 1776. 
Ebenezer Perry born 28 th of January 1779. 
Sarah Perry born 14 th of April 1781. 
Their Mother Sarah Perry died 20 th March 1800. 

From a Bible, " Imprinted at Lo?idon by the Deputies 
of Christopher Barker, Printer to the Queenes 
most Excellent Maiestie. i$gg ;" in possession 
of the Misses Daw of The Grove, Cambenvell, 
co. Surrey. — F. A. C. 

Daw Family. 

My Aunt Sarah Daw died January 3 rd 1872, Aetat 89 V s 12 da v s . 
My Brother in Law Thomas Cole died 12 July 1863. 
My Father died 14 Decem r 1842, Aet: 77. 

My mother died 27 April 1839, Aet: 78. ["On Saturday, the 27th inst., 
at his house, Aldington Place, Cambenvell, Anne, wife of Mr. 
Joseph Datv, aged 78." — " Times," 2Q April 1839.] 

Mary, married i st October 1853. ["At St. Giles' Church, Cambenvell, 
on the ist inst., by the Rev. H. H. Evans, Incumbent of St. John's, 
leytonstone, assisted by the Rev. W. Whitehead, setiior Curate of 
Cambenvell, the Rev. JV. G. Charrington, M.A., youngest son of 
JV. Charrington of ley Spring House, leytonstone, to Mary 
Ashmore, second daughter of Joseph Daw, Esq., of Cambenvell 
Grove."—" Times," 3 October 1853.} 

Sarah, married 21 st April 1855. ["On Saturday, the 21st inst., at the 
parish church, of St. Giles', Cambenvell, by the Rev. JV. G. 
Charrington, brother-in-law of the bride, Henry, youngest son of 
James Boyer, Esq., of Coopers' Hall, to Sarah Ann, third daughter 
of Joseph Daw, Esq., of Cambenvell Grove, Esq." — " Times," 
24 April 1 S3 3.} 

Louisa, married 22 January 1863. ["On the 22d inst., at St. Giles', 
Cambenvell, by the Rev. W. Whitehead, Rector of Avington House, 
Hants, Henry John, eldest son of S. Spurting, Esq., of Denmark 
Hill, to Louisa Marianne, fifth daughter of Joseph Daw, Esq., 
of Cambenvell Grove." — " Times" 24 January J863.] 

1 20 

Joseph, married 12 January 1867. )["0n the 12th inst., at the parish 
church of S. Martin's, Liskeard, by the Rev. the Vicar, Joseph, 
elder son of Joseph Daw, Esq., of Camberwell Grove, Surrey, to 
Margaret Helena, third daughter of John Jagoe, Esq., of Liskeard, 
Cornwall" — " Times" 14 January 1867?^ 

My Nephew, Alfred Cole died 27 June 1856. 

My Sister Jane's husband, M r Sanders died Ap 1 13, 1859^ 

My Sister, Jane Sanders died Oct: 6 th 1873. 

tv T o- 4. r ,. u Emily b: 29 Dec: 1842. 
My Sisters Children : y c 7 

1 Cyril b: 24 Sep: 1846. 

My Sister Mary Ann Coles Child Jane died 21 Oct: 1846. 

H> Prichard (my wifes cousin) died at Worcester Terrace, Bristol, 

March 26, 1875, Aged 79, Interred Arnous Vale Cemetery, Bristol. 
M r Tho s Cole died at Wimbledon 12 July 1863, buried at Highgate 


Mary's Children. 

Nicholas Henry, born June 23, i860, died March 25, 1862. 
Francis, born 18 th Jan^ 1863. 

Herbert Edward, born 22 Dec: 1863, died 10 June 1864. 
Fanny, born 28 January 1866. 
A Girl, born 23 November 1868. 
Mary Louisa, bap: 4 Jany 1869. 

Joseph's Children. 
Joseph, b: 8 Nov: bapt d 6 Dec: 1867. 

Lilian, b: 23 Feb?, bapt d 24 March 1870. , 

Margaret Annie, b: 20 July 1872. 

Walter, b: [26 July 1874, in pencil]. 

Beatrice \ , . ~ , 
Mary ) b: 10 Sept: 1876. 

Sarah's Children. 
Catherine Sarah, B: 17 Jan? 1857. 
Herbert Henry, B: 23 April 1858. 
Percy James, B: 31 July 1859. 
Ellen Sophia Louisa, B: 19 June 1863. 
Frank Harold, B: 1 March 1865. 
Ada Mary, B: 3 August 1868. 

Louisa's Children. 

Marion, b: 26 Nov: 1863. 
Stephen John, b: 16 Dec: 1864. 
Gertrude Annie, b: 19 April 1866. 
Harry Baker, b: 26 August 1867. 

Basil, born February 21, 1869, bap d Easf Tuesday 1869. 
Clement Michael, b: 28 Sept: 1870. 
Dennis, b: 21 August 1872. 
Louisa, b: 3 d Oct: 1874. 
Ciceley, b: 27 Aug' 1876. 

Joseph Daw, born 12 th January 1803. 
Ellen Ashmore, born 15 May 1804. 

Married at Christ Church, Newgate S 1 , London, 5 th September 1827. 

Their Children. 

Ellen, born June 30, 1828, baptized at the above Church 12 th January 
1829. Sponsors: Joseph Daw, Sarah Ashmore, Jane Daw. 

Mary Ashmore, born December 10, 1829, baptized at the above Church 
March 29 th 1830. Sponsors: Joseph Daw, Mary Ashmore, 
Ellen Daw. 

Joseph, born July 29, 1831, baptized at S l Marks Church, Myddelton 

Square, Clerkenwell, Decem r 29, 1831. Sponsors: Joseph Daw, 

Henry Prichard, Mary Ashmore. 
Sarah Ann, born April 14, 1833, baptized at S l Georges Church, 

Camberwell, July 2 2 d 1833. Sponsors : Joseph Daw, Ellen Daw & 

Sarah Ashmore. 

A Son, born January 6, 1835, died January 22 d 1835, buried in the 

burial ground of the last named Church. 
Elizabeth Jane, born December 23, 1836, baptized at home January 6 th 

1837. Taken to the Church of S l George's, Camberwell, on 

September 5, 1837. Sponsors: T: Cole, Jane Daw, Mary 


Louisa Marianne, born February 17 th 1839, baptized March 2 2 d 1839 

at the last named Church. Sponsors : M r W m Swinton, M rs Cole 

& Sarah Ashmore. Died Sept: 28 th 1879. 
Henry Hutchins, born March 13 th 1841, baptized April 29 th 1841, at 

the ruins of the Chancel of S 1 Giles Church, Camberwell. 

Sponsors : M r David Hutchins, Joseph Daw & Sarah Ashmore. 
Annie, born July 29 th 1843, baptized at Emmanuel Church, Camberwell, 

for the Parish Church, August 30 th 1843. Sponsors: T: J: Cole 

Mary & Sarah Ashmore. 
Harriett Ada, born July 29, 1845, baptized September 5 th 1845, at S l 

Giles Church Camberwell. Sponsors : her two eldest Sisters and 

M r Rob 1 Muriel Sanders. 
A Son, prematurely, and still born April 19 th 1848, interred in the Parish 

Church Yard of S l Giles, Camberwell. 

A printed notice from the " Illustrated London News," April 1857, with 
the obituary notice of the Rev. Hill Richard Dawe, who died 
suddenly on the 15 th of March 1857, appears above these entries, 
with this note written at the side : " In answer to my enquiry 
of my Aunt, Sarah Daw of Taunton, whether this party were 
related to us, and how : She told me ' she was not aware. Her 
grandfather had two brothers, one of them was in the Church, 
He served Lydered S' Lawrence, near Taunton, and died a 
Bachelor. The other brother left the neighbourhood, kept no 
intercourse with his relatives, that nothing was known of him.' 
My Aunt gave me an old mourning ring presented by Eliz: 
Duchess of Hamilton's friend, on her decease, to the former 
Clergyman. It bears date 5 Nov: 1729." 

From a Book of Common Prayer, " London : Printed by 
Millar Ritchie, for J. Good, Bond Street, and 
E. Harding, Pall Mall. 1794 / " in possession 
of the Misses Daw of The Grove, Camberwell, 
co. Surrey. — F. A. C. 


Howard Family. 

George Howard the Son of Peter Howard And Elizabeth his Wife was 
Born May 17 at 2 Clock in the Morning, in the year of our 
Lord 1790. 

Sammuel Howard, The Son of Peter Howard and Elizabeth his Wife 

was Born September the 4 in the year of our Lord 1793, At quarter 

before 6 In the After noon. 
Elizabeth Howard, The Daughter of Peter Howard and Elizabeth his 

Wife, Whas Born July 30, At 5 Clock in the Morning in the Year 

of our Lord 1795. Dide the 10 of Junary 1796. 
Elizabeth Howard, The Daughter of Peter Howard and Elizabeth his 

Wife, Was Born November 22, At 11 aclock in the Forenoon in 

the Year of Lord 1796. 
Thomas Howard, The Son of Peter Howard and Elizabeth his Wife, 

Was Born March 25, At Four Clock In the morning in the Year 

of Lord 1799. 

Cathrine Howard, The Daughter of Peter Howard and Elizbeth his 
Wife, Was Born October 14 In The Year of our Lord 1801. 

From a Pocket Book in my possession. — F. A. C. 

Register Extracts. 

A Copy from Freshford Regesf. 

Henry Son of Rog r & Betty Wilshire was born baptiz d Nov r 19 th 1752. 
Will" 1 Son of Rog r & Betty Wilshire was born Nov 22 nd baptiz d 24 th 1754. 
Cha s Wilshire Son of Rog r & Betty was born July 12 th baptiz d 25 th 1756. 
Rog r Son of Rog r & Betty Wilshire was born Ap 1 i st baptiz d 23 rd 1758. 
Ann Daughf of Rog r & Betty Wilshire was born Jan'Y 1 o th baptiz d 1 3 th 1 7 60. 
Dan 1 Son of Rog r & Betty Wilshire was born Sepf y e 3 rd baptiz d 27 th 1761. 
Ja s Son of Rog r & Betty Wilshire was born May 25 th Baptiz d June 19*1763. 
Jn° Son of Rog r & Betty Wilshire was born Sepf 8 th Baptiz d 29 th 1765. 
Betty Daught r of Rog r & Betty Wilshire was born July 13 th Baptiz d 
Aug st 6 th 1767. 

From a loose leaf in my possession, endorsed: "Register 
at Freshford."—F. A. C. 

1687. November. Elizabeth Edgar buryed y e 10 th . This is a true 
Coppy taken out of the Register Book of y e Parish of S £ Buttolphs. 
Witness my hand The 3 d of January 170-i Theod : Jar Lane, 

John Heckford buried y e 20 th of May 1687 Taken out of y e register of 

Elmsted by me Zach : Hargraves Minister ibid m . 
Richard Heckford buried in Elmsted March y e i st 1691. ita testor 

Z. Hargraves. 

From a loose leaf in my possession, endorsed: 
" A Note from y e Regis tre of y e Deaths of 
John Heckford: Richard Heckford 6° Elizabeth 
Edgar."— Y. A. C. 


Facsimile (same size as original) of a Mug in 
my possession, with the Arms of the Joiners Company, 
and the name "William Frisbe, 1646." He was of 
St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London, and 
is mentioned in the Company s books as presenting 
apprentices between the years 1622 and 1647; dying 
intestate, administration of his estate was granted 
14 November 1648, to Elizabeth Frisby, relict. — F.A. C. 


Clench Family. 


THOMAS CLENCHE of Holbrooke in the Countye of Suff. 
Gentleman." To Elizabeth my eldest daughter ^150 at age 
of 21. To Priscilla my youngest daughter jQioo at 21. If either 
die before attaining 21 the other to be her heir. To Mary my wife 
^100 within eight months after the death of my father, if she shall be 
then living, if she be then dead said ^100 to be used for bringing 
up my two children until they come of age, then equally divided 
between them. To daughter Elizabeth one of my best feather 
beds, &c, at age of 14. Same to daughter Priscilla. To said Elizabeth 
one great silver bowl and three great silver spoons at 21. Same to 
Priscilla. If either die sooner the survivor to take her share. 
Residue of all goods, &c, to wife Mary, desiring her to be a careful 
mother to " my twoe litle Infantes." Executors : John Clenche of 
Shotley, gent, in the county of Suffolk, and John Freelove of Harkested 
in said county, gent, provided said executors give security for the 
performance of my will to Thomas Clenche of Crowfeild, esquire, 
whom I appoint supervisor. Witnesses : John Bratherton, Samuell 
Aggis, Wittm Munnyngs, Beniamyn Freelove. Dated 23 June 1607. 
Proved 14 October 1607, by John Clenche and John Freelove, 

P.C.C. 80 Hudleston. 

GEORGE CLENCHE of Bealings parva in the county of 
Suffolk and within the diocesse of Norw ch ." To Margarett 
my daughter my best bed, &c, as they stand in the parlour chamber, 
at 21 or marriage. To said Margaret £200, "w ch is parte of my 
adventure already paide into the East India Companie," which, with 
,£200 more to be paid into the said company by my wife Margaret, 
is to be used for the benefit of said daughter Margaret until she is 
21 or marries. To said daughter Margaret "my silver Beaker & 
my white silver wyne cupp sixe silver spoones & my two three pound 
peices of gould & a treble soveraigne peice of gould " on the day 
of her marriage or at 21. To M r William Gibbons "one peece of 
gould of 22 s for my funeral sermon." To my maidservants 10 s each. 
To the poor of Bealings Magna 13 s 4 d . To the poor of Bealings 
Parva 13 s 4 d . These legacies to be paid one month after my decease. 
Residue to my said wife, whom with my brother Almot Clenche I 
make executor. Witnesses : Edmunde Clenche, John Barrett, Edmund 
Easterford. Dated 20 December 1619. Proved 9 February i6|-|, 
by Almott Clenche, brother, and Margaret Clenche, relict, executors. 

P.C.C. 16 Soame. 

I2 5 


THOMAS CLENCH of Holbrooke in the Countie of Stiff. 
Esquire." To Ann, Lady Wingfeild, my beloved wife all goods 
and chattels which I now have in the hundred of Lowes, my cattle, 
corn, &c, excepted, also to her all her place, ready money, &c, in 
Holbrooke. John Clench my eldest son to pay to Edward Clench 
my youngest son ^400 in lieu of those lands at Stutton which I 
hold of Thomas Bedingfeild of Grayes Inne, esquire, the said Edward 
Clench to assign to the said John all interest in said lands. To 
said John all my lease of the manor of Payton Hall, which was assigned 
to me and said son Edward by John Wright and John Lany of 
Grayes Inne, esquires, and with consent of Thomas Waller, deceased, 
for payment of money, some out of my own purse, and for the rest 
I stood bound to said Thomas Waller, the said sums amounting to 
^2,500 and another £100 given to Anne Waller on her marriage 
by James Waller her brother, for which I stand bound. My said son 
John to pay all my debts out of said lease, and said John to pay to 
said son Edward £&o more for his present maintenance. To said 
son John my manor of Holbrooke, &c, the said John to discharge 
said Edward from paying anything for which he stands bound for 
myself or cousin Waller. To Sir Roger North and his lady two old 
angells each to buy them rings. To son Byng and his wife the 
same. To "son Bings boyes" £10 each. To M ris Dorothy Jackson 
£5. To Ann Pistor 40 s . To cousin Tayfeenay 20 s . To John 
Armiger 40 s . To Robert Smith 40 s . To Goody Tunmer 40 s . To 
Cicely and Anne Wood my maids 40 s each. To my brother John 
Clench of Burgh and my brother Freelove each two peeces to buy 
rings. The ^40 given to son Bing's children to be paid in four years. 
John Clench my son sole executor. Witnesses : Robert Hedge, 
William Bogas. Dated 5 November 1624. Proved 24 May 1625, by 
John Clench, son and executor. 

P.C.C. 47 Clarke. 


" TOHN CLENCHE of greate Bealings in the countie of Suff. 

J and in the Dioces of Norw ch ." All my manors, lands, &c, to 
remain according to certain conveyances already made by me. To 
Joane my welbeloved wife such part of household stuff as she may 
desire. All residue, together with my goods, &c, at Brantham, to 
my son Allmott. To son Edmund all my household stuff in my 
house in Ipswich. To Margrett Clench my grand-daughter ,£100 
at 21 or marriage with the consent of Sir Roger North, knight, Henry 
Bing, " s r iant at law," my nephew John Clenche of Creetinge in co. 
Suffolk, esquire, and my two brothers Robert Clenche of Witcham, 
co. Cambridge, esquire, and John Clenche of Burghe in co. Suffolk, 
esquire. To said son Allmott all other lands in Greate Bealings. 
Whereas I have lately bargained with Francis Noone of Martleham 
for certain lands in Martleham now mortgaged to M r Edmund Burwell 
of Woodbridge and have paid part of the purchase money, I will 
that the rest of the purchase money be paid out of my estate and 


the assurance thereof taken to my said son Edmund, and in default 
of issue of said Edmund to son Allmott. To the poor of Great 
Bealings 40 s . To the poor of Brantham 40 s . All my goods, &c, 
"both on this side the sea & beyond the sea," to be divided 
between said Allmott and Edmund, two-thirds to Allmott and 
one-third to Edmund. To each servant 20 s . Sons Allmott and 
Edmund executors. Witnesses: Jo: Clenche, Ro: Sparrowe, Tobias 
Whitaker, Thomas Webbe, John Harrison, the mark of John Marriott, 
William Iynn. Dated 3 April 1628. Proved 30 June 1628, by Allmott 
Clench and Edmund Clench, sons and executors. 

P.C.C. 58 Barrington. 


" "DOBERT CLENCH of Wicham w th in Thisle of Ely in the 
County of Cambridge Esquier." To son Robert my lease of 
Sutton Hollwood. To my wife and my daughter Priscilla lease of 
my farm in Wicham and Sutton, now in the occupation of Saberton 
and Tilley. All other my lands, &c, to my brother John Clench, 
my nephew Almott Clench and Stephen Jellett, to be sold to pay 
my debts, and the overplus to be divided amongst my wife and my 
six youngest children. ^5 to my daughter Felton. The said John 
Clench, Almott Clench and Stephen Jellett, executors. Witnesses : 
Robert Clenche, jun., Edward Clenche, Francis Clenche, John Webb. 
Dated 26 January 163^. Administration granted 12 July 1633 to 
Stephen Jellett, one of the creditors of the testator, the executors 
named in the will having renounced. 

P.C.C. 54 Russell. 


EDWARD CLENCH of Graneester co. Camb. Esquire." To 
' be buried in chancel of parish church of Great Finborow, 
co. Suffolk, as near the body of my Honourable sister the Lady 
North as may be, "faire stones" to be laid on her and me. My 
executors, a year after my decease, to sell lands at Granchester, 
Newnham, Coton and Barton, and pay money raised thereby to 
nephew Robert Clench, my nephew John Binge of Graneester, 
esquire, to have the first offer of said lands. To sister Mary Clench 
^20. To nephew Edward Byng all my tenements, &c, in Combes, 
in co. Suffolk, on condition he convey the house I now live in in 
Graneester to the said John Byng or such other person as might 
purchase same. The said money raised by the said sale not to be 
paid to nephew Robert Clench until he pay to my niece Katherine 
Cotton the ^500 given her by the will of my brother John Clench, 
her father, deceased. If said lands are not sold within a year of my 
decease, said Katherine Cotton may enter on said lands until said 
Robert pay her ,£500. To nephew Edward Byng ^100. To 
nephew Henry Byng's eldest son the farm house, &c, in Great 


Finborow, Combes or Woudhouse in co. Suffolk. To said nephew 
Thomas Clench ^50. To nephew Henry Clench ^50. To nephew 
John Clench ^50. To niece Thomazine Clench £50 if she marry 
as I or her brother Robert Clench approve. To niece Katherine 
Cotton ^100. To said nephew John Byng ^50, and his son 
Thomas Byng, my godson, £10. To nephew Henry Byng ,£50. 
To friend James Thompson, esquire, and his wife 40 s , friend D r 
Humfrey Byng 40 s , cousin Edmund Clench of Ipswich, merchant, 
40 s , friend M rs Katherine Browning of Cambridge, widow, 40 s , 
M r Snowden 40 s . To my maid servant Sarah Holder, lease of house 
in Grancester which I hold of the master, &c, of Katherine Hall, 
Cambridge, also to said Sarah Holder £10 to renew said lease in 
seven years time. Specific legacies to Sarah Holder and other 
servants. To poor of Grancester ^5, poor of Great Finborow 20 s . 
To M r Henry North, the younger, my sister North's silver clock to 
be delivered to him when his father M r Henry North of Bansfield 
shall have paid me or my executors all my costs "att the suite of 
Browne & Brasier about the Hopps Poles etc. att Finborow 
aforesaid." To M rs Russell £10, to Edward Russell her eldest son 
£10 at 21. To friend Richard Petitt of Cambridge, notary public, 
^5. My two parts in two ships at Ipswich to said nephew Robert 
Clench. Residue to my true servant Christopher Chapman, whom I 
make sole executor. Witnesses : Jonathan Carrow, Mart, Perse. 
Dated 6 August 1659. 

Memorandum revoking legacy of £100 bequeathed to Katherine 
Cotton and giving her ^50 instead. Witnesses : Jo : Byng, Mart. 
Perse. Dated 15 September 1659. Proved 11 April 1660, by 
Christopher Chapman, executor. 

P.C.C. 30 Nabbs. 


SIR ROBERT CLENCH of Holbrooke in the Countie of 
Suff. Knight." To be buried in parish church of Holbrooke 
" neare my deare wife." My executors to lay one gravestone which 
may cover the graves of me and my said wife. To my executors 
all my manors, lands, &c. s in Holbrooke, Croating All Saints, 
Croating Saint Mary and Kirton or elsewhere in co. Suffolk on 
trust to sell so much as will pay my debts, &c, the debts wherein 
my brother Scutt stands bound with me to be first satisfied so as my 
said brother pay his proportion of a bond for £200 to M r Robert 
Tumor of Ipswich, another bond to Master George Salter for 
,£100 and one other for ^50. Executors to allow out of the rents 
of said real estate to my three daughters Merrell, Frances and 
Thomazine Clench ^100 per annum for their maintenance until the 
younger attains 21, viz: to said Merrell and Thomazine ^30 each 
and to Frances ,£40. Executors after payment of debts &c, to 
settle the fee simple of the said estates on the said three daughters 
when youngest is 21. To said daughters all my gold rings and 
jewells which were their mothers and mine, eldest daughters portion 
to be the fairest and ^20 better than her sisters. Residue to 


executors to reserve such part as they think fit for my daughters. 
To my dear mother 20 s for a mourning ring. ^5 to the minister 
and churchwardens of Holbrooke to be employed " for ever hereafter " 
for the poor of Holbrooke. To poor of Needham Market 40 s , to 
poor of Croating All Saints 20 s . My loving friends William Jermy 
of Stutton in said county, esquire, and Edward Sheppard of Ipswich, 
gentleman, executors, and to each of them ^25. To the said Edward 
Sheppard my black cloake lyned with plush which was my fathers. 
My dear friend Sir Phillip Parker of Arwarton in said county, 
baronet, supervisor. Witnesses : Henry Clench, Chr. Milton, John 
Walford, William Rand. Dated 2 January 166^. Proved 17 June 
1662, by Edward Sheppard (W m Jermy having renounced). 

Marginal note stating that the original will has been delivered to 
Edward Sheppard. 

P.C.C. 77 Laud. 


" JOHN CLENCHE of Cretinge All Saints in the countie of 
j Suffolke Esq." To Mary Clenche my wife ^50 worth of my 
household stuff, " desiringe her Religious and affectionate care in the 
Education and nurture of my daughter Thomasine." Whereas Sir 
Robert Gardiener, knight, by his will gave 1,000 to be equally 
divided amongst my children living at his decease, and whereas 
there was another legacy of ^200 given by the said Robert Gardiener 
to be equally divided amongst the said children, to those of my 
children who will give my executors a release of their portions of 
the above legacies I bequeath instead as follows : To son Thomas 
annuity of ^20 for life out of my lands in Cretinge All Saints, 
Creting S' Maryes, West Cretinge and Earlestonham, the same to 
son John, same to sons Henry and Richard and entry upon said 
lands in case default is made by executors in paying said annuities. 
To two daughters Katherine and Margerie ^500 each. My executors 
to pay to said Katherine out of said lands ^30 yearly, and same to 
said Margerie, until their portions are paid, power of entry for said 
Katherine and Margery. Whereas by deed made to Sir John Holland 
and others in consideration of a marriage to be had between my 
eldest son Robert Clenche and Elizabeth Holland, sister to said 
Sir John Holland, I engaged to surrender certain copyholds of the 
manor of Walton cum Trymley, which said lands I have surrendered 
accordingly, by this my will I give said lands to said son Robert. 
And whereas there was left in said Robert's hands on his marriage 
^500 of his wife's portion, which said sum was and is, by contract 
between me and said Robert, to be paid to Thomazine my youngest 
daughter at 21, I give said ^500 to said Thomazine, to be paid her 
by said Robert. To son-in-law Garrard and my daughter, his wife, 
20 nobles each for mourning. To my faithful servant William 
Scutt ;£io, to other servants 10 s each. To poor of Creting All 
Saints 20 s , Holbrooke 40 s , Needham Market 40 s . To son Richard 


copyhold tenement in Walton and another in Needham Market. 
Residue to executors to pay debts, &c, and balance to son Robert 
if he join in proving my will. Brother Edward Clenche, son Robert 
Clenche and William Scutt executors, and £10 to each of them. 
Witnesses : Jo : Clenche, Ja. Withere. Seal of Edward Sargeant. 
Dated 3 April 1646. Proved 26 June 1662, by William Scutt, 
surviving executor. 

Marginal note stating that the original will has been handed to 
William Scutt, the executor. 

P.C.C. 79 Laud. 

A dministrations ( P. C. C.J 

1642. June 10. MARGARET BLOMEFEILD, alias CLENCH. 
Administration granted to William Blomefeild, husband of Margaret 
Blomefield, alias Clench, late of Stonham Parva, co. Suffolk, deceased. 

Fo. 139. 

1656. November 28. ALLMOTT CLINCH. Administration 
granted to John Clinch, son of Allmott Clinch, late of Coveney, co. 
Cambridge, widower. 

. Fo. 2J2. 

1669. September 27. ALMOTT CLENCH. Administration 
granted to Dorothy Clench, daughter of Almott Clench, late of 
Coveney, " infra Insulam Elien," co. Cambridge, deceased, John Clench, 
his son and administrator having died not having fully administered 
the estate. 

1 67 1. April 5. ISAAC CLENCH. Administration granted 
to Dorothy Clench, widow and relict of Isaac Clench, late of Melton, 
co. Suffolk, deceased. 

Fo. 44. 

1678. June 22. CATHERINE MORLEY, alias CLINCH. 
Administration granted to Benjamin Morley, husband of Catherine 
Morley, alias Clinch, late of Woodbridge, co. Suffolk, deceased. 

1686. April 1. ALMOTT CLENCHE. Administration granted 
to Edmund Clenche, brother of Almott Clenche, late of Bottesham, 
co. Cambridge, batchelor, deceased. 


Rose Family. 


" T JOHN ROSE of the Parish of Limpne co. Kent yeoman." 

J- To my affectionate grand-daughter Susan Rose, an infant, 
^20, to be paid for her use when the bond is due and payable that 
now rests in her mother's hands as an augmentation to that provided, 
that her father-in-law William Stroude doe give such security for 
the whole three score and ten pounds as my executor shall think fit 
and not otherwise, but it shall remaine in his hands to the same use. 
I give to the said Susan in four years time after my decease the 
whole revenue of my lands for use, education, &c, and when she is 
twenty one years of age or when she is married I give unto her all 
my lands and to her heirs for ever. Remainder to John Goldridge 
and his heirs for ever. To John Goldridge £100 when he shall 
attain to the age of 20 years, also all my wearing apparel. To my 
kinswoman Jane Rose £20. To my kinswoman Jane Spisser _^2o 
at the age of twenty years. To Sarah Pilcher and Hester Pilcher 
and Mary Rogers, three children of my cozen Rogers, J~io apeece 
when they come to the age of 20 years. I do ordain my loving 
kinsman Robert Parnell my sole executor. Witnesses : William 
Wildens, George Keys and others. Dated 25 February 1691. Proved 
at Canterbury 9 April 1692, by executor. 

Archdeaconry Court, Bk. 78 (Batckelor), fo. 106. 


" T ELIZABETH ROSE of Chistlett Court co. Kent in the 
-L Parish of Chistlett, Widow." I make my loving son Charles 
Rose my sole executor. To the poor of the Parish of Chistlet 40 s . 
To my daughter Elisabeth Jones all my wearing apparel, linen and 
woollen and silk and my Bible I use to read in, and such other of 
my books as she shall care to have. I give also to the said Elisabeth 
one half of all the linen now being in my great chest, which is full 
of the said linen, and the other half I give to my grand-daughter 
Elisabeth Rose. My daughter in-law Elizabeth Harrison. Residue 
of my goods whatsoever I give to my son and executor Charles Rose 
and to his heirs for ever. Witnesses : Elisabeth Harrison, Elisabeth 
Goodson, Joseph Webb. Dated 27 December 1697. Proved at 
Canterbury 11 June 1699, by executor. 

Arch. Ct., Bk. 79 ( Whitfeld), fo. 289. 
I3 1 


" T ELISABETH ROSE of the fforstall in the Parish of Chislett 
-L co. Kent Widow." "My body to be buried in the chauncell of 
the Parish Church of Chislett or in some convenient place in the 
said church." To my daughter Elisabeth Harrison, widow, all my 
wearing apparel, both linen and woollen, and also my ordinary linen 
which I commonly use about my house, if she shall be living. 
Remainder to be equally divided amongst such daughters of the said 
Elizabeth Harrison as shall then be living. Residue of my goods 
whatsoever to my son Edward Rose, whom I make my sole executor. 
Witnesses : Joseph Cladis, Mary Yong, Ambrose Knowler. Dated 
10 March 169%. Proved at Canterbury 30 April 1702, by executor. 

Arch. Ct, Bk. 80 {Dickenson), fo. 57. 


" T HARDING ROSE of Eastchurch in the Isle of Sheppy co. 

-L Kent Miller." I commit my body to the earth to be decently 
buried at the discretion of my dear and loving Elisabeth, whom I make 
my sole executrix. And as to what estate it hath pleased God to 
bless me with, I give the same to my loving wife Elisabeth and to 
my son John Rose, equally to be divided betwixt them. Witnesses : 
William Kitchenham, Edward Moore, John Newland. Dated 18 May 
1 7 19. Proved at Canterbury 8 March 172J, by executrix. 

Arch. Ct., Bk. 85, fo. 21. 


" T JOHN ROSE of Pluckley co. Kent Gardener." To my 
-L daughter Elisabeth, wife of James May of Charing, in the 
said County, Gardener, i s . To my daughter Lydia, wife of John 
Smith of Egerton, in the said County, hempdresser, I s . To my son 
Richard Rose of Betherden in the said County, pailmaker, one 
feather bed with the bolster, &c. The residue of my goods 
whatsoever I give to my present loving wife Ann for her life, and 
after her decease to my son Francis Rose of the Parish of Pluckley 
in the County of Kent, gardener, whom I make my sole executor. 
Witnesses : 1 John Beecliing, Ann Sedweeks, Nathaniel Collington, 
junior. Dated 26 January 171?-. Proved at Canterbury 4 May 1722. 

Arch. Ct., Bk. 86, fo. 20. 



" T JARVIS ROSE of the Parish of Monkton, Isle of Thanet, co. 

-L Kent, Yeoman." Imprimes : " I give and bequeath unto mi 
three sons Ambrose, Edward Rose and Stephen Rose " all my whole 
estate, both real and personal, all messuages, tenements, &c., which 
shall in any wise belong to me at time of my death, also all my 
stock, crop, and ready money, all moveable goods and household 
stuff, plate, brass, pewter, &c, and all else whatsoever I give to my 
three sons Ambrose Rose, Edward Rose, and Stephen Rose, equally 
to be divided between them and their heirs for ever, they, my three 
sons paying out of my real estate such legacies as are herein 
mentioned. To Ann Rose my wife ^10 a year. Remainder to 
Daniel Rose, son of my brother Ambrose Rose, deceased, and in 
the event of death to my sister Mary's children, and my sister 
Elizabeth's children equally between them. " My aforesaid three 
sons to be joynt & sole exors." Witnesses : William Covelle, George 
Hurst, Henry Taylor. Dated 27 March 1723. Proved at Canterbury 
8 May 1723 by Ambrose, Edward and Stephen Rose, sons. 

Consistory Court, Bk. 60, fo. 1723. 


" T MARY ROSE of Couldred." To my daughter Sinister Rose, 
J- spinster, £40, also beds, sheets, &c, and one great oaken chest, 
and all my wearing clothes, both linen and woollen, I give to my 
daughter Sinister and to my daughter Anne, wife of John Bayley, 
equally to be divided between them. And I give my daughter Anne 
^20. "I give to my friend John Knott of Athorne 10 s 6 d for him to 
give to my poor ffriends called Bapfles." To my grand-daughter Mary 
Bayly two pairs of sheets. To my grand-daughter Ann Bayley two 
pairs of sheets. To my grand-daughter Elisabeth Bayley two pairs of 
sheets. Residue of my goods whatsoever and wheresoever I give to 
my son John Rose and I make him my sole executor. Witnesses : 
Lydia Perce, Elis th Gorley, Edward Warry. Dated 11 November 
1723. Proved at Canterbury 14 December 1723, by executor. 

Arch. Ct., Bk. 84, fa. 17. 



" T JANE ROSE wife of William Rose of Deal, Yeoman, co. Kent." 

-L To my husband William Rose and three silver spoons. 

To my sister Sarah Partridge £5 for mourning, which shall be 
bought of my kinsman William Boys of Deal. To my niece Mary 
Partridge ^15. To my nephew John Partridge ^15 and to his son 
John £15. To my niece Jane, wife of the said William Boys, £5. 
To the children of my niece Jane Boys ^50 to be equally divided 
between them. If my nephew William Laurence be living and shall 
return to England, then I give him £10 of the said ^50, also my 
chinch curtains, a chest of drawers and table of olive wood. To 
John Baldock of Deal, pilot, and Mary his wife £10. To Peter 
Rose, son of my said husband, £5. To Joseph Baldock, Ellen 
Massey, widow, and Sarah Burwille, 20 s each. To Edith Pettit, 
formerly my servant, 40 s . To my niece Mary Partridge, bedding and 
a silver tankard. To Mary Baldock silver porrenger, silver spoons 
and silver salt. To Ellen Boys, daughter of said William Boys, one 
silver porrenger marked E, silver spoon, napkins, &c. To Jane 
Smith, daughter of William Boys, silver spoon and pepper box, &c. 
To Elizabeth Boys, daughter of William Boys, silver salt and spoon, 
linen, &c. I order that my gold chain, a broad piece of gold and 
four gold rings shall be made into six gold rings. I give my 
husband one, my sister Sarah Partridge one, to William Boys and 
Jane his wife one each, to M rs Elizabeth Harris, widow of M r Sam 
Harris, one, and to the said John Baldock one. Residue to my said 
husband William Rose. £10 to be laid out for my funeral charges, 
and I appoint Daniell Mann of Deal sole executor, and I give 
him ^4. Witnesses : Abigail Taylor, John Taylor, notary public. 
Dated 18 October 1722. Proved at Canterbury 1 December 1727. 

Cons. C/., Bk. 60, fo. 2p6. 


I MARGARET ROSE in the Parish of Littlebourne, co. Kent, 
Widow." To my daughter Ann, wife of John Cooper, all my 
wearing apparel, linen and woollen. To my grand-daughter Margaret 
Cooper one trunk. To my son Ambrose Rose all my household linen, 
a large chest of linen and the chest also with all manner of linen. 
I also give him three gold rings and spoons (six). I give unto my 
three children, William Rose, John Rose and Ann, wife of John 
Cooper, to each of them two large silver spoons. Residue of my 
goods whatsoever to be equally divided between my said four children, 
and I do make my two loving sons John and Ambrose Rose my 
executors. Witnesses : William Brown, William Crofts, Abraham 
Coulson. Dated 9 February 1725. Proved at Canterbury 22 June 
1728, by executor. 

Arch. Ct., Bk. 87, fo. 23. 


** T JOHN ROSE of Margate in the Parish of S l John's, Isle of 
Thanet, co. Kent, husbandman." To my loving sisters, viz., 
Elisabeth Strood of the parish of S' John's and to Sarah Sackett, 
widow, of the same parish and to Mary Baulden of the parish of 
Faversham, Kent, and to Jane Rose of the parish of Maidstone, Kent, 
after all my debts, &c, are paid, I give to my said loving sisters all 
that my two messuages, &c., water-mill and garden, &c, now in the 
occupation of Roger Thornden and Cudd Huthkins, share and share 
alike for ever. And I also give my said loving sisters the residue of 
my ready money, plate, rings, household goods, linen and all other 
personal estate whatsoever. To my loving father John Rose of the 
parish of Minster 5 s . I do constitute my said loving sisters joint 
executrixes. Witnesses : Elisabeth Swinford, Sarah Norwood, Thomas 
Huffam. Dated 12 May 1731. Proved at Canterbury 4 June 1731, 
by executrixes. 

Arch. Ct., Bk. 88, fo. 36. 

l 734- 

" T EDWARD ROSE of Maidstone, co. Kent, Gent." To my 
J- two daughters Mary and Ellen £200 apiece and during the 
non-payment from the time of my death and for their present 
subsistence £10 more apiece to be paid within one month after 
my decease, with household linen, &c. I desire all that messuage, 
barn, building lands, tenements, &c, situate in parish of Chislet, co. 
Kent, and every other lands, tenements, &c, in the borough of 
Hoarth to my son Edward Rose and his heirs for ever, to be sold 
within twelve months after my decease. To my son Edward the 
lease lands I hold under the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury and 
also all my goods and chattels, household goods whatsoever, my debts 
first being paid. Edward Rose to be sole executor. Witnesses : 
Thomas Weeks, George Charlton, Henry Dixon. Dated 25 April 
1723. Proved at Canterbury 10 October 1734. 

Cons. Ct., Bk. 61, fo. 790. 


" T JOHN ROSE of Goodnestone, co. Kent, Gent." All my farm, 
-L messuage, lands, &c, in the parish of Hoarn, co. Kent, also all 
that messuage, farm, land, &c, in parish of Hoarn, and the other part 
thereof in parish of Chislet unto my beloved wife Mary during her 
life, after her death to my eldest son William Rose and his heirs 
for ever, subject to the charge of ^400 to be paid by my eldest 
son William to my youngest son John when he shall have attained 
the age of 21 years. If my wife marry again, my son William shall 
come into immediate possession, paying my wife £20 yearly. To my 


wife Mary all that messuage or tenement situate in the parish of 
Chislet, co. Kent, and immediately after her death to my son John 
Rose, should my wife marry again, my son John to come into 
immediate possession, paying my wife the sum of [blank in orig.] 
Residue to my beloved wife during her natural life, at her death to 
my two sons William and John, to be equally divided between them. 
I appoint Mary my wife sole executrix. Witnesses : Margaretta Bridges, 
Elisabeth Coo, Theophilus de LAngle. Dated 23 November 1749. 

Codicil. — No provision made for education of my two sons William 
and John till they arrive at 21 years, in case my wife Mary should 
marry, or through sickness or other cause. I appoint M r Stephen 
Smith, my brother-in-law, to be guardian Or trustee to my two sons 
till they shall be 21 years old, and as an acknowledgement of his 
trouble I do bequeath him the sum of ^5 5 s for mourning. This 
I declare to be a codicil this [blank in orig.] Witnesses as before. 

Cons. Ct. Cant., Bk. 63, fo. 330. 


" T WILLIAM ROSE of the Parish of Littlebourne, co. Kent, 
-L yeoman." To my loving wife Margaret Rose all those my 
three houses which I now enjoy, with the lands thereto belonging 
for her life, and after her decease I give the said house lying in 
Littlebourne, with the malthouse thereto belonging, to my son 
William Rose and his heirs for ever. I give that my other house 
in Littlebourne, which I am now rebuilding, to my son Richard 
Rose, after the decease of my loving wife, freely for him to enjoy 
those two dwellings adjoining and his heirs for ever. I give that my 
other house and land situate in Chislett, co. Kent, to my son John 
Rose, after my wife's decease, for ever. And if my wife do many 
again, my will is that she shall not enjoy any of these my houses 
and lands longer than her single life, except the house in Chislett. 
I also give to my loving wife and to my sons William, Richard and 
John Rose, £100 apeece to each of them. To my son-in-law John 
Cooper £25. To my grand-daughter Mary Cooper ^50 at the age 
of 21 years or upon her marriage. Remainder to the mother of this 
my grand-daughter, being my only daughter. All these legacies to 
be paid out of a certain mortgage right, and due to me upon a certain 
farm called Waltham Hall, in parish of Westbeer, co. Kent. I give 
^50 to my son Ambrose Rose, and I do ordain him my sole 
executor. My daughter Ann wife of John Cooper. I give to my 
said son Ambrose the farm in which I now dwell, with all the stock, 
&c. Residue of my goods, money, &c, to be divided between my 
said wife and five children. I do make my choice of these my very 
good friends M r Jervise Rose of the parish of Mounkton, Isle of 
Thanet, and M r John Denne of the parish of Littlebourne, to help 
and instruct my executor. Witnesses : William Brown, John Wood, 
Abraham Coulson, senior. Dated 1 June 1756. Proved at Canterbury 
9 January 1757, by executor. 

Arch. Ct., bk. 63, fo. ij. 


" T SAMUEL ROSE of Wilstead, co. Kent, Yeoman." "My body 
A to be buried under one of my tombstones in the churchyard of 
Wilstead." I give my loving wife all that my messuage, with the barn, 
stables, garden, &c, and several pieces of land thereto belonging, 
containing by estimation 26 acres situate in Wilstead, and now in 
my own occupation, for her natural life, and after her decease I 
give the same to my grand-nephew Thomas Rose, son of Thomas 
Rose of Lenham, co. Kent, victualler, and to his heirs for ever. 
To my nephew Thomas Rose 5 s . To my nephews Samuel Rose 
and Stephen Rose 5 s . To my grand-nephew Samuel Rose ^5. 
To my nephew William Bodgham £10. To my niece Elisabeth, 
now wife of Akhurst, ^5. To my cousin Thomas Rose of 
Wormshill ^£5. Residue of my goods and personal estate what and 
wheresoever, after the decease of my wife, I give to my grand- 
nephew Thomas Rose, and I do appoint him my sole executor. 
Witnesses : Edward Murton, S. Hinde, Will m Morgan. Dated 13 April 
1765. Proved 1 November 1766, by executor. 

Arch. Cant., Bk. 97, fo. 367. 


" T WILLIAM ROSE of Maidstone, co. Kent, Miller." To my 
nephew Edward Rose, son of Edward Rose of Sander's Green, 
co. Kent, £10. To my niece Elizabeth Rose, daughter of Edward 
Rose aforesaid, £10. To Thomas Peckham of Dartford, co. Kent, 
staymaker, £10. To Edward Peckham of Teason, co. Kent, 
wheelwright, £10. To Sarah Peckham, sister of aforesaid Edward, 
,£10. To the wife of Henry Birt of Town Mallen, co. Kent, 
staymaker, £10. Residue whatsoever to my brother Edward Rose of 
Sanders Green, labourer, for his sole use, whom I make sole executor. 
Witnesses: George Hubbard, Thomas Hall. Dated 31 January 1769. 
Proved 27 February 1769. 

Cons. Ct. Cant., Bk. 6j, fo. 355. 


" T JOHN ROSE of the Parish of Bredhurst, co. Kent, Thatcher." 

J- As to all my worldly goods, estate being all personal, I give 
and bequeath to my nephew George Rose ,£10. To my sister 
Elizabeth Bennett To Sarah Brooks, my sister, all my goods 

and chattels, &c. Witnesses : Emma Landon, John Landon. Dated 
7 May 1819. Proved 7 September 1819. 

Cons. Ct. Cant., Bk. 68, fo. 357. 


i8 39 . 

" T JOHN ROSE of Charing, co. Kent, Cordwainer." To my 
-L father Daniel Rose and to my brothers Samuel and Thomas 
Rose all my stock in trade, plate, linen, china, money, &c, and all 
other the residue of my personal estate for their own absolute use 
and benefit to be equally divided between them. My brothers Samuel 
Rose and Thomas Rose executors. Witnesses : Thomas Bronnam 
of Charing, smith, James Stanford of Charing, smith. Dated 30 May 
1838. Proved 25 April 1839, by executors. 

Cons. Ct. Cant, Bk. 70, fo. 336. 

Gretna Green Marriage Certificate. 

Gretnay Green, North Briton. 

July 9 th 1775. 

Thease are to Certfie all persons that may concern that Jeramiah 
Clark in the Shire of Worickshire and parish of Birmingham & Sarah 
Baker, Worcestershire & parish of Wick who came before me Declaring 
to be Singl persons & was lawfuly Maried By the ways of the Church 
of England & acording to the laws of the Kirk of Scotland given under 
my hand hearof Date above mentioned. 

From the original certificate in my possession. Jeremiah Clark, 
organist and composer, son of Charles Clark, Lay Vicar 
of Worcester Cathedral. He was educated as a chorister 
in the cathedral choir, of which he was subsequently a lay 
clerk, and ivas appointed organist in 1806, in which 
capacity he conducted the festival of tlie three choirs in 
the same year {see "Dictionary of National Biography," 
Vol. X., page 402). He was buried at Bromsgrove, co. 
Worcester, 13 May r8og, aged 66. 

A small full-length portrait in oils is in my possession, 
on the back of which is written : " The Portrait of 
Jeremiah Clark, born at Worcester in 1743, died at 
Bromsgrove in /8op." A Portrait of his wife, when 
elderly, is also in my possession. — F. A. C. 




Abbot, John, 36. 

Ablitt, Benjamin Ayariah, 70 ; Charles 
John, 70 ; Edward Joseph, 70 ; Eliza- 
beth, 70; Elizabeth Mary, 70; Emily 
A. , 70 ; George, 70 ; George Alexander, 
70 ; Henry John, 70 ; James, 70 ; 
James Boreham, 70 ; William Brackett, 

Ace, John, 34-36. 
Adams, Thomas, 53. 
Adderly, Gilbert, 19. 
Agate, — , 49. 
Aggis, Samuel, 125. 
Akhurst, Elizabeth, 137. 
Alderson, T., 48. 
Alexander, Ann, 63. 

Aleyn, Allan, Allein or Allin, Ann, 117 ; 
Elizabeth, 117; John, 60; Jordan, 

Allestry, George, 19. 

Allfray, Alice, 12; Joan, 12; John, 12. 

Anderson, Sir Edmund, 35 ; Isabella, 55 ; 

Dame Magdalen, 35. 
Andleby, Margaret, 27 ; Randolph, 27. 
Andrews, Jane, 54 ; John, 54 ; Kezia, 54 ; 

Patty, 54 ; — , 76. 
Anmer, John, 9 ; Maud, 9. 
Anthony or Antony, Isabel, 2 ; John, 2, 4 ; 

Robert, 2, 4 ; — , 5. 
Anwyl, Catherine, 89, 90 ; Elizabeth, 89, 

90 ; Evan, 89, 90 ; James, 90 ; Jane, 89 ; 

Mary, 89, 90; Watkin, 89, 90; William, 

89, 90. 

Arbury, Nicholas, Prior of, 33. 
Archdeacon, J., 107. 
Armiger, John, 126. 

Armistead, Eleanor, 94 ; John, 94 ; Sarah, 

94 ; William, 94. 
Ashby or Assheby, Frances, 17 ; George, 4 ; 

Rose, 2. 

Ashmore, Ellen, 119, 121 ; Joseph, 119, 
120; Mary, 119, 122; Peter, 119; 
Sarah, 119, 120, 122. 

Astley or Astell, Giles, 32 ; Guy, 30 ; 
Homerie, 31 ; John, 32 ; Dame 
Margaret, 32 ; Sir Thomas, 30 ; Walter, 
30; William, 30, 31 ; Sir William, 31, 
32 ; see also Estley. 

Aston, Sir Willoughby, Bt., 15, 26. 

Atherton, Ann, 77 ; Elizabeth, 77 ; 

Humphrey, 77 ; James, 77 ; Margaret, 

77 ; Robert, 77. 
Atkins, Joseph, 55. 
Att Sell, Maria, 28 ; Peter, 28. 
Atte Welle, John, 30 ; Ralph, 30. 
Attleberg, John, 34. 
Atwood, Olive, 96. 
Austen, — , 54. 
Awedon, Thomas, 2. 
Aylmer, Hugh, 33 ; Robert, 33. 
Ayrmin, Sarah, 27 ; William, 27. 
Ayton, —,51. 

Babington, Elisabeth, II ; John, II ; 

William, II. 
Bachesworth, Florence, 7 ; Jeffery, 7 ; Joan, 

7 ; Orasor, 7 ; Richard, 7 ; Roger, 7. 
Bacon, Dora Zillah, 80. 
Baddeley, John, 50. 

Bagot, Charles, 18; Sir Edward, 5, 14, 18, 
20, 25 ; Jane, Lady, 26 ; Lady, 15, 16, 
25, 26 ; Lambert, 16, 26 ; Mary, 5 ; 
Walter, 25 ; Sir Walter, 15 ; William, 
16, 26. 

Bailey or Bayley, Ann, 133 ; Elizabeth, 

133; John, 71, 133; Maria, 71 ; Mary, 

133 ; Richard, 71. 
Baions, Matilda, 8; R., 8; Senchea, 8. 
Baker, Ann, 22 ; George, 20 ; John, 22 ; 

Sarah, 138. 
Baldock, John, 134 ; Joseph, 134 ; Mary, 


Bankes, Thomas, 58, 107. 

Bannyngham, John, 74. 

Banwelle, Thomas, 30 ; William, 30, 31. 

Barclay, James, HO. 

Bardulf, Henry, 36. 

Barker, Christopher, 39, 51, 60, 90, 92, 
98, 104, 120; Robert, 47, 65, 68, 70, 
72, 75. 87, 90, 93. 96, 101, in, 112; 

— . 45- 

Barnard, Christopher, 1 18 ; Deborah, 66 ; 

Sir Francis, Bt., 118; Leonard, 117; 

Lord, 117; Scrope, 118. 
Barnes, Ann, 61; Elizabeth, 61, 76; 

Mary, 61 ; Sarah, 61 ; Susan, 61 ; 

Thomas, 61. 


Barnet, Joan, 10 ; John, 10 ; Mary, 10 ; 

Richard, 10 ; Thomas, 10. 
Barnsley, Ann, 103 ; Diana, 103 ; Elizabeth, 

103 ; John Thomas, 103 ; Samuel 

Jonathan, 103. 
Barre, Richard, 30. 
Barrett, John, 125. 
Barrow, — , 21. 

Bartlett, Charlotte, 80 ; Elizabeth, 79 ; 

Elizabeth Pitt, 79 ; James, 80 ; Sarah, 

79 ; William, 79. 
Basevill, Robert, 30. 

Baskett, John, 77, 79, 85, 95, 99, 100 ; 

Mark, 60 ; Robert, 40, 47, 48, 60 ; 

Thomas, 40, 47, 48, 51, 85. 
Bassett, Alice, 74, 75 ; John, 74, 75 ; 

Mary, 75 ; Steven, 75 ; Thomas, 75 ; 

Tnomasine, 75. 
Baulden, Mary, 135. 
Bedford, Earl of, 3. 
Bedingfeild, Thomas, 126. 
Bee, Millicent, ill; Thomas, ill. 
Beeching, John, 132. 

Beighton or Bighton, Alice, 24 ; Henry, 
24; Joan, 23, 24 ; Thomas, 24; William, 

Beigleton, Joan, 37, William, 37. 

Belgrave, — , 28. 

Belknap, William, 36. 

Bell, Anthony, 74; Charlotte Frances, 50; 

John, 50 ; — , 77. 
Benet or Bennett, Elizabeth, 137 ; Mary, 


Bensley, T., 62, 66. 

Bentham, Joseph, 56. 

Benyngton, Alice, 30; John, 30. 

Berney, Robert, 74. 

Berrys, Herbert, 105. 

Beterych, Robert, 36. 

Bill, Charles, 55, 64, 87, 97 ; John, 39, 

69, 70, 90, 93, 101, 104, III. 
Billisleya, John, 33. 

Bing, Edward, 127; Henry, 126-128; 
Humfrey, 128; John, 127, 128; Thomas, 

Birkas, Barnard, 3. 
Biron, Elizabeth, 113. 
Birt, Henry, 137. 
Bishop, A., 69 ; C, 69. 
Bispham, Robert, 83. 

Blackford, Harriot Elizabeth, 39 ; Mary 

Harriot, 39; Richard, 39. 
Blakemeson, Cecilia, 11. 
Blomefeild or Blomfield, E., 86; Margaret, 

130 ; William, 130. 
Bloom, James Harvey, 37. 
Blount, Barbara, 24; Eliza, 23 ; Elizabeth, 

23 ; Emotam, 23 ; Hugh, 23, 37 ; 

Joan, 23 ; John, 23 ; William, 23, 


Blower, Richard, 20. 

Boddington, Susan, 32 ; Thomas, 32. 

Bode, — , 71. 

Bodevill, William, 30. 

Bodgham, William, 137. 

Bogas, William, 126. 

Boleyn, Ann, 13 ; Jeffery, 13 ; Thomas, 

13 ; William, 13. 
Bollington, Ralph, 9. 
Bolstrode, Edward, 3. 
Bonar, Andrew, 67 ; Ann, 67 ; Ebenezer, 

67 ; Elizabeth, 67 ; Grissel, 67 ; James, 

67 ; Jean, 67 ; Jennet, 67 ; John, 67 ; 

Mary Thomson, 67 ; Patience, 67 ; 

Thomas, 67 ; Thomson, 67 ; William, 

Bonde, Thomas, I ; William, 35. 

Bone, Rosa, 4. 

Booty, M. G., 47. 

Borley, — , 58. 

Bornes, John, 10. 

Bosco, Sir Ernard, 30. 

Bosvile, A., 101 ; W., 101. 

Botting, Ann, 38 ; Richard, 38. 

Botyler, Sir Thomas, 34. 

Boulton, Edmund, 31 ; John, 31 ; Lettice, 

31 ; Mary, 31 ; William, 31. 
Bowers, — , 52. 
Bowett, Edith, 13. 
Bowyer, Juliana, 18. 
Boyd, Isabel, 94. 
Boydyn, Thomas, 30, 36. 
Boyer, Ada Mary, 121 ; Catherine Sarah, 

121 ; Ellen Sophia Louisa, 121 ; Frank 

Harold, 121 ; Henry, 120 ; Herbert 

Henry, 121; James, 120; Percy James, 

121 ; Sarah, 1 20. 
Boys, Colonel, 19; Elizabeth, 134; Ellen, 

134; Jane, 18, 26, 134; Richard, 36; 

Samuel, 26 ; William, 134. 
Bradfute, — , 77. 

Brampton, Edward, 73 ; Joane, 73. 
Brand, Samuel, 72. 
Branford, E. L., 80. 
Bratherton, John, 125. 
Braunfeld, Simon, 31. 
Brenne, Parson, 4. 

Brereton, Lady Anne, 19 ; Lady Cicely, 

20 ; Robert, 83. 
Bret, William, 34. 
Breton, Guy, 36. 
Bridges, Margaretta, 136. 
Bridgewater, Earl of, 19, 26 ; John, Earl 

of, 16. 
Brightly, C, 43, 76, 86. 
Broaded, Ann, IOI ; Gideon, 101 ; Mary, 

101 ; Sarah, IOI ; William, 101. 
Bromflete, Thomas, 27. 
Bromley, Lady, 16, 26; William, 18; 

Sir William, 15, 26. 
Bronnam, Thomas, 138. 
Brook or Brooks, Epparass, 94 ; Joseph, 

94; Lady, 16, 26; Martha, 94; Rachel, 

94 ; Sarah, 137. 
Broughton, Joan, 23 ; John, I ; Margery, 

2 ; — , 15, 26. 
Brown, Browne or Broun, Ada, 105; Ann, 

74, 105 ; Anthony, 74 ; C, 61 ; 

Charlotte, 48 ; Charlotte Elizabeth, 48 ; 

Elizabeth, 61 ; Frances Parry, 108 ; 


James, 48 ; Jane, 105 ; John Murray, 
48 ; Joseph, 105 ; Kizey Brown, 105 ; 
Lucy, 48 ; Lusitania, 48 ; M. , 58 ; 
Mary, 105 ; Mary Jane, 105 ; Michael, 
48 ; Sarah Ann, 105 ; William, 67, 105, 
134, 136; William James, 105. 

Browning, Katherine, 128 ; — , 52. 

Brudenell, Jane, 1. 

Brugge, Barbara, 4 ; John, 5. 

Brumby, John, 93. 

Bubb, Ann, 81 ; Samuel, 81 ; Sarah, 81. 
Buchan, William, 94. 

Buck, Erasmus, 74 ; John, 103 ; Thomas, 

Buckingham, James S. , 68. 

Bullock, H., 72. 

Bulstrode, Margaret, 5. 

Burbage, Ann, 8 ; Cecilia, 8 ; Thomas, 5, 

8 ; William, 8. 
Burdett, Lady, 6. 

Burgh, Penelope, 78 ; Thomas, 78. 
Burridge, Ann Elizabeth, 85 ; Francis 

George Cox, 85 ; John Doble, 85 ; 

Mary, 85 ; Philip Doble, 85 ; Sarah 

Bryant, 85 ; William, 85. 
Burwell or Burwille, Edmund, 126; Sarah, 


Bushell, Bridges, 60 ; Edward, 60 ; 

Eleanor, 60 ; Thomas, 60. 
Butler or Butteler, Deborah, 112; Henry, 

36; Lancelot, 112; Sir Ralph, 34, 36; 

Sarah, 112. 
Bybury, Isabella, 9 ; John, 9. 
Byfield, Dr., 114. 

Bynchestre, John, 2 ; Sibell, I, 2 ; 
William, 2. 

Callis, John, 72. 

Callow, Catherine, 83 ; Mary, 83. 

Calton, William, 34. 

Calwedon, Luke, 35. 

Cammocke, Ambrose, 31 ; Mary, 31. 

Canceler, Thomas, I. 

Canterbury, Gilbert, Archbishop of, 14, 
i5» 25- 

Carew or Carewe, Eleanor, 13; James, 13; 

Lady, 3; Sir Peter, 3; Richard, 13. 
Carpenter, Ann, 76. 
Carrow, Jonathan, 128. 
Carsey, John, 35. 

Carter, Ann, 88 ; Edward, 89 ; George, 
89 ; John, 88, 89 ; Susan, 88, 89. 

Castellman, Margaret, 12. 

Castelyn, William, 31. 

Catchmay, Ann, 96 ; Frances, 96 ; Francis, 
96 ; Mary, 96 ; Samuel, 96 ; Sarah, 96. 

Cave, Alexander, 27, 28 ; Sir Alexander, 
28 ; Sir Ambrose, 29 ; Amphelis, 28 ; 
Ann, 27-29 ; Anthony, 2,29 ; Bartholomew, 
28; Beatrice, 27 ; Brian, 27 ; Catherine, 27 ; 
Christian, 27 ; Christopher, 28 ; Dame 
Constance, 28 ; Dorothy, 28 ; Edward, 
28 ; Elizabeth, 28, 29 ; Grace, 28 ; 

Henry, 28 ; Isabella, 27 ; Jane, 27, 
28 ; Jeffery, 27 ; Joan, 27, 28 ; Joyce, 
27 ; John, 27, 28 ; Sir John, 28 ; 
Jordan, 27 ; Judith, 29 ; Katherine, 28 ; 
Mabel, 27 ; Margaret, 27-29 ; Dame 
Margaret, 29 ; Maria, 28, 29 ; Dame 
Maria, 28 ; Martha, 2, 29 ; Mary, 28 ; 
Matilda, 28, 29 ; Peter, 27, 28 ; Richard, 
28, 29 ; Robert, 27 ; Sarah, 27 ; Thomas, 
27, 28 ; Ursula, 27 ; William, 28 ; 
Wyamar, 27. 

Cayley, George, 41. 

Celarid, William, 35. 

Chamberlayne, Bridget, 32, 33; Elizabeth, 
33 ; Jane, 32 ; John, 32 ; Leonard, 5 ; 
Richard, 32, 33 ; Robert, 32 ; Thomas, 31. 

Chaplin, Harriet, 63. 

Chapman, Christopher, 128 ; William, 90. 

Charlton, George, 135. 

Charneles, Sir George, 30; Henry, 31 ; 

Sir Henry, 30 ; John, 31 ; Margaret, 30; 

Dame Margaret, 31 ; William, 30, 31, 

33 ; Sir William, 30, 31. 
Charrington, Fanny, 121 ; Francis, 121 ; 

Herbert Edward, 1 21 ; Mary Ashmore, 

120; Mary Louisa, 121; N., 120; 

N. G., 120; Nicholas Henry, 121. 
Chartres, Joan, 33 ; Ralph, 33 ; Richard, 

33 ; Robert, 33. 
Chaumber, Katherine, 12; Roger, 12. 
Chelmington, Thomas, 22. 
Chester, Judith, 29 ; William, 29. 
Chesterton, John, ill. 
Chetwind, Ann, 14, 25 ; Thomas, 14, 25 ; 

Walter, 15, 25. 
Cheyne or Cheyney, Frances, 3 ; John, 2 ; 

Joyce, 2 ; Mary, 3. 
Child, Mary, 68. 

Cholmley, Dame Elizabeth, 22 ; Sir Hugh, 

Bt., 22. 
Chonne, Edward, 3. 
Cladis, Joseph, 132. 

Clark, Clarke or Clerk, Charles, 138 ; 

Elizabeth, 98 ; Elizabeth Sarah, 98 ; 

Henry, 32, 98 ; Jeremiah, 138 ; John, 

32, 34 ; Mary, 32 ; Ralph, 30, 32 ; 

Richard, 32 ; Sarah, 32, 138 ; 

Spradborough, 98 ; Susan, 32 ; Thomas, 

30 ; William, 33 ; — , 6. 
Clavering, — , 5. 

Clay, Cecilia, 8 ; Joan Grieve, 46 ; 

Sir John, 8. 
Cleidun, Roger, 36. 

Clench, Almot, 125-127, 130; Ann, 126; 
Catherine, 130; Dorothy, 130; Edmund, 
125-128, 130; Edward, 126, 127, 130; 
Elizabeth, 125 ; Frances, 128 ; Francis, 
127; George, 125; Henry, 128, 129; 
Isaac, 130; Joan, 126; John, 125-130; 
Katherine, 129 ; Margaret, 125, 126, 
130; Margery, 129; Mary, 125, 127, 129; 
Merrell, 128 ; Priscilla, 125, 127 ; 
Richard, 129; Robert, 126-130; Sir 
Robert, 128 ; Thomas, 125, 126, 128, 
129; Thomasine, 128, 129. 


Cliffe, Joan, 28 ; Maria, 28 ; Robert, 27. 
Coats, Charles, 80 ; Charlotte, 80 ; Eliza, 

80 ; John, 80 ; Mary Meader, 80 ; 

William Hall, 80. 
Cobbold, Mary Emily, 51 ; Robert Knipe, 


Cock, Charlotte Matilda, 50 ; George, 46. 

Cockram, Thomas, 49. 

Coco, William, 34. 

Coke, Ann, 74 ; Edward, 74, 

Cokesey, William, 34. 

Cokeyne, Sir John, 32. 

Cokkus, Roger, 31. 

Cole, Alfred, 121 ; Jane, 121 ; Mary Ann, 

121 ; Thomas, 120-122; T. J., 122. 
Coleman, — , 62. 

Colevile, Henry, 30 ; Petronilla, 30. 
Colling or Collings, Ann, 102 ; Jane, 102 ; 

John, 102; Mary, 1 02 ; Robert, 112; 

Thomas, 102 ; William, 102. 
Collington, Nathaniel, 132. 
Conder, Ann, 66; Deborah, 66; Elizabeth, 

66 ; Esther, 66 ; Hannah, 66 ; Hannah 

Garwood, 66 ; John Garwood, 66 ; 

Robert Garwood, 66 ; Samuel, 66 ; 

Thomas, 66 ; William, 66. 
Cony, Joan, 9 ; John, 9 ; Margaret, 9. 
Coo, Elizabeth, 136. 

Cook or Cooke, Emma Lydia, 108 ; Henry 
Francis, 108; J., 43, 62, 107; — , 17, 

Cooper, Ann, 134, 136 ; Elizabeth, 71 ; 

John, 71, 134, 136 ; Judith, 71 ; 

Margaret, 134; Mary, 136; Sarah, 120. 
Copley, Ann, 13 ; Roger, 13. 
Copston, Robert, 33. 
Corde, Elizabeth, 87 ; Richard, 87. 
Cornewall, Captain, 6; — ,6. 
Cornwallis, Marquis, 117. 
Corsellis, Nicholas, 113. 
Coton, Thomas, I. 
Cotton, Katherine, 127, 128. 
Coulson, Abraham, 134, 136. 
Covelle, William, 133. 
Coventre, John, 30. 

Coventry and Lichfield, Walter, Bishop of, 

Cowper, John, 35. 
Cox, — , 52, 53. 
Crabb, John, 51. 

Craft or Croft, Robert, 30, 31, 33 ; 
Roger, 31. 

Cragg, Edwin, 110 ; Hannah, no; John, 
no; Martha, no; Mary, no; William, 

Crane, Alfred, 117; Edward, 118; Fanny, 
117; James, 118; Jeremiah, 118; John, 
117; Mary, 118; Mary Rachel, 113, 
117; Nicholas, 1 18; Sir Richard, Bt., 
118; Robert, 113, 117, 118; Sir Robert, 
Bt., 118; Robert l'rentice, 1 17, 1 18. 

Cranmer, Edward, ill ; — , lit. 

Crawford, — , 1 13. 

Crew, Prudence, 19. 

Cripps, Maria, 74; William, 74. 

Crofts, William, 134. 
Curteen, Lady Catharine, 19. 
Curtis, Captain, 59. 

Dagle, Daggle or Daglin, Peter, 23 ; 
Robert, 23 ; Thomas, 37. 

Dalby, Bridget, 78 ; Charles Allsopp, 78, 
79 ; Charles Bartlett, 79 ; Edward, 78, 
79 ; Elizabeth, 78 ; Frank, 79 ; Isabella, 
78 ; James Bartlett, 79 ; John, 78, 79 ; 
John Henry, 78 ; Lucy, 78, 79 ; Lucy 
Isabella, 79 ; Matilda, 78 ; Philip, 78 ; 
Sarah, 79 ; Thomas, 78, 79 ; Thomas 
Burgh, 78 ; William, 79 ; William 
Bartlett, 79. 

Dalyson, Elizabeth, 17. 

Daniel or Danyell, Roger, 103; Thomas, I. 

Darter, Ann, 11. 

Dauny, Jane, 27 ; John, 27. 

Davies, Caroline, 40 ; Hannah, 40 ; 
Harriet, 40 ; Richard, 40 ; Timothy, 40. 

Davis, Rebecca, 101. 

Davison, Jane, 107 ; John, 107 ; Marian, 
107 ; William, 107. 

Daw, Ann, 120; Annie, 122; Beatrice, 
121; Elizabeth Jane, 122; Ellen, 121, 
122; Harriet Ada, 122; Henry Hutchins, 
122; Hill Richard, 122; Jane, 121, 122; 
Joseph, 120-122 ; Lilian, 121 ; Louisa 
Marianne, 120, 122 ; Margaret Annie, 
121 ; Margaret Helena, 121 ; Mary, 121 ; 
Mary Ashmore, 120, 122 ; Misses, 120, 
122, 123; Sarah, 120, 122; Sarah Ann, 
120, 122 ; Walter, 121. 

Dawson, Gan W. , 62. 

Day, William, 44. 

Debatt, Elizabeth, 55. 

Delves, Helen, 29; John, 29. 

Denbigh, Basil, Earl of, 25 ; Earl of, 26 ; 
Lord, 14 ; Mary, Countess of, 15, 25 ; 
William, Earl of, 16. 

Denne, John, 136. 

Denton, Canon, 79; Samuel, 75. 

Derby, Thomas, Earl of, 4. 

Derwen, Agnes, 37 ; Alice, 37 ; William, 

37- . '\ , 

Devenysshe, Elizabeth, 13; John, 13; 

Richard, 13. 
Dewes, John, 6. 
Dey, John, 73 ; Maria, 73. 
Dickinson, Mary Ann, 45; Stephen, 45. 
Dickson, J., 77. 
Digby, Lord, 16. 

Dingwall, Charles, 59 ; George, 59 ; 

Harriot, 59 ; John, 59 ; Joseph, 59 ; 

Mary, 59 ; Patrick, 59 ; Sophia, 59. 
Dixon, Henry, 135; — , 62. 
Dixy, Lady, 15, 26. 
Docwra, Thomas, 35. 
Dormer, Jane, 4 ; Robert, 4, 5. 
Dorset, Margaret, Marchioness of, 32 ; 

Mary, Countess of, 19. 
Doughty, Maria, 73 ; Robert, 73. 
Downamc, John, 99. 


Drewry, Robert, 3. 

Drummond, Ann, 41, 42 ; Arthur Augustus, 
41 ; Augusta Matilda, 41 ; Emily 
Clementina, 41 ; Frederick Leopold, 
41 ; Georgiana Emily, 41 ; James, 41 ; 
Margaret, 41, 42 ; Robert, 41-43 ; 
Robert William, 41 ; Roseline Lucinda, 
41 ; William, 41. 

Dunsmore, Lady, 19. 

Durdaunt, Jane, I. 

Dycon, Richard, 36. 

Easterford, Edmund, 125. 

Eastlake, Samuel, 87 ; Sarah, 87. 

Echyngham, Amicie, 12 ; John, 12. 

Edgar, Elizabeth, 123. 

Edmondes, Christopher, 3 ; Dorothy, 3. 

Edwards, Ann, 80 ; Charles, 80 ; Dora 

Zillah, 80; Edwin, 80; E. L., 80; 

George, 80 ; George Cordy, 80 ; Mary, 

80 ; Ruth Elizabeth, 80 ; Thomas 

Kersey, 80. 
Ella, John, 27 ; Ursula, 27. 
Elmy, Eleanor, 50. 
Emerson, Alice, I. 
Emery, Anne, 2. 

England, Charlotte, Queen of, 48. 
Englisshe, Margaret, 2 ; Thomas, 1. 
Enser, Margaret, 24. 

Erdbury, Hugh, Prior of, 36 ; Thomas, 

Prior of, 36. 
Escombe, Ruth Elizabeth, 80. 
Estley, Andrew, 33 ; Guy, 30, 33, 34 ; 

Thomas, 31 ; William, 30, 31 ; see also 


Etherington, Mary Ann, 45 ; Thomas, 45. 

Evans, H. H., 120. 

Everett, Elizabeth, 66 ; Esther, 66. 

Exeter, Countess of, 20. 

Eyre, Charlotte Louisa, 84, 85 ; George, 

56 ; Samuel, 84, 85. 
Eyres, John, III. 

Fairhurst, Ann, 47 ; John, 47. 

Falke, Richard, 35. 

Falkner, H., 54. 

Farmborrow, Nicholas, 17. 

Farnecot, Hugh, 30, 31. 

Fauntleroy, C , 44 ; Charles Sidney, 44 ; 

Emily Beatrice, 44 ; Mary, 44 ; Robert 

Thomas, 44. 
Fearne, Mary, 63 ; T. G., 63. 
Felton, — , 127. 

Fen wick, Nicholas, 84 ; Susan, 84 ; 

—> s- 

Fermer, William, 37. 
Fettyplace, — , 6. 

Field, Andrew, 64 ; Ann, 64 ; Elizabeth, 
64; John, 64, 84; Margaret, 64; Mary, 
64 ; Miles, 64 ; Susan, 64. 

Finch, Ann, 22 ; Sir Moyles, 22. 

Findon, Robert, 37. 

Fisher, Sir Clement, Bt., 15, 25; Lady, 

15, 25 ; Mary, 45 ; — , 62. 
Fitton, Ann, 35 ; Sir Edward, 19, 35. 
Fitzlowes, Joane, I. 
Fitzwyz, Sir Robert, 30. 
Flanvile, Jordan, 30 ; Thomas, 35- 
Fleming, Dan, 76, 77. 
Fonte, John, 31 ; Thomas, 30. 
Ford, Christiana, 30 ; John, 30, 84 ; 

R., 54- , 
Fosbrooke, Bridget, 78 ; Leonard, 78 ; 

Penelope, 78. 
Fossard, Joan, Lady, 27 ; Nigel, Lord, 27. 
Foster, — , 62. 

France, Eleanor Joanna Wilson, 106 ; 
Mary, 106 ; Thomas Robert Wilson, 

Frances, Jenney, 98 ; John, 98 ; Mary, 98 ; 

Thomas, 98. 
Franklyn, Sir Thomas, 18. 
Freelove, Benjamin, 125 ; John, 125 ; 

— , 126. 

Frisbe, Elizabeth, 124; William, 124. 

Froggemore, John, 31. 

Frost, Charles, 46 ; Mary Alice, 46 ; 

Percival Gildart, 46. 
Frowik, Henry, 10 ; Mary, 10 ; Richard, 


Fulkes, Thomas, 32. 
Fuller, Dr., 20. 

Fullilove, Ann, 91, 92; Benjamin, 91; 

Elizabeth, 91 ; Hannah, 91 ; Henry, 

91 ; John, 91 ; Jonathan, 91, 92 ; 

Joseph, 91 ; Mary, 91 ; Samuel, 91, 92 ; 

Sarah, 91, 92 ; Sarah Ann, 91. 
Furber, Charles, 43 ; Eliza, 43 ; Emma, 

43 ; Fanny, 43 ; Harriet, 43 ; John, 43 ; 

Jonathan, 43 ; Olivia Alsina, 43 ; Olivia 

Emma, 43 ; Sarah, 43 ; William, 43. 
Furnivall, Gerard, 27 ; Margaret, 27. 
Fytton, Sir Edward, 20. 

Galle, Charles William, I. 
Gardiner, John, 2; Sir Robert, 129. 
Garnham, Amy, 57 ; Ann, 57 ; Elizabeth, 

57 ; Henry, 57 ; James, 57 ; John, 57 ; 

Joseph, 57, 58 ; Mary, 57 ; William, 57, 


Garrard, — , 129. 
Garthwait, Timothy, 105. 
Garwood, Hannah, 66; Robert, 66. 
Gasquoine, Charles, 78 ; Lucy Jane, 78 ; 

Matilda, 78; Samuel, 78; William, 78. 
Gaug, Margaret, 10. 
Gear, William, 77. 
Gee, — , 117. 

Genell, Maria, 28 ; Peter, 28. 
Gibbons, William, 125. 
Gibbs, Mary, 114. 

Gibson, Ann, 100; Elinor, 100; Elizabeth, 
100 ; Ellen, 100 ; John, 100 ; Mary, 
100; Sarah, 100; Thomas, 1 00. 


Gildart, Ann, 45 ; Elizabeth, 45 ; John, 

45 ; Mary Ann, 45 ; Rachel Maria, 45 ; 

William, 45. 
Giles, Elizabeth Erskine, 87 ; James, 87 ; 

Letitia Margaret, 87 ; Margaret Letitia, 


Gill, Hannah, 60; John, 60; W., 53; 

William, 60. 
Girling, Ann, 105 ; Dudley, 105 ; John, 

105; Robert, 105. 
Glading, Agester, 102 ; Henry, 102 ; 

Henry William, 102. 
Glegg, Juliana, 26 ; Robert, 26 ; Sir 

Robert, 26. 
Gloucester, Robert, Bishop of, 34. 
Goach, Thomas, 112. 
Goadby, R., 39, 95. 
Godlift, William, 30. 
Goldridge, John, 131. 
Conner, John Adee, m ; Mary Ann, m. 
Good, Henry, 50; J., 122. 
Goodson, Elizabeth, 131. 
Goringe, George, Lord, 19. 
Gorley, Elizabeth, 133. 
Gower, George, 63. 
Grainger, Humphrey, 104. 
Gravely, Hetty, 39 ; Milton, 39 ; Thomas, 

39- . 
Greatrix, — , 52. 

Grendall, Ann, 28 ; Marmaduke, 28. 
Grene, Cecilia, 8 ; Edward, 8 ; Elizabeth, 

8; John, 8; Robert, 8; Thomas, 8; 

Walter, 8. 
Greve, Thomas, 36. 

Grey, Sir Edward, Lord Lisle, 35 ; 

Reginald, 32; — , 31. 
Grierson, George, 83. 
Griffith, Isabel, 11 ; Sir Nicholas, II. 
Grimsby, Eleanor, 24. 
Groom, H., 86. 

Gryme, Katherine, 8 ; Dame Margaret, 8 ; 

Matilda, 8 ; Sir Robert, 8. 
Guise, Sarah, 101. 
Gurmundeley, Henry, 32. 
Gurr, John, 51. 

Guyrdeler, alias Virlegh, Thomas, IO. 
Gyfford, Anne, 3 ; John, 3. 

Hague, John, 94; Martha, 94 ; Sarah, 94; 

Thomas, 94. 
Hales or Hailes, Anne, Lady, 26 ; Lady, 

16 ; Susan, 53. 
Haldenby, Robert, 27. 
Hall, Thomas, 137. 
Hallic, John, 30. 

Hailing, John, 30, 31 ; William, 30, 31, 

33. 34- 

Hamilton, Elizabeth, Duchess of, 122. 
Hamond, Martha, 52. 
Hampden, Ann, 3, 29 ; Griffith, 3, 29. 
Ilandson, Katherine, 97. 
Ilarbert or Harbut, Ann, 24; Margaret, 

Harbye, — , 3. 

Harding, E., 122. 
Hardredshull, Sir William, 30. 
Hardy, Robert, 32 ; T. M., 42, 43. 
Harfield, Elizabeth, 51 ; Mary, 51 ; 

Thomas, 51. 
Hargraves, Zachary, 123. 
Harriot, Elizabeth, 58 ; Francis Richard, 

58 ; George, 58 ; James Moss, 58 ; John 

Thompson, 58 ; Joseph Septimus, 58 ; 

Thomas, 58 ; William, 58. 
Harris, Elizabeth, 134; Mary, 42; Samuel, 

134 ; — . 42. 
Harrison, Elizabeth, 131, 132; Harriet, 

46 ; John, 127. 
Harrys, Elizabeth, 95 ; John, 95. 
Harvey, Rear-Admiral, 43. 
Hasterley, Thomas, 31. 
Hawkins, Dansey, 71 ; Elizabeth, 71 ; 

James, 71 ; John, 71 ; Judy, 71 ; Sarah, 

71 ; William, 71. 
Haye, Richard, 35, 36 ; Thomas, 35, 37. 
Hayes, John, 59, 71. 
Haygarth, — , 49. 

Heckford, John, 123 ; Richard, 123. 
Hedge, Robert, 126. 
Hemery, Nicholas, 31. 
Heneag, Sir Thomas, 22. 
Henry, Matthew, 77. 

Henshaw, Eleanor, 24 ; John, 40 ; 

Sampson, 24. 
Hepburn, — , 67. 
Herbert, Henrietta, 49. 
Herdeburgh, Robert, 36. 
Hereward, Robert, 30 ; Thomas, 34. 
Hervey, Philip, 35. 

Hetherington, Frances, 38 ; Geoffrey, 38. 

Hewet, John, 36. 

Heyre, John, 36 ; Julian, 36. 

Hide, Nicholas, 4. 

Higginson, Ann, 69; Elizabeth, 69; John, 
69 ; Martha, 69 ; Mary, 69 ; Richard, 

. 6 9- 

Higs, Ann Harriot, 39 ; Elizabeth, 39 ; 
Henry George, 39 ; Mary Harriot, 39 ; 
Richard, 39 ; Samuel, 39. 

Hill, Alfred, 63 ; Ann, 63 ; Elizabeth, 47 ; 
Harriet, 63 ; John, 63 ; John William, 
63 ; Mary, 47, 63 ; Robert, 47 ; Sarah, 
63; William Alexander, 63; — , 21. 

Hills, Henry, 77, 85, 90. 

Hillyar, J. W., 43. 

Hinde or Ilynde, Elizabeth, 3; Rowland, 

3 ; s., 137- 

Hinton, John, IOO. 

Hirone, Joan, 24. 

Hitchcock, Ann, 66 ; Samuel, 66. 

Hodges, James, 79. 

Hodgeson, James, 99; Miles, 99. 

Hodgkinson, R., 112. 

Holcomb, Ann, 38; Frances, 38; Samuel, 

Holder, Sarah, 128. 

Holes, William, 34. 

Holgrave, Joan, 9; John, 9; Maud, 9. 

Holgwyll, Henry, 4. 


Holland, Elizabeth, 129 ; Henry, Earl of, 29 ; 

John, 93; Sir John, 129; Magdalen, 93. 
Hollis, Densel, 29 ; Hon ble Eleanor, 29; 

Frances, Lady Paget, 29 ; Sir John, 

Earl of Clare, 29 ; Sir William, 29 ; 

William, Lord Paget, 29. 
Hoo, Alice, 13; Ann, 13; Eleanor, 13;* 

Elizabeth, 13; Petronilla, 13; S., 13; 

Thomas, 13. 
Hope, Henry, 31. 

Hotham, Amphelis, 28; Jeffery, 28. 
Houghton, John Hollis, Lord, 29. 
Howard, Catherine, 123 ; Hon ble Douglas, 

26; Elizabeth, 123; George, 123; 

Leonard, 81 ; Peter, 123 ; Samuel, 123 ; 

Thomas, 123 ; William, Lord, 29. 
Hubbard, Eliza, 104 ; Elizabeth, 104 ; George, 

137; Hannah, 104, 137; Robert, 104. 
Huchyns, John, 36. 
Hudd, John, 36. 

Hudson, Alice, 90; John, 90; Robert, 90. 

Huffam, Thomas, 135. 

Hughs or Huwgh, Elinor, 62 ; Elizabeth, 39. 

Hume, C.j 54; John, 118. 

Hundeleye, Thomas, 31. 

Hunt, Lawrence, 36. 

Hunter, Dr., 55. 

Hurdir, Thomas, 103. 

Hurst, George, 133. 

Hurtler, James, in; — ■, in. 

Hutchins, David, 122. 

Huthkins, Cudd, 135. 

Hyde, Ann Harriot, 39; John, 30, 34, 39. 

Hykkes, John, 31. 

Hylton, Ann, 8 ; Elizabeth, 8 ; Nicholas, 8. 
Hynkley, John, 34. 
Hyrne, Clement, 73. 

Ingald, William, 31. 
Ingleby, Ann, 28; Ralph, 28. 
In the Fen, Hugh, 36 ; Roger, 36. 
Ireland, Dr., 91 ; Mary, 68. 
Itosts, — , 27. 

Iveson, Edward, 60 ; Elizabeth, 60 ; 

George, 60 ; Harriet, 60 ; Thomas, 60 ; 

William, 60 ; William Horncastle, 60. 
Iynn, William, 127. 

Jabot, Robert, 34 ; William, 30, 35. 

Jackson, Ann, 45-47 ; Annie, 46; Charlotte, 
46 ; Charlotte Elizabeth, 46 ; Dorothy, 
46, 126 ; Eliza, 46 ; Elizabeth, 45-47 ; 
Frances, 83 ; Gildart., 46 ; Gildart 
Arthur, 46 ; Harriet, 46 ; Jane, 46 ; 
Joan Grieve, 46 ; John, 46, 47 ; 
John Gildart, 45, 46; L., 54; Lucy 
Katharine, 46 ; Mary, 46 ; Mary Alice, 
46 ; Patrick Charles, 46 ; Priscilla, 46 ; 
Richard, 47 ; Robert, 45 ; Sarah, 46 ; 
Thomas, 45, 46 ; William, 45-47 ; 
William Gildart, 46 ; William John, 46. 

Jagoe, John, 121 ; Margaret Helena, 121. 

Jarvis, Elizabeth, 104; John, 104; Thomas, 

Jellett, Stephen, 127. 

Jenkins, David, 95; Elizabeth, 95 ; Henry, 

95 ; Margaret, 95. 
Jennings, Edward, 18. 
Jenyns, John Harvey, 49. 
Jermy, William, 129. 
Jiggon, William, 117. 
Johnson, Mary Alice, 47. 
Jones, Ann, 59 ; Eleanor, 62 ; Elizabeth, 

99, 131; Henry, 59; Howell, 77; John, 

59 ; Mary, 59, 95. 
Jordan, — , 33. _ 

Jotham, Amelia, 69 ; Catherine, 69 ; 
Eliza, 69 ; Harriet, 69 ; William, 

Jowitt, Ann, 93 ; Benjamin, 93 ; Jane, 93. 
Joylyn, Simon, 33. 
Julian, Mary, 101. 

Keene, Margaret, 90 ; Mary, 90 ; Sarah, 

90 ; Thomas, 90. 
Keeste, Agnes, I. 
Kelbe, Jane, 28 ; Roger, 28. 
Keldgen, William, 23. 
Kelly, Thomas, 89. 
Kemp, Mary Ann, 86. 
Kerr, Charles, 72 ; Mark, 72. 
Kersey, Mary, 80 ; Thomas, 80. 
Ketcher, Eliza, 71 ; John Hawkins, 71 ; 

Mary, 71 ; Sarah Ann, 71 ; William, 71 ; 

William Henry, "Jl. 
Kettlewell, John, 101. 
Keys, George, 131. 

Kidgell, Elizabeth, 66 ; Francis, 66 ; 

Harriott, 66 ; John, 66; Mary Ann, 66 ; 

Richard, 66 ; Sophia, 66. 
Kimber, — , 49, 50. 
Kincaid, Alexander, 94. 
King, — ,21. 
Kinnersley, T., 43, 76. 
Kirk, Ann, 88 ; Edward, 88, 89 ; Edward 

William, 88; Harriet Elizabeth, 89; 

Henry, 89; Jane, 88; John, 88, 89; 

John William, 89 ; Louisa Jane, 88 ; 

Louisa Sophia, 88, 89 ; Sarah, 88, 89 ; 

Susan, 88, 89 ; William, 88, 89. 
Kitchenham, William, 132. 
Kneller, John, 50. 

Knight, Augusta Matilda, 41 ; George, 41. 
Knolles, Knolls or Knollys, Alice, 29 ; 

Elizabeth, 7, 12, 29; Francis, 29; 

Henry, 29 ; Margaret, 29 ; Margery, 

7, 12; Robert, 12; W., 12. 
Knott, John, 24, 133. 
Knowler, Ambrose, 132. 
Knowles, Henry, 3; Margaret, 3. 
Knyghtley, Sir Richard, 3. 
Kyrkeby, Giles, 36. 

Lacye, — , 5. 
Ladson, Thomas, 91. 
Lake, John, 35. 

Lambert, Ann, 74; Edmund, 74. 


Lander, John Adams, 108 ; Marianne 

Susannah, 108, 109. 
Landon, Emma, 137; John, 137. 
Lane, A., 45; Theodore Jar, 123. 
L' Angle, Theophilus, 136. 
Lany, John, 126. 

Laverack, Elizabeth, 65; Robert, 65. 
Lawrence, Laurence or Laurents, Elizabeth, 

50; Katherine Mary, 49; Lucy, 51; 

William, 49, 134. 
Lawson, — , 55. 

Lawton, Ann, 64 ; Francis, 64 ; John, 64 ; 

Sarah, 64 ; Sarah Jane, 64. 
Lea or Lee, Lucy, 79 ; Simcox, 88. 
Leach or Leech, D., 99 ; Sir Edward, 20 ; 

Jane, 58; Lady, 19, 20. 
Leedes, Constance, 28; Roger, 28. 
Lees, Henry, 33, 34; William, 30. 
Leesinton, Richard, 31. 
Leigh, Alice, 19 ; Edward, Lord, 18 ; 

Elizabeth, 20; Francis, 19; Sir Francis, 

19 ; Dame Hannah, 73 ; Juliana, 19 ; 

Lady, 16 ; Lord, 14, 25, 26 ; Mary, 19 ; 

Robert, 19, 20; Thomas, Lord, 15, 20, 

25 ; Sir Thomas, 73. 
Levett, Charlotte, 1 14; Lucy, 114; 

Nelson Trafalgar, 114; Sophia, 114 ; 

William Eastwick, 114. 
Lewis, Catherine, 56 ; David, 56; Eleanor, 

56 ; John, 56 ; Richard, 56. 
Leyr, Ideyne, 7 ; Joan, 7 ; Thomas, 7 ; 

William, 7. 
Leys, William, 35. 
Lightfoot, Alice, 83. 
Lilleburn, Hugh, 30, 34. 
Lincoln, William, Bishop of, 15, 25. 
Lisle, Edward, Lord, 35 ; — , 5. 
Lodington, Grace, 50 ; Joan Maria, 49 ; 

John, 50; Joseph, 49, 50; — , 50. 
Longford, Alice, II. 

Lotemon, Geoffrey, 33-35 ; William, 33, 

Lound or Lownds, Alexander, 28, 29 ; 

Jenett, 29 ; Matilda, 28, 29. 
Lovell, Ann, 4, 5. 
Lovett, Elizabeth, 29 ; Thomas, 29. 
Lowe, — , 48. 

Lucas, Ann, 19 ; Edward, 23 ; Roger, 23. 
Lyfield, Frances, 37 ; Thomas, 37. 
Lyne, Olivia Alsina, 43. 

Macclesfield, Earl of, 16, 26. 

Madeer, Thomas, 30. 

Mades, John, 30. 

Maidment, Isaac, 94. 

Malber, Sir Robert, 2. 

Malemaync, Katherine, 12; Nicholas, 12; 

Petronilla, 13. 
Mallore, John, 32; Richard, 30. 
Mallowe or Malo, Dorothy, 28 ; 

Nicholas, 28: Peter, 27. 
Mann, Daniel, 134. 
Mant, Dr., 76. 

Marcroft, Mathew, no; Thomas, no. 

Mareschall, William, 31, 33, 34. 

Markensfield, John, 28 ; Katherine, 28. 

Marlett, Agneta, 12; Richard, 12. 

Marriott, John, 127. 

Marsdin, Elizabeth, 64. 

Marshall, Bettis, 94 ; David, 94 ; Isabel, 

94; James, 94; Jean, 94; John, 94; 

Margaret, 94; Thomas, 19. 
Marshom, Sir Robert, 21. 
Marvin, Elizabeth, 28. 
Mason, Mary, 102; William, 102. 
Massereen, Viscount, 16, 26. 
Massey, Ellen, 134. • 
Masters or Mosters, Munday, 21 ; — , 21. 
Maton, Ann, in; John, in; Stephen, 

ill ; Zachary, ill. 
May, Elizabeth, 132; James, 132. 
M c Cormick, Gane, 68 ; James, 68 ; John, 

68; Mary, 68. 
M'Cliesh, J., 77. 

Meades, Mary, 55; Thomas, 55; William, 


Mede, Elizabeth, 32 ; Simon, 32 ; Thomas, 

Merrill, William, 52. 

Meryng, Sir William, I. 

Merynton, John, 36 ; Thomas, 36. 

Methuen, Paul, 49, 51. 

Meur, Abraham, 26; Elizabeth, 26; — , 17. 

Michel, William, 30, 31. 

Midleton, Elizabeth, 28 ; Hugh, 30 ; 

John, 28, 30. 
Miklowe, John, 4. 
Milbourne, — , 49, 50. 
Mills, Charlotte, 49; Hannah, 49; Henry, 

49 ; John, 6 ; William, 6 ; — , 6, 49, 

TT 3- 

Milner, John, 37. 

Milton, Christopher, 129; Sarah, 39. 
Milward, Roger, 36. 

Mitchell, Elizabeth, 6S ; John, 68 ; 

Nathaniel, 68 ; Nicholas, 68. 
Mollesworth, Margaret, 8; Sir Walter, 8. 
Moncaster, Ann, 8. 

Mondeford, Alice, 75; Richard, 74, 75. 
Monnington, Elizabeth, 61 ; James, 61 ; 

John, 61 ; Sarah, 61 ; Susan Pema, 61 ; 

Thomas, 61 ; William, 61. 
Monte, Thomas, 30, 31. 
Montenery, Sir Fulke, 31. 
Moore, Caroline, 56; Edward, 132; 

Elizabeth, 56 ; Frances, 56 ; Joseph, 

56 ; Mary Ann, 56. 
Moorhouse, Ann, 52, 53 ; Christopher, 52, 

53 ; Elizabeth, 52 ; Frances Hamond, 

53 ; Helen, 53 ; Henry, 52 ; Margaret, 

53 ; Martha, 52 ; Mary Annette, 52 ; 

Sarah Jane, 52 ; Stephen, 52 ; Susan, 52. 
Moreton, Ann, 23 ; Emotam, 23 ; F., 23 ; 

Jane, 2 ; John, 2, 10, 24 ; Thomas, 23, 

24 ; William, 23. 
Morgan, Ann, 69 ; Edward, 69; Elizabeth, 

69 ; Joh/i, 69 ; Martha, 69 ; Mary, 69 ; 

Richard Turnill, 65; William, 137. 


Moris, Morris or Morice, Eleanor, 95 ; 
Elizabeth, 59 ; Jane, 59 ; Joan, 7 ; 
John, 7, 59, 95 ; Jusdina, 59 ; Margaret, 
59, 104 ; Mary, 59 ; Rachel, 95 ; 
Richard, 33, 59; Thomas, 95 ; William, 

Morley, Ann, 93 ; Benjamin, 130 ; 
Catherine, 130 ; Deborah, 92, 93 ; 
Edmund, 92, 93 ; Hannah, 92 ; Jane, 
92; John, 92, 93; Joseph, 92, 93; 
Margaret, 93 ; Mary, 92, 93 ; Phoebe, 
93 ; Samuel, 93 ; Sarah, 92 ; Thomas, 
92, 93 ; Whaley, 92. 

Moryson, Charles, 3. 

Moseley or Mosley, David, 52 ; Sir Oswald, 

Bt., 40. 
Mosman, John, 67. 
Mouldesale, William, 31. 
Mount, William, ill. 
Muder, John, 31. 

Mudie, Agnes, 97 ; Ann, 97 ; Catherine, 
97 ; David, 97 ; Elizabeth, 97 ; George, 
97 ; James, 97 ; John, 97 ; Magdalen, 97 ; 
Margaret, 97 ; Robert, 97 ; Thomas, 97. 

Mundy, Francis, 5. 

Munnyngs, William, 125. 

Munro, Margaret Maria, 102. 

Munson, Robert, 3. 

Murphy, Sophia, 114. 

Murray, A., 42; Charlotte, 48. 

Murton, Edward, 137. 

Myers, Eliza, ill ; Frances, ill ; James, 
ill ; John, in ; Judith, ill ; William, 
in; William Sibthorp, ill; — , 1 1 1 . 

Myryng, Thomas, 36. 

Naylynghurste, Helen, 4. 
Neel, John, 35 ; William, 36. 
Neve, Elizabeth, 74 ; William, 74. 
Nevill, Alice, 11 ; Amphelis, 11, 13; 

Sir Andrew, 11 ; Ann, 1, 11 ; 

Elizabeth, 11 ; Isabel, II ; Islond, 11 ; 

John, 11, 13 ; Robert, II ; Thomas, II ; 

William, 11. 
Newbold, Christian, 27 ; Thomas, 27. 
Newcomb, Thomas, 55, 64, 77, 85, 87, 90, 


Newdegate or Newdigate, Agneta, 12 ; 
Amicie, 12; Amphelis, I, 2, 4, 8, II, 13, 
14, 25 ; Ann, 4, 5, 8, 16, 19, 20, 26, 
35 ; Ann, Duchess of Somerset, 3, 4 ; 
Anthony, 2, 4 ; Barbara, 2, 11; 
Boneaventure, 2 ; Carew, 3 ; Charles, 
1, 3, 5, 6, 15, 18, 26; Colonel, 37; 
Dorothy, 2, 11 ; Dunstan, 2, 11 ; Edith, 
13 ; Edward, 18; Elizabeth, 2, 7, 12, 13, 
16-19, 21, 26, 29 ; Frances, 15, 26 ; 
Francis, 3-6, 14, 16-18, 20, 25, 26; 
George, 2, 4, 11, 19, 20; Gilbert, 15, 25; 
Grisel, 3 ; Henry, 3, 12 ; Jackey, 21 ; 
Jane, 1, 11, 16, 18, 26; Joan, 12; 
John, 1-8, 11-15, 17, 19, 20, 25, 29, 35; 
Sir John, 19 ; Juliana, 14, 16-20, 25, 
26 ; Katherine, 12, 19 ; Lady, 20, 26 ; | 

Lettice, 19, 20; Margaret, 7, 12, 15; 
Martha, 2, 3, 29; Mary, I, 3, 1 1, 14-17, 
19, 20, 25, 26; Dame Mary, 5, 16; 
Millicent, 5, 6, 16, 26 ; Nicholas, 5 ; 
Richard, 12, 14-21, 24-26, 29 ; Sir 
Richard, Bt., 5, 16, 17, 21 ; Robert, 3, 
5, 12, 20; Roger, 19; Rosa, 5; 
Sebastian, 2, 11 ; Sibell, 2, 11 ; 
Silvester, 2, 11 ; Susan, 19; Thomas, 4, 
5, 7, 12, 17, 18, 20, 21; Walter, 15, 25; 
William, I, 3, 4, 7, 11-13 ; Winifred, 3. 
Newdigate-Newdegate, Francis Alexander, 

Newland, John, 132. 
Noble, — , 28. 

Nobobains, Margaret, 31; Nicholas, 31. 
Nodes, John, 49. 
Noone, Francis, 126. 

Norbury, Charles, 52 ; Sir John, 36 ; — , 52. 
Norcroft or Northcroft, Christian, 30 ; 

Richard, 36; Robert, 30; William, 30. 
Norris, Thomas, 98. 

North, Henry, 128 ; Lady, 127 ; Sir 
Roger, 126. 

Northumberland, Countess of, 16 ; Eliza- 
beth, Countess of, 26. 

Norton, Bonham, 69; R., 105. 

Norwood, Sarah, 135. 

Notekin, Robert, 30. 

Noyes, Matthew, 97. 

Nuttall, J., 69; — , 62. 

Nynne, Nicholas, I. 

O'Connor, Margaret, 41, 42. 
Offley, Madam, 15, 26. 
Oliver, W., 72. 
Olle, William, 31. 

Onebye, Ellen, 119; John, 119; Robert, 

Onley, Hugh, 31. 
Osborne, George, 2. 
Owens, Peter, 56. 

Oxborough, Alice, 74, 75 ; John, 74, 75. 

Page, Thomas, ill. 

Paget, Alice, Lady, 29 ; Lady Letitia, 19; 

William, Lord, 29. 
Pagley, Joseph, 138. 
Pailenton, John, 30. 

Palmer, Charles, 18 ; Edward John, 88 ; 
Jane, 88; John, 62; M., 19; Mary, 18, 
62 ; Samuel, 88 ; Sarah, 88, 89 ; Susan, 
88, 89 ; Thomas Lemon, 89 ; William, 
18, 88, 89. 

Parker, C. N., 37; Frances Philippa, 6; 
Francis, 6 ; George, 14, 25 ; Janetta 
Hester, 37 ; Lady, 16, 26 ; Louisa 
Millicent, 37 ; Mary, 6, 16, 17, 26, 37 ; 
Millicent, 6; Sir Philip, Bt., 129; 
Robert, 6 ; Simon, 31 ; Sophia Elizabeth, 
37 ; William, 6 ; William Charles, 6 ; 
— , 21. 

Parnell, Robert, 131. 


Parry, Ann, 59. 
Parsons, G., 54. 

Partridge, John, 134; Mary, 134; Sarah, 

Passmere, — , 28. 
Paston, Clement, 73. 

Patching, Elizabeth, 112; Henry, 112; 
John, 112; John Robert, 112 ; Thomas 
Edward, 112; William Alfred, 1 1 2. 

Patricke, — , 24. 

Peckham, Edward, 137 ; Elizabeth, I ; 

Lady, 3 ; Sarah, 137 ; Thomas, 137. 
Pentyre, Christabel, 87 ; Elizabeth, 87 ; 

Ennidor, 87 ; Jane, 87 ; Joan, 87 ; 

Tohn, 87 ; Margery, 87 ; Nathaniel, 87 ; 

Philip, 87 ; Pollydor, 87 ; Richard, 87 ; 

Zachery, 87. 
Pepper, M., 98. 
Perce, Lydia, 133. 

Percival, Ann, 57, 58 ; Elizabeth Ann, 57 ; 

Emma Garnham, 57 ; Henry, 57 ; 

Henry Richard Palfrey, 57 ; James, 58 ; 

James Garnham, 57 ; Jane, 57 ; John, 

57, 58 ; Maria, 57 ; William, 57, 58 ; 

William Henry, 57. 
Perkins, Thomas, 40. 

Perry, Ebenezer, 120; John, 1 19, 120; 

Margaret Mary, 120; Samuel, 120; 

Sarah, 119, 120. 
Perse, Mart, 128. 

Peshall, Sir John, Bt, 117; Lady, 117. 
Petch, Dorothy, 46 ; Richard, 46. 
Petitt, Edith, 134 ; Richard, 128. 
Phelan, Charlotte Elizabeth, 48 ; George, 48. 
Piersy, Elizabeth, 44 ; James, 44 ; Jeftery, 

44 ; Mary, 44 ; Mehetable, 44 ; Richard, 

44; Thomas, 44. 
Pilcher, Hester, 131; Sarah, 1 3 1. 
Pintot, William, 33. 
Pistor, Ann, 126. 
Place, Thomas, 83. 
Platts, John, 109. 
Plumton, Agnes, 31; Roger, 31. 
Poder, — , 21. 

Pole, Ann, 15, 17, 25 ; Charles, 6 ; 
Colonel, 6 ; Frances, 5, 6 ; German, 5, 
15, 25; Millicent, 5, 16, 26; Philippa, 
6; Samuel, 5, 6, 26; William, 6. 

Polington, Joyce, 27; Thomas, 27. 

Pollard, Eliza, 69. 

Pollett, Ann, 117, 118; Anna Tolady, 117; 
Barnard Hugh, 117, 118; Caroline, 1 13, 
117, 118; Hugh, 118; Hugh Barnard, 
117; Mary Rachel, 113, 117, 118; 
Rachel Tolady, 118; — , 113. 

Pond, Albert, 76 ; Alfred, 76 ; Charles, 
76 ; Charlotte, 76 ; Edwin, 76 ; Eliza, 
76; Elizabeth, 76; Henry, 76; James, 76. 

Popham, Alexander, 84, 85 ; Charles, 84, 
85 ; Charlotte Louisa, 84, 85 ; Dulcibella, 
84 ; Frances, 85 ; Francis, 84, 85 ; 
George, 84 ; John, 84 ; Letitia, 84, 85 ; 
Letitia Harriet, 84, 85 ; Louisa Charlotte, 
84, 85 ; Sarah, 84, 85 ; Susan, 84 ; 
Thomas, 84, 85 ; Thomas Edward, 84, 85. 

Poscoli, Henry, 34. 
Pottinger, I., 81. 

Potts, Alice, 99 ; Benjamin Langford 
Forster, 99 ; Cuthbert, 99 ; Cuthberta 
Ethelinda, 99 ; Elizabeth, 99 ; Jane, 99 ; 
Laurence Holker, 99 ; Margaret, 99 ; 
Michael, 99; Michael Lefleming, 99. 

Powell, Louisa Sophia, 57 ; Mary Ann, 
57 ; Percival Shuttleworth, 57 ; Thomas, 
57; William, 57. 

Precious, Sarah, 57. 

Preest, James, 4. 

Preine, — , 19. 

Prentice, John, 117. 

Prentoft or Prentote, Agnes, 35 ; John, 35 ; 

Nicholas, 36 ; Thomas, 34-37 ; William, 

33-37 ; see also Printopp. 
Preste, James, 2. 
Prichard, Henry, 121, 122. 
Printopp, Agnes, 24; Barbara, 24; Edward, 

24 ; Griffin, 24 ; Henry, 23 ; Jane, 24 ; 

John, 23, 24 ; Mary, 23, 24 ; Thomas, 

23; William, 23; see also Prentoft. 
Prior, Sir Simon, 31. 

Pugh, Enoch, 56 ; John, 56 ; Lewis, 56 ; 
L*, 83. 

Pye, Bridget, 32, 33 ; John, 33 ; Rebecca, 
33 ; Sir Walter, 32, 33. 

Quadling, Edwin, 66; Hannah, 66. 

Rain, John, 104; Martha, 104. 
Rand, William, 129. 
Ratclyf, Lady, 21. 

Read or Reade, Elizabeth, 63 ; John, 49 ; 

Redman, Patience, 67. 

Rednes, Isabella, 27 ; Thomas, 27. 

Ree, William, 3. 

Reeste, Agnes, 2. 

Reeve, Clara, 113. 

Reppes, John, 74. 

Revell, Edward, 98; Martha, 98; Mary, 98. 
Rich, Lady Frances, 29; Henry, Earl of 

Holland, 29. 
Richard, John, 90. 

Right, Adam, 64 ; Elizabeth, 64 ; Martha, 
. 6 4; 

Riplingham, Catherine, 27 ; John, 27. 

Ritchie, Millar, 122. 

Rivers, Joan, 97 ; John, 97 ; Mary, 97. 

Robins, Elizabeth, 23 ; James, 109. 

Robinson, Alfred Francis, 88 ; Alfred 
Kirk, 88; Ann, 88; Annie Kirk, 89; 
Anthony, 23 ; Beverley, 104 ; Elizabeth 
Margaretta, III; Isabel, 103; John, 

103 ; Mary, 103 ; R. , 54 ; Ralph, 35 ; 
Richard, 23 ; Ursula, 104 ; William, 

104 ; William Kirk, 88. 
Robley, John, 51 ; — , 50. 

Roe, Ann. 101 ; Elizabeth, 101 ; John, 
IOI ; Sarah, 101 ; Thomas, IOI ; 
William, 101. 


Roffe, Ann, 103 ; Elizabeth, 103 ; Samuel, 

Rogers, Andrew, 3 ; Mary, 131 ; Sir 

Richard, 3 ; — , 76, 131. 
Rokesle, Ideyne, 7 ; Robert, 7. 
Rolf, Alice, 74, 75; Ann, 73, 74; 

Anthony, 73, 74; Bridget, 74; Clement, 

73-75; Hannah, 73, 74; Henry, 74; 

Maria, 73, 74 ; Susan, 73, 74 ; Thomas, 

73, 74- 
Rolle, — , 21. 
Roos, William, 49. 

Rose, Ambrose, 133, 134, 136; Ann, 132, 
134; Charles, 131; Daniel, 133, 138; 
Edward, 132, 133, 135, 137 ; Elizabeth, 
I 3 I "i33, r 35> J 37; Ellen > 135; Francis, 
132; George, 137; Harding, 132; Jane, 
131, 134, 135 ; Jarvis, 133, 136 ; John, 
131- 138; Lydia, 132; Margaret, 134, 
136; Mary, 133, 135, 136; Peter, 134; 
Richard, 132, 136; Samuel, 137, 138; 
Sinister, 133 ; Stephen, 133, 137 ; 
Susan, 131 ; Thomas, 137, 138; William, 

Rote, Adam, 33, 35. 
Rothwell, Burditt, 28 ; Maria, 28. 
Routh, Peter, 50. 

Roydon, Elizabeth, 22 ; Thomas, 22. 
Rudyng or Rydynge, Richard, 32 ; William, 
30, 35, 36. 

Rush, Alfred, 86; Alfred Tovill Wallis, 

86 ; Harriot, 86 ; Harriot Sarah, 86 ; 

Joseph, 86 ; Joseph Alfred Charles, 86 ; 

Lydia, 86 ; Samuel Ebbage, 86 ; William, 

86 ; William Henry, 86. 
Russell, Edward, 128 ; Geoffrey, 33-35 ; 

Lord, 3 ; William, 34, 35 ; — , 128. 
Rushell, George, 24 ; Margaret, 24. 
Ruyton, Thomas, 36. 
Ryder, Dudley, 19. 

Saberton, — , 127. 
Sackett, Sarah, 135. 
Saffory, Mary, 49. 

St. Quinton, Joyce, 27 ; William, 27. 
Salisburye, Elizabeth, 8; John, 8; Richard, 

8 ; Senchea, 8. 
Salso Marisco, Mabel, 27 ; Robert, 27. 
Salter, George, 128. 

Samford, Avice, 9 ; Elie, 9 ; Isabella, 9 ; 
Joan, 9 ; Thomas, 9 ; Wat, 9. 

Sampill', Gertrude, 10 ; William, 10. 

Sanders or Saunders, Cyril, 121 ; Emily, 
121; Isabella, 22; Jane, 121; Margaret, 
28 ; Sir Nicholas, 22 ; Robert Muriel, 
122; Susan, 116; Thomas, 28; — , 121. 

Sandiford, M., 113. 

Sanford, Frances, 85 ; John, 85. 

Sansum, Elizabeth, 101. ! 

Sargeant, Edward, 130. 

Saunds, Miles, 3. ! 
Savile, Arthur, 42. I 
Sawe, John, 31. .' 


Saxby, Margaret, 28 ; Thomas, 28. 

Scaruninge, Edmund, 23. 

Sceaudemore, — , 17. 

Scheffes, John, 31. 

Sclade, Simon, 31. 

Scutt, William, 128-130. 

Seagrief, Sarah Goodram, 49 ; William 

Wheal, 49. 
Seamer, Lady Mary, 3. 
Sedley, Sir Charles, Bt., 5, 18, 26; Dame 

Frances, 26 ; Lady, 17. 
Sedweeks, Ann, 132. 
Seez, William, 34. 
Selfe, Jacob, 49. 
Selymon, Hugh, 35. 
Sharpe, — , 58, 114. 

Sharwin, Alice, 37 ; Henry, 37 ; Simon, 

37 ; William, 37. 
Sheffeild, Ann, Lady, 29 ; Douglas, Lady, 

29 ; Edmund, Lord, 29 ; Edward, Earl 

of Mulgrave, 29 ; Hon ble Eleanor, 29 ; 

Dame Helen, 29 ; Jenett, 29 ; John, 

Lord, 29 ; Margaret, 29 ; Robert, 29 ; 

Sir Robert, 29. 
Sheldon, Gilbert, 14. 
Shelton, Jane, 27 ; Magistri, 27. 
Shepey, John, 35, 36. 
Sheppard, Edward, 129. 
Sherman, Ann, 102; John, 102; Margaret 

Maria, 102 ; Mary, 102 ; Thomas, 102 ; 

William, 102. 
Short, Elizabeth, 72. 
Sibthorp, Dr., ill. 
Sidebotham, Elizabeth, 52. 
Sinnott, E., 101. 

Sireford, Geoffrey, 33 ; Robert, 33. 

Sizer, Cecilia Annie, 66 ; Deborah, 66 ; 

Deborah Emma, 66; John, 66. 
Skrimsher, Charles, 15, 26 ; Elizabeth, 14, 

:8, 25. 

Slingsby, Lady, 19 ; Sir William, 19. 
Smerecot, William, 34. 
Smith or Smyth, Abigail, 98 ; Ann, 24, 
72 ; Anna Maria, 50 ; Anthony, 23 ; 
C. J., 48 ; Caroline Lucy, 51 ; Charlotte 
Frances, 50 ; Charlotte Matilda, 50 ; 
Edmund, 72 ; Elizabeth, 68 ; Grace, 50, 
51 ; Grace Milbourne, 50; Hannah, 49 ; 
Harriott Eliza, 50 ; Henrietta, 49 ; 
Jane, 134 ; Jean, 67 ; Joan Maria, 49 ; 
John, 3, 24, 35, 36, 49, 50, 68, 132; 
John Paul, 49-51 ; Katherine Mary, 49; 
Lucy, 48 ; Lydia, 132 ; Martha, 72 ; 
Mary, 49, 72 ; Mary Emily, 50 ; Paul 
Kneller, 50 ; Peter, 49 ; Reade, 49 ; 
Richard, 32, 35 ; Robert, 24, 126 ; 
Roger, 24 ; Sarah, 32 ; Stephen, 136 ; 
Thomas Jenyns, 49, 50; W., 50; 
William, 23, 24, 32, 72 ; William 
Edward, 49. 
Snelling, Eliza, 80 ; Harriet, 80 ; Mary 

Elizabeth, 80; Richard, 80. 
Snowden, — , 128. 
Sollieshull, Viello, 33. 
Some, Thomas, 75. 

Somerset, Anne, Duchess of, 3, 4 ; Duke 

of, 25. 

Somervile, Katherine, 28 ; Roger, 28. 
Soteman, Alexander, 32. 
Sothemundele, Henry, 30. 
Southampton, Countess of, 14, 25. 
Southleye or Sowley, Richard, 31 ; 

Thomas, 30. 
Sowter, Cecil Fearne, 63 ; Gertrude Ann, 

63 ; Mary, 63 ; Thomas John Leavens, 

63 ; Walter Austin, 63. 
Spark, Agnes, 36; Thomas, 36. 
Sparrow, James, 85 ; Lastitia, 85 ; Robert, 


Spaune, Roger, 32 ; Sibil, 32. 
Spence, Elizabeth, 45. 
Spight, Susannah, ill. 
Spisser, Jane, 131. 

Spradborrough, Abigail, 98 ; Edward, 98 ; 
Elizabeth, 98 ; Mary, 97, 98 ; Nathan, 

97. 98- 

Springthorpe, Lucy, 78. 

Sprint, J., 54; B., 54. 

Spurling, Basil, 121 ; Cicely, 121 ; Clement 
Michael, 121 ; Dennis, 121 ; Gertrude 
Annie, 121 ; Harry Baker, 121 ; Henry 
John, 120; Louisa, 121 ; Louisa 
Marianne, 120; Marion, 121 ; S., 120; 
Stephen John, 121. 

Stanford, James, 138. 

Stanhope, Lovel, 49. 

Stanley, Thomas, 31. 

Stapleton, Ann, 28; Gilbert, 28. 

Starkey, William, 52. 

Starn or Steam, Charles, 72 ; Henry 
Bullock, 72 ; John, 72 ; Mary Ann, 72 ; 
Priscilla, 72. 

Stead, — , 5. 

Stephens, Ann, 59 ; Mary, 26 ; Sarah, 59 ; 

William, 17, 26; Sir William, 26; — , 5. 
Steward, Ann, 100 ; Harriot, 100 ; Mary, 

100 ; Sarah, 100 ; Thomas, 100. 
Stisighale, Ralph, 33. 
Stifle, Ann, 68; John, 68; John Child, 

68 ; Mary, 68 ; Richard, 68. 
Stoke or Stokes, Alice, 83 ; Catherine, 

83 ; Frances, 83 ; Jane, 83 ; John, 83 ; 

Joseph, 83 ; Philip, 31 ; Saer, 31 ; 

Thomas, 31, 83 ; William, 31, 83. 
Stork, Charlotte, 46. 
Straham, Andrew, 56. 

Strood or Stroude, Elizabeth, 135 ; 
William, 131. 

Strult, Agnes, 113; Alice, 113; Arthur, 
113; Benjamin, 113-115, 117, 1 18 ; 
Caroline, 113, 117; Caroline Pawlet, 
113; Charles Edward, 113; Edward 
Hugh Pawlet, 113-115, 117; Elizabeth, 
113, 115, 116; Henry Pawlet, 113; 
Jacob George, 113; John, 114, 115, 
117; Joseph, 116; Mary, 114; Nicholas, 
113; Rachel Ann, 113; Samuel, 116; 
Sarah, 113; Sarah Charlotte, 114, 117; 
Sarah Sharpe, 113; Sophia, 1 14; 
Susan, 1 14, 1 16. 

Sturton, Margaret, 70; Thomas James, 70. 
Stutevyle, Ann, 74 ; Charles, 74 ; 

Katherine, 74 ; Maria, 74. 
Styles, Lady, 17, 18, 21 ; Sir Oliver, 21 ; 

Roger, 21 ; Sir Thomas, 17, 21. 
Sudley or Sudleye, Sir Geoffrey, 36 ; 

Henry, 36 ; Dame Joan, 34 ; John, 35 ; 

Sir John, 33, 34 ; Ralph, 36. 
Suffolk, Agnes, 37 ; William, 37. 
Suley, Lady Joan, 34. 

Summersett, Elizabeth, 70 ; John, 70 ; 

Joseph, 70 ; Sarah, 70 ; Simon, 70. 
Suteman, Geoffrey, 34. 
Sutham, Thomas, 36. 

Suthleye, Sir Bartholomew, 33 ; Dame 

Joane, 33 ; John, 33, 36. 
Sutton, Ann, 102 ; James, 82 ; John, 82 ; 

Sarah, 82 ; Thomas, 102 ; Thomas 

Woolright, 82. 
Suwondey, Sir Richard, 35. 
Swain, — , 52. 

Swanland, Joan, 7, 9 ; Margaret, 7 ; 

Sepmonis, 9; William, 7, 12. 
Swinford, Elizabeth, 135. 
Swinton, William, 122. 
Syreford, Hugh, 33. 

Tabberer, Elizabeth, 78. 

Taillour or Tayleur, Christian, 30 ; 

Henry, 30 ; John, 31 ; see also 


Tait, Elizabeth, 55 ; George, 55 ; James, 
55 5 J anet . 55! John, 55; Lydia, 55; 
William, 55. 

Takell, Oliver, 31. 

Talbote, John, 9 ; Margaret, 9. 

Tayfeenay, — , 126. 

Taylor or Tayler, Abigail, 134 ; Alice, 24 ; 
Betty, 110 ; David, no; Edmund, no; 
Edwin, no; Elizabeth, no; Ellen, 
no; Frederick, no; Hannah, no; 
Henry, 133; James, no; John, no, 
134; Louisa Sophia, 88; Mary Ann, 
no; Sarah, no; Thomas, no; 
William, no ; see also le Taillour. 

Temple, Acres, 24 ; Peter, 24 ; Thomas, 
32, 36. 

Thatfeld, Thomas, 74. 

Thirkettle, Helen, 74 ; John, 74 ; Susan, 

Thomas, Daniel, 60; Degory, 112; 
Edmond, 112; Elizabeth, 112; 
Margaret, 112; Mary, 112 ; William, 

Thompson, Alfred Fearne, 63 ; Ann, 58 ; 

Betty, 83 ; Gertrude Ann, 63 ; James, 

128; Thomas, 58. 
Thomson, Benjamin Edward, 108 ; 

Benjamin Risdon, 108 ; Clara Juliana, 

108 ; Clara Martha, 108, 109 ; Elizabeth, 

108 ; Elizabeth Georgiana, 108, 109 ; 

Emma Lydia, 108; Frances Parry, 108 ; 

Frances Sophia, 108, 109 ; John Mason, 

108 ; Marianne Susan, 108. 

Thorington, Jarman, 72. 
Thornden, Roger, 135. 
Thorneburgh, John, I. 
Thornicroft, — , 52. 
Thresher, Dionisia, 49; Mary, 50. 
Tilley, — , 127. 
Tobin, F., 63. 
Tovell, Sarah, 86. 

Toye, Ann, 47; Mary, 47; Richard, 47. 
Tracey, John Rain, 104. 
Tristram, Margaret, 77 ; William, 77. 
Troutbek, Adam, 9; John, 9; Sir John, 9; 

Margaret, 9 ; Dame Margery, 9 ; 

William, 9. 
Truby, Mary, 39. 

Truve, Randolph, 33 ; William, 33. 
Tunmer, Goody, 126; Sarah, 113. 
Turner or Turnor, Mary Jane, 108 ; 

Robert, 128. 
Turvile or Turvill, John, 30 ; Mi, 30 ; 

Nicholas, 31 ; Robert, 30, 31 ; William, 

3p, 3i- 

Twisden, Adam, 22 ; Ann, 22 ; Dame 
Ann, 22; Christopher, 22; Elizabeth, 
17, 22; Frances, 18; Francis, 22; 
Dame Isabella, 22; Jane, 17; John, 
22; Lady, 17, 18; Roger, 17, 21, 22; 
Sir Roger, Bt., 17, 22; Thomas, 21, 22; 
Sir Thomas, Bt., 17, 22; William, 17, 
21, 22; Sir William, Bt., 22. 

Udal, J., 71. 

Ufflet, Jane, 27 ; John, 27. 

Underwood or Underwode, Alice, 37 ; 

Edward, 23 ; Isabel, 23 ; Jane, 23 ; 

Joan, 23 ; John, 23 ; Mary, 23 ; 

Nicholas, 23 ; Ralph, 36 ; Robert, 23 ; 

Samuel, 23 ; Thomas, 23 ; William, 

2.3> 24, 31. 35-37- 

Varndell, Alfred, 54 ; Ann, 54 ; Ann 
Andrews, 54 ; Emily, 54 ; Harriet, 54 ; 
Jane, 54; John, 54; John Andrews, 54; 
Richard, 54 ; Rupert, 54 ; Samuel 
Andrews, 54. 

Vaunton, Maud, 9 ; Richard, 9. 

Velvin Ann, 76 ; Frederic Charles, 77 ; 
George, 76; Henry, 76; James, 76, 77 ; 
John, 76, 77 ; Maria, 77 ; Marianne, 77 ; 
Sarah, 76 ; Sophia, 77. 

Venables, Ann, 17, 26 ; John, 26. 

Vere, Ann, 29 ; John, 29. 

Verity, Arthur Wilson, 107 ; Charles 
Henry, 106 ; Charlotte Adelaide, 106 ; 
Eleanor Joanna, 106 ; Eleanor Joanna 
Wilson, 106, 107 ; Frederick Gerald 
Burnaid Harmar, 107 ; George Hamil- 
ton, 106, 107 ; George Wilson, 106 ; 
Hamilton Wood, 106 ; Harriet, 106 ; 
Heniy, 106 ; Herbert William Steele, 
106 ; Julia, 106 ; Maria, 106 ; Mary 
Greswolde, 106 ; Robert Lewis, 106 ; 
Sarah Harriet, 106 ; Sophia, 106. 

Veysey, Annabel, 30 ; Geoffrey, 30. 
Viccars, Frances Jane, 119. 
Vilvain, Robert, 112. 

Virlegh, Eleanor, 10 ; Gertrude, 10 ; 

Ineta, 10 ; John, 10 ; Margaret, 10 ; 

Thomas, 10. 
Virlegh, alias Guyrdeler, Thomas, 10. 
Vuben, John, 36. 
Vyner, Robert, 18. 

Wailes, Arthur George, 47 ; Francis 
William, 47 ; Gertrude Ann, 47 ; Mary 
Alice, 47 ; Thomas, 47. 

Waldeby, Beatrice, 27 ; Philip, 27. 

Walderene, William, 36. 

Waldo, Peter, ill. 

Waldyff, Thomas, 36. 

Walford, John, 129. 

Walker, Hannah, 95 ; James, 67 ; John, 
95; Joseph, 94, 95; Mary, 95 ; Robert, 
94, 95 ; Sarah, 94, 95 ; Seth, 92 ; 
Thomas, 49, 95; — , 1 15. 

Walker-Cornewall, Folliott Herbert, 103. 

Waller, Ann, 126; Sir Hardras, 87; 
James, 126; Thomas, 126. 

Walters, Roger, 31; Margaret, 31. 

Ward or Warde, A., 54; Ann, 27; Henry, 
36 ; John, 36 ; Robert, 32 ; Simon, 27 ; 
Thomas, 36. 

Ware, R., 99. 

Waren, — , 4. 

Warner, E., 100; Elizabeth, 8; Hilary, 1; 

Robert, 8. 
Warry, Edward, 133. 
Warwyke, Robert, 36. 
Waryner, Sir John, 35. 
Washington, J. C. , 52. 
Wassail, Jane, 105. 
Watson, — , 45. 
Watts, James, 77. 

Webb or Webbe, Dean, III; Edward, 62 ; 

Elizabeth, 62 ; Ellen, 62 ; George, 62 ; 

Hannah, 62 ; Jonathan, 62 ; John, 127 ; 

John Whyte, 36; Joseph, 131; Mary, 

62 ; Samuel, 62 ; Samuel George, 62 ; 

Thomas, 127. 
Weddon or Wedon, Joane, 2 ; Thomas, 2 ; 

Thomas A. , 4. 
Weeks, Thomas, 135. 
Weir or Wier, Frances, 50; Grace, 50. 
Welberry, Ann, 45 ; Elizabeth, 45 ; Mary, 

45 ; William, 45. 
Welch, Joseph, 92 ; Mary, 93 ; Sarah, 92, 


Weslbrook, John, 79. 
Westfield, Dr., 19. 

Weston, Elizabeth, 2 ; Jeremiah, 29 ; John, 
35 ; Maria, 29 ; Richard, 3 ; Richard, 
Earl of Portland, 29. 

Wharrey, Morley, 93 ; Thomas, 93. 

Whetley, Robert, 31 ; Sir Robert, 31 ; 
Thomas, 31 ; William, 31. 

Whitaker, James, ill; Tobias, 127 ; — , 1 11. 


Whitby, Anthony, 24 ; Edward, 23 ; 

Francis, 23, 24; Thomas, 23. 
White, Elizabeth, 108; Thomas, 31. 
Whitehead, Ann, 81 ; George, 81 ; Mary, 

81 ; Richard, 81 ; Sally, 81 ; Sarah, 81 ; 
Sophia Ann, 81 ; William, 81 ; W., 120. 

Wicksteed, — , 100. 

Widdop, Alford, 82; Elizabeth, 82 ; George, 

82 ; Hannah, 82 ; Hannah Maria, 82 ; 
James, 82 ; Jane, 82 ; John Aspinall, 82 ; 
Louisa Ann, 82 ; Thomas Aspinall, 82. 

Wightman, Ann, 23 ; J., 23. 

Wildens, William, 131. 

Willeruylle, Geoffrey, 35. 

Williams, Elim, 62 ; Elinor, 62, 95 ; 

Elinor Thomas, 62 ; Elizabeth, 62 ; 

John, 62, 95. 
Williamson, Samuel, 52. 
Willington, Margaret, 29 ; William, 29. 
Willoughby, Elizabeth, 29 ; Florence, 7 ; 

Henry, 29 ; Richard, 7. 
Wilmecot, John, 30. 

Wilshire, Ann, 123 ; Betty, 123 ; Charles, 
123 ; Daniel, 123 ; Henry, 123 ; James, 
123 ; John, 123 ; Roger, 123 ; William, 

Wilson, Ellen Richenda, 55 ; Emily, 55 ; 
Fanny, 55 ; Frances, 82 ; Francis 
Edwin, 55 ; John, 82 ; Lucy Ann, 55 ; 
Mary Louisa, 55 ; Wilberforce, 55. 

Wiltshire, — , 117. 

Winchelsea, Countess of, 22. 

Windham, Elizabeth, 33. 

Wingfeild, Lady Ann, 126. 

Withere, James, 130. 

Wod . ., Thomas, 24; William, 24. 

Wolf, Edward, 31. 

Wood or Woode, Ann, 126 ; Cicely, 126 ; 

Elizabeth, 4, 8; Harriet, 106; J., 42; 

John, 8, 136 ; — , 52. 
Woodgate, H., 71. 

Woodroffe, G., 54. 

Worcester, Godfrey, Bishop of, 34. 

Wottleye, Margaret, 104. 

Wren, Christopher, 32. 

Wright or Wrighte, Alice, 65 ; Ann, 65 ; 
Charles, 107 ; Edward, 65, 107 ; Eliza- 
beth, 65, 96 ; George, 107 ; Hannah 
107; Jane, 107, John, 96, 126; Mary, 
65, 107 ; Sir Nathan, 18 ; Olive, 96 ; 
Susan, 107; T., 53; Thomas, 65, 96; 
William, 65, 107. 

Wrightman, George, 24 ; Margaret, 24 ; 
Thomas, 24. 

Wrothe, Sir Thomas, 3. 

Wyat, Wyatt or Wyot, Ann, 22 ; John, 
31 ; M., 54; Thomas, 22; William, 30. 

Yarrow, Charles Thomas, 53 ; Dorothy, 
53 ; Elizabeth, 53 ; Elizabeth Mary 
Wakerell, 53 ; George, 53 ; John, 53 ; 
John Wakerell, 53 ; Mary, 53 ; Sarah 
Susan, 53 ; Susan, 53 ; Thomas 
Wakerell, 53 ; William, 53 ; William 
Smith, 53. 

Yates, C, 59; Captain, 59; John, 59; 

— > 59- 
Yeates, — , 117. 

Yelverton, Dame Ann, 22 ; Sir Charles, 
Bt., 22. 

Yong, Elizabeth, 7, • 13 ; Mary, 132 ; 

Thomas, 7, 13. 
York, Edward, 49. 

Young, Henry, 80 ; Mary Elizabeth, 

Yveis, Sir Thomas, 30. 

Zouch, John, 29 ; Margaret, 29.